August 6, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 6

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire.

Episode 6


“What did you just say you have?”

“Corona virus and I’m scared you may have contacted it since we had just spoken ” I said and I could see fear written all over him.

“What the…. ” he started tossing around in fear then he quickly put a call across to someone and with their exchange of words ,I knew it’s a doctor.

He hung up and went somewhere far in the room to sit while watching me with so much anger.

My hands were still raised in the air and it hurts so bad.

The doctor arrived few minutes later and expressed his surprise on seeing me kneeling on the door but soon neglect me and went to meet Donald.

“Is this the girl that claimed to have the virus ?” He asked.


The doctor came to me with a facial mask and brought some medical gadgets from his bag. He began to use it on me and after few minutes ,he spoke through the facial mask.

“She’s not affected sir , she’s lying ” The doctor said and I could see him exhale happily.

“Are you sure ?”

“Very certain sir ” The doctor replied him .

“I should have known she’s a full time lier ,she lies to me few minutes ago that she’s the daughter of the president only for me to find out that she’s not” He told the doctor and the doctor shot me a disgusting look.

“What can I do for her that will serve as punishment for lying to me twice. ?” He asked.

“You could kill her , I can inject her to death right away or beat the h$ll out of her ” He said and I furrowed my brow

What kind of a wicked doctor is this one? Very terrible somebody.

“Kill? I have an unsettled case with the cops ,I don’t Wanna stir up a new one”

“No one will know ,trust me on this one sir. I’ll dispose her body to where no one would ever know ” He insisted that I be killed and the ruthless Billionaire sat and thought for a while.

“Should I kill her ?” He asked no one in particular.

“Kill her sir ” the doctor said and I wondered why this horrible doctor just loathed me so much.

“Okay,then. Kill her ” He said and the doctor smiled.

“Huh? Sir ,that was not the deal we have ,please pardon me sir ” I pleaded. I really do not not wanna die like that ,not at that age of mine.

The doctor came toward me and opened his box, he start to fill in in the injection.

He wiggled his tongue in mockery at me as he brings the injection towards me. I suddenly grabbed his hand all of a sudden and it really caught him unawares.

Before he could create a balance for himself and let himself off my grip ,I removed the injection from his hand and hit his neck with it and released few of the substance inside.

He shook like someone convulsing and fell to the floor.

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