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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 23 to 25

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 26 to 28
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 20 to 22

???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 23????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????


Vera cruises fashion house.????

Celine was done trying out her outfit she walked out and saw veras child Amy cruise..at her young age she was a multi millionaire and a world class designer and model too. Celine walked down amy cruise was so busy sketching different designs.She was designing a finale gown…Celine stood beside her…
” what if the other hand was shorter”Celine said
Amy smiled.
” like this.” She changed the design and it looked more amazing She smiled then she opened old ones she sketched
” no make the tail shorter” Celine said.
” like this ” Amy amended it and it looked hotter She shouted.
” omg you are so amazing,why not become a designer too” Amy said as She gave Celine an empty book.” try sketching the perfect finale gown ringing in your heart.
“I can’t I Wont concentrate am not a designer am just a top model.
” just try … put your joy on paper.
Celine smiled , Danny.
she imagined going on a date with Danny. Designing what she would wear, what he would like. she did it just for fun not knowing that she was blessed with the raw talent.

Celine took the pencil from her and sat down….. danny is waiting at home . She started sketching just what she would like to wear if danny took her on a date in a snowy weather.tears welled up in her eye…tears of joy


Minutes later she was done. Amy shouted she took the design from her she ran into the designers meeting instantly.

” you are distracting us amy” Vera shouted
“Mum am fainting..check out this gown.Vera took it from her
” Jesus Christ ,oh my God. Is this from Victoria Catore ?” Vera asked with her mouth open

Another designer took the book

” wow legendary… who is the designer , this looks so good like when Angelina willson is at work.

Another designer grabbed the paper

“Oh my Jesus…I have never seen…..this gown is so unique..so real it makes me see love and pain who is this designer…. this gown is legendary…this designer might win the best designer of the year award . am wowed!!.
They all took the book from her one by one.
” omg wow awesome.
” who is the designer.
” the gown is just unique.
” the cuts are amazing.
” I love this.
” wow amazing.
” multi talented

Amy smiled
” the designer Is a secret” she stormed out Celine heard their comments from outside Minutes later Amy rushed out

” Amy if u like it sew it ..I am giving it to you.” Celine said
” No the world must know that Victoria has a challenge. I mean your sketch is still dirty but this gown is awesome.why not compete
” what
” daniella Daniel .best designer of the year.you will be celebrated everywhere…you can finally open your own brand d.d fashions.even If u drop modeling u will still be comfortable.

before I was only a model but my mom dragged me into designing now I have my brand “amy’s wears”. Apart from modelling I have my money source..right now my fiance is fed up with the condoms and i am taking 2 years out of modeling but am not scared cos fashion is every day,
i can’t stop being a star.

think about it , don’t u want to be more? posing for cameras will soon feed you up, we need to be more than just their models, we can be our own muse. I never knew u had such great talent don’t let it die inside u. u need a stronger back bone.
” mmmmmmm nice
” don’t u want to grow bigger? it’s just a try but don’t forget that talent always wins.all u need to do is sketch only five gowns…I and my team will do the sewing then I will register u for the competition..if u win. U will go all over the world. Think about it Daniella.
Opportunity knocks…don’t be that” once a model died a model”.

Celine smiled
” am in, I also have plans of spoiling this beautiful figure so I can give Danny what he wants.. i need another carrier something more befitting . am tired of cameras already. Smiling and frowning when you are asked to.”
amy smiled.
” here is your sketch book and your lucky pencil. I am going to register you for the challenge.when you are done sketching my team will start the sewing. I just have a feeling you might be the next Victoria Cartore but u have little time.
” Don’t worry.
” I will call you

Celine walked out. Finally I might happily drop modeling. No matter how hard Danny pretends its very obvious he hates it.

She entered her car and headed home. She arrived it was really late.

She walked in Danny was fully dressed. He scratched his hair and walked about the room forcing some files into Sandra’s hand.
” don’t forget the book Sandra and take the other water in my car.i hate that brand you like buying
” ok
” did you get a room
“Yes .. a nice one.
“Good .

Sandra walked towards Celine she waved at her and rushed out. Celine walked towards Danny that was when he saw her.

” Danny when did Sandra come?
” just now ” he said bending down to Remove her sandal.
She stepped out of it

” you look stressed, are you okay?” He asked her removing her earrings.
” am fine ” she replied as Danny carefully braided her long hair into one so she would stop sweating.
” am sorry I came back late.
” no issues boo ” he said placing her towel on her shoulders. He kissed her lips
” bath
” ok.

