August 3, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 27

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❤Hidden beauty❤

Chapter 27

Selena’s POV
I watched as his mouth dropped open.
“What did you say?”he said
“I said I can’t”I said
“Why not?”he said
“Selena,don’t you want to split them up?”
“Yes,but why does it have to be William we kill?”
“We can’t kill Joy because I want her”
“Well,we can’t kill William because I want him. There has to be another way to split them forever”
“There is no other way. You have to kill him or they will be together. You can find someone else.”
I sighed and said
“Okay. When do you want it done?”
“As soon as possible. If possible,today”
“How do I do this?”
“I don’t know. Anyhow. But he should be dead by today”
“Fine”I said and headed out

Joy’s POV
Williamson walked into an alley and I followed him.
“Joy! You came!”he said
“What did you want to tell me?”I asked
“I wanted to tell you that…..”
Suddenly,there was the sound of a gunshot and a hole in William’s chest.
“William!”I screamed. He fell to the ground and I caught sight of his killer. From the body structure,I could tell it was a woman. A young woman. She dropped the gun and ran away. I held Williams and cried and cried and cried until I woke up.
I breathed heavily as I realized it was just a dream. I had this terrible feeling that Williams was in trouble and I couldn’t shake it off. But I don’t care,right? I went downstairs and took a bottle of cold water and drank some of it. The feeling grew stronger and and stronger until I couldn’t take it anymore. Let me just check on him. I dressed up and went outside to meet mom standing at the doorway.
“Shantel!”she said”Where are you going to in such a hurry”
“I just need to check on Williamson”I said and bit my lip. I shouldn’t have said that.
“The same boy you were crying over?”she said “No”
“But I have this feeling that he’s in trouble”
“Shantel. It’s just something that will pass,okay?”
“Okay”I said and went back to my room. I dozed off and had the same dream again. I woke up,sweating heavily. No,Williamson is definitely in trouble. I grabbed my bag and sneaked out. I can’t let anything happen to him. It will be on my head if something does because I was warned.

Williamson’s POV
I heard a knock at the door. I opened the door to see a nervous Selena.
“What are you doing here,you witch?”I spat
“I met Joy on the road and she said I should give this to you. That’s she coming here and that you should drink it before she comes”
I looked at the thing. It was a bottle of fruit juice. Mango. My favorite.
“And why should I believe you?”i said
“Because I’m sorry for what I did to you and Joy. I told Joy that and she forgave me. I just hope you do too”
“What about Prosper?”
“I no longer work with him”
I took the bottle and smelt it. Nothing. I took a sip of it. It tasted okay. I drank all of it down. Suddenly,I began to feel dizzy and all the parts of my body started aching. Blood started coming out of my mouth and I felt like all my energy was draining.
“I’m sorry Williams but this is the only way to forever separate you and Joy. I’m sorry”Selena said and left. I fell to the ground and fainted.


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