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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 11 to 13

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Flower Boy. Chapter 9
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. (Chapter 8 to 10)

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 11????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????
(6zney ).



Celine arrived back at the hospital when Lola came to her with Sandra

” Celine go home , u will break down , remember u have a huge
contest… U need to look lively don’t worry immediately Danny wakes up i will surely bring Danny home.” Sandra said
“Are you sure ?” Celine asked
“Yes I promise ” Sandra said
“Madam lets go ..let’s prepare the house for a man to come in ” Lola said Celine smiled with her fingers across her lips.
“Ok lets go ” she said they all smiled. soon she hand Lola arrived.Paula hugged her

“Celine am so sorry i couldn’t come … i was preparing for the contest I didn’t even know I was one of the 5top models
“Which show
“Thomas Langley’s lingerie runway storm
“Wow …I understand
They both hugged each other Celine opened the curtain fully and smiled

“I can’t believe I have Danny all to myself now ” Paula said
Celine turned
“Jeez boyfriend snatched” Celine said
Paula smiled
” Lola please change the bed sheet Danny likes pure white Bed covers ..remove the red one
” Yes madam.
“Uhmmm change the pillow too
“Ok madam.
“Paula do u think Danny will like this curtain ?….. infact Lola change it to white
“Ok madam
Celine smiled and hugged Paula
“Wont you clear out your undies Danny Will flog you for being so scattered. Celine smiled and arranged her stuff.
” Madam I am done ” Lola said
Celine and Paula looked at the bed and smiled Celine already imagined Danny falling into his pillow she smiled and took Paula’s hands
“I can’t believe I got Danny back Paula…I hope nothing bad happens again
“No nothing will.
Lola walked out and they both sat down
“Celine you know you are still dating Salvador.. I mean u guys had something right
“It wasn’t serious I just needed a man so badly so he came into my life but i swear we didn’t sleep together… all thanks to crisella.
“Either way if you don’t break up with one of them then u are dating two men.Danny is back so go and tell that go Salvador
“I will but Salvador is kind of mad at me
“Because of the date?, don’t worry a text from your boyfriend is enough to solve that problem.he is in your bed so u dont actually know how important Danny Hoffman is to the world……but u know Danny is stupidly jealous right?

“Dont worry Danny won’t find out i Will break up with Salvador as soon as I can. I know Salvador Will understand me
“I know that too , he doesnt love you . i just wish lia Will just come back .isn’t she done making money and touring the world?
“I swear if I could meet lia one day i Will personally beg her to come back…Salvador loves her very much I caught him count less times painting and drawing her …he can’t stop loving her and its more painful.at least I had hope with Danny cos I was seeing him but lia…. where are you lia.

Paula hugged celine and left Celine smiled ..finally Miranda was in jail… finally Miranda will face judgement..Celine fell to her bed sleeping soundly…


Early the next morning she woke up to Danny by her side on the bed…she cleaned her eye and looked at Danny again… Celine smiled happily and kissed him he opened his eye and touched her hair play fully.

Just then 6 guards walked in with 4 men in suite who had guns Celine got scared Danny touched her to relax

” Daniel hoffman are you okay”one of them asked
“Am fine
” how are u now and how did this happen ?” The older one asked
“Its a story for another day ” Danny said
“Ok sir but we have to move you right away ” one of them said
“What!!!”Celine shouted. Danny used his hand to cover her mouth
“Am safe I don’t have to be moved.
“We are sorry sir but we have strict orders not to leave without you…you have a show in New York so a presidential suite has been rented…having 100 guards who are active. all this is to ensure your safety so u have to come with us for now sir.
Celine hugged Danny tight like her life depended on it. Danny chuckled and picked his phone then placed a call
” dad
” Danny .. what did I hear ,u ,surgery ,how?
” dad am fine all this security its embarrassing.
“I don’t care go with them
” come on Mr Hoffman
“You are safe
“Ok… 5 will still stay with u
“I have guards
“I don’t care
Danny dropped his phone.one of the men received a text.

