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Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 20 to 22

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 23 to 25
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 17 to 19

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 20????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????



Gretel stormed into the living room dancing. Her mum was facing a glass of wine

” mum!!!!
” why shouting
“Daniella Daniel won
“New York’s top model
” wow!!
Her dad walked in she hugged him
” dad
“Daniella Daniel won
“Yes ,new York’s top model
“Wow congrats,ciara u must be proud of her.
Mrs Hoffman smiled and wiped her tears.

“Mom what’s wrong
“Something entered my eye.
” Really
“Ok. Sorry
“Uhmmm had you heard from Daniel gret
“No am busy with exams ,I will call him later.
“Can you call him now ,I miss his voice.
“But u call your son 4 Times in a day ,what changed?
“Just call him ,please
“Sure mum.

Gretel called Danny who was on celines chest forming sleep.

” Danny your phone is ringing
“I can’t hear it am sleeping
Celine laughed.
” when will you grow up
“I can’t even hear what you said
“Ok ,take your phone,I Wont run away. you will lie on my chest i promise!
Danny stood and up and picked his phone celine smiled as he lay back in his formal position.

He picked the call.

” hey cup cake.
Gretel chuckled as her mum asked her to increase the volume

” Danny u didn’t call me
“Are you ok
Danny smiled and nodded
” you are with someone,who is it?
“Come closer so I can whisper.
Gretel removed her phone from speaker her mum dragged her long hair smiling

“Tell me ,its a secret
” am with Daniella
“You got your memory
“Yes totally
Gretel screamed so much that her dad came down .
“I love you and I will call you back.
“Ok.. waiting.
Gretel dropped her phone and jumped on her dad then she hugged her mum.

“What now?
“Dad, mom. Danny got his memory back
” what ?
” Yes and right now he is with Celine ,God did it
She hugged her dad again ciara wiped her tears
“Mum what keeps entering your eye
“Sand…… dust
” dad did you know Daniella was Celine
“What about you mum
“Yes I did.
“Finally am so happy. I love you. She kissed both of them and rushed into the maids room.

Mrs Hoffman dropped her glass of water it broke and she fell on it.Her hands bled.Her hubby squatted facing her

“Am a monster Carl
“I know.
She smiled and tears streamed he hugged her
“What did I do. Danny will never forgive me.Gretel will never forgive me. I deceived my son twice,broke his heart twice.he trusted me and I failed him twice.I ruined celine’s life Carl. I did so many things. I just really wanted her away from my son.my hatred for commoners really ate me up. Danny doesn’t pick my calls anymore and I miss him. I normally call him 4 times a day but i hadn’t heard from him in wks and its slimming me down cos Danny is too fragile. I need to know when he is cold or hot , sick or pained . I need to know when he has headache or stomach pain or lost his appetite. I miss him so much.I miss our closeness. I miss his disturbing calls ” mum I called to tell you that your son is feeling little neck pain,I think I slept wrongly ,what should I do?…. I miss everything ,I miss him Carl. I want to apologize cos am sorry. I miss my son please.
She hugged her hubby tight.

Gretel sat in Celine’s bed in the maids room all the maids sat on the floor facing her

” hey cuties ,guess what
” what?” Emily asked
” do you daniella Daniel?
“Yes” Mary shouted
“Why not” Emily said
“Love her” Mildred added.
Well daniella Daniel is Celine
“Its true.” Gretel said

All the maids hugged each other smiling.

“Now do u want to see her?
Gretel faced the projector in their room and paced a video call to Celine.
Minutes later Celine picked the call and her room showed.She sat on the bed with Danny in between her legs and her back on the pillow.She connected the call to the wall screen

” sweetheat” she said
Gretel smiled
” Daniella look up.
Celine turned to the screen and shouted .all the maids where looking at her in tears .She stood up from the bed and walked closer to the screen.She wrapped her hands across her chest. And started crying Quietly.Danny stood up and wrapped his arms around her celine cried her eye out. Emily shed tears.

” you made it ,you look pretty” Emily said crying. Celine cried more and more
” he’s with you now ,don’t ever let him go ” mary said wiping her tears
Celine nodded
“I won’t… I swear… i must marry him ” celine said crying.
Danny wiped her tears
“Look at your hair ? its prettier,your hair,your house , you . everything is pretty. you are no longer a commoner Celine not a commoner.” Mildred said crying
Celine nodded and wiped her tears.
“No am not ,am no longer a commoner , am a top model ” she dried her tears” I have a house and a car too.also I live with Danny and I have a very big swimming pool.it’s really pretty.very pretty. I have everything I ever dreamed of ,everything.” Celine said wiping her tears. Gretel didn’t even know when she started crying.

