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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 17 to 19

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???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 17????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????



She turned and that was when Celine felt her eye turning and Her tummy hitting up… She rememberred miranda using her hand to shift her water she took a deep breath….. could Miranda have drugged me?

The stage became four in her eyes, she started walking like a drunkard. She was scared of falling cos she will surely get hurt as she was at the edge of the stage.. who will be smart enough to notice whats wrong with her.She saw danny using his phone.

???? Danny I feel like I will fall down,❤come and get me.
???? this runway is very slippery❤,I don’t want to get hurt.
???????????????? she said this In her mind as she traced her step slowly then she fell……………………………………………………….. but she realized that someone caught her she opened her eye it was Danny she smiled as he lifted her up into his arms and took her out of the stage.almost instantly Jennifer replaced her and walked down with Miranda till they walked back inside.

Danny took celine to the car and drove her home he knew she was already weak.

Danny Hoffman walks up to runway floor to carry his girlfriend “Daniella Daniel”
it seems daniella is unwell or unfit. the show still keeps rolling.

Back on stage the lingerie run way ended best body took over.
6 more top models stormed the runway stage. Paula and Jennifer happily backed out of the competition… it was indeed battle.

Celine opened her eye she got stronger Danny was with her

” are u okay ,why did u get dizzy
“I don’t know …I really don’t know for sure but i think Miranda poisoned me
” Danny don’t worry I lost this show but Mira will loose more.I thought she was better than me but she just proved to me that she is scared of me.

Danny nodded and checked his time

“The results are out.

Celine picked the remote and switched on the t.v..the show was over a reporter took the Mic

” and the award for best body queen went to miranda millbert 20 minutes ago… seems the runway was too hot for our top model and runway diva daniella daniel..Miranda proved once again that she is the best RUNWAY slayer in the world….this year’s best body as well as last year.all goes to miranda millbert…the second runner up who is jewel makiato is here present to be interviewed.

” how do u feel jewel?
“I feel happy,I did this for the fun of it.I am happy for miranda and i say a very big sorry to Daniella Daniel.Miranda might be the best body queen but we will meet again in this years “NEW YORKS TOP MODEL. May the best model win.
” I love u jewel.yes may the best model win.New Yorks top model, who will that be? Which model has the best cat walk? if Miranda wins this then everybody should bow to miranda millbert .. she is indeed the unbeatable diva.

Celine switched off and hugged danny she felt so sad and embarrassed. And just like she expected the press carried her along criticizing her with pictures and videos of her fall.

” are u ok?”Danny asked her
“Am fine.
“K…I will mix your bath.

Miranda was in her Jacuzzi with a cup of wine.I told u I will ruin u Celine.I have been here even before u were born.I made a mistake I shouldn’t have added sleeping pills.I should have poisoned you.come to think of it.
Why did I drug her does this mean am scared of her.wait Daniella Daniel, can she beat me?.I don’t know .i don’t think so…I better rest salvadors show is this night.I feel so happy Celine is gonna be so embarrassed. Finally I have my carrier back.finally everything is normal.


Emma arrived at the help center
“Good day
“Good day
“I have been having some issues with my mail recently I need to resolve it
“Yes we noticed.your mail have been coming in but not not getting to you .
“We will transfer it back u have mail a from ,Nora ,prosecutor Samuel,Victor desai
” wait Victor what
“Victor desai madam,Victor desai.

Omg so Victor sent me a mail,maybe he told me who killed him
” how long will it take
” few hours
“Ok am going home but i am expecting my mail
Emma rushed into her car.
Victor I want to know who killed you.I want to know who killed you so badly.
She drove off and headed home…she looked up and saw a bill board displaying lia Anderson.she stopped and looked up at her

” how can a human being be this beautiful,what has Kelvin done to you.where did he keep u.

Lia was struggling on bed with kelvin who was straddling her by force.

