July 27, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 21

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????????• HIDDEN BEAUTY•????????

By: ????K.A.S ADMINS????

????Episode 21????


” Shantel!” She called out more louder.

” My darling, come closer…” She added and I shook my head as I moved back slowly.

” I don’t know who you are!” I yelled as she came closer.

” Don’t be afraid Shantel” She added as she continued to make steps towards the bench I was sitting on.

” Who are you and why do you keep calling me that name!” I answered her as she kept on coming closer.

” Just calm down a bit Shantel.” She said as she finally paused halfway.

” I give you ten seconds to tell me who you are or else I’ll call the cops.” I said reaching for my phone in my pocket.

” My name is Mrs. Nuella Ashton and I’m your real mother.” She said and it felt like a large metal plate dropped in my heart.

” Lies!” I heard Feathers shout and I looked back to see him and Williamson standing behind me.

” What are you doing here!” I asked them feeling so confused.

” I think you should be asking this imposter that question” Feathers shouted pointing at Mrs. Nuella.

” What are you saying?” Mrs. Nuella asked and came closer.

” Joy step away from her!” Feathers yelled.

” Joy? Her name is Shantel.” Mrs. Nuella said.

” Shantel…stupid name.” William said from the side of his mouth.

” Common Joy, let’s go home.” Feathers said an he dragged me by my arm back home.

The lady entered into one of the black cars and they drove away.

” Feathers let go off me!” I yelled as we approached my front porch.

” Okay I believe this is a family stuff and I have to go.” Williamson said and turned to leave. He paused and gave me a sexy wink and I smiled, then he continued walking. Feathers and I watched him till he was out of sight.

” Feathers I know you do know who that lady was so quit pretending and tell me who she is.” I yelled at him and he used his palm to cover his face.

” Joy, I don’t….I’m not the right person to tell you okay? Let’s go inside.” He said and held my hand.

” Let go off me Feathers, If that’s even your real name.” I said in his face and he grunted.

” Let’s just go in grab some stuff and head to the hospital to meet mum.”

” She’s not my mum okay?” I said and went in slamming the door on his face.

” Joy please let’s just go okay. Mum will be able to answer all your questions.”

” Let’s go….only because there’s still a lot I don’t know about my real parents. Who knows? Maybe I have a brother who wouldn’t lie to me.” I said as I picked up my purse and we went out of the house.

We took a cab to the hospital and then a nurse escorted us to my mum’s room.

” Hey mom.” Feather said as he sat on the visitors seat.

” Mum…..who’s Mrs. Nuella Ashton?” I asked my mom and she looked at me with a soul piercing stare.

” Joy, Mrs. Nuella is………

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