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O.N.S. Episode 48 and 49

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One night stand stand, Episode 48
Justin and Jenny have been the happiest couple ever since, they were soo inseparable.
A month later, Justin p.o.v
Jenny is the best thing that could happen to me, she’s so caring and soo beautiful,i thank God everyday that she came into my life.
Justin parks infront of Jenny’s house,he is holding a big teddy bear,he knocks but no onr answers so he enters,he goes over to Jenny’s room and opens the door and gets the biggest shock of his life….. Jenny was kissing another guy.Justin throws the teddy bear away and punches the guy.
Jenny: Justin,stop hitting him
Justin:He was forcing himself on you
Jenny:He wasn’t forcing himself on me
Justin:What do you mean by that?
Jenny:i mean i also kissed him back.
Jenny: Justin,i didn’t know how to tell you this but i can’t continue this relationship,am tired
Justin:What?..what are you saying?
Jenny:You are always around,you don’t give me breathing space,i can’t deal with that
Justin:Then i will change,just please don’t end our relationship , please
Jenny:Am sorry,i have made my decision
Justin kneels down in front of her
Justin:Babe, please, don’t do this to me,i love yoy soo much,i will die without you
Jenny:Get out, Justin,leave.. right now
Jenny pushes him outside and locks the door.justin goes back home depressed and sad
Tamara: What’s wrong bro?
Justin: it’s Jenny
Tamara:is she alright?
Justin:She broke up with me
Justin:i saw her kissing another guy and when she saw me,she didn’t even react
Tamara:But..but you two already had plans to stay together forever
Justin:i guess she didn’t believe in it
Tamara: you can’t give up, fight for her.
The next day, Jenny’s house
Wendy:You have to tell him the truth
Jenny:i can’t,am scared
Wendy:so you like it this way?
Jenny: I don’t want to lose him.
Later that day, Jenny is her room dressing up when Justin sneaks into her room through the window
Jenny: Justin,what are you doing here? can’t you see that am dressing up?
Justin:But you always dress up in front of me
Jenny:That was before..not now
Justin:babe, tell me the truth,why are you ending this?
Jenny:i already told you why
Justin:you are lying, don’t forget we have been together for 4 years so i know you more than you know yourself
Jenny: Justin,get out of here right this minute
Justin:Am not giving up on you
Justin leaves through the window.For many weeks, Justin continued to pester Jenny, showing up at her house every day, sending her flowers.3 weeks later,
Liam:Dude,are you okay?
Liam:you don’t look as happy as you used to be and i hear you cry at night
Jenny:Am fine, I only cry at night because i watch romantic flims at night.
Liam:Since when did you like watching romantic movies?
Jenny: Recently..i have to go,bye(Jenny walks away)
Jenny goes to the park to relax when someone sits beside her
Jenny: Justin,why can’t you leave me alone?
Justin: Because i love you
Jenny: leave me alone,we already broke up
Justin:Look me in the eye and tell me that all those wonderful time we had together meant nothing to you and you don’t love me again and i swear i will leave and never come back.
Jenny: Justin.. I don’t love you again, leave me alone.
Justin walks away, Jenny slumps on the chair and cries her eyes out.2 days later, Tamara goes to jenny house.
Jenny: Tamara,what are you..(Tamara slaps her hard)
Tamara:You betrayer,you broke my brother’s heart
Jenny:(crying) Tammy,i swear i can explain
Tamara:Shut up,listen to me, you will never someone that loves you like my brother did
Tamara walks away, Jenny slides down the door and cries.A week later,at Justin’s house
Tamara: Justin, someone is here to see you
Justin:i don’t want to see anybody
??: Justin, it’s urgent
Wendy: Justin,you need to hear this
Justin: What’s wrong?
Wendy: it’s about Jenny
Justin:Wen,i don’t want to..
Wendy: Jenny loves,she loves you so much
Tamara:Then why did she break up with him?
Wendy: Jenny told me not to tell anyone but i can’t help it
Justin: what is it?
Wendy: Justin, Jenny was threatened
Tamara: Threatened by who?
Wendy: Stephen..
Justin: Stephen?!!
Wendy:yes,he is back and he threatened to kill you if Jenny doesn’t break up with you
Justin, Tamara: What?!!