” I waited for u to offer your body to me yourself but u won’t
“Jay stop…this is rape
“I don’t care.
He widened her leg and had his way…lia was crying and streaming tears
“Kelvin stop
Kelvin didn’t listen rather he moaned out

Lia cried her heart out untill he finally left her. Lia sat down and wrapped her hands around her body
“One day ,I will go free.someone will set me free.I know am an orphan but someone will come for me…u won’t keep me here forever
“I will like to watch and see.I will like to see the person.
” u hurt me Jay,you finally hurt me. U never loved me ,i hate you
“Well I had no choice,must I beg for your love,I love you so much that’s why I didn’t do this by force since you came here.I was waiting for you to love me too and Let me have you but you won’t
” well you already raped me , I hope you continue
“Lia I didn’t ….
“Get out!!
Kelvin turned and walked out banging the door behind him.

I love Salvador ,I love him very much. He’s memory kept me going.. I love you Salvador.


Salvador sat facing a glass of wine when his phone rang
” tell me
“Lia is not in New York…we searched thoroughly.
He dropped the calls

Lia how long will u keep hidding from me .what did I do to you.just come out already am sorry for shouting at you.I forgive you for removing our kid and even for sleeping tell me why Wont u just come back to me..our dream came true right skin was created and today is the showcase I really wish you where so empty my life is so empty without you.I miss you so much lia..i can’t get out of this web.I can’t love someone else…so stop running and come..


INTRODUCING RIGHT SKIN TO NEW YORK.????????????????????????

Salvador walked into the show everybody cheered on him.
The crowd kept shouting. Different models lined up with all right skins products smiling.
The show really pulled off a lot of crowd.
Those models wore a white strapless bra with a white pant and posed…their skin was spotless Paula and jewel were one of them ….Each with the cream, soap, hair wash etc. everything was right skin…even the stage floor displayed designs which we’re filed with right skin.

The show was lit.

Salvador took the Mic and addressed the crowd about right skin Pictures of celines before and after where already showcasing. When celines car puled over salvador smiled

???? now that you have seen all there is to see about right skin I would love to present the face of right skin… the woman who’s picture is all over the product, the woman whos videos is all over the place , the one with the right skin….give it all up for Daniela Daniel.

Everybody shouted…the lights flashed at the door way.every body turned to the door.

Celine walked In with Danny , simple make up her hair fell freely behind her . The fact that she was indeed rich was written all over her. She smiled at Danny and held his hands tight… that last fall was the only fall Miranda would ever push her into.

She wore a white simple long gown.the gown was plain but expensive. She walked past the red carpet.The press rushed in

Danny looked at Celine and dragged her hands to walk.




celine stopped and faced the Mic.
” I didn’t fall on stage out if fright and i am not scared of miranda millbert.the question of which model has the best cat walk will be answered In this years NEW YORKS TOP model competition… May the best model win.




She walked happily smiling. She looked spotless. both of them walked in… Pictures where taken. Soon the climbed up the stage Danny stood beside her smiling and Celine look into the Mic , she was really a star everybody watched her people shouted her name.

” right skin is a dream come true , it doesn’t only remove the visible scars it also clears the invisible ones , giving you courage , confidence and beauty .
Everybody clapped as the commercial video started playing Celine stood directly in front of her video and waved like a model.

Danny took her hands and they walked down…..

” Danny i will arrange my bra hook
Danny smiled
“I told u to wear the red bra.
Celine smiled Danny sat down and Celine walked to the dressing room just then Miranda walked in from nowhere.

” I can’t believe you said that to the press
” Miranda millbert,at first I wanted to just send u to prison.
I wanted to stop ruining your carrier.but ,after what u did,
I am going back to my promise.
I will ruin you and make sure you go to prison in tears. I hope the world is ready for this battle between d.d and m.m. you think you are better than me right? well may the best model win.

Miranda stormed out angrily and ran into Danny she almost fell but Danny caught her… he didn’t even know it was her till he looked in her face.

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 18????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????



” Danny?
Danny looked at her with shock and removed his hand from her body. she almost fell.

“Danny can we talk?
“We can’t” he walked past and met Celine
“Can we go now?
“Of course .. lets go.

Danny took her hand and they headed home..
“Did you meet Miranda?” Celine asked
” yes.
” did she talk to you.
” No….. I just walked past her
“Can u stay away from her
” sure… I will.
They arrived home, removed their cloths and walked into the shower. They sinked themselves in the foamy Jacuzzi, she kissed Danny and rested her bare foamy body on his ,Danny ran his fingers around her,He kissed her pretty lips Celine smiled and just held him sweetly closing her eye as she was tired.