“We are sorry barging in sir
” whatever.

They left Danny lifted Celine’s face
” jeez did u want to cry
Celine smiled
“I couldnt have gone without u. U will surely come with me.didn’t u know that?” Danny asked her
“I just don’t want to miss you anymore
Danny smiled.
“Don’t ever leave me ” Celine said
“I Wont ,ever again..promise ” Danny said and pulled her into a kiss celine shed tears as their faces met….she just placed her head on his shoulders

” ahhhhhh ouch..I had surgery
“Omg sorry.
Celine tried shifting Danny held her tight
“I will endure pain for you
Celine smiled.
He brushed his fingers into her hair
” U dyed your hair?.”Danny asked her
” Yea kinda, don’t you … like it ?”
Danny didn’t reply he just kissed her… Lola walked in with a plate of bitter soup

“Madam this Is good for him
Celine took the plate and Lola walked out.she turned to Danny who used the bed cover to cover his face

” Hey” she pulled out the cover
“Even if you bring down this house i won’t eat that.
” no …I really won’t. infact am going to my presidential suite
” Please please please ” she ate into his lips Danny smiled
” what a seductive approach
Celine smiled
“Just taste it first..its Good .
” no
Celine hit him
“Why are you so stubborn
Danny chuckled Just then his phone rang Celine picked the phone and switched it off.

“Jesus Celine
” no phones untill u get better , so for now u need this soup.
“Please now ,its too bitter …nawaoh????
Celine smiled and took a spoon full
“Wow this is too good.
Danny smiled
“Yes I promise
“Ok….. you win

Celine smiled and gave a him a spoonful which he took.

” am sorry for everything they did to you “, Danny said
” it’s all right Danny , at least we are together now.
” I will never forgive ciara Celine , never.
” Danny.
” and as for Miranda,well….
” Danny its ok , Miranda will surely pay for what she did.
Danny smiled and traced his fingers into her ear..he pressed softly Celine smiled
” Danny no matter how romantic you are , you must finish this soup
” Ok you caught me
Danny opened his mouth Celine smiled and fed him.
Danny traced his fingers to her neck then down into her chest and brought out the pendant of the necklace she hid in there.
Celine smiled
“How did you know I still wore this necklace…I just always hid the pendant in my cloth cos its kinda big.
Danny smiled
“I new you won’t take it off cos I gave it you
Celine smiled
“Do you remember when I gave you this necklace
“Yes when I told you to engage me.
” well I know I engaged you
Danny used his fingers to open pendant and a pure diamond ring fell out.
Celine shouted in shock
” I always engaged you Celine.. always.
Celine started streaming tears…she wore an engagement ring for one year without knowing.
Danny smiled
“Will you wear it now…. will you marry me
” Yes …why not.
Danny slipped the ring in Celine smiled Just then she remembered she needs to clarify Salvador.
She stood up

” Danny I will shower.. I need to go out
“Where to?
” well , actually…I Need to see a friend.
“Male or female.
” well a male …male friend
Celine scratched her hair
“nothing much …just stuffs .
I will be BACK
Danny nodded. Just then Paula stormed in wearing pink short pink top… she saw Danny and shouted.

Celine opened the bathroom door
“Paula don’t hug my …….
Paula already jumped on Danny on the bed
Celine shouted.
“Danny had surgery
Danny smiled as Paula rose up Celine smiled and locked the door.

