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Hidden Beauty. Episode 25

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 26
Hidden Beauty. Episode 24

???? Episode 25 ????
???? Joy’s POV ????
A bright smile beamed across Mrs Nuella Ashton’s face as I strode into the sitting room with my box. I could hardly believe the things happening to me.

I was leaving the home I grew up in. I would be away from the people I grew up knowing as my family.

I felt like I was dreaming. The woman I assumed to be my mother wanted me to go. And if this was truly a dream I wanna come out of it. I need someone to wake me up from this dream.

I don’t want to leave but I have no choice. I don’t belong here. My mom had told me earlier when I tried to help her into her room.

Tears pooled into my eyes as Feathers stood in front of me.

“Joy.” He embraced me tightly.

“Do I really have to go with her?” I whispered.

He didn’t respond.

“I don’t want to be away from you and mom,” I muttered

“I’ll take care of mom. And don’t worry we’ll be fine, just make sure you take care of yourself.” He said finally

I could see the tears at the corner of his eyes as he pulled away from me.

“Enough of this sad drama, let’s go Shantel,” Mrs Nuella said.

“Goodbye Joy.” Feathers turned away from me to hide his tears.
Hot tears burned down my cheeks as I took one last look around the my home before leaving finally with Mrs Ashton.

I was sad because I didn’t get to say goodbye to my mom. She had locked herself up in her room.

“Don’t worry you’ll have a good life with me,” Mrs Nuella said.

I know that I’ll definitely have a good life with her because she’s wealthy. But would her riches give me happiness?

My happiness lies in being with my family. Mom, Feathers, my best friend, Anna and…The one I love, Williams.

Talking of Williams, why hasn’t he called me since I didn’t get to see him? I had turned back at his entrance after receiving a call from Feathers that my mom had been arrested.

Perhaps is he mad at me for not showing up? Oh no.no..no William please forgive me.

I sniffed and searched for my cellphone in my bag as the car glided into motion.

My phone beeped almost immediately I took it out of my bag. A call from Prosper. Why is he calling me? I pressed on the red button on my screen.

“Why don’t you pick up?” She asked after my phone didn’t stop ringing.

“I don’t want to talk to him,” I answered.

“Your boyfriend?” She asked.

I looked up at her when she said that. Heaven forbid that Prosper should be my boyfriend!

“Tell me is Prosper your boyfriend?” She asked again.

“No!” My answer was sharp and immediate.

She was taken aback by my response. “Okay.. But am I permitted to know if you have one?”

A smile formed on my lips as I thought of Williams. “I’m in love with someone,” I replied.

“Oh? Really?!” She clapped her hands excitedly.

I was surprised by her childish attitude. I haven’t seen this side of her. I only know a Classy and Bossy Mrs Nuella Ashton.

“Who is he? What’s his name? Is he handsome? Is he tall?”

I rolled my eyes at her questions. “Which question should I answer first?”

“Oh! Sorry..Sorry..just tell me about him.”

“It’s a long story.” I scratched the bridge of my nose.

“Come on, make it brief.” She nudged my side.

I sighed and told her about Williams. How he used ro bully me and how he ended up falling for me again.

She frowned her face when I ended the story. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“This Williams, are you sure he loves you or he just love the face he saw behind the mask?” She asked.

I thought about her question.

“My dear, I see no reason why Williams is in love with you after everything he did to you,” she said as she held my hands.

“I know he apologized but -” I interrupted her.

“Are you saying Williams doesn’t love me? That he just fell for the face he saw behind my mask?”

She nodded Yes. “Why the sudden change after seeing your beautiful face?”

“He felt bad for treating me like a trash.” I responded.

“You think so? Or maybe -” she paused to study my expression.

“What?” I asked.

“Let’s just say Williams has a penchant for beautiful ladies,” she said.

I laughed out loud. She was right. William can’t stand ugly ladies. He likes beautiful ladies.

“Shantel do you intend to keep wearing this facial mask for a lifetime?” She asked after a long moment of silence.

I heaved a sigh with my eyes closed. “I don’t think so.”

“I want you to live like every normal girl.” She flicked my hair behind my ear.

I don’t want to continue wearing a facial mask. I want to live a normal life. I want to be like e ery other beautiful girls out there. They all live their lives without a mask.

“I don’t want you to go around with a facial mask.”

I nodded in agreement before resting my head on her chest.

