July 30, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 42b and 43

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One night stand, Episode 42.. Jenny went back home from the trip alone,she and Justin didn’t talk to each other..Liam:Dude,how was your trip? Jenny:Bad.. Joan: What happened, hunnie? Jenny: Selena showed up and she ruined everything .. Liam:You and Justin fought? Jenny:He said he needs time but i think je loves Selena and not me.. Joan: That’s silly, Jenny.. Justin loves you,if he doesn’t love you,why did he spend 2 and a half years with you.. Jenny: I don’t know,am going to my room… Meanwhile, Justin’s house.. Tamara:What do you mean by you need to think? Justin:I..i just need space.. Tamara: Don’t tell me, you still love Selena.. Justin:i..i Don’t know anymore, Selena was my first love and she meant Everything to me,i loved her.. Tamara:Key word ‘loved’, you loved her,now you love Jenny.. Pattie arrives.. Pattie: Tamara, don’t force things.. Tamara:But mom, you and i know that Justin loves Jenny,we have seen them grow.. Pattie: Justin,tgis is a matter of your heart..who do you really love?Do what your heart tells you..2 days later,At school, Justin and Jenny still haven’t talked to each other.. Ryan: Okay, this is silly,you have to go talk to her, she’s your girlfriend.. Justin:i know, I just..??: Justin? Justin:um.. hey, Jenny..Ryan:i will leave you two alone.. Ryan walks away.. Justin:Hey.. Jenny:It seems you are confused and i understand how you feel..i mean Selena was your first love and am just the girl you recently fell in love with.. Justin: Jenny, don’t say that,you are also special.. Jenny:i can’t stay like this knowing that i might not have you..i want to make it simple,i want you to chose between i and Selena,i can’t live everyday like this, Justin you need to make a decision.. this Friday,i will wait at my house at night,if you come to my house, then i know you have choosen me but if not, then i will know that we were never meant for each other but Justin,i want you to know is that i really really love you alot, The decision is yours…

One night stand, Episode 43.. Wendy: Jenny,i think that was the right thing to do, Justin has to make a decision..you or Selena.. Jenny:Yeah,am just scared that he won’t choose me.. Wendy: Let’s just wait till Friday…At Justin’s house.. Tamara: Justin, Jenny is right,you need to make a decision,you can’t keep Jenny in the dark..am here for you,no matter the decision you make.. Justin: Thanks.Meanwhile, Jenny was talking to her mom.. Jenny:Mom,am scared.. Joan: it’s normal, just wait till Friday..days went by and Friday finally came, Jenny was so scared and anxious.The night of Friday came and Jenny stood by her window waiting for Justin.. Liam: Jenny, come and sit for a while,you have been standing for a long time.. Jenny:am waiting for Justin,he would come any minute from now,so I have to wait.Meanwhile, Pattie: Justin,are you okay with this decision? Justin:yes,mom..i love her,i never stopped loving her..3 hours later, Jenny was still waiting at the window.Justin drove into an apartment,he comes down and knocks, the door opens.. Justin:Hey..??: Justin?.. Justin: Selena,can we talk?let me take you somewhere.. Selena:okay,let me go get ready.Jenny was already crying when Joan entered her room.. Jenny:He choose Selena,he loves Selena,he always did.. Joan:Am so sorry, hunnie.. Jenny cried herself to sleep.The next day,At Jenny house.. Liam:How is she?Joan: Heartbroken,i don’t like to see Jenny like this,she really loved Justin.. Liam:I know,i will go talk to him, the door bell rings, Joan opens the door..??: Good morning,ma’am.. Joan:What do you want, Justin.. Justin:i want to talk to jenny.. Joan:After what you did? Justin:Aunt, it’s not what you think, let me just speak to her.. Liam:Mom,let him just speak to her.. Joan: okay, come in.. Justin enters Jenny room to see her crying on the bed.. Justin: Jenny?.. Jenny looks up and sees Justin,she starts to laugh.. Jenny:You are here to mock me..go ahead, Justin: Jenny, it’s not what you think, this is what happened?

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