July 31, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 15

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????The Maid ????
????Episode 15????
“Adria!”,l searched for her everywhere.
Where could she be? l hope nothing happen to her but then why do l feel as if something is wrong.
l went to the garden,thats where l saw Tera and my mom laughing.
“Mom….have u seen Adria?”.
“No,but I’m sure she might be in the guest room”.
l went there and l couldn’t find her.l went to the my room thinking about where she might be.
“Hello there” ,it was a female voice.A young age woman holding a baby.
She is really pretty. Is she a ghost or something?
How did she even get here?
“How did you get here?”,I asked shocked.
“l don’t have time to explain that to you.Your wife delievered a beautiful baby girl and ask me to bring it to you” as she hand me the baby.She was very beautiful and cute.
“What will you name her?”
“Her name will be Tessa from the name Theresa….”
She then hold my daughter’s cheek and said,
“My little girl,you will be brave like your mom and no one can ever bring you down.Your beauty will just resemble your mom’s own and you will all wild animals and monsters will recognise you as Adria Wilson’s daughter. I bless you my child.”, and then she place a pearl necklace on her neck and offered her to me.
“where is my wife” l asked but then it was too late.l guess she vanished.
The baby was too cute. She had my eyes and nose but has every thing my wife has.
Where could Adria be?
She had offered giving birth and I wasn’t there. I feel so horrible right now.
I called my private investigator to give me information about my lost wife.
The baby was asleep in my arms and I couldn’t leave him.
I just slept on the bed looking at her and the most amazing part is during Adria’s nine months pregnancy she taught me all the needs of the baby including how to dress up a baby when it made a mess. She was funny and a wonderful wife back then.
I heard a knock on the door.
“Dude…. open up the door..”
“it’s not close… come in”
“I was worried…. whoa! Adria gave birth..”,as he moved closer to the baby.
“She looks like her mom … she is really cute. Where is Adria..”
“I don’t know.. that’s the question I have been asking myself.”
“We would find her together. But what if she tired of marriage and left the baby… for you”
“Christian…. how could you think that way. My Adria isn’t like that…”
“I’m sorry okay but it’s just a suggestion…”
He moved towards me and hugged me..
“Lets go for dinner”, he whispered.
I reached the dinner table as Tera and my mom stared at me.
“Did you find her son…”
“No I didn’t.. .”
“I’m sorry…”,Nessa held my hands.
“But then she delivered a baby girl. I just don’t know where is…”
“I’m here baby….”,I looked up and Adria stood at the doorway.
Wait…. but the main gate was locked but how did get here.
Today my day was wierd. I don’t even know what’s happening.
My heart pounded as I ran to hug her.
She was beautiful and she was smiling.
“Adria… I miss you”
“Me too love”
And slowly I reached out and kissed her.
I kissed her more and held her tight but slowly she pulled away.
“Did anyone miss me”,she asked as she sat by the table.
“Yes….”,Christian and Nessa spit out.
“Adria why didn’t you tell me that you were delivering a baby….”
“Everything happy so fast dear. I was in pains but guess but the most important part is I delivered. isn’t that right Mrs Gina and Tera”
“Yes….yes…. dear”,she stammered.
We are our dinner in silence after that my wife and I moved to the bedroom.
The moment l close our bedroom door ,the moment I turned she was another woman.
I tried to recall. She was the one who gave me the baby…
“You Adria died and she told me I should tell you she loves you a lot…”
“But…”,and She gone.
My Adria can’t be dead…
Seven years later,
My alarm keeps ringing.l stopped it as l woke up.
My little princess was just sleeping close to me.She look so adorable in her sleep just like her mom.These seven years had been hell for me but then l had hope since l have Tessa.She is my joy.
Adria…my Adria,how l wished she was here.
Since Tessa infant… I took pictures of her and me. I told her stories about her mom so she will know how great her mom is .
I used to as.with her in the forest and I used to used how she tamed wild animals.
At age four, I remembered after work,I saw a tiger on my bed and all she said was we are sleeping with her on the same bed.
And now at age seven she looked more adorable.
And that day was my worst nightmare. I didn’t sleep all night.
“Tessa….lts morning wake up”,l whispered into her ears.
“No,dad.lts…isn’t morning yet.Just..go to sleep”
“Tessa if you don’t wake up,you are going to get the worse tingling of ur life.”
“Go on,dad…..Do your worst” as she grapped the blanket to cover her skin.
And without any chance,l tingled her as she began giggling.
“No….d..dad…please…stop.l am awake….pls” as she continued giggling.
“Now…..,go and brush ur teeth while l prepare your breakfast”.l said while she pout her lips just like her mom does whenever l refuse her for sex.
“Now,listen to me young lady,lf you don’t brush your teeth ,we are not going to the forest”
“ok fine!” as she rush to the bathroom.
????Mrs Gina????
l was standing by the door looking at my son and his daughter happily eating.
“Eat it all.l will just take a quick shower” as he kissed her temples and left.
“Now listen to me,after eating you have to wash the plates or else l will beat the shit out of you” l said angrily suddenly she whistled as l saw a huge tiger in the kitchen.
l became scared as it moved lose to me.
“Grandma,l didn’t get you well.Ypu were saying?”,as she raised her brows.
“l…l….”, l stammered
“You see,Grandma,you have hate me long enough.The fact that l don’t tell my dad about what you did to me doesn’t mean l am scared of you but it because l don’t want you to argue with my dad…So Please don’t mess with me. I may be a kid to you but I’m more wiser.. ” and the tiger roars to me and without any second thought l ran as fast l could.
“Miss Agnes,l need a huge birthday cake for my daughter first thing tomorrow morning” l said on the phone.
l am glad my princess would be seven tomorrow.l was almost in the bathroom when l had a phone.lts Detective Rex.
“What is it Rex”
“Your wife is alive,Justin”,he said as my heart stopped beating.My Adria is alive.
“Where does she live?”
“l don’t know but she owned a fashion industry and tonight there is gonna be a fashion show”
“At what time”
“At 7pm”
“Thank you Rex”,I said as he hang up.l need answers from Adria? Why did she leave me for seven good years.No calls,no text messages.l was done with my bath.
A few mins,we were in the forest.
Tessa loves the forest just like her mom.She always force me to bring her here.Tessa kept playing with the animals while l kept thinking and wishing that l would meet Adria tonight.l missed her a lot.
“Dad,why are you not playing.Whats wrong,dad? “,as she touched my cheeks.
“Well dad is thinking about mom”
“Do you think she love us,dad”
“Yes dear….”
“Then why did she leave us”
Not again.How am l going to explain it to her.
“Your mom didn’t leave us.She loves you a lot.Now lets go and play..” l said trying to forget about her question.
I can’t wait for night to arrive quickly.
lt was 7:30pm, in the evening as l reached the fashion industry.

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