August 2, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 32 and 33

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 32
Andrew’s POV
He just spoiled my mood of looking for her. I drove to my secret house to think.
Karen’s POV
Cindy are leaving today so we didn’t go to work. We are helping them pack. Am happy that Alex has forgiven me.

Six years later
Lenata/Karen’s POV
????Alex is coming to pick him.
Cindy said.
????Okay, he is ready.
????See you at the mall.
She said and hanged up.
‘How do I look mummy?’ Roy asked coming downstairs.
‘You look good darling,’
‘Has uncle Alex arrived?’ He is on his way.
‘With Melisa, right?’
‘I think so,’
Just then the door knob twisted and I knew who it was.
‘Aunty,’ Melissa shouted running towards me.
‘How are you?’
‘Fine. I missed you aunty,’
‘I missed you more,’
‘I’m I invisible,’ Roy complained and we giggled.
‘Let’s go boy,’ Alex said and they started walking out.
‘Don’t leave me here,’ Melissa complained.
‘Let’s go then,’ Alex said and she ran after them.
‘Take care of yourselves,’ I shouted from behind.

It has been six years since I came to NY. Roy is five years and four months. I thank God for the best sister and best friend who have helped me. Cindy has a daughter Melissa who is turning four in two weeks. Myve also has a daughter who is two years. It has been a long journey to reach here but now I have two companies. We will be launching a new company owned by three of us. The kids are going with Alex to have fun and we will be going to wind up everything. I leave in my own mansion and I own a car. Roy is a model in kids attire. I didn’t want but he loves that so I released him to follow his heart.
Nobody knows am the mother to one of the richest kids in town. Just keep that a secret for me.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 33
Lenata’s POV
I forgot to tell you, even Melissa is a model and has featured in one movie they featured with Roy as sister and brother. I have said enough for now, let me prepare before my crazy friends come.
I was just done when they entered my room.
‘Did you forget the meaning of knock?’ I asked and Cindy rolled her eyes.
‘Have you seen the latest kid clothes?’ Myve asked.
‘Not yet,’
‘She is always behind the news. They called Alex and they want Roy and Melissa to model them,’ Cindy said.
‘If Roy accepts then he can go, I have no problem,’
‘Shooting is on the same day of the launching party. I was thinking we suggest they move it the next day,’
‘Have you talked to the one’s in charge?’
‘I can’t do that, Alex will,’
‘Okay not a problem. Let’s get going,’
‘Relax we are the bosses.’

I got home so tired and am happy Roy spent the night at Myve’s place. I didn’t have to prepare dinner so I just went to bed.

Martin’s POV
‘Any news?’ I asked my private investigator.
‘Not yet, am doing my best,’ he replied.
Is this man serious. For six years he is still doing his best.
‘Are kidding me. Just stop I will do it myself,’ I yelled at him.
‘But sir…,’
‘No buts, get out of my office,’ I interrupted him.
He was still staring at me.
‘I said leave,’
He walked out and I heard a knock almost immediately.
‘Can’t you just leave,’ I shouted.
‘Sir you got an email to attend the opening ceremony of CILEMY COMPANY,’ my PA said.
‘In NY on Friday this week,’
‘Okay, I will attend.’

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