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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4 (Chapter 4 to 7)

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. (Chapter 8 to 10)
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 1 to 3

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 4????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


” danny wait “,celine shouted .
SHe rushed further but Danny didn’t hear her as he was far away .it was Miranda That heard Celine so she hastened Danny up they both entered the car.

Celine rushed out after the car that was when Danny noticed her
He saw someone running from car window.

Salvador saw Celine who fell to the road when she couldn’t get to the car.she was crying heavily Salvador hugged her and lifted her up.her tears kept runing into her mouth..Danny told the driver to stop the car he walked out Miranda rushed after him and dragged him back.

” Danny what’s wrong ?.
” I think that model was chasing after us.
” she wasn’t , she’s with Salvador.
” let’s find out.

Danny rushed down Miranda got scared.

Salvador wiped CELINEs tears and took her Inside…she had already cried her heart out.

Just as the walked in through the back door Danny arrived. Danny ran in through the front door but there was no sign of the model.

Miranda hieved a sigh of relief.

” I was wrong , let’s go.
Miranda took his hand and they walked out.

Celine changed and left the show from back stage. She followed the back door.

” madam am sorry “, Lola said as they headed for her car.

Celine didn’t reply ..pain had blocked her mouth.what kind of painful love is this.

She sat in the car and just faced upwards as her tears ran down

Now having a moment with Danny got difficult .what was this.

Minutes later Celine arrived home.

Back at the show the last outfits were showcased then the show ended.Vera searched for Celine with her eye.

Salvador came to her .

” where Is ella”, Vera asked.
” she had to leave .
” oh I didn’t have time to say thank you for a job well done.
” she felt a little under weather
” ok I sent her pay , just minutes ago.thank her for me.
” ok .

Salvador walked down and took crisellas hand they both walked out .

Crisellas :I wonder if Celine can ever move on from Danny.
Salvador : me too
Crissella : its just too painful , she was just close to him but he didnt see her.
Salvador : I feel her pain.
Crissella : she had really suffered for love I pray love pities her.

Salvador smiled.
Soon they entered their car.

CELINEs suite ????

Paula rushed into celines suite immediately she returned.Liam went into their own suite.she felt so much smoke from celines room door she pushed open the door and their Celine sat. Wearing only her pant and bra. Tears ran down her eye.the cigarette plate stood before her….. her glass of wine sat there too…her hair was scattered.she folded her legs together she smoked wildly.forcing herself not to cry. Paula pitied her deeply.

Paula unzipped her own gown and sat beside Celine.she picked a stick of cigarette from her side.

” men are not worth it “, she said.
Danny is not the only man in the world. If it won’t work out just let him go .don’t kill yourself .look at you.you slimmed down so Much that the waist of your gown had to be amended. To designers say u are fit but to me you are in pain Celine..She released a lot of smoke from her mouth and sighed.” I really wish you can be happy for once .
Celine removed her hand from her face she held the cigarette stick in between her fingers. The smoke she released covered her face
” U don’t know what I went through for Danny.U dont know what I did for Danny.I suffered to become a star just for him.I suffered Paula I knew pain.was that sacrifice not enough.how long will love keep testing me , don’t I deserve love ..I will give up soon… I give up on everything.

” it’s ok , am here, I will just break up with Liam so I can share your pain.
Celine smiled .
Paula really was her Angel…..

Next morning.
Jennifer’s house.

Celine arrived Jennifers house without informing her .Paula told her the address it was when she arrived she remembered she didnt call.

She packed her hair behind and wore a sport shot with a nice spots bra.she wore a face cap.and her and simple expensive slipper.she she knocked on the door and Jennifer walked out laughing .she was half naked but she wore a red night jacket. With a black bra and pant.then like 4 waist chains.

She was shocked to see Celine .just then a guy came out behind her and tied the rope of her jacket for her.Celine smiled as she walked inside past them they rushed after her.

” Jennifer we need to talk”, she fell on the couch.

” oh sure , meet Kelvin ,ummmmm my….
” it’s ok ,quickly come .

Kelvin walked in and Jennifer sat down.

” omg thank you for cutting in I didn’t know what to say without hurting him.
” yea u almost said my sex toy.
Jennifer smiled
” but why are you doing this , its wrong..it’s because I like you that’s why i will tell you the truth.
” really.
“yes its wrong…. it doesn’t end in the bed…ur using him Jennifer and he is not a fool hes still here because he love’s you. Hes human not a sex machine and That’s what he Is to you.U call him when you need a man u can trust and be comfortable with in bed. because he is masculine tall cute and maybe great in bed but ur killing urself inside too… That love you have for his dick can’t u have it for his heart . Ur hurting its been long you started this.I know you feel guilty because he is the reason u cheated on danny But that’s gone.so give love a chance.give him a chance.he loves you.let him love and take care of you not only bed…if you continue like this you won’t stop , u won’t be satisfied..it will be from one cute guy to another.U won’t tolerate any man.U won’t want to get married u will ruin your self .

