June 12, 2021

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The Maid. Episode 17

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The Maid. Episode 16

????The Maid????
????Episode 17????
“You are under arrest for the murder of Xavier Styles……Adria’s grandpa”
“What! ….You have no proof…”,my mom said yelling.
“Of course l have proof thats why l want you arrested”…
Wait Adria….My Adria.
She is…. she is here.My heart stopped beating.
“Take her away” she said as the policemen dragged them out while Nesa and Chris opened their eyes in surprise.
“Adria,you are alive!” as Nesa hugged her,chris also hugged her while l stood there still in shock.
“What happened to you”
“l will tell u everything”,she said smiling.She couldn’t look at me.
“Hey,lts 10…. You should be asleep by now”,she said kissing her.
“Then make me sleep”,Tessa replied..
“Tell me a bedtime story mom”
“Okay then….”, as she raised her up to her shoulders tingling her.l stood by the door as l listened to her story but luckily Tessa was fast asleep.
l don’t know why she is ignoring me.
“Goodnite Tess” as she kissed her temples..
The moment she got out,l got her wrists.
“Why are u ignoring me”
“l’m…not.Please let me go…”
“lf you aren’t then look at me”
“No l can’t”
“But why?”
“Because you are ashamed of me”.
“Why will l be and who told you,I’m  ashamed of you”.
“l thought you will be mad at me for arresting your mom.l thought you would hate..”
“shhhh… I would never hate you,Adria…l love you and l think you did the right thing so stop crying”, l said as she hugged me.
“l’m sorry Justin…l’m so sorry for not being here in seven years”
“Hey.. its okay” as l hugged her tight.
We were both hugging for some minutes suddenly my legs became limb so l carried her in my arms and we went to our bedroom.l placed her slowly on bed.
l removed her heels but she was still in tears and its was loudly this time.
l slept by her as she started telling me her story.After hearing her story,l also in tears and gradually we both drifted off to sleep.
The next morning,lt was the birds who wake me up.
l saw Adria sleeping peacefully as l kissed her temple.
“Baby,wake up” l nuzzled her ears.
“lts morning” as lwent to her neck and place a kiss there.
“lf don’t wake up,yoy know what happens”.
“No l don’t…Why don’t you me remind me of it”,she said sleepily.
“Hmm…okay”,as l nuzzled her ears.
l heard her soft moan.
I place my hand under her dress as my hand moved smoothly on her thighs.l heard her giggle as she pushed my hands and ran to the bathroom.
“Adria,please open up”
“Nooo!” and l heard the sound of the shower.
“i miss you… Seven years without sE*x. Come on are you punishing me”
“Maybe …”
“I can’t take it anymore…”,I said and she kept quiet.
A few mins,she came out staring at me innocently.
she throws herself in my arms, and we both tumble onto the bed in a heap of entwined limbs with me on top. Her arms wrapped around my neck, she kisses me hard and deep, her grateful tongue searching out for mine. Her tongue tastes like strawberry—it’s always sweet even without chewing gum or eating candy. By the time I release her mouth from mine, my d_ is at full-mast and aching to be inside her.
Sitting up, I dig beneath her until I find the clasp of her b_ and unleash her from its burden. The small, delicious mounds of her b_ are too inviting to ignore. I lip at a puffy pink ni_, sucking it into my mouth, while my other hand pinches and pulls at the other.
She clings to me with her silky thighs, moaning and arching her back to push her p@-Nty-clad pussy against my steel cock.
I release her b_ from my mouth and kiss the hard tip. I spread her l-Egs apart. When I position myself in front of her, I grab her heels and place them on my shoulders, and I slowly r0ck into her. She m0ans as I slide my hands down her narrow waist. I reach for her full hips and take hold, pulling her closer, pushing in another inch.
Once I’m fully engulfed by the v_lvet walls of her v_g!na, I lean forward, folding her in half, our faces nose to nose. Gently kissing her soft mouth, I tell her, “I love you so much.”
I want to burrow beneath the satin layers of skin, crawl between her wet folds, be so deep inside of her she feels it in every fiber of her being.
She looks up at me with the most radiant smile.
“I love you too.”
We were about to kiss when our princess barge in and in a fast motion,we covered our skin with blankets.
She pouts seeing us on the bed.
“Dad..mom,lts a bright morning.Wake up..” ,as she tried pulling the sheets but we held it firmly.Adria winked at me and in pretendence she began coughing.
“You see,mom is sick so l need to take care of her..”.
“Okay fine.l have to see Aunt Euphoria…..Take care mom” , as she crawled on the bed and gave Adria a kiss
“And you too”, and she kissed me and ran out.
“Mm..Mrs Wilson,our little princess is becoming a lady now” as l nuzzled her ears.
“Hmm,so what do you suggest Mr Wilson…”
“l want us to have babies,a lot of them…”
“How many?”
“At least eleven”
“What!” as she pushed me and l caught both of her wrists and gave her a passionate kiss.
“l’m hungry for you” and l kissed her neck.
“l’m hungry for food”,she pushed me and wore my shirt.
“l want to cook something special for you”
“Surprise me baby” and l kissed her tE_*mples.
