July 27, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 22

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????????Hidden Beauty *????
By. ????K. A. S. Admins????

Episode twenty two ????

???? Joy POV????

” Mum…..who’s Mrs. Nuella Ashton?” I asked my mom and she looked at me with a soul piercing stare.
” Joy, Mrs. Nuella is your biological mother, she said without looking at me.
” mum you must be joking, I said angrily.

” joy that’s the truth, you know I never lie to you before “she said sadly.

I know but mommy stop this if you are joking, feathers can’t you say something ” I said as tears rush down from my eyes.

“Joy am sorry and am very sad but I think mom may have to give us explanation on how it happen, but you know is not in good condition to explain, so I suggest we should get going by now, dont worry you we be fine ” feathers said with his hand on my back.

“Am sorry, mom said again.
“Don’t worry ???? I will be fine, I said with ???? tears.

Mom we should be going now ‘feathers said as he grab my hand and wave mom goodbye. ***

???? Williamson pov????
I don’t think joy we be able to take what the lady said off her are head’ I said to my self as I continue driving towards my house.

My mind is not at rest since have left her some minutes ago, and with the look on her face I don’t think she will be fine, but i must confess the lady I saw, claiming the biological mother of joy look exactly like the face I saw beneath the mask , even if not that the lady is much older than joy I would have take them for identical twins.

I snap out of my thought as I park in the front of my house.
I alight from the car, and walk into the house.

“I need to speak with joy, to know if she was fine ‘I said to my self as I enter my bed room.

I pick my phone to dial her number.

It rings but nobody pick, I redial it but this time she pick it immediately.

” hello joy, how are you and I hope you are fine”I said.
“German shepherd haven’t I told you not to call her again “feathers said angrily from the other end”
“Cool temper cos I don’t have any business with you, just help me hand the phone to the owner “I said calmly even though am extremely angry..
“You know you are full of pride but I will repeat it, I don’t want to see you near her again”he reply.
” But Mr fowl remember you cannot date your sister so is better for you to stop monitoring her life cos she loves me and there is nothing you can do to that” I said proudly

“Then let wait and see who is gonna win at last mr wolf “feathers said before hanging the call”

Am very angry for not be able to speak with joy , but I swear that feathers or fowl we pay for not allowing me to speak with her”I said to my self before laying on my bed *********************

. ???? Feathers pov????

joy please open the door ‘I said as I continue knocking.

Since we got home, joy has been crying in her room non stop, I tried to talk to her but she doesn’t answer me not to talk of opening the door.

I walk back to the living room since there is no hope that she is going to answer me.

I must say am very sad cos I don’t think joy we see me as her brother starting from today, but am okay with that I just want her to be happy *****************

Hidden Beauty. Episode 23
Hidden Beauty. Episode 21

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