July 27, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 26

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❤Hidden Beauty❤


~~~joy’s p.o.v

“hold on a little bit”
I said to the driver of my car with a lot of hurts in my voice.
“sorry ma’am” he bowed slightly.
I quickly wipe my tears with the back of my palms before telling him to continue driving.
The car approach the magnificent building and then opened sideways by itself since its a smart door.

“I’m I still crying???
I asked the guard sitting beside me.
“aaah no but your face,it looks like you’re sad” he whispered.
“permit me ma’am” he said and brought out a clean handkerchief, he used it on my eyes.
“thanks” I replied and opened the car door before he would do.

“you’re okay” he asked,I nodded and turned to the direction of the main door only to see Mrs Ashton standing beside the main door.
I looked away slightly and and put on a fake smile.

“Shantel,don’t fake it!!!!
she caught me.
“I’m not faking anything….. its just that I went to see my…..” I starmmered.

Now,I lost it again.
I burst into tears,I try to hold it back but I find myself crying more and more.

she called emotionally and rush to me.

“why the tears?!? she asked in a soft tone but the soft tone quickly got replaced by anger.

“what did you do to my daughter????.
She faced her guards who did nothing other than bowing…

“can’t you speak????
“did the cat got your tongues???
“did you turn deaf over night???
“Are,your mouths paining you????
“don’t bow to me,speak to me!!!!!!!
she shouted at her guards.

“mom stop!!!!!!
I held her back, she didn’t answer.
if I should continue hearing her shouting, I’m very sure I will pass out.I left her and walk into the mansion.
I got to my room and bolted the door.

“what do I do????
I uttered solemly as my legs dangled.
“my phone!!!!
I pick it up and went to that same what’s app group chat and read the previous chats.

Too bad the video was posted on the students web page.
Just 3hours and it had gotten 11million views.
I click on the comment section and read many heartbreaking comments.

☎ awwww they look cute together.
☎ just so cute!!!!
☎ I can’t believe this,Selena is a bitch,she’s taking Joy’s place!!!!!

☎ ooooh my,I wish am the Selena right there!!!! I read many comments till I was bitter enough.

I was,about dropping my phone when another message buzzed it,it was from prosper.

???? you see it now!!!!
it has happened!!!
“do you think am an enemy for always trying to separate you and willy?????
“I told you earlier that he’s not the right person!!!
I read what he sent.

I pull away my mask and shattered it on the floor.

???? baby, its not too late to take the rightful path!!! he sent again.

Anger hovered in me.
“so what’s the rightful way???
I sent,calmness in my voice,but my face is a perfect description of a angry beauty with brains.

I waited for a while,prosper didn’t reply ..

???? Tell me what’s the rightful way???
I sent again.

???? I’m the rightful way” he sent.

I let out a cute smile and click on the messaging space bar.

???? Prosper,its not every time one needs to speak with everybody cuz we have fools and stupid idiots inside that same everybody!!!
Fools like you,.
stupid idiots like you….
Beasts who have lesser senses,.
lunatics that always forget to use their senses,.Same lunatics that do keep their senses under their shoes…

“you’re not worth loving!!!!
“You’re not a friend but a black sheep that doesn’t worth living with!!!
I sent the messages and then switch off my phone.

I really can’t talk to anybody for now.
I opened the mini freezer in my room and brought out a bowl of ice cream since that’s what I take each time am heart broken.
I scoop many into the plastic spoon and was,about taking it to my mouth when someone knock at my door.

I left the ice cream and went for it.
it was mom with three maids behind her back.

“shantel!!!! she called softly and stroke my hair..
“promise me you won’t be sad!
“promise me you will always be happy!!!
“promise me you will protect yourself from the evils that call their selves men;;;;
she said,looking straight into my eyes.

I saw the resemblance.
it’s just so clear and I know am only beautiful because of this woman.

“mom,I promise!!!! I whispered.
“you called me mom!!! she smiled and hugged me.
“yes!!! I nod and shut my eyes.
A sharp image of the cute willy appeared in my memory.I break away from the hug and went back to my ice cream.

“she can keep your company!
mom said and ordered one of the maids to stay with me inside.
She started cracking jokes but I won’t still smile.

Williamson’s cute appearance is really disturbing me.
I don’t even know why I like loving too much!!!!!

“I love him


“is this really joy’s message???
I asked while still reading the message over and over again.

“prosper, you’re not worth loving,a monster is even more better than you’re!!!!
that part really got me.
She’s sounding like she’s still in love with William.

“what’s it again!!!!
the door open only to reveal Selena in a black jogger and a very short yellow top.On her feet are a pair of black boots.

“what’s happening????
“you should be happy we did this!!
Selena said,making big bangs to recreate in my memory.

“shut up!!!! I inflicted my angers on her,she flinch back in fear.
“prosper!!!! she called softly and back hugged me with her slender fingers trailing down my apical nerves.

“Selena,everything is getting worst!
“so worst that we need to try another thing because it seems willy and joy will get more close!!!!

“Joy is not from a poor home anymore,she’s freakingly wealthy as we speak….

if they should come together again,
She will make Williamson more rich.

“Do you even know who Nuella Asthon is??????
I asked,she kept quiet and couldn’t say anything.

Now,we need to start making them hate their selves…..
If possible,we can kill willy!!!!

“can you do it????
I asked her.

“aaaahhhh,I don’t think I can!
she replied,making my jaws to drop down.

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