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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 14 to 16

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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 17 to 19
Flower Boy. Chapter 9

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 14????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????


“Since when
“Since NIVEAS inaugural
” Ok… what about lia Anderson?
Just then Henry walked in
“Emma I did the test with the hair we found in Kelvins house
“Yes it belongs to Lia Anderson
“I took it to her doctor and it turns out its lias hair..Kelvin kidnapped lia Emma but we don’t know if she’s dead or alive.
” all right guys investigate deeper I need you to tell me more about Kelvin what is the reason behind his obsession ,get me info on kelvin move it
“Ok madam.

Emma walked out.


Danny’s suite.

Celine woke up later cos she was awake watching Danny …she turned on the bed and Danny was already dressing up he wore his black trouser he was slowly buttoning up the white shirt

” Danny.
“My love.
Celine crawd to him kneeling down on the bed she unbuttoned the shirt Danny was buttoning and sent her fingers to his diamond stonned belt opening slowly and seductively. As she ran her lips down his tummy. Danny chuckled.

“Good girl turned bad
Celine smiled and kissed his lips while fully opening the belt. Then she kissed him from his neck down to his chest then over to his lower tummy kneeling at the same time …. she ran her fingers on his zip when Danny turned the screen of his phone to her face

” we are late
She smiled
“Awww few minutes
” do u want Salvador to kill you the second time.
Celine nodded. And hooked his belt.
” we don’t have time bath quickly.
“Okay ” celine buttoned up his shirt .
” I love you ” she kissed him
Danny smiled and kissed her back..Celine ran into the shower Minutes later she walked out and picked her pant she pulled it in and dropped the towel on the bed she used her finger to cover her chest.

Danny fell back on the pillow and smiled
“Danny what do I wear
“Uhmmmm I already handled that
Just then someone knocked Danny opened the door and took a packet gown which he handed to Celine .Celine wore the gown and Danny zipped her up she looked beautiful.
“How do I look
” pretty.

She pushed him into the bed and fell on him there wrapping her legs around him. Danny smiled and kissed her

Salvador dropped his glass of wine when Celine sent him a text.he opened it.

Salvador I know you are mad at me but if you still have a little love and regard for me then please come to the stadium..please.

Salvador dropped his phone and walked out.He ran into his car and zoomed off.Minutes later he arrived at the stadium only to find a crowd of millions he got confused , he wondered who organised the show just then he looked up and saw Danny with the Mic…and Celine stood beside him Salvador smiled.

Danny spoke into his Mic
???????? hello new York!!!

Everyone shouted and screamed their voices out.

???????? are you ready for right skin!!!.

“We love you Danny Hoffman!!!”,everyone screamed

???????? are you ready for a night with daniella Daniel.!!!!

???????? yes !! People screamed .

???? are we ready to dominate new York!!!!

He asked smiling while leaning on the pavement.
???? yes we are,yes we are , yes we are.

Salvador smiled as he picked his call.

” hey Salvador congrats you got a date ,

” wow thank you

” we are choice less your models pulled a lot of crowd and the city is ready to riot if we don’t give u a date

Salvador smiled”thanks.

He dropped the call

He looked up at celine where she was busy signing people’s shirts and waved at her.

He whispered ” thank you.

Celine touched Danny’s shoulders smiling

” thank you”, she said
Danny nodded
” so won’t you sign on me?”, he asked
” no danny i will kiss you instead.

Danny chuckled as she kissed his lips…the whole city shouted…pictures where taken…Celine waved like a model using the same opportunity to show them her engagement ring.
Danny smiled at her..they really pulled a lot of traffic.

Minutes later their guards helped them leave the crowd…Salvador was waiting for them
He shaked hands with Danny and Celine pecked his cheek.

” thanks Daniel , i owe you” he said to danny
” come on Salvador its nothing.” Danny said
Salvador took his car key

” we will meet at the show right?
” yes I will come with Danny”,celine said
Salvador smiled
” crazy couple” Salvador said Nd walked out danny turned to Celine
” I solved that problem right?”danny asked
“Yes you did my love” Celine replied
Danny chuckled
“So can we go home and have sex now?”Celine asked
“Tell me ,Which position?
“Uhmmmm Italian chandelier my love
” Wow my girlfriend thinks she can nail that
“Try this model
Danny smiled
“I love u
“Love u too
they rushed into their car that was when Lola texted Celine

Madam Miranda is out of prison .
And you might like to log into shreya madiya’s fashion line.

