August 3, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 98

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Venessar High School

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Okiki

Episode 98

Kimberly’s POV

Right before Sean and I left home. I knew that someone at the embassy may or may not have betrayed us to professor Lucas.

I wore a bullet proof underneath my cloth just as a plan in case anything odd happened and it did happen.

When professor Lucas shot me by my chest , I had to pretend like I was dead and I knew he will definitely not kill Sean cause of the outstanding singing skill of Sean plus it’s another 4 years and a new duet is taking place. He would want to use Sean to win.

But sadness arose in me when I overheard that he wanted to inject Sean.

I felt like standing up and stopping them but I know that will be foolish so I just lay until I suddenly head the sound of a bullet.

While wondering where the bullet came from , I stylishly opened my eye slightly and I saw Professor Lucas down in the floor gasping for breath.

Good! Someone must have come to save us.

I felt Sean carry me to where I have no idea of until I finally heard Stephen lamented like I was dead.

“Kimberly…” I heard Stephen and Sean call my name almost at the same time as soon as I spoke.

I stood upright and shot them a smile. I opened my shirt for them to see the bullet proof inside

Stephen hugged me tight and almost cried.

“I’m happy you are safe ” He said and disengaged.

I looked to Sean and he walked sullenly to me and hugged me.

“Let’s leave before the cops come around ” Stephen said and we went to the car. On stepping inside the car , we saw a fat man sitting at the front.

” who is this?” I asked Stephen.

“My driver ”

“Where is Autumn?”

“At home ” He replied.

“I can’t believe you can be bold enough to carry out that dangerous operation. Professor Lucas may die with that gun shot ” I said.

“Then we will have peace ” He said.

We arrived to Stephen’s house after few hours of driving.

We all stepped down with the driver. The driver removed a facial mask from his face and it turns out to be Autumn.

“You really think Stephen can shoot? Common! I did that ” She said proudly and we all chuckled.

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