July 23, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 16

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????The Maid????
????Episode 16????
There were a lot of famous people who were at the fashion show.
Models were walking on the runway displaying their designs and there l saw her but l am not sure it’s her.
Her back was turned to me as she was speaking to her assistant.
“White wine…” the waiter says holding a glass in his hands.
“Thank you…”,the moment l checked on that spot again she was gone.
l searched everywhere but
to no avail so with sadness l came back home.
Some part of me told me maybe is a ghost or maybe Euphoria changed into her.
I know she is capable of that.
Adria… I miss you.
After the show,l spent the night at the penthouse in the forest.
inalways had the key with me. I came here to remember my old life back.
i want to see my daughter again,visit my grandpa’s grave and I want to take revenge on those who made me suffer.
l couldn’t sleep because of the memories. it’s keeps haunting me.
My seven years was just like hell and remembering them only makes me cry.
I saw Justin at the fashion show and God he looks wild and gorgeous and I just wish I could hug him but I was so ashamed to even go close to me.
What if he is mad at me for all this years.
What if he is married to someone else.
They don’t need me and I know it.
They have already moved on.
Why am I even here?
I’m here because it’s my daughter’s birthday.
lt was morning and i smiled thinking of my daughter’s birthday.
My way of celebrating her birthday is by going to where l delievered her to just celebrate there.
l sat on a rock thinking about how to meet my daughter.
How will she be like?
What her favourite colour or favourite food.
Does she like animals too or she hates them…
I hate myself right now. it’s all my fault for losing her.
“Hello….”,lts a girl’s voice.Her green eyes and her nose made me realised it was my daughter.Tears filled my eyes.
“Hi dear……”,l replied.
“Mom…lts you” as she hugged me with tears too.
“I always saw you in pictures but I thought you were dead….l missed you,mom”
“Me too dear”.
“Happy birthday….sweetheart”, I kissed her temple.
“Thanks mom. Mom…why did you leave us for seven years”
“lts complicated you won’t understand”
“l am now an adult now so l would understand”.
l smiled at the thought of her saying she is an adult.
“lts all started when l was pregnant with you.l was happy then since l have a few days to give birth to you.
The day l felt you were coming,your dad went to buy pizza so l scream for help.Your grandma and your dad ex girlfriend…”‘i said as she cut me off.
“You mean Aunt Tera”
“U know her?”
“Yea… she is all over my dad and i never liked her anyway. I really hate her but she and grandma never liked me anyway but then still dad loves you….so what happened mom?”
“l thought they would help me but then l was wrong.They rather drop me in the river” ,l said as she covered her mouth in surprise.
“But l survived.ln short l gave birth to you and gave you to the river goddess….”
“U mean goddess Euphoria..”
“I love her alot. We used to hang out in the forest together…”
“I know that dear… I wanted her to protect you. I was scared Tera and your grandma will do something to you.”
“That was thoughtful of you mom..After that what happened,mom”
“Darkness took over me.When l woke up l was in the hospital.l found out it was an old man who brought me to the hospital.His name was Mr. Ally.He found me through his research in the forest so to repay him for such good deed l had to work for him as a maid since his family rejected him.
l worked for 3years but oneday he got sick and died,leaving his inheritance to me”
“So sad for him to die…continue mom”
“l became rich again.l was wedding planner and a fashion designer then.
When u were 4years old,l came wanted to come back but then on my way l had an accident.l was in coma for 3years.lt was just last month that l woke up but l couldn’t forget your birthday.”
“l’m sorry mom. I sometimes think ill of you mom tat you never loved us”,as she hugged me sobbing in my neck.
“Hush…now baby.Stop crying.l have a gift for u”.
“Really…let me see”
“No just close your eyes”
“Okay then…” and she close them tightly.
“Open them now..”
“Oh my…mom.lts beautiful” lt was a red teddy bear and a diary.
“Thanks mom..”
“lts time.You have to go home.Daddy must be worried”
“Will come with me?”
“No,l will be there in the evening”.
“Tessa,when try not tell anyone l’m back”
“ok,mom…l love you” as she kissed my cheeks.
“Come on mom… just escort me home.. and maybe we could scare Tera and Grandma that you are a ghost..”
“I liked your idea…”
I walked with her as we reached home. Tessa went straight to the door while I passed the back yard.
The window was already open and I entered.
Mrs Gina’s room is just the same as I remembered.
I sat on her favourite chair as I crossed my legs.
Where I sat was a little dim so it will make it much more easier to scare them…
Then suddenly the door was open and guess who it is…
Tera and Mrs Gina.
“That girl has been on my nerves since she was born”,Mrs Gina stated.
“What should we do to her..”,Tera asked.
“We are going to kill her …”,Mrs Gina said as she smiles.
“Are you going to kill her just like to you did to me…”, I said smoothly and they both froze looking around terrified.
The room was still dim and none of them could see me.
“Who are you….”,Mrs Gina said as she held Tera close.
“Who am I or how many have you killed Mrs Gina.. So you can guess…”
“Flora stop all your tricks…”
Wow… I’m impressed. She killed my mom too.
“So you killed Flora…? You are so evil.”
“I did kill her and I’m going to kill you again..”
Tera couldn’t speak and she was just terrified.
“But already killed me remember…The young pregnant woman you drawn see.years ago..”
“Adria…”,Tera guessed.
“You guessed right … I am Adria”
“Show yourself and stop playing your damned tricks”
I slowly around the room and they could on my here the sound of my heels..
They just kept turning around due to the sound of my heels.
I stood behind them and tab them on their shoulders and they jumped.
“I’m here.. ”
“No… you can’t be alive…”,and slowly they ran away as I smiled to myself.
“Ghost..Ghost”,as Tera and my mom ran towards me.
“What’s wrong?”,I asked.
“Its her…”,Tera said pointing through my mom’s door.
“Adria..”,they both said and I laughed.
“Adria is dead mom..”
“She is in the room right now mom..”
“Okay… let me checked..”,I said and they nodded.
I moved but the moment I opened the door .. I say nothing.
“There is no one there … maybe you are just daydreaming…”
“No… son….”.
“Calm down mom..relax”,I said as I went outside.
What has kept Tessa long.l miss her already.
“Now kids,stay right here.l’ll be right back” as l moved out.
There l saw my daughter happily giggling.
“Where from you,young lady”
“From the forest..”
“Hm…come on l have something to show you…”
“okay dad” as she pouts.l send her to the garden as the kids screamed
“Happy birthday…”
“Oh dad,thank you…” as she left her teddy on the floor.
“Who gave this to you,Tessa”
“lt was from …..a friend”.
lt was evening and my girl has been excited throughout the day.
Nesa,Chris and l were hanging out when two policemen along with a detective in.
“Good evening”,the detective greets.
“How may we help you..”,Christian asked.
“We are to see Mrs Gina Willson and Tera Arnolds”.
“Erm,over there” as l point where they were.We then followed dem.
“U must be Mrs Gina ..and u
you must be Miss Tera”
“Yes”.dey both exclaimed
“U are under arrest for the murder…of Xavier styles… Adria’s grandpa..”

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