Emma sat facing her system which was on the table, She wrapped a white towel around her chest.Henry kissed her neck from behind.
” Emma am with you but i miss you
” am sorry
” come on,it’s been 3 weeks and no intimacy
” sorry
Just then Emma smiled,her mail returned.she rushed up to the bed and sat beside Henry
” I got my mails back
“Open it” he said this untying her towel from her chest Emma freed her hands so he would remove it easily. He kissed into her neck. She smiled and opened victors message.

???? Emma the person who paid me to kill was Miranda millbert..

Emma paused the audio and pushed Henry’s lip out of her ni**le. She covered the towel and stood up.Henry sighed and fell on the bed.

She played the mail again
????miranda payed me to kill celine and i got Abigail confused as Celine so I killed abigail.Miranda is working with prosecutor Jones and she has plans to kill me. I decided to tell you the truth.
Emma smiled happily and fell on Henry in the bed

“I got my first evidence to convict miranda ,this week won’t pass her by
” that’s really good” Henry said untying the towel again Emma chuckled
” hey
” yes?
“That bad?
Henry smiled and removed the towel completely he switched off the light and sweet moans filled the air.

Early next morning

Celine rolled on the bed twice she couldn’t feel Danny she sat up

” Danny ?
Danny walked out with his fingers across his face,He dropped the pill container.
“Are you on pills?” He asked. Celine got shocked and speech less.
” Danny i can explain
” that’s why am still here
” Danny , well…….you see
” you can’t talk?
” Danny i don’t want you to think that am placing my carrier above us but i really can’t pregnant now.Danny I have not yet balanced and having a kid now will pull me down. am sorry can’t we leave it for next year?
Danny am just 21 I don’t need a kid now. it took me much to work on my body and I can’t just..
” you can’t just spoil it because of me ?
” Danny that’s not what I meant
” I hope you get to that level you want to get to celine ” He walked out.
“Danny you promised to stop leaving when you are angry,Danny!!!.

She fell on the pillow.
Are my enemies at work?I have a big show tomorrow now am fighting with Danny,there is no way I can concentrate,Miranda just won.
Lola walked in
“Madam you are late for training
“For what
“You have a bit contest tommorow,new Yorks top model
“Lola I can’t concentrate on that now ,cancel the training.. I can’t concentrate until I know what Danny’s is thinking right now
“But u might loose
“I will still loose,that guy right there is my inspiration,do you think I will win when am fighting with Danny?
Lola walked out.Celine grabbed her pillow
Danny I was wrong ,please come back lets talk this out.of you fight with me you are going to cost me so much.Danny , I just wish you Will understand.


Danny walked out of the shoot with Sandra ,they both strolled down.
“Are you going home sir
“I don’t know Sandra ,Celine got me angry
“Ok ,I will be heading to my hotel now
Both of them walked down together.Danny was about entering his car when someone called him.

” Daniel!!
He turned
” roshni?
She walked towards him,she has a very calm outlook and personality.she wore a simple make up ,They hugged each other.

” Danny what are you doing here?
Danny pointed at the bill board which was displaying him
” face of diamond skin?
Danny nodded
” wow that’s very big…. congrats
” what about you?
” I came to train am competing tomorrow
“New York’s top model?
” missed you
They hugged each other again and she relaxed both hands on his waist
” are u occupied?” Roshni asked
Danny checked his time
” come on ,you need to treat me
” I wanted to meet you too roshni
Roshni smiled dragged him into the nearby restaurant there guards followed,Sandra drove off.

Celine sat waiting for Danny on the bed with both hands on her face. Danny what will I do if you don’t return.
She took her phone and called Sandra
” Sandra
” where is Danny
“Well …
“Tell me
” he is with a friend
” wow ” she wiped her tears and held the phone away from her ear for a while
” sandra am asking you this because am really curious,can you please tell me exactly what kind of relationship she has with daniel?
” oh..they are just….friends
“Sandra please
“Well , She’s his mistress celine.
” I don’t ….
” they had been Like that for long, even while he dated jennifer he still saw her.
” but he said she was just a model
” well they fell in love with each other but couldn’t date because of distance so they just had fun each time they met,each respecting the others personal life and just like that , their relationship became a fling.nothing serious,purely sexual.
Celine started sweating,she moved her hair back with her hand
“But what about now Sandra,is he still seeing her
“No…they hadn’t met after he started dating you..
” but they never ended it too ,meaning she is still his wonder he didnt know what to say when I asked him.
“Celine calm down ,u have a major contest tommorow..u can’t look sad or fatigued.
“I don’t think I can even contest like this,I had a fight with Danny and he left. Now he is with his mistress whom he told me was a friend and he won’t pick my call.I wonder what he is doing right so scared.
Celine dropped the call and wiped her tears.just then the door opened and danny walked In,Celine was shocked.