Celine logged in and Miranda was cat walking hotly on was a lingerie stage..she wore a pant and bra….Celine looked at the headline
Miranda millbert storms second biggest lingerie runway show in New york …. she was right her hip was made for cat walk… she might very well be this years best body queen.

Celine angrily closed her eye..Miranda millbert should be in prison not on the spot light

Danny touched Celine gently
” what happened
“Its nothing.
Celine kissed him lightly soon the arrived home the news totally spoilt celine’s mood.She and Danny walked in Danny fell weakly on the bed..Celine walked to the back and called Emma

” Emma
“Emma Miranda is out
“Yes I heard
“But why
” lets meet Celine,am coming

Emma dropped the call Celine walked into the bed and touched Danny’s tummy

” does it still pain
“No..Ryan did a clean work
Celine smiled Danny stood up picking a towel.
” i will travel back home soon
” Yes I have a very important meeting with dad but i will still return cos I have a music show
“Ok…Celine replied.

Just then Emma walked In and pointed a gun at Danny ..Celine laughed Danny smiled and dragged her to hug him.

” I missed you” he carried her up Emma chuckled
“Danny Hoffman you are under arrest for not calling me on phone
Danny laughed and they both hugged tightly.Emma dropped the gun celine picked it up

” Danny how do you feel
” I feel better thanks
“Thank God
Danny smiled and walked into the shower.

Emma and Celine walked out.they sat down

“Emma why did you let Miranda go that’s unlike you.
“Celine I have a major case to focus on…I need to arrest Kelvin jayman ,my position is at stake.
” Emma I need Miranda arrested,she has to pay for her sins
” then let’s strike a deal
“Tell me
“Kelvin likes you and he is monitoring you soon he will come for you. I Will put all my focus on Miranda and arrest her but after that you need to help me get Kelvin
“Isnt he dangerous?
“He is,do u know lia Anderson,four worlds most beautiful…… face of diamond skin.
” omg ,Yes I do
” Kelvin kidnapped her
” We don’t know if she’s dead or alive Celine.. but arresting him is my Dream
“And finding lia is my own dream. I owe that to Salvador.
“Ok then lets work together

Emma placed a call to her crew

” guys
“Tell us
“Stop all investigations on Kelvin lets focus on arresting Miranda
“Ok. Madam

Emma turned to Celine
“I will arrest her don’t worry
“I trust you.
Emma smiled and left.Celine walked into the room Danny sat facing the mirror with a book she smiled
“Danny do u read
” well I do
” wait … u need to See my favourite night wear
Danny nodded “am all yours .
Celine smiled and stormed into the shower.Danny looked at his face in the mirror just then his phone rang ..roshni.

” Miss malhotra
” my love ,where are you?.
Danny looked into the shower door
“Am in New York.
” so, king was talking about your last song?
” don’t worry hon, I got a model .
” who, is she prettier than I am?
” more than your beauty is your pride roshni.” Roshni chuckled
” soo,you are not going go use me. Ok fine ,I will do it for free.
” do u do free work?
” danny I just want us to spend time together, its been too long and we still have a score to Settle.
” jeez, we?
” come on Danny, you left me in a hotel room, horny ,wet and lonely waiting for you,you didn’t return and u didn’t call.
Danny laughed
” am so sorry ,u should know something went wrong since I never treated you like that before,sorry.” he was still trying to stop laughing.
“Danny its not funny
“Am sorry,I swear. Ok you don’t even know whaaaaaa…………..

Celine walked out of the shower she looked gorgeous.

” are u with someone?” Roshni said
” totally
” ok am dropping, but do call ok.
“I will.” Danny said dropping his phone, Celine got him drooling. She wore a long singlet hand transparent gown…. it was very long and so transparent exposing her hot curves then her sweet pant,she was braless.
Danny smiled
” sexy ” he said , Celine smiled as she walked to him.
” Danny who was that?
” some not important person.”danny replied, pulling her waist closer to his chair. Celine nodded.
” but, is it a male or………
” shhhhhhhhh” he said this rising up and kissing her slowly Celine smiled into that kiss.she felt his both hands pull down the both hand of her gown she kissed him deeply . They kissed roughly fighting between tongues. Danny’s fingers where brushing in and out of her butt and thigh from the gown ..dipping in between sides Celine chuckled as he lifted her into his arms. They kissed it up sweetly finding their rhythm again.

