August 2, 2021

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O.N.S. Episode 46 and 47

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One night stand, Episode 46.
Jenny:you are such a pervert (she throws a pillow at him, Justin laughs)
Justin:Am a handsome pervert
Jenny:you wish,come on, let’s go explore Paris
Justin:i will take you to the most beautiful place in paris
Jenny: Let’s go.
Justin and Jenny are went to so many places,they went to the mall,the amusement park, the museum.
Jenny: Justin,am hungry.
Justin: okay, let’s go to a restaurant
They enter a fancy restaurant and they get a sit
Justin:let me go get our food
Justin leaves, Jenny is looking around when a guy walks up to her
??: Good morning, beautiful lady
Jenny:um.. good morning
??:You are not from around here
??:Me too,am Harry
Jenny:Am Jenny
Harry: Beautiful name for a beautiful lady,can i join you?
Jenny: Baby, this is Harry, Harry,this is my boyfriend, Justin.
Justin:Hey,can u leave us?we are about to eat
Harry:okay,bye(Harry walks away)
Jenny: Justin,you didn’t have to be rude to him
Justin:Why wouldn’t i?he was flirting with my girlfriend,he was lusting over your body.
Jenny:I love it when you get so protective of me.(they start to eat)
They came back home late at night to the house.
Justin:You go take a shower first,i will wait for you
Jenny: Okay.
Jenny enters the bathroom,30 mins later,she comes out with her hair all wet,she was wearing a short nightie, Justin keeps staring at her
Jenny: Justin,my eyes are up here.
Justin:oh, sorry..i will go take a shower.
30 mins later, Justin comes out and lay on the bed beside Jenny
Jenny:Good night kiss?
Justin:You know i can’t say no.
They kiss each other,the kiss started getting intense, Justin pulls away
Justin:Am sorry i took it too far,i..
Jenny: Don’t apologise, Justin you always pull away when it gets intense
Justin:I know you are not ready
Jenny:Well,i am now
Justin:No,you are not
Jenny:Yes,i am.. Justin,you want this, the way i do
Justin:i don’t want you to regret anything.
Jenny:i won’t
Jenny moves closer to him and touches his cheek
Jenny:Make love to me, Justin
She kisses him, Justin kisses back,then he turns her making him on top,he trails kisses from my neck to her cleavage,she moans out, Justin rips her nightie off.All through the night,the moans of pleasure filled the room.
The next day, Jenny wakes up and doesn’t see Justin by her side,she sits properly,covering herself with the duvet, Justin enters the room with a tray of food in his hands.
Justin: Morning,angel
Jenny: Morning
Justin:How was your night?
Jenny: Amazing,urs?
Justin:The most beautiful night of my life.. do you feel any pain?
Jenny:i feel a little pain in between my legs but I will be fine
Justin:Am sorry about that
Jenny: Don’t apologise,i enjoyed last night
Justin:You are glowing
Jenny:(blushes) thanks
Justin: Eat,so that we can bath together
Jenny:Bath together?
They laugh as Justin feeds her.

Ome night stand, Episode 47
Justin and Jenny were still in Paris,having the time of their life.They are laying on the grass and staring at the Eiffel tower
Jenny: It’s beautiful
Justin:Yeah, but as you.
Jenny:(giggles) thanks
Justin:I will bring you here anytime you want me to
Jenny: I only want to be with you.
She kisses him, the kiss starts to get intense, Justin pulls away
Justin: people are staring
Jenny:oh, yeah..then let’s take it to the room.
Justin:oh, someone is becoming naughty.
Jenny: let’s go.
Jenny drags Justin to their room, immediately they get in, Jenny starts to kiss Justin,he kisses back and they fall on the bed, already taking each other clothes off, suddenly Justin phone rings
Jenny:just answer it
Justin picks the call
Pattie:Hi, are you and Jenny?
Justin:we are fine
Pattie:is she there?can i talk to her?
Justin: Jenny is not here, she’s in the bathroom
Pattie:okay,i really..
Justin:Mom,can i call you back?am really busy like really busy.
Justin hangs up
Justin:so where were we?
They continue to kiss,then Justin phone rings again,he takes it and throws across the room making it smash to the ground
Jenny: Justin?!
Justin:shhh, don’t talk
The next day, Justin and Jenny wake up at the same time
Justin: Morning,angel
Jenny: Morning
Justin:i enjoyed my night
Jenny:me too
Justin gets up,wears his trousers and goes to where his phone is and picks it up
Justin: can’t believe i smashed my phone last night
Jenny:You were so turned on last night
Justin: it’s your fault
They laugh
Justin:i will buy another one but now let’s go and take a shower together.
Justin carries Jenny bridal style and they enter the bathroom.
The next day, Justin and Jenny were back in new york.
Wendy:Woah, Jenny,you look different
Jenny: different how?
Wendy:Well, your skin is glowing and you look more beautiful,tell me,what did you two do in Paris?
Wendy:You two finally did it!
Jenny:it was amazing,wendy,so amazing
Ryan:Dude,you have been smiling like an idiot all day
Justin:Love is so beautiful, you know?
Justin:Fall in Love,Ryan, it’s amazing
Jenny’s house, Jenny is smiling to herself and humming a few songs, Liam arrives and sees her
Liam:Seeing you this happy is amazing
Jenny: Justin makes me happy
Liam:I see that and am happy for you(they hug)
A month later, Justin and Jenny with their friends graduater from high school,that day was filled with so much happiness and love.
Jenny’s house, Justin and Jenny were cuddling up in her balcony
Justin:How many kids do you wanna have?
Jenny:Um..4..3boys and 1 girl
Justin:why are boys more than girls?
Jenny: I just love it
Justin:well,i want to have 4 girls
Jenny:4 girls?!!why?!
Justin:if we have a boy,then you will love them more than me and i don’t want that
Jenny:You are being silly,i love you forever,even when your abs start to sag and when you have wrinkles on your love for is forever.
Justin: I love you sooo much..we can go inside and start making babies
Justin laughs as Jenny hits his arm

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