” I told you I hate seeing you cry Celine
” Danny you …
” for leaving in the morning am sorry, listen I want to support you.we will make a baby when you want,I am not mad about that anymore.
Celine balanced both hands on the bed and faced the other side streaming tears, Danny squatted down facing her.
“What now ?” He asked her
” you lied to me ,you said she was just your model.
Danny removed his ring and wiped her tears
” am sorry , I am sorry I lied .
Celine turned
“But why did you meet her ,are you still seeing her ,is there something you like about her that you can’t teach me ?
Danny smiled.
“I met her ,for this .
He brought out his phone and played a recording.

???????? Danny won’t you order ,are not hungry
???????? roshni I really wanted to meet you so we can talk
???? tell me
???????? you see , you made me lie to the only woman I vowed never to lie to until I die,and because I lied to her I feel breathless.

???????? Danny
???????? roshni I can’t lie to celine, what ever I tell her must be the truth ,so let’s make it the truth.
???? what did you tell her?
???? that you are just a friend,you are just my model roshni.
???? Danny don’t…
???? roshni its been enough,lets remove the fling in our relationship, lets try being friends .I know our relationship as lovers couldn’t work out but what we became Is very dirty. Let’s just be friends roshni I beg you. I can’t cheat on this one.

???????? ok fine,Danny you win. The truth is I don’t care what I am to you ,am happy just as long as I can still reach you when I call , maybe not hold you when I want but reaching you when I need you is enough for me ,cos I love you Danny and I know you know first step to being friends ,why are you Moody?

Danny tried dropping the phone Celine held it tight.he chuckled

???????? that angel ,she doesn’t want to get pregnant but she didn’t tell me so I got hurt.
???????? pills or abortion
Celine smiled
????which ever one , she really loves you and if you really love her then stubborn kids shouldn’t be an issue ,you can make them any time. Love is understanding Daniel , never forget that

???????? ok fine, but I know I want a boy and two boys and 4 girls.

The recording dropped Celine smiled.
“Seriously Danny ,6 children?
Danny smiled
” I just mentioned the little you can manage
Celine smiled and kissed him
“Thank you for understanding me Danny
” Thank love
Celine smiled.
” Ok I feel hot ” Danny said, standing to his feet.
“Bath,I was cooking.
Danny walked out.
Celine rushed into the kitchen minutes later she placed the food on the bed and danny walked out. He dropped the red towel and wrapped the white one around his multi coloured short. Which was shortly / colourfully seductive . He smiled at the food. He’s long hair falling freely and partly wet.he hastily picked the knife smiling.
” shall we eat ?” He said picking the fork
“No Danny pray first
Danny chuckled
” hey?
” danny I never saw you pray
“Ok, close those eye.
Celine closed her eye tight Danny smiled
” dear God in heaven?
“Yes continue
” the thing is ,oh Lord , well we want to eat.
Celine laughed out, he used his hand to cover her mouth
“Sorry cont” Celine whispers
” dear Lord, don’t mind daniella but help her win tommorow.
” amen amen ride on Danny
” all the models shall make way for her” Danny added
“Hallelujah!!” Celine shouted.
Danny chuckled
“Ok amen” he forced the food into his mouth.
Celine smiled and kissed him as he chewed sweetly,Danny chuckled
” that was the cutest prayer I ever heard
Danny smiled and fed her,she ate frowning and signaling him that she was full
Danny nodded
” Danny have you never prayed in your life?
“Well …. well , I have nothing to ask for .
“Wha…… what?
“Sorry,I will change”
Celine smiled
” ahhh you are too cute
Danny chuckled.
Soon he was done eating
Celine dropped the plate by the side and watched Danny fall on the bed just what she was waiting for
” Danny i need inspiration to walk tomorrow
” read your bible
“No, I need the sexual type of inspiration.
” No ,I just prayed, I won’t sin.
” Danny If I ……
“No, the bible said fornication is a sin
Celine smiled and pulled out her gowm from her head , she seductively dropped it and wrapped her hand round her chest
” Danny shift I want to lie down
Danny chuckled
” please let’s sin
Celine smiled
” No am a good Christian girl.