“I want the world to see your beautiful face,” she said.

“Okay,I’ll take it off soon,” I answered

“And I want you to be Shantel Ashton and be my Joy too.” She kissed my hair.

I looked up at her when she said that. “Can we discuss that later?” I yawned loudly.

“Sure my dear.” I rested my head on her chest again.

???? William’s POV ????
I pulled up in front of Joy’s home. I needed to tell her what I did with Selena before she finds out from Prosper or even Selena.

I know Prosper set Selena against me. And I still can’t believe he could go to such extent just because he wants Joy too.

I’m such a fool to have accepted a drink from Selena in my own house! That sly drugged me and made a sex video that would ruin my relationship with Joy.

I would never be able to make it up to Joy if the video gets to her.

My heartbeat rapidly as I pressed the doorbell. Feathers opened up on the third ring.

“Hi Feathers,” I managed to say.

“What do you want?” He said with a deep frown on his face.

“I’m here to see Joy,” I answered.

“She’s not at home, so leave Williams.” Feathers hissed and slammed the door on my face.

I was boggled. What’s going on? I went back to my car and glanced up at Joy’s window and it was locked. I dialed her number but it wasn’t going through.

If she’s not here, then maybe she’s with Anna. I entered my car to text Anna on WhatsApp. And luckily she was online.

“Hi Anna,✋” I texted.

“Hello Williams ☺,” she replied.

“Is Joy at your home?” I asked.

“No she’s not. Wait up, where are you?”

“Outside Joy’s home,” I responded.

“Didn’t Feathers or Joy tell you about it? ☹”

“Tell me what? ????”

“Joy no longer lives at Feathers home ???? she moved to her biological mother’s home ????” Anna informed me.

My eyes widened in shock when I saw the message.

“???? Are you serious Anna?”

“Yes ????????????”

“Do you know the place?????”

“No I don’t…????”

“Feathers didn’t tell you?????”

“Feathers doesn’t know too. And I have this feeling that she’s far away. ???? And she’s not picking her calls ☹”

“Thank you Anna. ???? I’ll try to see if I can reach her ????”

“Text me if you find anything.”

“Sure.” Then Anna went offline.

Damn it! I can’t believe this is happening now! Joy moved away without calling me!

I furrowed my eyebrows when I checked our last chat.

“When did we make this conversation?” I asked myself when I read the messages.

I didn’t ask Joy to come over to my place. But she replied the text i don’t remember sending to her. Did I? I thought deeply.

Shit! Shit! I muttered when realization hit me. Selena!

Selena must have sent her a text! No doubt, she wanted Joy to come over to my house so she would see us together.

Perhaps did Joy show up my place? Did she saw me with Selena and left in annoyance? What have you done William?!

I rested my head on the wheels as series of question flooded my mind.

I thought about the possibility of Joy finding out from either Prosper or Selena. Every images that formed in my mind wasn’t good. Joy would be so disappointed. I’ve caused her too much pains right from the bullying days and this video would break her heart completely. I really need to find Joy!

A knock on the Car glass jolted me out of thought. I raised my head only to see Prosper grinning at me.

“I can tell you’re here to make up with Joy for what you did with Selena,” he said.

I closed my eyes. “What do you want Prosper?”

“You enjoyed every bit of it right?” He said, mockery in his tone.

Fury crashed over me but fought the urge to get out of the car and punch his horrible face.

“Who is the boss now Willy?” He chuckled deviously.

“Why did you set me up?”

“I want you to stay away from Joy. You and I know that you don’t deserve someone like Joy.” He laughed.

“Now what did you stand to gain for what you did to me?”

“A lot Williamson.” The words rolled off his tongue. “It proves that I’m smarter than you are. You won’t be the mighty Williams at school anymore because I’m sure Selena is telling the girls on the group chat that she slept with you. And lastly, you won’t be with Joy anymore.”

“Out of everything you’ve just stated, I’m only concerned about Joy.”

“Come on stop acting like a good guy.” He laughed.

“Say whatever you want Prosper.” I made an attempt to start my car.

“I’m sure Joy won’t want to see your face anymore once she watches the Sex video.” He raised his phone up in the air. “I forwarded it to her few minutes ago.” He said with a sly grin on his face.

My eye widened in shock. This scumbag succeeded in his devious plans.

“Selena will send the video to Joy on my orders. This is what you get for betraying me. Good bye Williams.” He walked away.