” but I don’t like him that much.
” he loves you very much , let his own love cover the rest.
” you are right , thanks.
Celine smiled
Jennifer : why DiD you come.
Celine : do you know where Danny lives.
Jennifer’s : he’s with Mira but I don’t know the suite.
Celine : oh too bad.
Jennifer : dont worry I will call Mira.

Jennifer placed a call and put it on s.p

” miss world”, Miranda said.
” cutie are u home .
” yes where else.
” if you guys are not getting rough I wanna visit.
” hahaha my boyfriend is tired and sleeping so you can visit.
” am glad .
” am texting you the location.
” what’s that noise Mira.
” it’s our newest neighbours such crazy couple always playing songs.
” ok. But its too early they must be crazy indeed
Jennifer dropped the call
Just then the text arrived.She gave the phone Celine and picked her plate of cornflakes…she poured milk into it.

” so what’s d plan.
” I am going there.
” Miranda might kill you.
” I don’t care.
” ok I have an idea .
” as long as its from you am in.
Jennifer smiled.
“You hungry ?
” no I have a show soon I don’t need fat.
” awwn miss high school
“Yes Hon.

Jennifer finished eating

” i will freshen up.
” can u tell Kelvin to come out here I don’t want any delay.
” hahahahahaha , sily u Ella.
Celine smiled and fell on the chair

The prosecution ????????
Emma was walking in and at the same time Kelvin was walking out.she was surprised the man she just arrested its not Been up to 10 hour’s.

” Emma jerkern, when will you stop suspecting me “.
” I just did my work as a prosecutor.
” I am warning u don’t bite more than you can chew , you will surely choke.
” if I choke I will take water and continue biting more.

Emma walked out on him.he looked at her for a while and walked into his car

Emma walked inside she was told that the executive p.s was calling her.

” May I help sir “.
” the prosecution realleased Kelvin
” I know I saw him , he hadnt even stayed 48 hour’s yet.
” Emma drop all the cases you have against him , he is innocent I warned u to stop but u kept challenging me now I have embarrassed Kelvin too much.the truth is you are free to investigate but if at the end u don’t prove Kelvin guilty u will be stripped of your position as prosecutor cos prosecutors don’t make mistakes
” I know Jay is guilty
“Good luck proving it

Emma looked at him for a while and rushed out ..

Danny and mirandas suite ????????
Jennifer and Celine arrived . Celine hid deeply in the car so no one saw her . Jennifer rushed out to Miranda who took juice by the pool side alone .

” Mira , how are you.
” am not fine , we need to talk Jenny.
” you look dull what happened and where’s Danny.
” he’s bathing.
” Awwwwn, let’s go out , my treat.let’s talk about all the things that are bothering you.

Miranda nodded happily.she texted Danny then she dragged down her bom shot both of them walked to Mirandas car they sat in and jennifer drove off.

That was celines signal to enter The house.

She rushed in.Danny already walked out of the shower.he was trying to wear a polo on top of his short. Celine just watched him quietly he pulled down the top and packed his hair.then he removed his ear rings.Celine was so happy she couldn’t control her smiles She waved at him from the door where she stood.

” hey danny!!! , she shouted

Danny turned.

” i ❤love ❤you so much !!!!!!.

Danny smiled seductively he wonder we if Daniella was drunk.

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. ???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 5/6????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).



It all happened to Miranda like a movie . She just realized she stabbed Danny .
Her obsessions had gotten the best of Her..
She was confused.

Danny if I kill you then I might not meet you in heaven because you are a good person and I have committed a lot of sins …
I will end up in hell while you go to heaven.
We won’t be together so I won’t kill myself.I will just call the hospital.

She brought out her phone and tried making a call just then she stopped

Danny if you get treated Celine will have you , you will go back to her no you can’t you have to be with me .you have to be with me because I love you.

She kissed his lips meanwhile Danny gasped for air he was bleeding out.miranda closed all the doors and Windows

Danny lets stay together til I remember what to do , I will surely remember what to do ..you are loosing blood.but I can’t take you to the hospital now ..you will just get better and leave me.


She touched his hair then she used a white cloth to tie his Tommy which blood came out.