“Don’t mind her ” Danny said and dragged Paula into a hug paula smiled and lay beside him

“I missed you… are you okay
“Am fine how is Liam?
Danny picked his phone and switched it on.Celine walked out and hastily dressed up.She wore a red pant and bra

“Paula get out of our room we want to have sex ” Celine said Paula laughed.. Danny signalled Celine to come closer when he noticed the diamond stone on her belly button.. that was when she rembered that danny hates piercings she scratched her hair. she gently walked to him like a kid her father called.he sent his fingers to her waist and then used a two finger to pull up her pant he removed his hand.
” is it magnetic or did you pierce your navel?
Celine looked at paula who looked away .
” well , actually , ” she kept looking at paula signalling her to tell her what to say .. paula smiled into her phone
“Its just a question
” yes danny , i kinda did ….. are you mad?
he picked his phone and kissed her tummy then he relaxed on his pillow
“Get dressed .
She rushed back and wore a jean bom short and a half top exposing the diamond stone she looked hot
“I don’t like that ” Danny said
“Oh,ok…sorry ” Celine said and pulled out the short and top she dragged her pant up and picked a black gown…show back… her back to her waist was open making her drop her bra….she tied the rope … her legs where transparently seductive . Danny sighed
“I don’t like that either ,don’t u..
Paula hit him
” Danny what are u doing?
“It’s too open..
” she’s a model now u keep forgetting that she changed she’s not the same girl any more.
Danny hieved a sigh
“I still don’t like it” Danny said and looked into his phone .
” Am sorry…I will just ” ..Celine removed the gown and used her hand to cover her chest.. she went to her wardrobe that was when she realized she had really changed . she didn’t have one single decent cloth…Danny just watched her silently….

Danny I hope you are not used to the old me u need to get used to the change .I can’t be that naive girl anymore.

“Uhmmm….I will check.
She bent and opened her box then she slipped out a singlet hand pink gown which she wore it was short she pulled down with both hands and looked at Danny she was already scared of what he would say.
” uhmmm Danny what about now?
She smiled and faced her mirror she unbanded her hair and combed it..Danny quietly looked at her..she changed too much.

“Paula I don’t need make up right?
” u look sweet
Celine nodded and rushed over to Danny ..she kissed him .
” I won’t take long
“Am waiting

Celine stormed out .
Danny I wish I could tell you about Salvador but you are too insecure…you would start thinking wrong things about me .and from there u might stop trusting me…. I will just end it with him and that would be past.

Danny turned to his phone Paula smiled at him.
” Danny I thought you liked girls in sexy outfits” Paula said
“You said girls Paula not my woman.
Paula smiled.
” is ella NIVEAS new face ?Danny asked
“Wow thats huge ,how did that happen
“Her hard work
” I need to watch that video.
Danny logged in just then Paula remembered Salvador kissing Celine

” no Danny …there is no video
Danny already watched the kissing cos fans posted that part everywhere.Paula watched Danny Drop his phone inside the jug of water beside him…she knew he was calmly angry.

” Danny its not what you think
” is she really dating Salvador?
“Yes, kind of…but
“Its ok . …. I forgot she is a model… its expected.I just can’t believe she went to see Salvador and dressed like that at first
“No wait ,I can explain
“Do that Next time.for now I want to think.
“Ok think but don’t think about leaving before she returns I beg you just let her explain
“Dont forget to Close the door .

Paula sighed and stood up.

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 12????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????


Salvadors house.

Salvador was on call.

” so you mean you can’t give me a date in New york tour for my show.

” no we can’t all the dates are occupied for this one month and the show you held yesterday your model ran away now instead of pulling a crowd you caused a mob

” come on please , then what did I gain from coming to new York.

” salvador even if u get a date its too late to pull your Crowd again.

” no chance
“We are sorry

Salvador smashed his phone and picked his cigarette.he was so depressed…his dream for right skin was falling apart.
Celine arrived at Salvadors house She walked in comfortably .

Just then she opened the curtain he wasn’t there so she walked into his bed room and there he was ….. Celine noticed the awful smoke.

Salvador dropped the wine cup and closed the door behind her

” Salvador
” if you came to break up with me officially,don’t worry I already did that myself..that’s not my problem
” Salvador you are smoking,what is wrong with you.
” what Is wrong?,everything has gone wrong.right from the first day you came to my house i knew that one day just, one day your love for Danny will ruin my life…now it happened how could you run away from that show?
What am I gonna do now, right skin can’t get a date in New York tour… right skin failed

” Salvador

” what!, ..do you know how many products we moved ,do you know how many losses I had moving them. Now its all a waste.you ruined my dreams.