” we love you Celine.but now our world’s are different.we will miss you
“I love you all and don’t worry I am coming for you,all of you.
I can’t forget you,you where my life.” She turned and hugged Danny her tears got His shirt wet.Danny held her tight.Gretel dropped the call.

” Celine
She hugged him tight crying.
” I love you.
He hugged her tight.
Minutes later celine balanced on her bed and paced a call to her manager .

” Ella
” do it now.do it all.
” but it will really cost you so much Daniella
“Thats why I waited till I got enough money.do it now,I don’t care of you run me dry.
Celine dropped the call and hugged Danny.

” you really love them
” Yes,so much.they kept me going.they helped Me love u.

Danny picked his phone.

” I need to….go.
He stood up
” go to…. where ? ” celine asked he smiled.
” get some files for my dad.
“Ok..let’s go
Danny nodded and Celine got dressed .they walked out.

” which car
“Lets trek a bit
Danny held his heart
“Ever since I became rich I miss trekking” Celine said
“Am not allowed to trek” Danny said
Celine smiled and dragged him out.
” we will trekk a bit, you hear?
“Celine You will get arrested
“I shouldn’t trek.
Celine smiled and they walked out. their car followed . the street was beautiful
“Danny Dont you like it?
Danny turned his phone to her face.security team was calling Celine smiled
” are you Gold
Danny smiled and picked his call he put it on speaker

” sire , where are you going to on foot?
” who ? Me ? Foot? Hah. Not me , am in the hotel.
Celine smiled
” you are currently walking past saint charles hospital , it is not safe Daniel. You shouldn’t be seen in public for your safety
” Yes i heard
“If you keep trekking we will have no choice than to abduct you by force
” ok 30 minutes
“Fine ..if you trek for more than that we will call your dad
“Ok, whatever __bye.

Danny dropped the call and turned to celine
“We have 30 minutes ,lets run
Celine nodded and they both ran off laughing. The crowd kept talking pictures. People screamed their names. Their guards followed up both on foot and in their car.

They both saw Celine displaying on the bill board of new York’s top model.they stopped to watch.just then a kid walked out with his mum and sister.the kid was cute

” Danny ,am sure you looked like that when you where little” Celine said
Danny smiled.
Just then the kid pointed a finger at him. Danny his behind celine
” hey, why is that little toy pointing at me ?” He asked Celine who laughed happily.
” Danny maybe he likes you.
“No ,he’s scary.

Just then the kid tapped his mum

” mum ,why Is that girl wearing a man’s cloth, my teacher said that’s wrong.” The kid said pointing at Danny Celine started laughing at Danny .

” jeez, how can he think i am a girl, what a stupid kid.” Danny said placing both hands on his waist.
“Danny don’t worry ,his mum will correct his mistake
Danny nodded smiling.

The woman touched her sons hair
” don’t mind her ,she must a tum-boy.
Danny almost fainted
” ahhh his mother is crazy, this is the height of it,I am cutting my hair.
Celine laughed at him again as he sticked out a tongue to the little kid.the boy sticked out a tongue to him , Celine laughed ,she was so happy.

both of them entered their car.Danny lifted his phone mirror to his face.celine turned his face and kisses him he smiled

” Danny ,are you Still sad
“Yes, the kid really said am a girl.
Celne laughed
“Keep making it worse.” Danny said and frustratingly scattered his hair all over his face.
Celine smiled
” Danny its ok.
” his mum just be blind right ? I mean, look at my face. look into my eyes, deep Into my eyes and tell me huh.. .do I look like a girl?.
” No
” you are not looking into my eye.
Celine looked into his eye
” tell me now
” truthfully you look like a girl…sorry boy
Danny fainted on the chair
Celine smiled amd dragged him up

” don’t worry ,I Will just call Mr king.I don’t trust women.he placed a call

” hello danny
“King, are you okay
” Yes…I actually got a new hairstyle for you to try out
“Well , so you can stop looking like a girl
Danny fainted. Celine started laughing,Danny had totally made her day.
” Danny
” don’t call me,I fainted.
Celine Chukled,soon they arrived where he was suppose to meet the man.Danny opened the car door and closed it back.

” what now?
He kissed her slowly then unlocked
Celine smiled as he finally opened the door and they walked out.

” so who is this man
” someone who is in contract with dad.
“Oh ok
Soon they arrived celne was shocked to see her father.she hid behind Danny’s back.

