July 26, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 95

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He And Her V.

Episode 95


I just felt like following Tucker cause my instinct told me that Grace of a girl might only want to have Tucker’s attention and nothing may be really wrong with her child.

I walked slowly and waited at the entrance first before opening the door to see for myself if Joy is sick or not.

What I met was like a shock to me. Grace and Tucker had started something deep and had even pulled off their clothes.

My head start to ache instantly and I ran to my room and close the door on myself.

Grace is the real thorn in my flesh and I hope that I win her in this battle. Tucker is for me not for her.

But she kept seducing Tucker and he kept yielding. If she gets pregnant again and got to confirm finally that I’m barren and that I do not even have a womb. I’m sure she will mock me every single day of my life.

I can’t believe I had once taken her as a sister.

I promise myself not to cry and just find a way out of this mess. How can I not have a womb? How is that possible.

Does that imply that I was born without a womb? Could it be a mistake by the doctor and even if it was a mistake ,why am I not pregnant yet.

How about I just check out another hospital before I let depression take over my soul here.

I dressed well and tried to ignore what Tucker did. Grace has a daughter for him already and I’m sure that alone is enough to draw him close to her.

I drove to an entirely different hospital without telling anyone where I went to.

I wasn’t really known there unlike Tucker’s hospital so it took a while before I was attended too.

“Welcome” The doctor said.

“Thanks doctor. ” I said and explained the reason why I had come to him.

He ordered for me to go for a text at some labs to which I did. I took the result to him after I was done and handed over the result to him.

He checked it and said. ” Nothing is wrong with you Mrs. Camilla . You are fine. I think your husband is hiding something from you. In most cases ,husband uses drug whenever they want to sleep with their wives to avoid pregnancy. That’s just an instant ,I never said he did that. But study your husband very well,he js hiding something from you. ” The doctor said and I thanked him.

I walked back to my car thinking of what the doctor said.

I’m fine ?

What made the other hospital said I have no womb and what could Tucker be hiding from me and why?

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