Danny placed her down and dragged the gown down to her hip,her hip bone wedged it to her waist . He moved behind her and cupped her br**st into his both hands from behind Celine gasped sweetly. Danny kissed her neck from behind and brushed his hands from her tummy up her br**st he stroked and squeezed her softly Celine relaxed her Head on his shoulders and raised her face to kiss him.. as they kissed she placed both hands on Danny’s hands which which where fondling her both br**st she moaned sweetly as she helped him press her deeply just like she needed . They swiped both hands up and down. pressing,fondling,
stroking, rubbing, squeezing. celine trapped her lower lip into her mouth moaning sweetly. finally she turned herself to face him.he pressed his fingers on her bare back pushing her into himself. Then sent kisses to her neck. celine moaned as he grazed his lips down her neck deliciously
Over to her cleavage. he licked sweetly into the middle of her Tummy then into her navel while kneeling down at the same time.

Danny kissed her tummy down to her waist bone… pulling down the gown a bit lower till the upper part of her pant was visible. he grazed his lip on the lowest part of her Tummy down to her pubic bone. Celine moaned as he licked her There, biting her pant band into his teeth softly and placing hot kisses with his hands brushing her inner thigh from behind. she moaned more sweetly. he kissed the side of her waist into her pubic bone again Celine felt herself streaming wetter as he sucked on her navel and licked on her pubic bone with his both hands brushing her butt in a hot dividing manner.deeping his fingers between her butt laps . ..Celine tilted her head back in pleasure .

Celine suddenly smiled as Danny wrapped his hands around her waist and placed his face on her tummy like he wouldnt ever let go.

“I missed you Celine,i missed you so much. so much, I could have died . ” he said this kissing into her flat tummy. Celine wrapped his neck.


???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 15????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????



“I missed you too.”celine replied

Danny locked his lips on her tummy and pulled down the gown from her waist.he dropped it and Celine stepped out.

Danny placed kisses from her pubic bone down to her pant Celine moaned as he carefully kissed down her pant.

Danny used both hands to pull the pant down with his lips across her waist.. he carefully removed it and dropped then he brushed his fingers into her.

Celine moaned sweetly from his gentle touch. Danny raised her leg and placed it on a chair then he bent down and sucked her deeply.. Celine moaned deeply she smiled as she placed her hand on his hair… Danny sucked missing him out of her. he didnt take normal time he just stimulated her clit with his tongue. Celine knew he wanted them last longer in bed since he cut the foreplay short.She moaned sweetly till Danny rose up to her . Danny carried her up she wrapped her legs around his waist.they kissed deeply then he balanced her on the bed.

Celine smiled with satisfaction as he kissed into her ear lobes and whispered
“Italian right?
Celine nodded smiling.

Danny knelt comfortably on the bed and placed his hands under her butt and hip. He raised her waist from the bed then pulled her into him this forced her legs apart. He came in between perfectly. Celine relaxed her back and head on the bed. Pushing her waist high up this allowing for a deep penetration. Celine moaned out as Danny pressed in it was perfect.
she didn’t even feel the pain of her waist which was hanging in the air much yoga.(life of a model she said to herself.)
danny was thrusting in and out hard , while moving his hands under her waist keeping it raised. Celine moaned sweetly while pushing back into him with her hand on the bed holder..He leaned back a bit providing more pressure to her G-Spot. Danny thrusted in and out of her in a perfect rhythm….

“Oh danny … God don’t stop.” Celine moaned out as he leaned in making for a very deep /strong penetration…

after a while he placed his arms under her waist and lifted her head and back out of the bed.
Celine smiled ,what strength.

Danny held her like that and continue stroking her deeply .

They went on like this for while .
Then Danny laid her over and leaned in. Still on his kneels.Celine pushed her leg up ,backward to her face.Danny held both her legs with both hands,he pulled them so backward that her legs where behind her Head And was touching the bed.

Celine moaned out as thrusted deeper into her. that was the deepest penetration she ever experienced. Celine groaned out with each thrust,so deep. he got a little bit more aggressive. Danny kept thrusting and straddling her deeply Celine wrapped her hand on his waist moaning sweetly as Danny still held both her legs to the bed behind her Head… she moaned out she felt him so deep he almost shifted her heart and that was how she liked it .

they where both sweating profusely. he got more contact with her clit for stimulation.. he kept thrusting deep and Hard. He pulled himself in and kissed her lips Celine smiled out moans as she felt him too deep …

Danny stroked her for a little more while until he felt his climax loading.he steadied her and stroked her slowly untill he climaxed fully .celine smiled taking her lower lips into her mouth as dannys climax triggered her own. she moaned quietly collecting her breath . they relaxed on the bed…. quietly no words. What excercise celine said in her mind. As she lay back still collecting her breath.
She turned to Danny on the bed.
“I loved that “Celine said
Danny smiled Soon weakness took over.

