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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. (Chapter 8 to 10)

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 11 to 13
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4 (Chapter 4 to 7)

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 8????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Celine was back stage using her phone when she was done texting Lola she walked out through the back and met Salvador by his car.

” what were you doing back stage.
” nothing much , let’s walk in.
” sure.

He slipped his hands into hers and as the walked in the crowd shouted.Their fans took pictures of them the press rushed them.Celine felt so proud of herself.cameras where shooting.every one talked about her.she waved sweetly at her fans while cat walking she was really happy on the outside. The press almost killed her with questions.





Celine ignored them as her guards helped her walk past.
Soon the got to the red carpet both of them walked in .the show was lit The hall was so big .. and designed with red.The walls displayed all niveas models.
N.vs brand colour clouded the whole area .Celine smiled happily as people waved at her.She cat walked greatly.

A special chair was already decorated for her.she sat down and Salvador sat beside her.he took her hand

“I have a feeling that you will be the most used and celebrated model in the whole new York tour

Celine smiled

“Then I might win this years face of new York tour
“You might.
She smiled happily and Salvador took her hands All niveas founders and co founders.we’re there present.Celine smiled with fulfillment all this was to honour her Just outside Jennifer’s car pulled over the crowd rushed her and kel Paparazzi took pictures . Jennifer waved at her fans happily.The press rushed her .





Jennifer’s guards helped her walked past the crowd As people arrived Celine looked for Danny with her eye Just then miranda car pulled over .She walked out and met jewel both of them walked in chatting happily.
The press took pictures .






Miranda stopped for the Mic.


she walked out waving at her fans her guards covered her.
She rushed further with jewel.





Miranda rushed in.Hours later crissella arrived with her daughter The girl was pretty and 11.She met Liam and Paula and all of them walked in.On seeing Miranda Celine got worried about Danny. She was so worried that it was visible she got restless. Salvador touched her

” Celine calm down , what is it.
” nothing.
” is it Danny ?.
” no its not .
” it’s ok to be worried about Danny Celine Miranda said he felt stressed.
” ok thanks.

She said as she fought her both hands together Salvador touched her hands The crowd kept multiplying Jennifer kissed celine from behind .

” hey loveliest,are you ready to go Round the world “, Jennifer said.
” I was born ready my love .
Jennifer gently kissed Salvador.
” welcome .
” thank you”, Salvador replied.

Jennifer was introduced on stage as the formal face .She walked out with the mic and stood on stage .She spoke into her Mic.

” good day guys , my name is Jennifer Williams the ex face of n.v.Everybody clapped.

” its time to announce the new face of of n.v her name !!!!!!.

She brought down the Mic smiling everybody clapped …..

Everybody shouted …..

” Her name is …….

Everybody shouted .

Celine smiled .The stage was designed one bye one.The blue chair was brought out.The contract file was brought out.
The stage wall paper changed.
Jennifer carefully endorsed on the thick certifacte made out of a check .It was so big her guards held it as she signed after which she looked into her Mic and shouted .


A heavy bright light enveloped Celine where she sat..from under her chair and on the roof of her space.Celine was wowed .she looked up and Flowers fell on her she placed both hands on her mouth out of surprise as multi coloured flowers bathed her. it was so beautiful she was so happy.Her pictures screened She stood and Salvador took her hands He helped her walk up to the stage .3 guards followed them

Celine hugged Jennifer, jennifer gave her The marker and she signed on the check.Jennifer’s guards gave it Celine guards.
Jennifer handed her a flower and kissed both sides of her cheek .
She was indeed so happy.Jennifer left the stage for her she took the Mic.

” am so happy , thanks to everyone who helped me get here’, she took Salvadors hands and held it tighter .Salvador smiled

” thanks to all my fans and to my loved ones .

“Thanks to everyone who pushed me to be great.I love you all.

“Little advice from me .never let anyone bring u down, u are special , you are beautiful, you rich and u are not common.Thank you.

She left the Mic and hugged salvador after which he kissed her for a long sweet time She smiled against his lips .She sat down and pictures of her were being taken as she signed on the paper and each contract.

That was when Clara stormed in she started waving at Celine who was on stage.Celine couldn’t see her she wiped her tears. She tried rushing up the guards caught her.

“No let ME go
“You must be an obsessed crazy fan
“No am not a fan ..I mean I am a fan…just let me see her.