” Miranda…..don’t do this “, Danny said as he closed his eye.

Miranda hugged him tight she was confused but she still couldn’t lose Danny to Celine.

” even In death I will never love you Mira …you are the worst thing that ever happened to my life.”, Danny completed as blood came out of his mouth.

Celines house

Celine sat with Paula facing the pool.

” Paula I am going to give Salvador a chance .
” Celine are you sure.
” I need to move on now before I become like Miranda or Jennifer
” are you sure
” I think you should think about this first celine
” there’s nothing to think about.

” give Danny more time he might call you just keep texting him
” ok I will.


A pretty girl with golden long hair sat quietly in a room and many Maids sorrounded her.they made her up. Others painted her nails.

Her hair fell below her hip.and her eye colour was ocean blue.She had the looks of an angel.

She wore a diamond earing with a diamond leg chain.She looked very beautiful.

Her white gown fell to her toe her curves where godly.She looked out of this world

They combed her hair and made her look beautiful.but beauty was something she already had.

Her face depicted pain and agony.She looked sad .
Lia Anderson that’s my name .

Miras suite????

Miranda sat with Danny’s head on her legs.he hadn’t opened his eye or spoken again .She ran her hands through his hair she was really confused.What was her next move will Danny die like this.

Danny its all right I promise to kill myself once you die ..but for now just don’t die yet..I miss your eyes …I need u to keep opening them.Danny I don’t know what i am doing I am really confused .I want to take you to the hospital but I can’t. I don’t want Celine to have you you are mine.Dont worry am thinking of what to do.I will do something.

She bent down and kissed his lips.

just then someone knocked on the door.

Miranda got scared she looked around the room.then she covered danny well on the bed and shouted.

” who is it.
” hy its your new neighbour
” oh hy
” I will like to introduce myself If you don’t mind.
” am kind of busy but let’s meet tomorow morning.
” it’s ok , good day to you.

The girl sounded so lively Miranda enjoyed her voice.She walked back to the bed and wrapped her arm’s around Danny.She kissed him again.

Meanwhile danny gasped for air lucky enough the cut wasn’t deep enough but he was unconscious he was dying..he lost too much blood already.

He felt Miranda hands all around him …he wished for celine so much.

Prosecution ????????

Emma sat facing her table of files henry walked about in confusion.

” Emma Did u forget what it took you to become a prosecutor.now ur position is at stake.what if u can’t arrest Kelvin huh.I told u to drop that case!!!”Henry shouted at her

” I couldn’t just drop the case. Am a woman too,girls missing,girls killed ,girls drowned,little girls rapped,girls kidnapped as sex toys..it pains me..it pains me because I know the culprit.I know its Jay but he has money ,he can’t get arrested,no evidence,he is above the law… I want that man jailed.

” so you prefer to drop your position as a prosecutor.

Emma shed tears and Victor hugged her dont worry we are in this together

Emma held him tight …

Next morning mira’s????????

Miranda woke up that morning with her hands still wrapped around danny.Having him to herself was better than watching him walking out and choosing Celine over her.
She packed her hair behind just then She heard Knocks again.
What kind of crazy neighbors is this .She rushed out and opened the door there the girl stood
She waved at mira

” anyo`ha seyo unnie”, the girl said waving her hand.
” oh hy.
” my name is Clara, am here with my boyfriend..am glad to be your neighbour.
” oh thanks.
” sara`henyo , am your biggest fan.
” I love you too I love all my fans.
” also am a nurse too so if you feel sick do call me .
” oh why not. Am glad.
” kuma`wo, am glad , I Wil check up on you later ..goodbye .
” oh good bye.
” don’t forget to check up on me too.
” oh I won’t .
” see you later.

Miranda locked her door and Clara walked back into their suite.

She wondered why she saw blood drops on the floor.AND why she didnt see Miranda with any body but heard masculine voices from the room when they packed in first.She decided to just mind her business.

Salvadors house
Toward evening

Celine walked into Salvadors house that evening.She wore a white free singlet gown braless and her hair fell freely. She walked into Salvador in the living room he held a glass of wine in his hands the sight of Celine shocked him.