They bathed and wore sweet robes.Danny carried her up on his back and walked into the kitchen Celine smiled and wrapped her fingers all over him. She kissed his neck as he fried egg….finally he was done he picked a drink from the fridge and laid her on the bed Celine laughed out

” danny you only fried egg , is that what we will eat tonight.

Danny kissed her lips.

” yes we are both models lets watch our intake.

Celine laughed

” my boyfriend is a lazy cook.

Danny kissed her then he used his fork to feed her.Celine smiled the omelet was quite rich.

She used her fingers to feed Danny too.they both laughed.
She cleaned his lips with her fingers.

” did I try?”Danny asked .
” yes my love” she kissed him
” so celine when will you cook
Celine laughed
” u don’t like it anymore? ur just too lazy you would have cooked noodles.
Danny smiled
” my doctor said I should not spend too much time in the kitchen.

He fell on his pillow and Celine fell on him.

” daniel
” yes Mrs Daniel
” I love you
” I love you too.

Danny picked his phone and smiled then he tapped her

” lets go on a date.
” ok but it’s getting late.
” I know come on.

He carried her into his arms and they both of them searched for cloths together.

They dressed up and walked out Danny looked at their cars parked out side he kissed her and whispered into her lips

” my car or yours.
Celine smiled
” yours my love.

Danny took her hand and his guard opened the car door ….
And they both entered.

Soon they arrived and walked into the boat it was beautiful.Celine sat with Danny in the boat it was evening and candles where shining.The ocean was pretty as both of them looked around smiling

” danny it’s beautiful
” I just wanna give you the most beautiful things Celine
Celine smiled as the both just looked at each other.

” danny i just remembered our first meeting
Danny smiled
” u owe me 30k
Celine smiled
” danny you are all that I want.
Danny kissed her cheek
” and you Celine are all I have.
She looked into the ocean smiling she took his hands from him, Danny pulled her into his arms She smiled happilyDanny touched her hair play fully and sang out

???? you are my destiny .
Celine laughed but tears dropped.Danny wiped them

????you are my fantasy

????you are my everything, everything.
????you are my addiction

???? you are my dream come true.

????you are my heart throb , oh my heart throb.
????loving you is a dream come true.
???? your one and only is my identity..
???? you are my everything, everything
????finally ,finally ,i found you…oh heartthrob

Celine steered deep into his blue his eyes and he smiled at her.

” you are my everything everything, do you know when I wrote that song in my heart.

” no tell me.

” it was that day when I found you at the suite , when I found out u where my everything everything.

Celine hugged him tight.
????I found you so I won’t let you go
???? I found you so we will now be as one
???? even death , oh death knows
it won’t stop me from loving you
???? even God, oh God knows,I won’t ever stop loving you.

???? oh my everything everything.
???????? oh my heartthrob ,my heartbeat.

Celine hugged him tight with everything in her.

“Celine lets die as one,forever one.
Celine nodded and kissed him.

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 16????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Next morning
Emma walked into her Crew

“Tell me something guys what is going on with Miranda.” Emma said opening the files on her table.
” Emma we are still looking for the murder weapon I sent you a mail on some old info I got about Jay.” Nora said
” Emma what about Danny’s testimony,can’t it help” Jerry said
” the murder weapon is the best proof…. the court might rule Danny’s testimony as scam we can’t take chances” daida said
” why did you send me a mail nora I have a problem with my SIM” Emma said
” it’s really important .why don’t you visit the mail center and retrieve your mails .” Nora said
” Ok I will but i need leads on Miranda” Emma said
“well we are still searching for the murder weapon Emma no one knows where it is and this is the only proof that she stabbed Danny.” Jerry said
” well keep looking,Miranda is storming run ways when she should be in jail…get us evidence
” Yes madam

Emma walked out while picking a call.