Clara shouted on top of her voice

“Celine Celine Celine!!
“Stop screaming” the guard shouted
“No Daniella!!!!! ” Clara shouted jumping up and waving her hands Celine didn’t listen.Soon Celine was done signing she walked down from the stage.Clara tried rushing her but she saw Miranda and hid..Finally Miranda looked away Celine was so close to Clara she rushed over and the guards carried her away leaving her outside.Clara sat on the floor

Oh gosh what do I do.Danny I would have loved to take you to the hospital but i don’t have a right over you,i am nobody to you.the moment I touch u my finger print Will be all over you and if you die in my arms or in the hospital I took you too…I will go to jail.Miranda will pin It on me. I can’t get my finger prints on you am scared. But Celine is the equal challenge for Miranda..she’s the only one that can help..all I can do is call her for you… if I take u to the hospital what Will i say ,who Will believe my word against Miranda.your dad might even kill me Daniel I can’t risk it. I wish Celine can come out.

Just then she saw Celine walking out with Miranda both of them stood by the pool side Clara smiled to herself.she decided to talk to Celine once Miranda left…thank God no one else was here ..no one will distract them…she smiled to herself and relaxed.

Celine looked at Miranda

” what do you want to say, as u can see am very busy
” I want to come home and I need you to back out Celine
“My carrier as a model I want to pick it up and i Need you to stop ruining things.
Celine smiled
” when I just started
” what do you want Celine, the war already ended…Danny dumped you and CHOSE me…you are happily dating Salvador.so just stop lets end the game.
” but you are not on your kneels
“I can never kneel to you Celine.
“Good cos I haven’t even hired you to work for me and I hadn’t even pulled you down cos people still see you as a star……. so dear Mira its not over until its over.
Miranda angrily stormed out Celine tried walking out when Clara shouted.

” hey daniella!!!!!” Clara said this waking into the light Celine smiled lucky fan indeed meeting me alone she must need my autograph or a picture. Celine rushed toward Clara.

hy”celine said
Celine looked around
“Ok how do you know my name.
” I need to tell you something important
“About what
” Its about Danny.
“Tell me


???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 9????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Celine saw clara fully

” hy”celine said
Celine looked around
“Ok how do you know my name.
” I need to tell you something important
“About what
” Its about Danny.
” what….. Salvador rushed out and dragged Celine with him

” what are you doing here with a common fan Celine
” well she
” they are looking for you…come on
” n.vs founder is here.
Celine turned and walked in with Salvador Clara screamed on top of her voice

” you don’t understand anything,Danny needs you now!!!

Celine turned

” Celine she just a crazy fan trying to get your attention lets go your dream is sliping away.
Celine walked in

” you don’t understand anything Celine ” Clara Said and Celine turned back again this time Salvador dragged her inside.

Clara fell to the floor.Danny you might as well die now..our only hope has been lost ,life of a star indeed.

Clara watched Miranda who entered her car she knew it was time to go home so she stormed out

Celine couldn’t concentrate she wondered what was wrong with Daniel.
Soon the show was over she told Salvador to let her go home so she can think.
Minutes later she arrived and first thing she did was text Danny.

Danny are you ok,Reply me as a friend please if not I will be forced go visit you.

She stood still shaking until he replied her.

Am fine ,but it will be better if you don’t text me anymore.the texts are much its irritating me.

Celine fell back to the floor ..at least you are okay.at least you are okay Danny…I am irritating you ,you now love Miranda,u want me out of your life ,i should stop texting you…. she thought to herself for a while and looked down only to find blood ..just then she realized she was cutting herself deeply with her car key.????????????
Kelvins jay mansion

Kelvin walked out of his room down the stairs to a very lonely area he opened another glass door and walked down then he got to a particular door and opened it.

He walked in and there she sat. The same beaituful girl that was always being made up.

“Lia, am glad Emma didnt find you.
” Kelvin when will u let me go..havnt u had enough of me.are u not done obsessing with my beauty.treating me like a toy.dressing me up everyday inside this cage.I sat for long I can’t even walk Have I not suffered enough.He gently moved her hair and kissed her Lia pushed him away.
“If you keep rejecting me I will take it roughly… if you keep rejecting me I will treat you bad.

“Its been 4months since you kept me here…. let me go Kelvin please. I don’t love you and I never will..

Kelvin held her like he wanted to strangle her

” why won’t you love me ,why won’t any of you love me ,i am handsome,i am rich ,yet no one will love me…. why can’t you love me…I love you lia

“I can’t love you cos you are a psychotic monster , you are the Devil and no woman will ever love you.

He stormed out and Locked the door tightly She turned to her pillow in tears.