One night stand, Episode 48
Wendy: Justin,you need to go and see her,she has been crying and i don’t like to see her like that.
Tamara: Justin, she’s right,i also owe her an apology
Justin:Am going
Justin rushes out.Meanwhile, Jenny is in her room crying.
Jenny was on her way to see Justin when a black van comes to her front and group of boys in black kidnaps her.They drive to a deserted area, they bring Jenny down
Jenny:You animals, what do you want from me?i swear my boyfriend will kill you if he finds out
A guy in a mask comes.
Jenny:Who are you? Show yourself
The guy removes his mask
??:You miss me?
Jenny: Stephen!!,what..how…you
Stephen:Shut up,you bitch
Jenny: Don’t tell me to shut up,you cheating animal
Stephen:(laughs)Oh,my beautiful Jenny,you are looking more beautiful and sexy
Jenny:What do you want?
Stephen:I want you
Jenny:Well,too bad,you can’t have me
Stephen:oh,i will
Jenny: Stephen,you and i dated for almost a year,you should know that i don’t do what i don’t want to do.
Stephen:i know that but you will.. Jenny, I want to strike a deal with you
Jenny: Which is?,
Stephen:Be my girlfriend
Jenny:(laughs)you are joking,right?
Stephen:am not
Jenny:Never,i prefer to die than be with you
Stephen: Okay,let me rephrase it..be my girlfriend or your precious boyfriend dies
Jenny: What do you mean?
Stephen:If you don’t break uo with your boyfriend,i will kill him,i will kill Justin..and you know me, Jenny,i don’t make empty promises.
(Flashback ended, present time)
Jenny is crying
??:Why did you lie?
Jenny: Justin,what are you doing here?i already told you i don’t love me anymore
Justin: Why did you lie?why did you lie ti me
Jenny:What are you talking about?
Justin:You lied to me that you didn’t love me,why didn’t you tell me that Stephen was threatening you
Jenny: Who told you that?
Justin: Wendy did,why didn’t you tell me,why carry this burden alone
Jenny:If i had told you,you wouldn’t want to leave me
Justin:I won’t leave you because i love you,i fucking love you
Jenny:(hugs him)I love you too, Justin soo much.
They cuddle up on the bed, staring at the ceiling
Justin:Babe,we need to tell our parents
Jenny:i agree, let’s go tell mine
Justin and Jenny go downstairs.
Liam: Justin?how did you come in without us knowing?
Justin:i sneaked in through the window
Jenny:Mom,dad,liam..i and Justin have something to say
Patrick:What is it?
Justin: you might want to sit down for this.
They all sit.
Joan:Tell us,am getting scared.
Liam: Jenny,are you pregnant?
Joan: Shut up, Liam..well, are you?
Jenny:No,am not pregnant..mom,dad, Liam.. Stephen is back
Liam:That Bastard that cheated on you
Justin:He threatened to kill me if i and Jenny don’t break up
Patrick:Can he be serious about that?
Jenny:Hr sounded very serious.
Joan:You two need to get protection.
Patrick:Yeah,i will inform the agency.
Joan: Justin,you can’t go back home this night
Liam:Yeah,stay the night here.
Justin:okay,i will inform Tamara.
The next day, Pattie already put body guards around the whole house .
Tamara: Jenny,am so sorry i slapped you,i didn’t know that..
Jenny: don’t apologise, it’s not your fault
Tamara:No,i feel terrible,am sorry
Jenny: it’s okay, Tammy
Justin: Jenny,we will fight tgis together
Jenny:Yeah, Stephen can’t separate us..no one can.

One night stand, Episode 49,2 weeks later, Justin and Jenny have been heavily guarded by security,they hardly go out and they have been no signs of Stephen.
Justin:Babe,am bored.. Jenny: Let’s go watch a movie… Justin:No,am not in the mood, let’s sneak out.. Jenny:Are you crazy?You know we can’t go anywhere without the guards.. Justin:But they draw attention to ourselves and i don’t like it.. Jenny: But at least,we are safe.. Justin:Okay,we won’t go out.. Jenny: Good.. Justin: Then, let’s go to my room and.. Justin comes close to jenny but she pushes him away.. Jenny:not today,bro.. it’s that time of the month for me.. Justin:More reasons why we need to go out.. please.. Jenny: Justin,i…. Justin:Babe,pls.. Jenny: okay,fine.. Justin and jenny left without the guards noticing, they went to the park to have fun.. Jenny:we are not staying long.. Justin:Yes,ma’am.. Jenny: Don’t call me that.. Justin:i will call you my girlfriend with a big ass.. Jenny:(gasps)Pervert!!,i will get you..they run around the park,had ice cream and played around.. Jenny:Baby, let’s go home before they notice.. Justin: okay,but you will have to catch me first.. Jenny chases Justin round the field,then suddenly two gunshots are heard, Jenny stops running,she looks around but sees no one,then she sees Justin fall to the ground, Jenny rushes towards him and holds him from falling to the ground, blood is oozing from his back and mouth.. Justin:j.. Jenny… Jenny: Justin?!!.30 mins later, Justin is being wheeled to the emergency ward, Jenny is waiting and crying,she is stained with blood, Liam, Patrick and Joan arrives.. Jenny: Liam (they hug) Liam:What happened?.. Jenny:ju.. Justin go..got shot.. Joan:By who? Jenny:i don’t Know.. Patrick:My goodness.. Tamara and Pattie arrives.. Pattie: Where’s my son?What happened to him? Liam:he got shot.. Pattie: It’s all because of Jenny,i thought we told you two to stay indoors.. Jenny: Justin insisted on going out.. Tamara:Mom,calm down..

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