Celine rolled over and lay on Danny who was still sleeping she smiled and just looked in his face. “Cute even when his sleeping”she said to herself as she removed the sleep mask and tagged it along his hair she smiled and kissed his cheek so tightly and childishly that Danny woke up smiling.
” what did i do to you?, u have formed a bad habit of not letting me sleep.
Celine smiled
” I are just too irresistible ,what can i do
Danny chuckled and covered his eye again. Celine kissed his closed eye he chuckled and removed the mask .just then his phone rang Celine gave it to him and he threw it out the window.

” Danny
” tell me
“Who was that
“No one important
He stood up from the bed and pulled the white room slipper into his leg,he picked his other phone and tried walking out ….
” no one important and you are trying to walk out on me.
Danny turned
” I wasn’t trying to….. am sorry”he sat beside her,”I won’t do it again.
“Why do u always scare me with your temper? And why is at that each time you get angry the only thought that comes into your mind is leaving.
” that’s because I had privacy from a little age ,I bought my first suite when I was 13.
” but can u learn to sit down and talk when you are angry ,am scared cos one day I might go out and someone will annoy you then when I come back i won’t see you again
“Ok.I will change I swear,I didn’t even know i was leaving.
Celine nodded and kissed him tightly then she withdrew and looked into his face
“Was it ciara?
Danny nodded
” and it was her ,I just can’t believe mum” he moved his hair and tried standing up again celine smiled…he sat down
” sorry
Celine chuckled.Then he hugged her ,she brushed her fingers behind his hair
” Danny can’t you forgive your mom?
“She knows I can’t forgive her Celine ,she should know the kind of son she gave birth to.
“Danny ?
He picked his other phone and checked the time
” am really late
“Really where to
“Studio, editing somethings for the song
“Ok, come back early
” Ok,I will.
He removed the shirt and dropped it then he scattered his head into his hands and squatted to her where she sat on
Celine smiled
” Danny?
“I forgot to say something
“Tell me
” I love you
Celine smiled as he kissed her nose.he stood to his height and she saw her tattoo by his abdomen she smiled and touched it.

” pretty
Danny smiled
“Wait I have not seen my tattoo on you
“No you have
“I really haven’t
“Danny you have
“I hadn’t
She tried runing away Danny caught her he tried lifted her gown she used her teeth to bite his hand Danny laughed and ran after her as she ran into the compound laughing.
Finally he caught her and they both slipped into the pool Danny smiled and pulled her to the pavement where he kissed her lips sweetly.
Celine smiled
” finally u got me wet” Danny said
Celine chuckled
Danny checked the time in his ring and rushed out of the pool dragging Celine with him.
He ran into the shower with a towel Celine removed her wet cloths and wore a jacket.she tried reading a book when Danny’s phone rang.who is this roshni to Danny anyway? Celine asked herself as she looked at roshnis picture which displayed In the call.she tried picking the call then she decided to respect herself ” she’s pretty but not a regular model so I don’t think she’s any of our casual models cos she doesn’t have one base,so how did they get close”celine wandered.
Just then Danny rushed out
And wore the trouser of his blue track suits..he tied his hair and sat beside Celine on the bed.then he finally lay flat on his pillow.

” Danny are u weak
“I swear
She smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist where she sat.

” Danny i was wondering
” that model uhmmm roshni ?
” roshni malhotra
” Yes , are you friends?
“Yea kinda” he picked his watch and his ring.he wore his ear ring.and checked his time again
” uhmm Danny how did you two meet
” me two … sorry you mean both of us ………. As in we two
” Yes
” well” he stood up and wore his top then his foot wear
“She is my model.
“Just a model but how come you used her more than every other model ,you used her like 10 times
“Well …. it’s nothing it’s just there” he kissed her and walked out .Celine fell back on her pillow.

” ahhhhhh look at what jealousy is doing to me. When did i become an interviewer. She rolled to her side on the bed.
Celine logged into the news line
Miranda millbert seems to be the new queen of new York tour ,she is back to dominate.Miranda storms dinner gown run way show.
Celine angrily broke her phone.Miranda who should be In jail is busy trying to top me.

Lola walked in

” Madam the lingerie runway will start in few hours.
“The top model storm
” Yes
” who are the chosen top models.
” daniella Daniel ,Miranda millbert, Jennifer Williams ,Paula Jason,jewel makiato and roshni Singh malhotra.
” wow
” Yes madam and the commitee for Best body queen linked their show to this show that means…
” this years best body queen will happen from the runway storm
” correct madam.
Celine walked into her room.

The whole of new York was talking about this show ..Celine switched on her t.v..a reporter was already on line.