#Danny’s show

Every where was already crowded , fans chanted Dannys name. While Danny was busy making out with Celine back stage.They kissed deeply and crazily.

” danny go on stage ” Celine hit him smiling
” I need a little more inspiration
Celine smiled and kissed him again
” danny go quickly..
” Ok ,I love you
“I know.

Danny took her hands and then left her back stage as he stormed into the blind dark stage smiling Celine watched him very closely as the intro tune played. It was sorrowful , not what she expected.

He took the hand Mic and walked further. he’s bouncers came on stage with him to avoid issues with aggressive fans .
The stage brightened a bit and he strolled down to the front of the stage collecting hand handshakes all through,mostly girls.

Every one was in the show, Salvador , Paula, Every one Jennifer etc.

He waved at the crowd silently every body shouted as he opened His bottled water and sipped a bit then he threw it into the floor all the crowd rushed it .

he walked closer to the crowd and squatted on the stage floor

” hello new York!!!!” He shouted laughing silently.
????????we love you danny!!!

” I know you do.
???????? yea we do!!!
“I know you do
???????? yea we do!!!

” woooooow , I love you , u.????!!” Danny shouted
Everybody clapped screaming

” is Danny high ?” Jennifer asked Paula
“He Is high in love” Paula repiled
“No wonder he is so bold,look at that Crowd.” Jennifer said.
“Love is …… beautiful.” Paula replied.
Salvador quietly drank his wine. His mood was so disheartening. Being in new york made him feel so close to lia, so close when he can’t see her.

Danny smiled as his latest song played .am sorry(imperfect me)

The sound was so quiet and painful as he sat across the stage floor. Fans shouted.
He lifted the Mic to his pretty lips

???? am sorry , am sorry … oh my love
???? am sorry , am sorry … and i love you.

???? right now sorry is all I can say
????I wasn’t where you needed me be ….
????I wasn’t when you needed me stay
???? am sorry , am sorry.. oh my love.

He opened his eye and tears welled up. Fans started crying , Jennifer was already crying like mad.

???? I know you might forgive me but I know love will not.
???? hey, my love..i know i hurt you so much.
???? am sorry , am sorry. And I love you.

He used his hand where the Mic was to wipe his tears then he stood up.

???? lina I am talking to you ….can’t you see , this song is for you…my love

???? I failed but you waited so much, …… why wait for this imperfect me.

???? I lie but you loved me so much,….. why love this imperfect me.

???? can this be love?,lina?….. What have you done to this imperfect me.

???? can this be us , my love …..why did you choose this imperfect me.

???? am sorry , am sorry ….and i love you.
???? am sorry , am sorry ..oh my love.

He dropped the Mic and dragged her out of the back stage. Celine was already crying like mad.

Danny kissed her lips and the whole crowd stood up

Reporters where reporting.


Who is lina
Danny Hoffman mentions woman’s name on stage in a live show . (lina) but he kissed d.d. what’s going on.
The last model introduced to us as Danny’s date was Miranda Milbert…. then daniella, Who Is lina?

Who is Danny’s lina.

Danny unlocked from the kiss and the projector started displaying old pictures of celine for the world to see.

Starting from when she was pushed into the pool

Videos of When she was stonned on the streets.

When she was arrested and sent to prison.

Danny wiped his tears cos that was when it rang on him , she went through all this for This imperfect him.Danny hugged her deeply…Everybody in the hall started crying.

Danny spoke into the Mic

???????? enough of the rumours, its still her,it will always be her.

Celine I told the world before and I am telling them again.
you are the only woman I want.
I want the whole world to know that Daniella Daniel is mine, my Celine, my love, my heart beat.
I never left and I never will.
I never deceived her or lured her into my bed.. i didn’t dump her for rich girls.
I am still with the same person I introduced to you that night.
Daniella Daniel is celine. ” he lifted her hand for the world to see her diamond ring then He kissed her finger.” she is the woman I am getting married to.”

Female obsessed fans started crying …cos Danny was getting married.

Jennifer cried so much that Salvador had to hug like a baby while Paula laughed stupidly her emotional personality.

Breaking news!!!. We believe everyone saw this this rumour.
“Danny Hoffman desperately wanted his most beautiful female maid(Celine) in his bed but she didnt give in to him because of her religious values.
Danny deceived her into sleeping with him by exposing her to the press as his girlfriend on his birthday.
#NOTE,He used that gesture to gain the poor girls trust as well as her body.