He pulled her into his arms and wrapped the bed cover around them .laughter filled the air until moans took over.

” hahaha Danny penetrate, why are you playing with me
” I just remembered that the wages of sin is death.
Celine laughed out then moaned sweetly.
” oh Danny ..I love you.
Danny kissed her deeply and rode her all the way to spiritual catwalk inspiration.

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 19????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????


Celine sat back stage with Lola as they edited her make up.

“I love you so much Celine ” was what she heard ,she looked around.she looked at Lola

” Lola did you say you love me
“No,but I love you
Celine smiled
“Dont worry ,I must be hearing things.

” I love you
Celine smiled and deeped her fingers into he ear she felt an earbud.she remembered when danny was playing around with her ear this morning. She smiled

” Danny
Danny chuckled
” danny where are you?
” am in the Hall
” which me luck
” good luck
Celine chuckled , her make up artist looked in her face

” are you okay madam
” yes please

Soon her make up was done she got dressed.

Back in the hall Danny sat with Jennifer
” Jennie you didnt compete
” am lazy
Danny smiled as they looked on stage.
” Mira is really out for this” Jennie said
“She always wanted this ” Danny said in a dull mood
” may the best model win
Danny smiled
” that’s the watch word.

Just then someone came on stage with the Mic.


everybody clapped.


the crowd shouted

Mc smiled



The bikini she chose was wow ,her cat walk was excellent ,her show was lit. Her smile was enchanting. Minutes later she turned and walked inside.

Miranda walked out ,the crowd shouted. Her cat walk was amazing and perfect.her bikini was awesome.her heels sharp and her smiles seductive. Daniella Daniel I won’t cheat in this show ,I just want to show you that I am better than you.” She said to herself.

Minutes later Miranda walked in

???? Miss JEWEL MAKIATO. jewel walked out ,only her catwalk killed the show . She walked down and posed smiling.she turned around and walked out.she wore a yellow bikini.

???? Miss DANIELLA DANIEL.the crowd screamed so much that the m.c almost fell.Celine walked out.she wore a black bikini pant and bra with a long cooperate jacket. Designers where taking pictures ,her combination of lingerie and coperate got them crazy. She walked down, her catwalk was legit.she heard Danny’s voice again
” hey
She smiled happily and took a pose ,she looked for him with her eye
” I love you , I love you more than this world.
Celine smiled and turned , she walked out .cameras where still flashing. Other models took the stage.

Daniella Daniel storms the show wearing a bikini with a coperate jacket and shoe , designers are still going crazy.and Vera cruise sent a comment.
” Daniella Daniel exposed the true beauty of fashion .teaching us designers another beautiful lesson.May fashion lead ” yes and that was vera’s comment.

” Miranda Milbert has found herself a real challenge. but die hard fans said ” come rain come storm, no model alive other than crisella valera can walk better than Miranda Milbert.Daniella has the attitude but not the walk.” Yes and that was from a die hard fan of Miranda millbert.” Daniella has the attitude but not the walk.

” Daniella Daniel has been recorded to have the most beautiful smile on stage , the ex new York top model dropped a comment.”on stage , Daniella smiles like the world is not her problem,like an angel ,she’s so ethereal.#respect ” and that was a word from Ariana dehlegad., ex new York’s top model.

” the show still continues,May the bezt model win.


