June 12, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 23

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???????? HIDDEN BEAUTY ????????
By KAS ADMIN ????????

Episode 23

????Joy pov????
I had locked my self Inside the room not wanting to talk to any one even feathers him self, I can’t believe this secret was kept away from me for this long.
Why me????,I hae lived live all my life thinking Feathers is my brother now someone else claims to be my mom yet they all agreed to it.i sat down close to the same window thinking about my life when I heard a knock at the door.

“Feathers go away I don’t wanna talk”I said crying
“It’s not him, it’s me honey”Mrs Nuella Ashton said leaving me with my mouth opened,I sluggishly stood up from the airport sure table which I was sitting walked to the door then twist the knob I saw her standing there with a small bag on her arm.

“Why are you here?”I questioned her even before looking at her
“Shantel….”she called even before she could continue to state I interrupted her
“My name ain’t Shantel madam, I’m Joy!!”I said out loud
“Shantel…,Joy I’m your mom that’s one fact you can’t lie to or turn your back against Joy”she said holding my shoulder
“Ma’am I think you should live”Feathers said From the back
“Feathers this is a family affair,can you please stay out of it?”I said as feathers eyes widened immediately
“Jo….joy….did you just say that out of your mouth?”he asked finding it hard to believe
“Yes feathers,I just did.you I believed you all my life call you an hero when you saved me from the bully Williamson and the rest but same me is removing you from my life it’s not gonna be easy though but I’ll do it”I said
“Joy I think you should Calm down”I heard Feathers mom voice from the door,Mrs Nuella pathed way for me to see clearly she was on walking sticks.
“Mom,why did you leave the hospital?”Feathers asked her holding her in order to gain balance
“Mrs Nuella threatened to take Joy away”She said
“What?!!”I yelled
“Yes Shanta,we should go home”Mrs Nuella said
“Me…, accepting the fact you are my mom is okay but leaving them is impossible I spent all my childhood here even though I’m angry at them for not telling me tye truth I still can’t do this great wickedness to them”i said facing Mrs Nuella Ashton

“I have been too soft Shantel,I think you should come alone with me”she said graping my hands pulling me out of the house
“Stop,What are you doing it’s hurt”I said trying to remove my hands from her grip
“Stop right there”Feathers mom said then Used her crushes to block tye door
“Woman I think I should be going, thanks for your care I want my daughter back”Mrs Nuella said
“Daughter you said?,Mrs Nuella you are ain’t worthy of a mother”She said
“Excuse me?”Mrs Nuella said and I dragged my hands off her grip
“You heard me, you left her alone for over years now do you expect her to go with you just once…,Huh?”she said
“I don’t get you woman,Shantel is my daughter”Mrs Nuella said
“Joy point or correction”Feathers muttered
“Her name is John and not some Shantel you keep on calling her,this is insean madness.you track our address and you came here dragging her against her will”She said
“That’s the reason I’m offering you this cheque”Mrs Nuella said stretching a blank cheque note to My mom.
“We don’t trade our family for Money”she said confidently tearing the cheque into pieces.
“You guys,Stop!!!”I shouted with my hands over my head
“Are you guys being serious, playing some games over my life like I’m a toy,one is gonna call joy the other Shantel can you just listen to your self this is stupid”i said
“Nothing here is stupid Shantel, since you refuse tue cheque then I’ll give it to you how you wish”Mrs Nuella Ashton said then walked over the crushes
“I’ll be back with the police just then you’ll realize how serious I could be”she added then left in her car.

“Joy?!!”feathers mom called
“I’m not in the mood”I said then walked inside my room she was coming closer but I slammed the door on her face.

“Joy,I Know you are mad at me”
“Ouch!”she said in pain,I knew she has not fully recovered I wanted to go help her then i realized i was angry with her right then I stood at the door resting my back on it.
“You have every right to be mad at me and your brother”she said
“Mom, Please go away that is if I could still call you that”I replied crying
“You can joy,I had always taken you as my daughter I love you joy I really do”she said as her words penetrated into my heart
“When it’s Time you know why i did so”she said and I could hear the sound of her crushes I guess she was walking away

“Mom!”I said after opening my room door and hugged her through the back
“I love you joy”she said as warm Tears fell from her eyes.

Next Day????????