” few months after his birthday, Danny dumped her to suffer and started dating Miranda Milbert. After Miranda , Daniella followed.
But what about that innocent girl? where Is she? ” ???? As we all know this was a rumor that made the headlines few month’s ago and reappeared few weeks ago.

a question few fans have on their mind.” Where Is Danny’s celine,did he really just use the poor girl?” Fans asked questions like this alot.

Today in this live show ,the question has been answered and the case clarified by Danny. He never stopped dating the common girl,he is still dating her.
Celine is ????Daniella daniel.????

BREAKING NEWS, Danny never dumped that common girl,she didn’t die or go missing. She fought to get a name for herself. She strived hard and she made it.that common girl is ????daniella daniel.????

Celine and Danny already arrived home,they turned on their t.v and reportz where still coming.

???????? the founder of new York tour is highly impressed with the story behind the top model “Daniella daniel.”

” he dropped a comment saying ” all my life ,I never saw such back story . Everything she did she did for love. She worked hard and made it in the space of 1 year. Being stonned on the street didn’t stop her, Being criticised by the press didnt stop her, Going to prison didn’t stop her. Daniella daniel is a muse, a role model and a queen. Watching her video today made me cry and her courage will not go unrewarded.
I here by declare that the third Friday of any month of new York tour shall be in honour of daniella Daniel.

On this day no show shall be hosted in New York tour.
Not only this, she shall display in the toppest bill board as face of York tour from this moment till new York tour in 7 years time.
If you didn’t understand my words clearly , I am saying it again. ” Daniella daniel is the new face of new York tour!!!.”

Celine screamed out and tears of joy came falling. Danny hugged her tightly.

Salvador who was watching the news stood and dropped his remote on the floor

Paula jumped on Liam on the couch , he almost broke his spinal cord.

Jennifer screamed so loud her neighbor knocked on her door

Lia smiled after watching the news” who is she ?” She asked herself.

Gretel Jumped up and her laptop broke.

Mr Hoffman found himself clapping

Mrs Hoffman wiped her tears and started making calls

Crisella didn’t know she was burning the egg she was frying for her child until the girl tapped her saying

” mummy __ you ruined it.

She gasped out of shock.

Miranda broke her expensive television and fell on the floor with her legs folded . She was crying like mad…. she had not eaten or walked out of her room since her last contest… she looked like a shadow of herself.

They are engaged go get married, what about me? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


???? Season 4 ( ????chapter 24????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Salvador’s house.

Jewel picked the remote from the floor.
” I can’t believe you almost broke your remote
” I was surprised
” well She deserved it.
Salvador smiled and sipped his wine.
” you are shooting Tommorow right
” the soap?
” Yes.
” lets go , i am sleepy.
” you haven’t told me why you visited my house looking hot
She Chuckled.
” I will tell you in your room
Salvador smiled.
She dragged him into his bedroom. And he locked the door.


Crisella’s daughter already dragged her father into the kitchen

” dad! Mom fucking screwed it
” don’t use the f word
Crisella laughed
” mom what did you screw?” Her husband asked her
” her egg, honey am frying another one.
” she is frying another one for you kaytlyn
” she’s gonna ruin it too ” the little girl said picking her phone to rush out. Crisella’s husband pulled her into him and kissed her lips
” egg ruiner
Crisella smiled.
Her hubby walked out she called Celine

” congrats lina
” thanks ,I love you
” I ruined Kathy’s egg for you
” egg ruiner
” don’t worry , your first daughter will be as stubborn as her
” amen , I love them stubborn.
They both laughed and she dropped the call.

Celine kissed Danny for a while and gently swiped her fingers across his lips then she held his face to herself

” Danny you where worth waiting for , fighting for , suffering for . You are not perfect but you are perfect for your Celine..i accept your apology too , all of it…i am sorry for not calling you on phone when it all started.” She hugged him tightly… danny smiled

“But did you just say our daughter is free to be as stubborn as kaytlyn lera.
” Yes …i love them stubborn
“I am still asking God not give us another Gretel Hoffman cos she loves you too much and here you are adding another bucket of stubbornness to the ocean
Celine smiled and kissed Danny sweetly.

