June 18, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 24

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????????Hidden Beauty ????????

By ????K. A. S ADMIN????

????Episode 24????

????Joy POV????

“I was about pressing the door bell, when my phone suddenly ringed.

“I looked at the ID, it was feathers calling, what does him want now, I pick the call.

????Hello feathers.

Joy please come home.

????what wrong and why is your voice like that .

Joy mom has been arrested.

????What am coming. I said and hang up.

“Williamson will have to wait, mom is more important.

I stop a cab and went home… the moment the cab came to an halt, I rush out of the cab and rush into the house.

“What happening feathers and were is mom.

Mom is been arrested by the woman who claim to be your mom.

“Why will Mrs Nuella Ashton do such a thing, mom is not feeling to well….. She might collapse if she stay there for a night.

Yes joy, will have to help mom and only you can do that.

“What do you mean.

Mrs Nuella Ashton give us a condition.

Which is.

You have to live with her.

“What I can’t leave mom, not now that she needed me the most.

Joy please, if you really do love mom… As you claimed, please save her.

“I love mom but I can’t do it.

Are you still angry at her.

Feather Please stop.

I know what she did was wrong, she did it because she was desperately looking for a female child… Joy mom is not strong, she can’t spend a night in that cell, she need to take her drugs.

Okay I’ll do it.

Finally she have made a decision.

What are you doing here Mrs Nuella.

Shantel am your mother.

You’re not my mother.

I can see they have infected you with their poor stinky attitude.

Release my mom.

She is not your mother shantel.

She is my mom even if she is not my birth mother…… So please release her.

Joy please calm down.

Release my mom please.

I’ll , so go pack your stuff you’re coming with me.

Am not going with you.

Then your mom is going to stay in there for ever… Until you decided to move in with me.

Joy please accept, go with her.

What about mom, she will be heartbroken.

I’ll take care of her.

I don’t want to go… You and mom are my only family, please ma release my mom.

The ball is in your cult baby, accept my condition then your mom is free.

Okay I accept but can I stay with them for a little while.

No shantel.

Mom please.

Do you just call me mom

Yes I did.

Do you know how long, I have been dying to hear you call me mom and come back to us.

Can you release her now.

Yes I’ll, she brought out her phone and placed it on her ear.

????Release her.

Done baby, can will go.

That will be until I see my mom coming in through that door.

Okay then let wait for her.

Joy thank you. Feathers said

It nothing, am only doing it for mom.

Next hour.

Will were all sitting on the couch and patiently waiting for mom arrival…. Looking at Mrs Nuella I can see she is getting impatient already.

Mom were is she, she was about answering me when the front door opened and mom walk in looking like zombie.

I run to her and engulfed her on a hug so was feathers.

Now she is back, let go shantel.

Am not shantel but joy….. So am not going with you.

You’re not serious.

Am serious Mrs Nuella Ashton.

“What have you guys done to my daughter.

“She is not your daughter. Mom said.

Shantel let go.

Am not going anywhere with you, mom come let me take you to your room.

“I walk mom to her room, I could still hear Mrs Nuella still screaming at for me….. I was about walking out of mom room, when she say the unexpected.

“Go with her joy.


Williamson ????

“The moment I woke up , I was feeling so weak and my head was pounding me so hard.

I was about moving out of the bed, when I suddenly felt someone weight on me…. I turn to look who it was, only for me to discover it was Selena.

What is she doing here… I was still trying to remember how she ended up in my house, when the memory started flashing back to me.

Damn it, I can’t believe I slept with her.

Selena. I yelled.

What wrong baby.

What did you do to me.

What do you mean.

You drugged me right.

What are you saying.

The drink was drugged right.

Williamson are you regretting what just happened between us.

Nothing happened okay, for Christ sake I have a girlfriend.

Oh the girlfriend you just cheated on.

Selena are you working with proper to ruin my relationship with joy.

Am not working with anybody baby, can will go for another round, I want to feel you inside of me.

Selena get out of my house and let forget what ever happened today, it was a mistake.

Williamson don’t you try to play smart with me, because if you do, your stupid girlfriend will get to know about what will did.

And you think she will believe you.

Off course she will, when I show her the video of our hot sex make out.

Tell me you didn’t record that.

Off course I did Williamson and I promise you if you don’t break up with joy for the next 24 hours, then I’ll send this video to joy and made her watch it.

Please Selena don’t do this, I beg of you.

Our Williamson can beg, even if you plead for now to the next 24 hours which I gave you, it not going to save you.

“I can’t break up with her.

“I see, Williamson your time start now. I said and walk out of his house with my clothes with me.

Damn it I mess up, what am I going to do….. Joy can’t see that video, I need to find a way to delete that video.

I rush into the bathroom to take a quick bath.

Joy am sorry if you get to find out about this, please forgive me, I thought within me.

???? proper POV ????

“I was sitting in my living room slipping from the glass of red wine and watching some action movie , when a text suddenly beeped on my phone.

???? it all done.

???? what about the video. I asked.

???? come over and come get it.

???? on my way.

Williamson this is just the beginning.

Joy is mine. I said with an evil smirk on my face.


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