l was in the kitchen preparing a meal when Nesa walked close to me.The guys are in the garden drinking juice.Her face was pale.
“Hey….what’s wrong?”
“l fainted this morning”
“Why? what happened”
“l don’t know.l feel dizzy all morning”
“Hmm,when was the last time you hard your period”.
“l don’t remember”
“Oh dear… your b” are getting bigger and you have nausea”
“Adria… don’t tell me I’m pregnant”
l nodded,”Of course you are”
“I don’t believe it”
“Okay then…l have a pregnancy test in my bag pack”
lt been 6mins since l was waiting for Nesa in the bedroom.She came out with a sad face.
“Whats does it say?”
“lts positive” as she hugged me while we started screaming.
“Come on,go and tell him about yourr joy and tell Justin,l need him”
“Okay…”,as she ran out of the bedroom.
l was in the kitchen tasting the food when l felt his arms wrapped around my tommy.
“Hm….,l love the aroma.Can l have a taste”.l took the mussle of the food but unfortunately it poured on my skin,my chest.
“Let me clean that” he said as he took a napkin and to my surprise,l felt his tongue on my chest.l giggled.
“The sauce taste more delicious on ur skin”,as a moved to my neck placing butterfly kisses there.
“Justin..”l m0ned suddenly his hand went under my shirt as he fondled my breasts.
“Justin…please..” l moaned again.”.
“Marry me,Adria.l want you to be mine again”
“Please say yes” as he knelt infront of me showing tme the gold ring.
“Please” he begged.
“Yes,l will marry you.” and l also knelt and kissed him.
“l love you so much,Justin”
“l love you more my Adria”.
l couldn’t control my tears then at that same time we heard noise outside.lt must be Chris and Nesa.Justin and l remained on the floor as keep exploring our love.l am glad from now on,l will leave happily ever after.
????Adria ????
7 years later…
“Baby wake up … it’s six already”, Justin whispered..
“Just make love to me …”,I replied sleepy.
“You never change…”,he whispered again nuzzling my neck.
I pull him down on top of me, wrapping my arms and legs around him in a full body hug, immediately taking him deep inside me, never feeling like I can possibly get close enough to him.
“Don’t stop…”,I begged.
“I have just started…”,he whispered and slowly we made passionate love.
My husband was in the shower while I prepared the breakfast for the family.
Jaxson and Jason are playing in the garden.
Yea… I know.
i gave birth to twins and I’m a little fat .
Don’t blame me… just blame husband for too much sE-*x..
“Jaxson and Jason will you two stop playing with snakes and come right here…”, I yelled.
i never used to yell but now I do… For the past seven years I had been yelling and thanks to Justin..
“Tessa… will you come down now or else you will be late for school…”
“Coming mom….”
Tessa is now 14 … and you how teenagers are ….. so troublesome but I won’t deny the fact that she is a real beauty…
She is always on detention due to the fact that she brings wild animals to school which sent the students wild but what can I say she is so stubborn..
I set the table for breakfast as everyone sat down eating…expect Tessa.
“Tessa… your food will get cold”
“Coming mom…”,she ran down stairs as I saw her..
“You wear make up now?”,I asked looking shocked..
“You really look beautiful sweety”,Justin said smiling..
“Thanks dad…”
“I was thinking if we all pay visit to Uncle Christian and Aunt Ness  tonight”
“Yey.. . “,the twins…said excitedly.
“I can’t wait to My cousin Jane…”
“Yes.. me too..”, Tessa replied.
“Erm….. someone will pick me up for school..”
“Okay… dear..”, Justin said squeezing my hands suddenly we heard the door bell..
“That must be Jace…”,Tessa rushed to the door.
“Hi Jace…”,she said rolling her hair between her fingers.
“is she blushing…”,I asked Justin…
“Yes.. . that’s how you blushed the first day we met ..”
“Mom, Dad… this is my friend Jace…”
We both nodded..and we heard another knock on the door…
“Hey Nate…”,Tessa opens the door wider for him.
“What are you doing here?”,Nate scrowls..
“What are you doing here big brother…”,Jace also yelled.
Wait they are brothers and Nate is the eldest.
I looked up at Justin with eyes wide..
“She is mine…”,Nate said angrily.
“You don’t owned her.. but I bet I met her first and when you saw how pretty she was you took her away from me…”, Jace yelled too
“You prick..”,Nate punched Jace on the face while Jace retaliated…
“Stop both of you… “,Tessa yells and they both froze.
“Get the f_ out of my house…”
Oh now my girl is angry.
“Tessa… listen”,Jace said softly..
“Just leave please….”
“Okay.. ..”,and Jace kissed her cheeks and Nate did the same too…and slowly they left.
She turn looking at us with tears in her eyes as she ran out…
Justin wants to follow her… but I stopped him..
“She has too be alone…”
“Yes.. . you are right…”
“I can’t believe history is repeating itself…”
“Yes.. . me either… but I’m sure Nate will win at the end..”
“No… it’s Jace”
“No it’s Nate…”
“No it’s Jace..  are we seriously going to argue about this…”
“I said it Nate.. .”
“No … Jace . .”
“okay… fine..”, as he kissed me…
“Mom… Dad we are here..”,Jaxson said.
“I don’t even why they do this kissing thing everyday… is it necessary?”,Jason groans as we both started laughing…
I guess it’s ends here … This is my loving family and I can’t live without them…

The Maid. Episode 16

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