” Danny
” Yes
” i want to contest for the designers award
” can you design?
” I want to try, I want go try another carrier where I won’t have to think twice or take a break just to get pregnant for you…so I decided, If I succeed in the competition I will get pregnant for you. Then I will drop being a model and let my talent make me a star.
” and I will personally open a big brand for you and employ 70 workers so you won’t have to stress yourself and our baby

Celine smiled and hugged him.
” let’s go on a date in the morning
“Beach,I missed Clara
Danny kissed her and nodded


Salvador fell on his pillow since jewel was too shy to talk. He was topless
” do you need money, a new contract, a new cream , skin issue you want me to look at. Say it already
” I like you.
He sat up
” what?
” I am in love with you , I have always been…. she pouted her lips playfully
” come on you know the rules. I can’t date my model
” what about lia
” tell me
” that was different.
” Ok,but since I am here you can’t let me go like that will you.
” no …you must sleep for sure” he switched off the light and she fell on the pillow crying playfully

” Salvador ……
” my love
” you know what I want already
“You are shooting my favourite soap tommorow , you can’t look stressed.

She smiled and fell back
” Good night
He nodded.

Thanks to some crazy models I have who make me smile, depression and missing you would have killed me Lia. Really killed me.

” Salvador isn’t this Paula’s hair warmer
” well just like you she doesn’t let me have peacefull sleep in my house.

Jewel chuckled sweetly she held him tight

” I need to sell some of my
models ” he said smiling.

????????⛲⛲????????⛲⛲???????? ????????

Kira was smart enough to call Miranda’s father who picked her up and sent her home to her mother.
Miranda sat with both legs folded on the couch shivering in Pain

” Miranda , you are scaring me my child. You know you the only one this world gave me. What’s making you cry is it still Daniel ?” Her mum asked
Miranda nodded.
” it will be okay , the doctor will come for you Tommorow… Ian please take her into her room.

Ian is her fathers assistant who always had this secret crush on her which Miranda never recognized. Her father removed him as m.d cos he wanted Ian’s smart brain to be closer to him.
The last time he wanted to tell her how he felt he rembered she was under a strict no dating policy for her carrier so he kept everything to himself.

Ian carried Miranda up from the chair like a baby and opened the door to her room.the room was wow. What was paradise?
he lay her on her bed and she walked him out.

2 days later
Celine’s main suite.

It was war before Danny allowed Celine to have 2 days away from him.she used this opportunity to sketch her 5 gowns with full concentration. She walked out and met Amy who was waiting outside.

” you are done
” Yes
” wow amazing… which design should I register you with
” the dancing flower girl..the first gown.
” wow nice… i wish you luck. I pray you get in
” me too.

Celine packed her bag and returned home to Danny.

He was not home,she smiled.
just then Amy callled her

” tell me
” congrats, you got into the competition.
” Yes..my team already started sewing
” thanks
” goodluck in the actual competition
” Ok.

Miranda sat with her dad

” is all your manager said true
” Yes
“Do you really enjoy neglecting your carrier ..did you forget what you suffered to get here.
” you dropped out of all your future shows just because of one contest you lost ….. your mother better talk to you … and I hope you are going on stage for miss world
” I won’t win Dad
” don’t miss that contest Mira , if you don’t care about yourself I do. The world has made you a laughing Stock.

Miranda’s dad walked out and her mum faced her

” Mira don’t ruin your Carrier because of a man
Miranda smiled out tears
“Its not about Danny , am tired of the embarrassment and I feel like killing myself. You see mum Daniella won’t stop . She won’t let me get my carrier back. So just let me waste at home.
” shhhhhh you are top model.don’t let anyone do this to you… you Will contest for miss world you will not run away. whether you win or not prove to the world that you are still mentally stable.
” Ok mum, I will contest.

Season 4 ( ????chapter 25????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Miranda walked out , she walked down to her pool house only to find Ian there.she tried rushing up
” Mira wait,please. I knew you will come here , i was waiting for you.
Mira returned
” can’t we be friends, u dont really have any friends and I really want to be that someone you can talk to.

She wiped her tears.

” what do you want To talk about? you really want to talk about me?
should I tell you about me?
i will tell you so you can stop falling for me , I am a monster Ian. I don’t deserve love , I don’t deserve any kind love.

” Miranda you are beautiful, kind, sparkly, innocent, generous.
you are still the girl who built an orphanage and dried up your account for it at the age of 19.

” that was before, am not that girl anymore, I am a killer and I will live with this guilt for the rest of my life.

I killed Victor ,I killed Abigail,I stabbed Danny but I didnt want to kill him I just wanted him to stay,to stay with me.

I did so many bad things Celine,
i am monster and I am sorry.
But…. it’s too late to apologize now cos i will still die, nemesis will surely catch up with me.