He walked out on her Celine wiped her tears and ran home.Danny I love you so much that I don’t think twice when it comes to you.

Finally Celine arrived home Danny was not on the bed any more she got very scared.

she wondered where he was.. just then he walked out of the shower packing his hair. He was topless but wore a black jean. He carefully removed both earrings and dropped them on the table. He wore a gold watch and slipped his slipper in… then he picked a shirt which he buttoned only 3 Celine looked around seems all his stuffs arrived.

” Danny… why all
He placed his hand across his fore-head for a while and closed his eye softly
” being here is making me sick.
I will just be in the other suite I just feel like being alone.
“But we are suppose to be a couple
” I don’t think u know that ” danny said and picked his other phone.Celine wiped her tears was today a sorrowful day for her.

She watched Danny’s guards take out his stuffs one by one.. he turned to her

” I will call you” he said .. he tried walking out Celine blocked the entrance.

” Ella stop.
” Danny what are you doing to me ,you know I can’t handle being without you,why are you treating me like this, its still me Danny don’t hurt me

” its still you?,come on it’s not you okay ,you changed..you changed just too much.you lie now like you lie that much ,you smoke ,you dress like a slut. now look at your navel ,what the hell is this?” He shouted at her as He opened her cloth exposing the diamond stone there.
” Danny
” you are doing all the things I hate
” Danny am a model for crying out loud… you can’t expect me not to change..I got exposed.
” ok fine I accept that you are a model you changed all right that’s your excuse for your slutty dress sense and crazy life style…but what’s your excuse for lying Celine … I asked you this fucking morning why didn’t u tell me about Salvador?
” Danny am sorry… I didnt want..
” you are dating salvador for crying out loud so why do you need me .you lied twice . I remember calling you before my accident you told me you where in Paula’s house

” Danny i was….

” come on, you lived with a man for a month w.t.f I thought you had self respect tell me was that how long you have been dating him ,was that why he chose you over every other model….. where u paying in bed?

” Danny that’s a lie ..let me explain

“I hate stupid explanations they get me angry. I won’t be surprised if you sleep around too, its a like a normal thing for u models right? .what can I say ,life of a model indeed.

” Danny just let me speak..

” the truth is I don’t know if I can still cope ..I mean I love you but i don’t know if i need you like this ….you are not everything I fell in love with. Do u know why I really fell in love with you ?,you where different from my definition of girls..I am a model, am a star . am surrounded by the same girls ,the same fakeness, the same lies. After Jennifer Miranda came . I agree that I slept with her just for fun but i was single I would have dated Mira,Paula,jewel,Diana, all of them wanted me . But u see I vowed not to date a model again.
I just hate that version of woman and their lies.
I got tired of girls like that.that was why your memory kept ringing..you had self respect,u where just my dream come true. But If had I met u like this I would never date u.I mean its okay you changed but u let fame control you . it was your innocence and transparency that made me fall in love with you. Celine wouldn’t lie to me about anything, Celine doesn’t dress like a slut she covers her body like its worth millions .. u couldnt even find a single decent cloth in your wardrobe this morning. now look at your hair ,dark green?.why not make it white huh …, you smoke so much that i found packs of cigarette in your drawer , look at your skin you pierced your navel,your ear,your nose ..gosh I dislike piercings!!!..
” but danny u didnt complain this morning
” i didnt complain cos i can manage , i didnt complain cos i love u…. i don’t care about all this I know money changed you and I still love you enough to manage. but you see lies,your lie about Salvador this morning .
u lying to my face ,kissing him in public, dating him when I was dying for you. I can’t over look theze, you insulted me. You just told me to go that you don’t need me in your life…. so am leaving.