” Celine?, Celine what are you doing here?” her dad asked
“Me celine, no my name is kareena kapoor.
Her dad laughed he threw his wallet at her. She looked at her fathers guards and hastily grabbed a sit.

” dad ,when did you come
” well yesterday,we are building a tree house for the presidents daughter,Gretel Hoffman fell in love it so am discussing the terms with mr Hoffman.. I need to give his son some files.
“Ok dad ” Celine said and hugged him tight
” why are you with Danny Hoffman Celine?
” well dad,He is my boyfriend. Danny. ” celine smiled widely and Danny nodded proudly arranging his shirt.
The man looked at Danny for a while.
” lina , couldn’t you find a man?
“Dad shhh…….
” but he looks like a gir…
” Dad!!!!!!!!
Celine held her laughter and looked at Danny , Danny was now stammering
” Dad , …. am very masculine….. I have the strength …of a, of a ….. thousand army , Celine tell him.
Celine started laughing.

“No am not in support of this marriage.a girl can’t marry a girl. You won’t give me a bouncing baby boy.

Danny fell flat on the chair

” just kill me let me die. ” he said Celine started laughing again.

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 21????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience ????


Celine dragged Danny up and he sat properly.

” dad , here are the files.the information about the agent who is going to pay you here in New York is right here ” Danny said opening the file.

Celine looked around and noticed how the girls and women there where looking at Danny’s face.

” omg is he a man
” Jeez he is so cute
” is that his eye
“Omg I feel like courting him.

Celine gave them a killer glare but they wont stop looking at Danny as he tucked his into his ear and marked some files.

” I need to stop looking he’s getting me dripping

” did you see his height when he was standing

” omg that figure

” where did this girl find my Mr perfect.

” and those eyes
” that nose
“Those lips

Celine turned to face Danny

” Daniel
“My love
She used her handkerchief to cover his face then she held it there
” Celine
” you are too handsome , just stay like this.
Danny chuckled sweetly.
” but i can’t breath.
” oh really.
She glared at the women again and removed the handkerchief from his face

” don’t look at them
” I won’t.

Danny Turned to her dad and carefully moved his hair into his ear again.

” dad as I was saying ,Gretel has a house in New York,she bought few months ago close to her boyfriends house
” Mr Staffords residence
“No simeons personal house.
” yes,that’s where she wants the tree house
“Ok,my team will start work
“Ok thanks.

Danny turned and took Celine’s hand

” let’s go
“Yea…. dad goodbye
“See you soon
” bye Daniel
“Bye dad.

They both strolled out. All the women turned Celine used both hands to cover Danny’s face Danny smiled.

“My crazy girlfriend
Celine smiled.
Soon they entered their car.

” where to ,let’s go swimming?” Danny said
“No never.
Danny smiled
” jealousy
“No am not jealous
” but you almost blinded my eye
“I was protecting your skin from Sun Burns .

Danny kissed her lips sweetly tracing his fingers into her back Celine smiled against his kiss and they kissed for minutes.


Miranda Drank herself to stupor while In her Jacuzzi.

I can’t belive I lost to Celine.
I can’t belive Celine is better than i am
I am so embarrassed,I hate embarrassment the most. Why didn’t I stop when I still could.
Why did I let what I felt for Daniel control me.

Being a model since 17,I had been under a strict no dating policy so I just had fun.but Daniel, He made me want more. I love him.he made me love him. To him it was just sex but to me it was more. I had sex but being with Danny was so different. Even that night he didn’t treat me like a girl he had a night stand with ,he held me like a woman he cared about. Covered me when he thought I looked cold ,set my bath after sex,he was so caring why Wont i want him to be mine alone. Why didn’t Danny fall
in love with me. Am i not pretty ,was I not kind.it was Danny that turned Me into a monster.I love him but he rejected my love ,why?

Now I didnt loose only Danny I lost more. Daniella wants to make me a laughing stock. Someone please punish Danny for making me fall for him so badly. So badly.I just want Danny. I still want Danny.

She wiped her tears and smashed her bottle of wine .kira rushed in.

” Madam
“Get out
” madam pull yourself together, it was just one crown. There are still many shows in New York tour.what about miss world, what about best design award, if you are the MODEL of the designer who wins , Thats more fame and U know Victoria must use you for sure. There are so many opportunities to top Daniella. Don’t do this.

Miranda stood up from the water and walked out. She didn’t even care if the glass she broke was hurting her feet. She was in so much agony

Emma sat with her team.