Reporting live : one of the toppest lingerie designers in the world chose 6 and only 6 top models to storm his runway…this is gonna be a storm.but all thanks to committee of best body queen.the model who has the best body and best cat walk in this show will move to the next stage and compete to be this years best body queen.double blasting!!
Celine switched off her t.v.

People watched from the road side,others watched from phones.Passers by gisted.
the show was indeed a hit.

Paula walked into Danny house

” jeez how did u know this place
” I called Danny are u ready to win
Celine smiled..”don’t you want to win?
Paula laughed
“If I win or Jennifer wins they would know its fraud cos we are full cream models.he only picked us because of our body stature and skin colour…but the real Runway battle is between u ,Miranda,jewel and roshni . Plus any other middle show runway model .
Celine sighed
“I don’t know if I am a match for Miranda …I mean truth be told miranda millbert is a runway slayer…when she walks she is just so different.

” Yes she’s been a model since 17 so runway is like the back of her hand but u too you are great. Do u know who trained you crisella Valeria the catwalk queen, the only diva to walk on a glass staired runway with the highest hills .Miranda should be scared of you.
” oh gosh its gonna be hot.I am surprised that Miranda is back,I want that girl in jail.

” u took Danny now she has nothing to loose.I think she is back to take your carrier.Miranda won’t stop until you stop her,she belongs in jail.
Celine smiled…
Paula took her purse and opened it
“I don’t have Chan………are you on pills?
“Just started.
Paula smiled
“I understand
“I know u will…
“Where is Danny
“Hes out…being a model and a star musician.
” well let’s get too being runway stormers
Celine smiled.



Celine was rushing into her room from back stage when she ran into roshni. She got so angry but she held it in.and walked closer

” Daniella right
” Yes roshni?
“Yes roshni Singh malhotra
“Nice meeting you
” it’s my pleasure
Celine smiled
” you are competing right
“Goodluck ,may the best model win
Celine nodded and walked past her… how can she be calling a man all the time ,here she is looking decent.Celine said as she ran into her dressing room.she opened the sealed water and poured herself a glass.she sat comfortably pressing her phone.her glass of water sat facing her just then Miranda walked in.Celine looked her and sighed off.
” oh its the almighty Daniela Daniel
” I don’t have your time miranda
“I heard u are in for m.w. , u really want to challenge me? well beating u in this show will take u to your place
“Miranda when will u change.
I don’t care leave me alone,all I know is that u will rot in jail.
” I will like to see. u see Daniella u are not the best . The only reason you where famous is because i stepped in when u came out . I wasn’t your competition I didn’t fight against u I let u stop bragging about being number one. right now I lost Danny and i have Nothihg to loose so am fully out for this challenge.Miranda said shifting her water and sitting down on her table

” well let the challenge begin..
I know u are not better than me and i promise u..after i pay u to work for me I will still send u to jail.I am Better than u miranda if u think otherwise then let the show begin.

Miranda stood up
“I will so ruin u till u drop blood,even Danny Wont save u.

“I will lock u in jail that’s my own promise.
Celine said and angrily finished her water.
Miranda smiled and walked out.

Minutes later the show crowded.the decoration on the runway was lit. All top models arrived. The crowd kept increasing .Danny arrived and sat alongside Salvador he’s guards stood behind him

“I can’t believe am so nervous” Danny said
“This is your first time watching her perform that’s why” Salvador replied
Danny took a deep breath.Just then the designer walked out

“Are u ready to watch only your top models storm this run way!!” He shouted
Every body clapped
” let the show begin.
He dropped the mic .Paula and jewel walked out each maintaining their own space.Every body clapped the lingerie was hot.both of them stroke hot poses the press was taking pictures.

Back stage

Jennifer walked into Celine they where making her up.
“You are ready right cos you are up next
“U didn’t eat anything right
“No nothing
“Good cos when you are competing u dont eat anything out of your comfort zone
“I only took water
” k who bought it
“Ok that’s safe.

Just then CelinE heard her name she rushed up.she wore a white pant and bra…with a flair transparent material around her waist… she met Miranda at the other edge of the opening.she smiled ..
I know I am your equal match miranda , i can’t shiver for you. Soon the stage brightened both of stormed in,miranda wore a black lingerie. cat walk was grading cat walk. Everybody shouted , no one knew who to call perfect. They where both hot. people clapped others took pictures… they both stroke their pose. Then turned.

Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 17 to 19
Flower Boy. Chapter 9

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