He gently moved her out of the door and walked past her.Celine sat on the floor…will all the men she value be mad at her today.
Paula stormed in

” what’s wrong
“Why didn’t you tell me danny hates all these.. you should have told me he doesn’t like my dressing , he doesn’t like a girl smoking
“Listen Danny is not angry at you because of your appearance..he’s just using that to cover up Danny is angry at you because of Salvador he is just jealous.I know he hates those stuffs but he still dated girls who did them Jennifer doesn’t dress well does she…Jennifer smokes doesn’t she…the only thing I know he stopped her from was piercings.Danny is mad at you because of Salvador and its all your fault…danny shouldn’t have seen that fucking video Celine he was in your bed beside you.you should have told him the truth since you know he is jealous and very insecure…. why did you lie

“I didn’t want him to get mad
“Well too bad…he is and don’t forget your boyfriend is very hot tempered…Danny has a sign behind him.”handle with care…he is too proud ..he knows he is perfect that made him proud so if you are dating a man like danny don’t ever make him feel useless or worthless or else he takes a walk….. I mean Danny sacrificed a lot for you Celine ..he Dropped women for you…he dated Miranda but because of the respect he has for you he couldn’t sleep with her …only your memory stopped him from sleeping with Miranda Celine ..he got stabbed,got into an accident all for you .and then he wakes up one morning to find u kissing and smiling with Salvador huh … and u still lied now what Will u do

” he already left Paula..he left my house he doesn’t want to live with me.

“Its ok.

Paula hugged her Celine called Emma on phone

” hey
“Emma call Danny..please ask him where he is
” u guys already fought
“Yes ….we did
” Why
“Its all my fault
“Ok ..I will text u his location..kinda busy

Minutes later Celine received the address. She took a quick bath Paula already left..she washed out her hair dye..it became normal.She stood facing her mirror and removed the diamond stone on her belly button.she removed all her ear rings then she removed her nose ring.. she slipped out her anklet..leaving only her waist bead.she packed her hair now she recognized herself.she threw away the pack of cigarette from the window she used her finger to drag up her pant as she searched for something to wear Paula walked on holding a gown.

” hey miss decent
Celine smiled
It was a black fitted gown..very fit and had only one hand .Celine smiled as Paula zipped up.it was not long but not too short.she looked pretty.she picked her phone and turned to Paula

“Tell me won’t Danny still be mad”she looked at herself fearfully
“Just explain … especially Salvador.. assure him that you are not like us..you my friend but u didn’t let me spoil u ,u are not like me. u never cheated on Danny celine u never did anything wrong let him know that.after that don’t leave that house until he says sorry cos he has a bad mouth

Celine nodded and drove off.soon she arrived the address.. she walked out what a suite…She looked around the pool and held her phone tight .

She saw a crowd of guards ..they stopped her
” please i really need to see danny
” we are sorry but u cant go in, no one can.
“But i cant harm danny.
” are someone he trusts
” yes
“Whats your name
” how will that help?
” for security purpose he gave us two names of people he trust.

“Well my name is da…. celine its celine
” let her in
“Yes sir
Celine smiled
” excuse me whats the other name
He looked into his book
“Its celinE… Celine twice.

Celine ran past them in smiling in tears . Danny I annoyed you but u still trust and love me so much. She stopped in front of his door and took a deep breath . She knocked gently..while moving her hair . Danny opened the door he saw her and sighed
“U again?
” Daniel can I come in … please
“Go, I don’t need you .
” hey !!!!!!

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 13????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????


Danny looked at Celine for a while
“Danny,”Celine said,looking up into his eyes in a pleading manner.
“Come in if you want.” Danny replied her with a sigh.
He walked in and Celine locked the door behind her.Danny walked into the bed room Celine walked in behind him. Danny lay on the bed with his hands on his tummy.

They both stayed quiet for a little dramatic while.
” Danny am so sorry,” said celine.
“Why did you lie to me ?”Danny said,strengthening his position on the bed.
“I didn’t want you to get bothered,”said celine, staring deep into his blue eye.”Danny I promise,I only headed to Salvadors house to break off all ties with him.”