Celine already changed into her second outfit.
” don’t you want to see me ” danny said.
She smiled
“Where are you
” open your door.
She opened the door to her dressing room and there he was.she looked left and right and dragged him into her room and locked the door.
” you did wonders
” did you see that comment , uhmmm I have the attitude but not the walk.
“U can’t impress everyone ,ok you won’t believe someone was said i was ugly,just to make me feel bad.Me ugly? isn’t that an obvious lie? I looked in my mirror and i was like ” to hell with my love, believe in yourself. even if you don’t win believe that you are the best.I want you to walk like the world is under your feet,walk like that stage is yours… it’s really yours. ” Celine smiled. Danny kissed her carrying her up into his arms

” Danny you finished my lip gloss
Danny smiled
” did i
“Now your lips are red, wait
She kissed him again. And pecked his lips
” I love you
” I love you too , win and come back home .am waiting for you
Celine smiled and nodded.
” am leaving.” Danny waved at her and walked out.
Celine stood facing her mirror ” I have the attitude and not the walk ? nonsense, to hell with haters. ” she said to herself.

Back on stage the moderator came up again

” that was it , now we have only 5 runner ups. Out of 20 contestants only 5 made it to the second stage of the competition.this stage is also the last.

First name on my list is
#Miranda millbert. ” Miranda walked out every body screamed.she stroke a sweet pose and waved like a model.

” SECOND IS NO ONE ELSE BUT ROSHNI MALHOTRA. ” ROSHNI walked out ,her outfit sweet.she stroke a pose and waved like a model. everybody clapped.

” the third name on my list is no one else but jewel MAKIATO. ” jewel walked out smiling with her hands on her heart. She stroke a pose and smiled. Everyone screamed.

” coming up 4th is no one else but Lenora Thompson.

Everybody screamed. As she took the stage .her catwalk was wow.

” and the last but not the list is no one else but Daniella Daniel. Celine walked out and took the stage . She waved like a model.
But she was moody.was she really the last on the list ,then what’s her hope of wining this competition.maybe she really has the attitude and not the that’s not the best and this stage is hell with haters.

The stage parted ,each model had their own space. Celine looked at the crowd looking at her. She looked to her left and saw jewel to her right was Lenora.thank God Miranda was far away. She used her eye to count the distance she would walk before turning.

???? all set?…… go girls.

The five models stormed out in perfection. Celine catwalked perfectly ,she had almost gone half way.her catwalk was hot and perfect. Danny kept her company by taking to her. she kept smiling. She thought about her moment with Danny and smiled while walking.She remembered all her moments with Danny she walked faster without even looking to the floor .She wanted to go home quickly to Danny.She heard faint screams she decided to look at the floor.

Jennifer was screaming , everybody shouted.most people fell down from their chair in fear. People where screaming.

Celine got scared she looked at the the crowd everybody was shivering scared.

Jewel was on the floor , ROSHNI took two steps backward out of fear. Lenora ran out . Celine didnt even know what was going on until she looked to the floor and almost was like she was in the middle of ocean sharks where swimming with speed. And she was the only model who didn’t shiver or fall she had already walked half way. Danny is that why you kept talking to me , I love you. ” she said to herself as She looked at the floor it was so scary but she had gone halfway. just then it changed back to normal everyone started laughing it was a wallpaper. Danny thank you for occupying my mind , assuming I looked down I sure u must have fallen. Oh gosh . She walked further and turned that was when she saw Miranda. It was only her and Miranda who didn’t fall. That was when their eye met for the first time since the competition.both of them turned and walked back.they posed and waved like models.

The m.c took his Mic.

???????? wow it was a tough competition. Finally its over and our judges are getting the results ready.let’s wait and see.

Celine stood still quietly .

” what are you thinking about ?” Danny asked she smiled.

Finally the m.c took his Mic again.


The results are out she the ex new York top model will announce it.

He walked out and she took the stage.
???? am honoured to be given this opportunity.I have only one name here. ” Miranda Milbert.” Miranda smiled widely . ” am sorry but you need to leave this stag, Congrats Daniella Daniel. Every body stood up clapping.Celine smiled out of tears. Miranda angrily stormed out of the stage.
Celine was crowned.She posed and waved like a model

” congrats ” danny said
“I love you ” Celine she waved to the of her where taken from every angle.they gave her the Mic

” thank you so much ,I am honored.

She dropped the Mic and cameras where flashing.She walked back stage. Minutes after the show she got dressed and walked out with Danny … The crowd was shouting. They walked down the red carpet and they entered their car.

Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 20 to 22
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 14 to 16

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