” ok , its time lets go and arrest Miranda Milbert ” Emma said.
” emma I don’t think you have collected enough evidence” Henry said
” how?
” only a voice mail ? Do u think that is enough to convict Miranda milbert ? You keep forgetting who her father is.

” that’s true Emma, the court can always rule that recording as fake , its not enough madam we need more.the strongest evidence we can use on Miranda I that murder weapon.it has her prints,even her father won’t save her.

” hmmmm
” remember any evidence you use to arrest someone will be counted as null and void if that person goes free.. if we use this evidence to arrest Miranda , she will still go free after 24 hours cos this evidence is too small to get us a court hearing… and the evidence will be wasted.

” ok guys,let’s investigate deeper. That murder weapon Miranda used to stab Danny ,I need it.
“Ok.we are still investigating.

Emma headed out.Miranda I don’t have time to waste on you. I need you in prison so I can focus on Kelvin.

Emma headed out to Miranda house. It’s time I searched for that weapon myself.
Soon Emma arrived.she Walked about the woods behind Mirandas house.she traced Mirandas window and looked down into the water . She tried dipping her fingers when she saw the knife.unluckily for her the most important part of the knife was deeper into the water.(the handle).

Emma picked it up and slipped it into her bag..
She looked around for a while then she walked out…
Emma arrived at the cia she gave the knife to the forensic expert.

He ran feel simple tests

” Emma you found this inside water right.
” yes
” it’s hopeless Miranda’s prints are washed out, only Danny’s prints can be traced.
” really
” although there Is hope, I will keep trying.
” Ok.
“I will call you

Emma entered her car and headed home.

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 22????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by #moreexperience .????


nx morning

Celine took a quick bath against her meeting with Vera . She wore a red singlet and picked her jacket. She wore a jean short skirt.she sat facing Danny on the bed as she packed her hair

” good morning.” Danny Said. sitting up with his back against the pillow.
Celine smiled and kissed him.
” I love you.
Danny chuckled and lifted his phone with One hand,he received a text from king

✉Danny the rumours are starting again
✉I told you I will handle it tonight
✉ what exactly do you want go do
✉ I will ………

” Danny who are you texting ?
“No one important” he raised the other free hand to her br**st from the singlet.

” did you wear this braless?” he asked circling his thumb on her ni**le .
Celine nodded
” yes I did , stop that , its tickling.
“No, I don’t want to ” he deeped his hands under the singlet and pressed softly celine chuckled .
” Danny I will beat you
” sorry” He said and removed his hand then faced his phone Celine smiled and applied her lip gloss.

” am hungry” Danny said, dropping his phone and shooting his blue eyes into hers
” I am cooking for you ,just wait a bit.
” no, no, no. Am hungry for that” he pointed a finger and stared into her eye
Celine smiled
” who spoilt you danny?
Danny chuckled
” come closer
Celine nodded.
” am all yours ” she smiled and sat on him
” I love you, ” he said as he brushed his fingers to her sweet waist and gently raised them to her breast.
Celine chuckled
” but am late for …….
He frowned his face
“Ok……” She smiled then used her finger to pull out one hand of her red singlet, she pulled down exposing one br**st . She carefully removed her hair and kept it behind . She moved closer to him .
Danny smiled and leaned in he sucked her sweetly.Celine smiled wordlessly as she removed his hair from his sight . she tilted her face back and moaned quietly. It was the perfect moment as he wholefully sucked her playfully.

He unlocked and carefully pulled down the other one. he took her ni**le into his mouth then he licked around the sides . He licked under her br**st carefully then he sucked on her ni**le again.

” danny am glad you chose your own morning food Cos I Wont cook again ” Celine said as she teased her fingers under his lips. Danny smiled and bit her finger with his teeth she laughed out.

Danny lifted his face . She brushed her finger into his hair and moved him closer to continue He chuckled and continued sucking her sweetly.

Just then lola opened the door and walked in . Both of them looked up in shock. Celine hastily lifted her singlet to cover her chest Danny smiled and leaned backward.
Lola looked at them innocently

” madam what are you doing?” Lola asked Celine with a very serious face
” how old Is she?” Danny whispered to Celine.
” Danny she’s a kid.
Danny fell back laughing.
” Lola I was …. well we was…..
” she was excersing Lola, sitting exercise.but don’t try this at home” Danny said
Lola nodded
” sorry for barging in madam but Vera is getting angry.
“Dont worry am coming out now.
” ok

Lola walked out and still looked back at them

“Exercising ” she said to herself.