Danny turned to his side????????

” Danny i never slept with Salvador or any other man,” said Celine wondering if Danny forgot the fact that he was the one that deflowered her.”I wish I was still a virgin so maybe my blood will prove to you that you are the only man I had ever been with.”

” whatever,” said Danny , presenting a careless face.

“What a spoilt kid,” celine said in her mind . she threw a full cup of water at his face on the bed. Danny turned in shock.
” hey!!!,”Danny shouted, moving his hair away from his eye.
“I Am tired of your pride Daniel!,
” said Celine. she picked her phone and rushed out of the house, danny rushed after her.
“Celine wait!!,”said Danny.

” Danny i didn’t do anything wrong,”said celine, as she turned to look in his face.”I love you more than my life. do you know what i sacrificed to be with you? I sacrificed salvadors carrier.

“all I did was lie to you ,i never cheated on you.yes I lived in salvador’s house,but we didn’t do anything intimate.

” I waited for one year,waiting for you.U just deflowered me and u traveled Leaving me alone.
i met guys ,i had beautiful needs , desires came too but i kept myself for you.

“after waiting for one year,I wake up one morning and i get text,”She wiped her tears with both hands.” Danny i got a text telling me to move on. I got a text telling me that you don’t love me anymore. After getting that kind of text ,why Wont I go?

” Danny I love you isn’t that enough ,look at my hair, I removed the dye. Do you see my nose, no pearls. am I not dressed better now?

“But I was talking to you and you told me whatever,whatever.
Danny why did you tell me that? why did you talk to me like I am a slut? I know I dressed like one but i tried to change for you,now I guess u don’t even deserve me.” said Celine,running further away with her hand wiping her tears.
” celine wait.”said Danny,running after her.
“Am leaving,am leaving this night.”said Celine.
“Its too late,u can’t just up and go,”Danny said,As he stopped in front of her and gently pulled her back,Just close to the pool side.

” Celine,i got angry because I love you,” Said Danny, kneeling down on the floor.”I was jealous because I love you and I am sorry because love you.Celine i was just carried away because you lied to me,and your best friend Is Paula. but i was wrong celine, I was all wrong….. Ouch!running after you made my tummy pain,” Danny said,placing a hand on his tummy . Celine smiled so widely she couldn’t even close her teeth.
Danny used both hands to cover his eye and carefully moved his hair behind with both hands then he tied it with the band on his wrist. he knelt down properly with both hands on his leg it was obvious the position was paining him.

” Celine ,you threw water at me and i deserved it. Argh! seems like I can’t see well anymore,
But I still deserved it. Daniella please forgive me.” He knelt down properly again while looking up at her like a kid . celine chuckled sweetly and knelt down facing him. She cleaned the water from his face with her hand towel

” am sorry ,I was just carried away,” said Celine, she carefully moved his hair from his face.”I am really sorry Danny I won’t throw water at you again.”Celine turned and deeped both hands into the pool, she carefully threw water at her own face. she threw water on her hair, then she carefully poured water on her shoulders.
Danny smiled
” so what now , are we even?
” Celine asked him smiling,Danny nodded
” Yes …. just….”said Danny, as threw more water at her.
she smiled and threw water at him too.They both sat with their legs deep in the pool.

~ (i weak jore, see stress.if u know u know)

” Danny have you ever knelt down in your life?
Danny smiled
“No , who can possibly make me kneel down. what about u?
“Hahaha I have knelt more than 500 times, u see I was very troublesome growing up
Danny smiled
“Omg Celine we forgot something
” we didnt kiss
Celine smiled
And they kissed deeply.
” I can’t stop loving you Danny
Danny pecked her lips.
“My heart is on fire
Celine smiled.
Both of them stood up and walked into the house.Celine removed her gown and bra ,she wore a towel jacket.Danny totally stripped leaving only a red short.they fell on the bed.Celine lay on him looking in his face
” u look pretty..I forgot to say that
Celine smiled and kissed his neck.
” thank you and I wont dye my hair again it’s pretty like this both of us have the same hair colour.she unbanded Danny’s hair he smiled and relaxed on the pillow.
“I love you ,I love u very much, u really do.” Danny said Celine smiled and looked down into his tummy she used the bed cover to cover him

