July 30, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 28

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????????hidden beauty????????

???? written by KAS ADMINS????

????Episode 28????

It was about two weeks since William spend his days in the hospital.

The family was confused on what to do with williy.

Mrs Nuella couldn’t even stop joy from doing what her heart direct.

But God finally put a smile on joy’s face and everybody else.

Selena’s POV

I bored a taxi and I located the hospital, it wasn’t far from my place.

I entered and covered my face well with my scarf.

” what’s room did they took the poisoned patient to?” I asked a nurse I saw on my way to no where.

“Ward no.102 ”

“OK ” I said and rushed off.

When I got there I opened the door slightly and saw joy inside , standing close to him.

I washed as she stayed like that for 30mins.

She turned , but as soon as she turned I closed the door and hide in a corner.

She walked out slowly and walk about some few meters away.

I entered the ward .

“Am sorry William for hurting you

I didnt know what come over me

I guess you will find it in your heart to forgive me

Am really sorry” I said crying and immediately drop the antidote in a table close to him.

And rushed out because no time.

Joy’s POV

After coming out from the rest room.

I entered williy’s ward , but I had this feeling of someone else in the ward.

It was kind of warm.

Whatever , I will just have to wait for feathers to come back with the native man.

I decide to rest my head on the table , but something fell down .

something like a bottle

I picked it up and observed it

This wasn’t in the room before I left

Or is feathers back already .

I looked through it.

It was strange, ” solution ” it shows
What kind of solution.

” hey ”

I turned it was feathers.

“Did he come ”

“Yes “he answered.

“Ok” I said as feathers noticed the bottle in my hand.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“I don’t know or maybe it was here and we didnt noticed it ” I said and the door opened with a old man with long hair coming in.

He looked at us and looked at the bottle in my hand.

“What’s the reason for calling me” asked the old man.

I pointed at williy.

“But that’s the antidote in your hands” he said.

“The antidote ” me and feathers rushed the question.

“Yes finally” he said again.

He took it and draw close to williy
He sit down and opened williy’s mouth.

He apply the so called antidote in his mouth.

He didnt say anything he just got up and walked out.

He’s strange , I pray it’s the antidote like he says.

“What’s going on?” Feathers asked me.

“I should be the one asking you ”

We waited for about 6mins as if we are waiting for a miracle.

And the miracle came true.

I shacked his right finger.

“Fea..fe…feathers did you see that” I stammered.

“He moved ” he said.

And he coughed, my face brighten with a gleam of hope and happiness.

He opened his eyes as if he was just waking up from a sleep.

“J…joy” I heard him say my name slowly.

prosper’s POV

I went to meet Selena in her house, I saw her packing her clothes in midst of tears.

“What’s going on , where are you going to?” I asked her.

“I can’t take it anymore , I keep se….ei..ng….him, I can’t live here and keep getting the pics of him everyday”.

She said and rushed out with her few luggage.

I didnt care , all I know is that the did is done and finally joy is gonna be mine alone.

Feathers’s POV

The doctor said he was okey.

“I even surprised , cause few weeks back he was between live and death” the doctor said.

“The most surprising part is that , he is fine totally like never before , so he could be discharged now” a nurse said.

Joy was already baming with smiles

“True love” I said to my self.

We discharged william.

Everything becomes fine and joy isn’t sad like some weeks back.

The antidote was still a misery that me and joy couldn’t find out about.

The best is he’s ok now.

I wanted to get my self a coffee when strolling down the street one Sunday morning.

After walking out of the coffee shop about 3meters away.

I felt someone stalking me

I didnt bother to check.

I just keep going.

“Agrrrrrh” I heard the scream from behind but luckily I turned early enough.

It was prosper with a big iron on his hand.

I duged him and he fell down because of the speed he wanted to use on me…..

He got up and ….


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