I’ll teach this fool a great lesson! I got out of my car quickly and charged towards Prosper.

“I’ll never lose to you bastard!” I punched him when he turned to face me.

Prosper staggered and wiped his bursted lips. “You lost Willy! So just give up!” He spat.

I went to him again but he dodged me and hit my side. I groaned in pains as I lost my balance.

“So weak Williams!” He hissed and kicked my belly with his heavy boot. And I hit the ground and it bruised my face.

“I’m prepared for this fight and I intend to win!” He chuckled wickedly. I tried to stand up but he kicked me again. He lunched several kicks on my body.

“Stand up and defend yourself mighty Williams.” He mocked.

“You’ll pay for this prosper!” I gritted with blood dripping from my mouth.

“That won’t happen Williamson!” He said with a serious face.

One more kick at my side and I knew I had at least broken a rib. Then he walked away finally, leaving me to bears the pains on my body.

???? Joy’s POV ????
A continuous beeping sound jolted me up from my sleep. I rubbed my eyes to clear my blurred vision.

I sat up quickly when my eyes scanned the room. I was on a king sized bed, In a room with pink walls. Definitely not the home I grew up knowing.

I closed my eyes to remember something and I recalled that I had slept off in the car. So I guess one of the guards carried me into this place.

Why didn’t I wake up before now?! I grumbled and fell back on the bed.

Another ring and I looked sideways. My phone was on the bed side drawer. A message displayed on the screen when I reached for it.

I frowned when I saw the sender. A message from Prosper.

“I sent you a video that’ll interest you. Go and check your WhatsApp message. And I’m glad to inform you that the one you love is a cheat and a liar.????‍”

A cheat? What does that mean?

I saw loads of messages from Anna, Feathers and Williams. I clicked on Williams messages.

“Where are you? ????” He sent it hours ago.

“We need to talk.”

“Anna told me you’ve moved to your mom’s place ????”

“Please call me, we really need to talk.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry ????”

“Please don’t believe anything you see.”

“Let’s meet up and talk things out.” He sent this one thirty minutes ago.
“Please forgive me Joy????just tell me where you are and I’ll come over.” He sent this message twenty minutes ago.

Why is Williams apologizing and asking for my forgiveness. What’s going on? Perhaps is it related to what Prosper sent to me?

Prosper said the man I love is a cheat and a liar and Williams is the man. Without wasting time, I opened my WhatsApp and clicked on Prosper’s message. He had shared me a Video.

My heartbeat accelerated as I waited for the video to load.

Seconds clicked by and my phone beeped as soon as the video almost started. It was a call from Williams and I picked immediately.

“Joy? Joy? Can you hear me?” He rushed out his words.

“Hey calm down I can hear you,” I replied.

“Where are you? We need to talk.”

“What’s going on Williams?” I arched my eyebrows. Silence.

“Prosper sent me a video and he said some things I don’t want to believe.” I added. Silence.

“Williams?” I called at him.

“Let’s meet up Joy and I’ll tell you everything,” He said.

“I don’t know where am I Williams. And I don’t think I can meet up now,” I answered.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“Sorry about what?” I became anxious to know why he was suddenly apologizing to me. “Tell me what’s Wrong?”

“Joy don’t watch that video and please don’t believe anything Prosper say to you.” He blurted out.

“Why Will -” the line dropped. What just happened? I redialed his number but it was switched off.

A message displayed on screen. This time it was from Selena.

“Hi Joy ???? did Williams tell you about what happened between us? ???? I’m sure he won’t ????‍♀ but If you wanna know the truth go and watch the video I sent to you. Thank me later crocodile poo.”

What’s with the Video? Suddenly I became scared of what might be in the video? And what’s Williams hiding from me?

I wanted to know. So I went back to my WhatsApp to check the video. I was stunned at what I saw at the beginning of it.

My jaw dropped completely when I saw Selena on top of Williams. I pressed the exit button immediately.
No..no..no..I chanted at tears pooled in my eyes.

Another message came in from Selena, she sent me pictures of she and Williams laying in bed. She rested her head on his naked chest.

Prosper sent me a message too. “I wanted to warn you about Williams. All this while he put up the facade of a good guy. He doesn’t love you. He just fell for the face he saw behind the mask. Deep down in his heart he loves Selena. Forgive me for not telling you before now.”

I threw my phone across the room. And an ugly sob escaped my mouth. I was heartbroken.

