August 2, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 41 and 42

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O.N.S. Episode 42b and 43
O.N.S Episode 39 and 40

One night stand, Episode 41.. 3 days later, Justin and Tamara are talking.. Tamara: When you two were dating,i never liked Selena.. Justin:I don’t know how to get rid of her.. Tamara:Start by ignoring her,you are the one who gives her attention.. Justin:Okay.. The next day,at school, Justin and Ryan were talking when Selena arrives… Selena:Babe… Justin ignores her.. Selena: Justin,am talking to you..she keeps talking but Justin totally ignores her.. Justin:Ryan,i gotta go meet my babe.. Ryan: Okay.. Justin tries to walk away, Selena holds his hands, Selena: Justin,why aren’t you talking to me? Justin removes his hands and walks away.30 mins later, Selena walks into the class and sees Justin and Jenny kissing, they stop when they see her.. Selena: Justin,we need to talk.. Justin: Babe? Jenny:yes,baby.. Justin: You wanna go shopping after school? Jenny:Of course..hey, Selena,stop drooling over my boyfriend, I know he’s handsome but he is already mine.. Justin and Jenny laugh at Selena, Selena walks away in tears..3 days later, Justin p.o.v: Ignoring Selena was the best thing, now,she has left me alone,now I and Jenny don’t fight anymore.. Justin took jenny to a resort and they were having so much fun… Jenny p.o.v: Justin is the best,we have gotten Selena out of our way,now we don’t fight so much.. Justin and Jenny are laying beside the pool, talking and laughing..later They went to their rooms but they see pictures of Selena and Justin kissing, hugging.. Jenny: What’s all this?..t.b.c
I want to apologise for the delay..i am preparing for my exams so i sometimes don’t have time.. Authoress is sorry ????????

One night stand, Episode 42.. Jenny: Justin, what’s all this?Are this pictures real?,yeah, they are real but that was when i and Selena were dating, this pictures are from long time along.. Jenny:So what’s it doing here?Is Selena here? Did you tell her about the trip? Justin:no,i didn’t.. Jenny: What’s wrong with that bitch? can’t she leave us alone? Justin:I have no idea.. let’s just take all this off the wall.. They removed all the pictures and disposed of it, then they decided to go watch a movie.30 mins later, Jenny: Justin, how do i look? Justin: Beautiful as always..u ready? Jenny:Yeah..they head out holding hands and laughing…they arrive at the movies,15 mins later, Justin and Jenny are cuddling up still watching the movie when a video pops up,the video shoes Selena and Justin hugging each other so tight and also kissing, Jenny and Justin are surprised.. Jenny: Where’s that bitch called Selena,i will rip her head off.. Selena arrives.. Selena:Am right here.. Justin:What do you want? Selena:You,i want you, Justin.. Jenny:He’s mine , already,you witch.. Selena:He was mine first.. Justin,am your first love,we loved each other, you are just confused.. Jenny: Justin, don’t listen to her.. Selena: Justin, remember those times that we used to go out on picnics and movies,you liked it when i called you Jay… Jenny: Justin, let’s leave this witch.. Jenny drags Justin hands but he removes.. Jenny: Justin? Justin:Am sorry.. Jenny: Sorry?.. Justin:I want to be alone… Jenny: Alone for what? Justin:To think.. Jenny: About what?You love me and that’s all, Justin,you can’t love Selena, she’s.. Justin: Leave me alone!!! Jenny:So it has come down to this,you yelled at me.. Justin:Am so… Jenny:You have chosen who you love,am leaving.. Jenny walks away, Justin punches the wall, then leaves Selena alone..30 mins later, Jenny p.o.v: Justin has never yelled and he yelled for the first time because of that slut, Maybe Justin never loved me

O.N.S. Episode 42b and 43
O.N.S Episode 39 and 40

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