August 1, 2021

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O.N.S Episode 44 and 45

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One night stand, Episode 44.(Flashback) Justin:You remember this garden? Selena:Like it was yesterday,we used to come here to Just be alone.. Justin: Yeah, we made amazing memories.. they sit down.. Selena:But why did you bring me here? Justin:To talk about us.. Selena: Okay.. Justin:We loved each other so much,i mean you were the first girl I ever fell in love with.. Selena:i know.. Justin:But you left and we separated.. Selena: Justin,i waited for you.. Justin:I waited and i tried to force myself not to fall in love again but Jenny came along and honestly Jenny is the love of my life, she’s the best thing that has ever happened to me,i can’t stop loving her,am sorry if i betrayed you.. Selena:I don’t know how it’s possible for you to stop loving me.. Justin:I know you feel hurt but i want to be with Jenny for the rest of my life.. Selena:i can see she also loves you.. Justin: Selena,you will find someone who will love you wholeheartedly,am not that person.. Selena:I know and I’m sorry i tried to separate you and Jenny.. Justin: it’s okay.. Selena: She’s a good person.. Justin:Yes, she is.. Selena:If i were you,i wouldn’t make her angry,that girl knows how to fight..they laugh.. Justin:i will live with that.. let me take you home.. Selena: yeah..(FLASH BACK ENDED) (PRESENT TIME).. Justin:That is what really happened.. Jenny: Really? Justin: Yeah, that’s why i couldn’t come here last night,i love you Jenny so fucking much.. Jenny hugs him.. Jenny: Justin,i love you too..they hug each other for a while.. Justin:Am not going to leave you not now, not ever.. Jenny:Me too.. Jenny punches his stomach.. Justin: ouch,What was that for? Jenny: That’s for making me cry last night.. Jenny hugs him.. Jenny:I love you.. Justin:i have one crazy girlfriend.. Justin and Jenny’s love grew even stronger each passing day,their bond was unbreakable, they loved each other so much.
Six months later, Jenny is looking at the walls in school when Justin arrives..

One night stand, Episode 45.. Justin:What are you looking at , babe? Jenny: it’s nothing,am just going to miss this place,we are graduating in a month’s time.. Justin:Yeah, I know.. Jenny: Can’t believe we are going to different colleges.. Justin:Yeah,i wish we could change it.. Jenny: But it’s okay,just promise me that you and I are never ending.. Justin:We are never ending,babe,i love you..they hug..2 weeks later,it was Justin and Jenny 3 years anniversary and Justin was going to give a big surprise.. Wendy:Has Justin talked about it yet? Jenny: Nope,i have tried to hint at it but he doesn’t get it.. Wendy:Weird.3 days later, Justin blindfolded Jenny and drives her in his car.. Jenny: Justin,where are we going? Justin: Babe,chill, it’s a surprise..30 mins later, they arrive at an airport.. Jenny: Justin,where are we here? Justin: this is my surprise.. Jenny:what? Justin:Babe,we are here because we have a flight to catch…. Jenny: Flight?i don’t understand.. Justin: Babe,we are going to spend our 3 years anniversary in Paris.. Jenny:Paris?!!!OMG, Justin..she jumps on him.. Justin:You like it? Jenny:i don’t like it,i love it but I love you more.. but wait, i haven’t packed my bags yet.. Justin: Don’t worry about that, everything you would ever need is waiting for you in Paris.. Jenny:Gosh, Justin,am so lucky to have you.. Justin:No,am so lucky to have, let’s go or we will miss our flight.. Jenny:Paris,here we come!!!.. The plane landed in Paris in the early hours, Justin already bought a mini house with a beautiful view of the beach for yhem, Jenny’s clothes and everything she would need was there.. Jenny: Wait, I Know you know the size of my clothes and shoes but how do you know the size of my bra and underwear? Justin:i have my ways.. Jenny: Which is? Justin:i sneaked into your room and watch you dress up.. Jenny:You what? Justin:i was kidding.. Justin laughs.. Jenny:you asked Wendy.. Justin: yes and honestly your br@ size is really big.. Justin laughs..

O.N.S. Episode 46 and 47
O.N.S. Episode 42b and 43

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