Salvador warned me but I didn’t listen.I let my beauty control me now am the one suffering he has forgotten me…. I brought this
upon myself.greediness killed me ,wanting to win every crown,wanting to be the highest and most beautiful I even worked on parts of my body now am beautiful ,i look like I fell from heaven ,no man can resist me ,i won millions of contests and crowns..but presently where am I ,who knows me ,who remembers me.even my true love I lost it…I lost it all.

Miranda looked at the text she replied Daniella and smiled.oh I love playing with your emotions.she looked at danny who was no longer breathing normally.just then she heard Clara pounding on the door she kept quiet like she wasn’t around.

” Miranda Danny’s time is over ,he will die in your arms….please take Danny to the hospital.

No reply
“Miranda please I beg you… Miranda please!!”Clara shouted crying as she scratched her hair like psycho.

Celine stormed into salvadors house. Salvador was waking about in frustrations

“Why what’s wrong
“Shit” he kicked his table
“Talk to me” Celine said
“Its over ,right skin failed,all my dreams shattered
“But how…we still have a big show in New York tour
“Big show my foot ..my stupid assistant forgot to get a date
Celine dropped her purse
“Right skin doesn’t have a date in New York tour I am finished this trip is a waste.
Celine was confused
“Salvador call the new York committee
“I did
“Try again
Salvador placed a call and put it on speaker.
” hello this is the community for new York tour
” we need to get an immediate date for the showcase of right skin” Celine said .
“Too bad its too late ,i can’t get a date now how will u pull or inform your crowd
” we can , we Will ..there will be an open show to pull over the crowd for right skin.

“Ok…… if you suceeed in getting a crowd of 500 in the open show …the committee will you send you a message giving you a date

Celine dropped the call.
” all right Ella the ball is in your court
“Dont worry crowd is not an issue
“Ok…. u need to go home now and get ready for the show…it Will be held in the stadium and we will use this opportunity to pull the Crowd for right skin
“Ok…don’t worry we Will succeed.
” I know…get going now
Celine stormed out and Salvador hieved a sigh of relive.

Hours later
Clara was browsing to her phone looking for who to call when A news headline popped in. Daniella daniel is at the city’s star stadium right now…opportunity to see daniella Daniel life.Clara stormed into her car and drove off soon Clara arrived at the stadduim she looked up Celine was up very high.her guards sorrounded the entrance to the stair .how does Clara climb.She looked at Celine and the crowd of millions…the show was already on on t.vs. and everywhere.She heard Daniella shout.

“Hey new york, are you ready for right skin !!!!!!!

Every body shouted Clara needed to meet her she was being interviewed she carefully picked the date for right skin to be added to new York tour shows.

Clara pushed through the crowd. The guards won’t let her past. She begged them then she waved at celine , she waved at her screaming. Celine was about speaking into the Mic when she saw Clara struggling with her guards She just felt like Clara had something important to say she spoke into the Mic .

” let her in “, she said and her guards let Clara come in.

Clara rushed to her And dragged her to one corner Salvador faced the crowd

” Celine Danny is dying , Miranda stabbed him and locked him in his room he can’t reply your text because he can’t see them .
” what
” your man is dying , Miranda is psychotic , Danny has less than 40 minutes to live.what are you doing go and get your man” Clara shouted.

Celine looked at Salvador and looked at crowd shouting her name….. if she left Salvador will never forgive her….she was going to ruin salvadors dream for right skin . what do she do. She looked at Salvador

Clara ran down the stairs and shouted up to her

” go get your man Celine !!!!”

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 10????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Celine held her gown in her hand and ran away Salvador was confused she didn’t even look back.Salvador looked at her as she ran after clara the crowd separated forming a mob Celine didn’t care she removed her shoes and ran bare footed till they entered the car Danny was more important than this world.Celine kept looking down the car window as her tears fell down

Danny I fucked up , I couldnt even wait for you I ran off to Salvador I didn’t visit you .please dont die Danny if you die I will kill myself.Soon they arrived Celine stormed into the building Miranda was shocked when Celine pushed the door open
Celine looked at Danny and gave Miranda a dirty slap

“How could you do this
“Do you have any evidence that I stabbed Danny?,i mean I just rushed in like u guys did
“Thats not true ,u Will surely rot in jell “Clara shouted
“And who will lock me ,on what bases ..your testimony.hahaha you don’t know who my dad is so just take Danny if that’s what you want and back out.

Celine smiled

” Its over my dead body that you do not wrote in jell Miranda, Danny comes first but i am coming for you…” Celine rushed Danny on the bed and hugged him crying….

“Celine lets take him out

Celine turned to Miranda
” pray nothing happens to Daniel” Celine said as they moved danny to the car.