” Salvador”
“Oh Angel”…Salvador smiled he was shocked when Celine kissed him deeply smiling.Salvador deepened the kiss for a while then he unlocked celine licked her lips gently Salvador looked at her in surprise as she kissed him again.
“Uhmmmm Ella whats…..
” let’s go to the room ” Celine said as she dragged him up into his bedroom. Soon the arrived.
” daniella are you……
“Shhhhhhhh no words ” Celine said as she wrapped his hands on her waist and kissed him again Salvador brushed into her thigh lifting her gown at the same time.Celine pulled up his top and dropped it she brushes her fingers into him as he kissed her sweetly.Salvador gently moved down both hands of her gown with his fingers celine closed her eye as he pulled down her gown to her waist exposing her nice set of br**st . Celine smiled and moved her hair as He brushed his fingers to them and stroked softly whiile brushing behind her waist at the same time he pressed her back softly pulling her into his arms . He kissed her neck down her cleavage Celine moaned sweetly as he carressed her butt then lifted her up into his arms…

Celine didn’t care about anything any more.she was done. one year was enough sacrifice for Daniel it seemed they where not meant to be….she thought to herself as she let Salvador do with her as he pleased.


???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 7????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Salvador was about pulling down her gown from her hip when someone walked in he used his body to cover hers they both turned and it was crisella.Celine chuckled gently crisella smiled

” sorry guys I was in a haste.
Salvador smiled while looking at Celine.crisella walked out and Locked the door they both looked at each other for a while

” u didnt give me chance to talk before but do you really want us to do this.celine smiled and looked at her half naked body they had already gone half…he All ready saw her body what else….. she really needed this to help her let go of Danny .Celine used her finger to pull down her gown from her hip she kissed Salvador again just then crisella knocked Salvador smiled.

“Ella I need to meet you when you are free ” celine knew that sentience meant I need to See you now.so she gently lifted her gown up Salvador smiled and wrapped his arms around her he zipped her up.

” don’t worry in will come back “celine said Salvador nodded celine walked down to crisella.

“Crisella u wanted to …..
Crisella ignored her and walked into the compound making Celine stroll with her.

“Is sex really the answer.
Celine nodded
“Thats what I want..I am old enough to do what I want am not a kid “Celine said crisella hit her ass
“Old enough, how old are you
“Jeez 20
Crisella smiled.
“Its ok..u can go back now I just wanted to make sure that u were in charge and in control and u were not carried away…if it’s what u need to be happy do it.

“Its more than that its what I need to forget Danny.since he too forgot me it means we are not meant to be.I texted him for hours..I sent him messages every 30 minutes. He said I should stop disturbing him.u need to See the text Danny sent me She wiped her tears…I still sent more messages but he is not replying…what should I do… staying alone and thinking about this is making me sad and I don’t want to stay home smoking for hours I Need a life.
” what if u fuck Salvador now and Danny returns in the evening ,will u forgive yourself,will u control the dilemma of two men…i know u wanna move
On but take it slow. No matter what u do with Salvador if Danny returns u will surely want him back.in the same way no matter how good you are on bed or how many positions u give Salvador if lia returns Salvador will dump you cos he loves Lia and u love Danny don’t deceive yourselves… u guys can get close ,date if u need to but take it slow don’t do something Danny can’t forgive you for.

Crisella entered her car and Celine strolled down in thoughts.

Miranda house

Next morning.

Miranda was so confused as she looked at Danny just then she remembered the nurse next door she smiled and rushed over to claras house.

She knocked and Clara opened up

” hy
” can you help my boyfriend he was stabbed in the tummy.
” but how Come.
” I can’t explain , can you help.
” I will get my kit “,Clara added and rushed back into the suite.

She ran out with a very big kit.
Soon they arrived in the room Clara was shocked to see Danny She rushed to him and removed the cloths Miranda tied round his bleeding Tummy.

” what are you doing ,take Danny to the hospital
“For now I need to revive him, he’s my crush…how long has he been stabbed.
” just..
” he’s blood is clothing slowly , the cut wasn’t deep but some organs where damaged he needs surgery Miranda he needs to get surgery tomorrow .
” but what about first aid
“That’s what am doing.
Clara cleaned and disinfected the wound….she added some drugs after a while Danny gained consciousness.

” whats next Clara?… danny opened his eye ” Miranda asked.

“I know and I am going to sedate him,i want to put him to sleep so he can save this little strength till surgery
Clara tried injecting him she noticed Danny wanted to talk so she delayed.
” Danny tell me ,am listening

” tell Celine I love her ,tell her i Need her ,tell Celine not to cry my love for her Will never die …tell her clara don’t forget.
Clara shed tears and turned to Miranda

” who is Celine
” that’s his mother
” no she is not….. Danny tried taking Miranda took the syringe from Clara and sedated him to sleep.