” Danny am scared
” Why
“U have cold
Danny smiled
” don’t worry there is a solution to that
Celine smiled
” what
Danny removed her jacket she used her hand to cover her bare breast.
Danny chuckled.
she came into him on the bed her body was so warm she wrapped her body and arms around him

” cold vanished.
Celine smiled she kissed him .

” Danny what’s next for us
“Making a baby ” Danny replies
“Ok Boy first
“No girl
Celine laughed and sucked his nipple playfully.

” if you turn me on we will sleep late
Celine smiled
“I can stay awake to make you happy
Danny smiled and relaxed his head on the pillow breathing with fulfilment

” am sorry for complaining about your life and character.. I was really just stupidly jealous.
Celine smiled.
“I can manage all that . Everything . If u like piercing continue do what makes u happy and i will be happy too. But promise not to smoke.
“Yes,.. am totally dropping it.
” also what happened to salvador? U said u ruined his carrier.
” new York won’t give him a date to showcase his product …this trip is a waste Danny
” just that?
“What ….. yes.
Danny picked his phone
” who are you texting
“Committee for new York tour
“They won’t agree
” don’t worry, I Will threaten to go home and leave the tour.
Celine smiled
“My boyfriend is celebrated everywhere
Danny chuckled
” crazy wife…am still a b.f
“Sorry my hubby “.
Danny smiled.and dropped his phone.
Celine brushed her fingers to his chest and he brushed into her pant from behind.

” yummy .. I love that undie.” He tapped her ass softly Celine laughed out .
” it really added,what did u do ” Danny said
“I worked on it
” really
“Yes I was sleeping in the gym day and night.
” sorry
“Now I am a perfect lingerie model….. almost all undies designers in the world had used me .
” am jealous when u take pant and bra shoots
” should I drop lingerie?,
” no ,don’t think of it that’s your main line
Celine smiled and sat up like in the cow girl position…she moved closer go him Danny smiled.
” do u want go ride me to heaven
Celine realised how she was sitting and chuckled. She took his hand and placed across her waist.
“I also worked on my waist too.
” oh really but am more interested here ,” Danny said raising his hand to her br**st .
Celine smiled and looked down at his finger
” I think it got fuller ,did u work here too?” Danny said squeezing softly.
Celine laughed and used the pillow to cover her chest Danny chuckled..I was enjoying the skin contact before now am cold.
Celine smiled removed the pillow then she lay on him again

” am grateful to salvador for making you gain self confidence” Danny said Celine smiled.

Minutes later he fell to a quiet sleep she knew he would cos he was weak.She moved away and wore her jacket back then she lay beside him..she smiled .Danny was hers again..really hers.. . She kissed him Danny smiled

” bad habit.
Celine chuckled and kissed his neck sweetly.. she brushed his hair in between her fingers and kissed him again smiling.then she balanced on him.Danny I love you so much and am glad that finally you are with me no one can ever separate us again.


Early the next morning Emma sat with her crew in her office.

” Tell me what do we have on Kelvin
“We have a lot of things on Kelvin but for now Miranda was released
“Her dad made calls.
” madam I can’t believe Miranda is going to be free” Emma’s assistant said
” I don’t have time for Miranda right now my focus is on Jay…I don’t care if Miranda goes free I need info on Kelvin my fucking position as a prosecutor is at stake here.
“Ok madam we received information that Kelvin is monitoring daniella Daniel
“Yes,Kelvin jayman is monitoring daniella Daniel closely Emma she is not safe….if he gets all the info he needs on her he will surely go for her …Emma he will kidnap her..

Flower Boy. Chapter 9
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. (Chapter 8 to 10)

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