My bedroom door bursted open. “Are you okay Shantel?” My mom asked as she rushed to my bed.

No I don’t want to believe all these but the Video says it all. All this while, I had been in love with a cheat and a liar? I should have listened to Feathers? No! No! I should have figured it out myself that he wasn’t in love with me.

Williams needs to explain to me why he made such decison to treat me like this!

“Why are you crying?” She asked.

“I need a car to drive me back to town,” I said.

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t ask me silly questions! I need to see someone! That’s all!” I snapped at her.

“Okay..okay.. I’ll go talk to the driver.” She moved out of the room.

I slipped on my sandals and ran out of my room.


I rushed up the stairs to Williams porch and banged on the door.

“Open up Williams!” I hit the door and impatiently waited for a response.

Anger crashed over me when Selena opened the door.

“Oh! Joy you’re here” she smiled.

Tears streamed in my eyes as realization hit me. It was true.

“No..no..Noo..no..” I shook my head slowly as I started backward.

“You watched the video right?” She twirled her hair. “Sorry, stop crying Joy.” She laughed.

I remembered the day he apologized for bullying me, the day he kissed me, our first date and when he said those words to me ‘I love you’. Memories flooded my mind.

Williams appeared at the entrance. “Joy?” he looked shocked to see me.

He played me again! He lied to me! When I thought he was changed person. He was just pretending!

I turned away and left at a close run.

“Joy! Joy! Wait up Joy!” I heard his voice behind me. But I didn’t stop.

“Joy! It was set up!” He screamed.

Setup? I stopped on track and turned to look at him. Liar! I’m not going to let him treat me like a trash again. And I’m not weak! I can’t keep running forever. I’ll let him know how badly he had hurt me just by finding out that he was in love with Selena. And then I’ll let him go finally.

I wiped my tears and waited for him to get to me.

“Joy please..Listen to me,” he breathed out heavily.

I was taken aback by his appearance. He had bruises all over his face. And he held on to his side. None of those bruises was on his face the the time we met.

“What do have to say?” I said with a serious face.

“You..you watched..the video right?” He stuttered. I nodded Yes.

“You have every right to be annoyed. But believe me it wasn’t intentional,” he said.

“It wasn’t Intentional?” I scoffed.

Williams nodded Yes. “I swear Selena -”

“Shut the fuck up Williams! You’re liar!” I shouted.

“Joy -”

“I don’t want to listen to you!” I sobbed.

“Please Joy just -”

I slammed my fists on his chest before he could finish his statement. “You played me for a fool Williams!”

Williams flinched in pains as he tried to balance himself.

“I was a fool to have fallen in love with you! I shouldn’t have…” My voice broke.

“I’m sorry Joy.. I’m really sorry.” He gave me an apologetic look.

I wiped my tears. “Finding out that you’re in love with Selena broke my heart completely.” I bit my lips to hold back my tears that threatened to spill again.

“No..no.. No..I don’t love Selena,” he said shakily.

“Then why did you -” I paused. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I recalled those pictures Selena sent to me. And I let them flow freely.

“Believe me it was set up. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” He tried to touch me but I avoided him.

I wondered why he was holding his side.

“Joy please believe me.” His eyes held a pleading look.

I looked away. “I want to believe you but..I can’t.” I muttered.

“Joy -” he leaned forward but I stepped back.

“Tell me is it also a set up that she’s in your house right now?” I asked.

“I..I… I.. ” he stuttered.

“Just accept it Williams. Tell me you love her and -”

“No I don’t love Selena. Joy Just give another chance.”

“I shook my head. “No, I’m done giving you chances into my life.”

I forgave him when he bullied me, I overlooked everything and even went on a date with him. And stupid me fell in love with him over and over again.

“Please don’t do this to me,” he said.

“I don’t want to ever see you again.” I blurted out with a more serious look.

I watched a tear drop down his cheek after I said those words. I felt like taking them back but I won’t do that because I know he’s acting again.

My car pulled up beside me. “Have a good life with Selena.” I walked to the other side of the car and entered it.

I’m done with him! I won’t let Williams or any man play me again.

As from today, I’ll be a different person. I’ll walk around without a mask. I’ll be like a normal girl. And I’ll live the life my mom wants me to live.

I’ll be Shantel Ashton.


Hidden Beauty. Episode 26
Hidden Beauty. Episode 24

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