” you stabbed Danny ,why did you stab him huh
“I didn’t
“Then why don’t u take him to the hospital?
” he was stabbed by criminals sent to kill him. He said they are monitoring all the hospital’s around and the are monitoring him too.He wants them to believe he is dead so i promised him not to take him to the hozpital.He is so scared .
” am sorry but i think that’s a lie
“I swear its true
” well criminal or no criminal the effect of that drug will soon fade off and Danny needs to get surgery once it faded…as early as tomorrow we need to take him to the hospital.
” thank you Clara… you may leave now.

Clara walked out

Salvadors house????
Celine walked to Salvador on the bed wearing a white sleeping gown.danny had not replied any of her text she lay by salvador….Salvador smiled

‘ what are we doing Celine ?”he asked her
“We are both adults ,define it. tell me what u need if u need a pure sexual relationship with no strings attached tell me ,if u want a romantic relationship am game, if u need a friend with benefits am in,if u need a normal friend am still here ..the bottom line is very obvious you want to get over Danny and I wanna help you.. you have suffered alot already and i saw that text he sent you… sorry i wasn’t going through your phone but you just kept shedding tears while going through your inbox and I swear when I saw it I shed tears too. Danny is not worth it..if u need to move on from him I will help you in any way I can.

” Salvador I am dying inside,i feel my heart drying up… Danny made Me feel love and care he didn’t only say I love you he proved it every day making it difficult to live without him,difficult to move on… but you see I missed that love and care for one year…my heart is covered with agony so please just love me ,care for me before I develop heart pain..I Need care..I just need to feel that protection that presence of a man in my life.” Salvador wiped his tears and looked up…. he pulled her into his arms without plans of letting go.
” don’t worry I Will be anything you want me to be… for your sake I will be a robot anyhow you need me just click the button ,friend,intimacy,partner, etc…as long as its you its good. He kissed her fore head.

Celine smiled out tears and lay on the pillow Salvador watched her turn to back him then she opened the same message again. Salvador ignored her… tears streamed down her eyes as she read it again and again he knew it was this text that pushed into wanting sex.
“I remember you celine ,i remember everything about you. But it’s not a rule that I must still love you. Alot of things have changed…. its been so long and you have changed Alot.
Am sorry that you waited for me for so long but its been long I stoped loving you. I love Miranda now and I want her. u have to leave me alone…you need to let me love Miranda the way I want you are free to move on cos I Will never go back to you.. I know I loved you but it’s past. thank you for understanding ,from Daniel.

Celine shed tears and wiped it she didn’t want to cry she knew Salvador was watching.

Next day

Clara looked out into Miranda house from the window but this stupid Miranda had no plans of taking Danny to the hospital Clara wondered what’s wrong. Danny will die soon. Who is Celine..gosh who are you celine.

Her television came on as light came unexpectedly..she turned to the news.

New York turns heads as today IS the very INAUGURATION of DANIELLA DANIEL AS NIVEAS B.A.

Clara smiled…all top models this means Miranda is going out..good I can use this opportunity to talk to Danny.CONGRATS D.D. God i know Danny has run out of time but please he can’t die…he must meet his Celine though I don’t know who she is. ..please God give Danny time.

Clara tried sitting when she saw Miranda locking her door she was dressed in blue.Clara knew she was going for the show.Clara rushed her .

” are u taking Danny to the hospital
” uummmm my doctor is coming
” Ok.
Clara tried rushing past her and quickly stormed into her.

“Oh am sorry
“Its ok
Clara picked her keys and gave to her.Miranda walked out.Clara smiled

Yes I just gave you my own keys.
Miranda drove off and Clara instantly opened the door.she ran in and sat beside Danny.

” Danny
No response
“No response.

She picked his phone and the only thing she saw was a text message to Daniella.
She opened it.

“I remember you celine ,i remember everything about you. But it’s not a rule that I must still love you. Alot of things have changed…. its been so long and you have changed Alot.
Am sorry that you waited for me for so long but its been long I stoped loving you. I love Miranda now and I want her. u have to leave me alone…you need to let me love Miranda the way I want. you are free to move on cos I Will never go back to you.. I know I loved you but it’s past. thank you for understanding ,from Daniel..

This means ,this means, omg daniella Daniel is Celine..daniella is his Celine..I need to go .I need to go now.Clara stormed out.she pushed the door close .
Danny don’t worry I am going to n.v’s to call her for you…she will take care of you.
But the question is will almighty daniella Daniel stop to listen to what a simple nurse has to say.

Even If she listens..will daniella leave her show ,where the whole world is CELEBRATING her to come to you Daniel.

I swear I don’t think so….Clara thought as she stormed into her car .


Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. (Chapter 8 to 10)
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 1 to 3

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