????Prosper pov????
I could not sleep last night,i was still thinking about joy.
How could she be so dump to go out with Williamson, I’m so much in love with her I can’t let Williamson get her,I thought then walked outside I took a cab to Williamson’s House I saw him outside like he was thinking about something cause he’s was just walking to and fro like a man lost in thought

“Hey snitch”I called him while approaching him
“And see who showed upy bubby,or may I say my girlfriend stucked”he replied getting me angry I rushed him immediately pinning him to the wall
“How dare you call me a stucker you fool,you are the only one who is a snitch and also a stucker here”I said
“No matter how hard you try prosper joy will never be yours”he said and i pushed him away
“You wanna bet?”I asked
“If you wish”he said
“Then so ne it in 5days I’ll make joy mine”I said walking away
“I think you should try a master piece this time cause you are a big stucker”he shouted out loud,I stopped but letter continue cause I had a bigger plan insert in my mind to break them up.
I brought out my phone from my pocket then found out it was a broken since I was just to fast in rushing him,I dial Selena’s number and she picked at the very last ring.

????Hello Selena
????Wow she who’s Calling,or I’m a dreaming?
???? Selena stop this,I need your help
????”You need my help?,you dished me remember you and your buddy acted I was some used toy Prosper
????”Yes yes I know but I really need you right now
????”Prosper I think I’ve failed you,I can’t help you with anything
????”Yes you can and it’s involves Williamson
???? Williamson?,tell me the plan”she said then I told her everything she needs to do
????Deal!”that was our last conversation then I hung up the phone
“Williamson, Five days just started”i said then smirked before leaving his house.

???? Selena pov????
I got dressed then place the drugs at the side of my purse before commencing to leave,i smiled at my self at the mirror
“Williamson, I’m coming back”i said then took my leave.
I got a can then got to his house.
“Selena shoot your shot”I said to my self then walked inside,I Rang the door bell and the door opened it was Williamson
“What are you doing here?”he asked on wanting to close tye door but I placed my legs inside
“Just came by to visit”I said walking inside
“I think you should leave”he said holding my arms
“Awww,I love the way you touched me do it again”I said and he released it immediately
“Selena,I don’t want any thing to do with you”he said
“But I want alot to do with you Williamson”I said then stood up romancing his chest
“Selena just go”he said and I walked to the bar,I poured wine into two glasses then I added the drugs in his own then mixed it to dissolve before giving it to him
“What are you doing?”he Asked
“Just drink up Williamson”I said stretching it to him
“I don’t wanna drink”he said
“Just drink up Williamson, Don’t be a crocodile poop????”I said knowing he hates that word
“If I should drink are you gonna leave?”he asked
“Sure will”I lied
“Okay then”he said then took the glass from my hands l then finished every liquid inside
“Now leave”he said
“Why don’t you drop the glass let’s have a talk?”I said
“Selena I don’t……”he said shouting half way
“My head is spinning”he added holding his head
“Why don’t you rest”I said helping him to he cough
“Selena please leave”he said with his eyes closing
“I know right”I said then Kissed him,I unbutton his shirt then place my phone in away it got capture of every single thing I was gonna do to Williamson today
“Bye bye to Joy”I said then smirked,I remember what prosper had told me to text joy before starting anything,i quickly rushed to where his phone was lying I texted joy
????Joy we need to talk it’s urgent ????
???? I’m on my way????
???? See you soon????

I texted her then powered the phone off.

???? Joy ????
I was anxiously waiting for Williamson to call but he texted me to come over,I dressed up wanting to leave when feathers saw me
“Where are you going?”he asked
“Going off to meet a friend”I said
“Which?”he asked
“Williamson”I muttered
“Williamson, seriously joy?”he shouted
“What?, I’ll be fine feathers”I said
“Feathers you should let her go”Mom said
“See mom even support me”I said
“I’ll be fine”I said rubbing his shoulders
“Okay”he agreed
“Bye mom!”I said running out of the house,I took a cab and entered i texted him but he didn’t reply,i tried calling but his phone was off
????Hi This is Williamson leave a message ????
That was what his phone kept on repeating
“I think his battery died”
“He just can’t do anything without joy around”I said while giving my lips a finishing touch with my lip gloss.

“Thank you sir”I said on reaching Williamson house
“Williamson here i come”I said.


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