July 31, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 26 and 27

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 26
Karen’s POV
She touched my shoulder and left.
I dragged my lazy self to the office and locked the door. I just want peace in doing my work. I have very little money and can’t start my own business, I hope she doesn’t chase me. The day went really fast and it was evening. We went with Myve and the ride was silent. I went to my room to freshen up and heard Cindy’s voice while coming downstairs. They laughing, I wanted to walk upstairs but her words made me froze.
‘Karen, long time no see,’ Cindy said and I turned and looked at her. I went to where they were and she hugged me.
‘How have you been?’ She asked still smiling.
I disengaged from the hug and stretched my hand to greet Alex but he just stared at me.
‘Please baby, its not a big deal,’ Cindy said with pleading eyes and he greeted me.
The table was set and we all sat down. I wasn’t hungry, I just sat here because Cindy said we needed to talk.
That increased my nervousness as to what it was about.
What if she wanted me out?
Or maybe she wants me to pay for my crimes?
Am already paying since the guilt can’t let me be.
‘We came here to talk to you. No matter what happens you are still my sister. I believe you still have a conscience and that’s why we need to here the truth from you. This is because I still have a little trust for you. Why do you and your mom hate me? Why did you destroy my wedding?’ Cindy asked with an expressionless face.
‘Um…am….am sorry,’ I managed to say.

By Virginia Asenath.
Episode 27
Karen’s POV
I think its time I tell the truth.
‘Damn it! Can’t you speak?’ Alex yelled and hit his hand on the table standing up. I flinched in fear. Cindy looked up to him and caressed his hand that was on the table. He sat down slowly.
‘Am sorry I had to do that to you. Hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me,’ I said fighting the tears that were threatening to fall.
We were seated on the table having dinner two days to your wedding. The plan was I come and cancel the wedding but on a second thought it wouldn’t have worked.
‘I have a second plan,’ my mom said.
‘What is it?’ I asked curiously.
‘I will take you tomorrow. The witch doctor will work on you,’ she said with a smile.
She was assured it will work. We went late at night. I couldn’t tell where we were due to the darkness. After all the rituals we came back the next day at night. That’s was why I looked like Cindy,’ I concluded.

I could see shock in their eyes.
Alex’s POV
I can’t believe my ears. Why could they do to me?
‘Am sorry Alex,’ she said pleadingly.
I wanted to hit her, but I control my anger because of Cindy’s touch.
‘Am sorry Cindy for making you loose your baby,’
‘I lost my baby not my womb. I forgave you,’ Cindy said.
Can someone pinch me to know if am dreaming.
This girl must be crazy.

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