Celine laughed and fell on top of Danny
” madam what are you doing?” Danny asked her.
” I was breastfeeding my boyfriend “Celine repiled
Danny chuckled.
” crazy one
” thank God she believed you, i dont want to spoil Lucious’s only daughter.
” your manager?
” why her… she’s too little.
” Salvador wanted someone I can trust and be safe with,you know I was too naive then.
“How old
” don’t worry, Gretel is already getting romanced not to talk of this one who is in the middle of mo dels.
Celine smiled
” Danny , how did you know Gretel got romanced
” she told Me her boyfriend was romantic
” Danny you are crazy
Danny smiled

her phone rang , she looked at the caller and used her hand to cover her mouth. She hastily pulled her singlet well.

” Danny i have to go , vera is waiting
” whaaaaaat! Heaven knows you won’t leave me like this
“Sorry , am really late.
” but i have a live show tonight, I need inspiration.
Celine smiled
” I will inspire you when I come back, just the way you like it…huh? Can I go now?
” she cheated me sexually” Danny said and fell on his pillow.

Celine smiled and and wore her jacket
” Danny better don’t go out ” she said rushing out.
“Am going out ,I need to practice plus picking Sandra up .the crazy girl spoilt her car. I have given that girl like hundreds cars jeez.

Celine came back

” you , you are going out.
“Yes sure.
” hah! ” she exclaimed and dropped her hand bag.
” hah what?
” Danny , come and have sex.
Danny started laughing
“I am serious” she took off her jacket
” just continue from you paused.
Danny chuckled
” i cant belive she doesn’t trust me.
“Jeez nooo, that’s not it. I trust you very much but….
” you are scared I would go out and pick a girl
“Noo I wanted to say a girl will pick you but since you already said it yourself….
” Celine!!!!” Danny shouted out of frustration
Celine laughed out.
” you think I don’t have control , do you know how many women I resisted all my life. See don’t mind the press, I have never been into women before. Celine trust me, I am a very faithful husband and i am not easily moved Seriously.Infact!!!!, am not going out anynore.
Celine smiled and jumped up happily , she rushed out.

Danny picked his bible and faced the t.v.
” life of a changed play boy “he said mentally.

Maids room,Hoffman’s house

Emily stormed into the maids room
” guess what guys
” what
” I can finally go to college
” the school called Me and I was informed that my fee and every other payment for my complete 5 years has been cleared out.
” What
” also ,my house,feeding,transportation has been taken care off.I don’t even need a roommate.
” oh my God

” all I have to do ,all I have to do is go to school.all I have to do is go to school.

They hugged each other just then Mary broke her phone after reading a text.

” I won’t be a maid anymore
” what
“My fathers debt , the unpayable debt.the same debt that shattered my dream, the same debt that took our house from us.the same debt that turned my dad cripple out of thoughts. My fathers debt has been payed Emily. Our house is back. He still has enough balance to train me in school.all our seized property’s had returned and as it stands now my dad has started treatment in his legs.my dad is going to walk soon.

All of the hugged each other.

Mildred received a call that changed her life.

” my mom Is going to get surgery guys
“Someone payed for her surgery, she won’t die any more.she has been flied outside the country finally she is going to wake up and claim all our wealth and property my uncle’s seized… it was her sickness that made me a pauper,if she can finally get better. We will claim back our wealth.

They all hugged each other.

” its all her ,its all celine
” Got bless her.

The hugged each other.


Celine received a call as she was trying out veras latest fashion.

” luscious
” lina it is done. I really spent
alot of money ,in other not to run you Dry I had to collect money from both your dad mum.
” it’s all good.
” alot of money has been removed from your account Celine,you have gone below your limit and I don’t like it. All the shoots you canceled because u want to stay home alone smooching with Danny, I had signed them up again. Go start your diet,hit the gym… you will be very busy from Monday. You need to replace the money you spent on those maids.it was a huge amount Ella meaning more hard work,more stress.
“Luscious you keep forgetting something
” what
” Danny Hoffman is my boyfriend.
” Oh jeez……. girls
” how much did you remove ,if it’s paining you just text danny ,gretel ,mr Hoffman, my dad, Salvador. They will send the money back. This girl can’t stress herself like that anymore, that was before when I lost Danny ,not now. Luscious money is not my problem ok
” Ok ,am glad you are happy that your account is falling below limit…life of a billionaires girlfriend.
Celine laughed and dropped the call.


Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 23 to 25
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 17 to 19

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