Miranda fell to the floor in shock…she needs to runaway she will soon get arrested.

Clara and celine locked the car door

“Where do we take him ?”Celine asked
” take him to A G.H.C hospital Ryan is not back but Tony is a pro.” Clara said soon they arrived…..Tony touched Danny.

” hmmmm he has been sedated for long..I can’t revive him he’s tissues are weak surgery will kill him quickly ” Tony replied.

Celine fell to the floor crying

“i will make miranda kill herself, I will ruin that bastard just watch miranda am out for you” Celine shouted in annoyance claras phone rang and Clara picked her call.
” Clara am back wanted to give u a surprise home coming.” Ryan said
Clara smiled.
” where are you.
” am just driving past….
” stop come over , come to A.G.H.C.
” ok.
Ryan dropped the call.Celine sat with Danny looking at him on the bed She kept crying minutes later ryan arrived Clara narrated everything he touched Danny and turned to the nurse.

” send him to the theater and get ready for surgery.
” ok.
” there is no assurance of success but I will try my very best “, he Said and Celine cried more and walked out she sat patiently waiting for Ryan for hours She was so scared
Just then Ryan and Clara walked out Clara wiped her tears

” it wasnt succesfful, we lost him Celine ” Ryan said
” am so sorry ” Clara Said crying.

Celine ran off she stormed into the room

” Danny are you crazy , you promised never to leave me what are you doing.

She pushed him and cried out

“Danny I must come with you I will kill myself if you don’t wake up . Danny come back I promise u
i won’t let you go again,I won’t play with you , I won’t break your heart ,Danny i will protect you, trust me Danny trust me one last time Danny wake up please .

the nurses tried taking Celine out but Celine lay on the bed by his side kissing his face She wrapped her arms around him crying …Just then Clara shouted

“Ryan Danny is waking up !!!”
Ryan rushed back
“I never saw something like this before …as a surgeon when I say someone is dead it means no one can revive them but today true love proved me wrong… ” Ryan hugged Clara leaningly.
“May our love be as powerful as this” he said
“Yes of course sweetheart.” Clara said .

Celine smiled and whispered into Danny’s ears .
“Thank you Danny ,for another chance to love you.

She held him tight to her Ryan ran to Danny and smiled with fulfilment Celine shifted and he did some final treatments.

Ryan smiled.

” surgery was a success patient should wake by 8:30 tomorrow morning.

Everyone smiled out of tears.
Clara hugged Ryan Celine hugged Clara .Clara walked to Celine

” I am going to register this case
” what
” Miranda must be prosecuted I am the only eye witness so I will register this case ..i just pray the prosecution hands the case over to Emmanuella jerkerns..she will arrest Miranda faster

” good luck Clara
Clara stormed out just then CelinE rembered Emma she smiled.

God can Emma just be the one to prosecute Miranda please I bed you. Celine looked at Danny on the bed she couldn’t believe she was with him.

Hours late Clara sent her a text.

Come over ..to my suit..hurry.u need to be here

Celine stormed out and entered her car and drove off.

Miranda was packing up to run away..she already hid the knife in the woods She packed up and rushed into the compound just then she met Clara and Celine.
Celine smiled

” thank God Clara texted me to come help her stop you from runing
” let me go am innocent
” actually am here to make sure u don’t go.
Miranda looked around just then the prosecution car stormed in officers rushed out the lead prosecutor stepped out in a black suite she wore a blind eye glass Celine was still trying to figure out who she is

” Miranda millbert going somewhere” the prosecutor said
” am innocent ,am just traveling.
” Miranda where is the attempted murder weapon?” Prosecutor said

” I don’t know what you are talking about” Miranda said

” Miranda millbert you are under arrest for attempted murder of Danny hoffman as well as tampering with his body any action u take I will use against u in the court of law…U have the right to a lawyer depending on which u can afford .

the prosecutor handcuffed miranda and the officers dragged her away…Celine held clara tight shedding tears The prosecutor turned to daniella.

” Daniella I need you in the station too
” she’s innocent ” Clara Said
” time will tell for now I am leaving no stone unturned.” The prosecutor said.
Celine nodded just then celine heard an officer shout

” prosecutor Emma,the prisoner wants to call her dad.
Celine got shocked

” Emma?…..
Emma dropped her glasses
” oh my God celine ” Emma said smiling they both hugged each other.

” Emma do you really want to arrest me?…
“Am I drunk ” Emma said and they both laughed as Emma hugged her again

” I missed you


Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 11 to 13
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4 (Chapter 4 to 7)

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