I moved closer to her

” Miranda if you die then what about me? I have loved you alone for a very long Time.
” how can you love me, I am a monster!!
” no you are not, you were just in love Miranda. you are not a monster and you didn’t mean to kill them you just wanted to protect your self right?

She nodded and started crying.

” the person you wronged , why not beg her to forgive you

” she won’t ,She never will .

” she would if you do it right. I want to help you to stop being a laughing Stock Mira. Just let me help you.
” first cheer up.. the world is calling you psychotic don’t let that happen. Go for your contests.even if you don’t win let the world know that you are sane
” Ok.
” then don’t forget to apologize to the one you wronged… that model “Daniella daniel.” She Has a kind heart. No matter what you did just say sorry miranda. Let your pride go
” Ok,i will ,i will apologize before I contest.
” better.. now can you walk me somewhere?
Miranda nodded and they entered his car she was shocked when when he took her to her orphanage. She smiled out tears as all the kids where screaming from the window

” Miranda you thought Danny was the only one who cloud love you rightly but that’s where you are wrong. A lot of people love you.just like them ” he pointed To the kids. ” Miranda you picked them from different streets, you gave them a home and gave them a world…. you saved them and gave them love. If you die they would really miss you . You loved them so let them love you.

Before Miranda could talk the big door was forcefully pushed open and a crowd of children rushed her. Ian smiled as Miranda knelt down and hugged them crying. Soon all of them walked into the orphanage or should I call it heaven in earth. What Miranda built for those kids was another world. All of them where fat, plumpy ,cute and healthy. She walked in carrying one kid. The remaining kids who where eating rushed her. They stained her completely with food and she laughed
” thank you ian.” She said
Ian smiled.

” all right kids its time go bath , welcome madam
” can I help?” Miranda asked.
” of course.

She tied her hair up and laughed happily as the kids dragged her to their shower. All the attention and love that she killed for they gave her free of charge. The filled her body with soapy foams so much she had to bath with them. Ian laughed when she walked out tying a white towel.She was carrying a baby girl who kept kissing her smiling.

He followed her to the room a where they kids where dressed up. Her secretary got her dry new cloths. Evening fell and she walked about with Chris down the yard…she looked at everything she built for them , church, school, playground, pool. She smiled happily

” I don’t think a monster can do something so beautiful ” ian said . She wiped her tears and sat on the pavement.

“Ian I did so much to Daniella, I deserve to be in prison. I need to confess to Emma.
” Mira
” but i don’t want to go to prison I can drop being a model I can drop it all .I just want another chance. I want to live and spend time with these kids, I want to try love again and let you love me , I want to try being happy, I want to have pretty kid who is fat just like her” she pointed at a baby girl.
but you see I can’t, am a killer. Emma will sentence Me to live imprisonment, Daniella will never forgive me.Danny will forgive me because he is too soft and I will surely beg him to forgive me. Hes forgiveness is enough to make my life in prison better.

” that’s not true Mira, I and your dad will make sure you don’t visit prison… I will give you a second chance. And I know that u will be happy in this second chance because daniella will forgive you. She won’t send you to prison.all you have to do is Apologize to that model who has a kind heart.

” if I apologize will she forgive me
” she will…cos she’s not a monster Mira.
“Ok I will,I will ,I will contest for miss world so I can meet her. Apologizing to her will be my reason for contesting. Am really sorry for all I did to her.

Zack hugged her deeply.

She spent her night with the kids and it was the sweetest thing. Early the next morning she left for home feeling different and better.she felt like the real self. Kira walked in.

” madam guess what?
“One of the toppest designers in the fashion competition just chose you to be her finale gown model.
” really
“Yes, the world didn’t forget you and not everyone believes you are psychotic.
Miranda smiled happily
” will daniella be there
“Yes, she is Veras model. You can finally say sorry.
Miranda wiped her tears.
” I wish she would forgive me but I know this wish can’t happen.
” madam get ready for the runway
” Ok.
Miranda fell back on her bed.



Veras models stepped out one by one.her finale gown model was jewel.

Back stage.

Celine rushed in with Amy

” Amy are my gowns ready
“Dont you trust my team
“Uhmmm who are my models
“Your first outfit will be modeled by local models but it was only for your finale gown that I chose a top model
” who Jennifer?
” no ….
She opened the door and she was shocked to see Miranda trying out her gown.Celine smiled and closed the door.

Miranda I even forgot my promise to make you work for me but nature remembered it. Reality will hit you like lighting.that commoner is going to pay you to work for her.

Celine smiled and rushed into the stage. Angelina willsons finale gown model just stood by the side.

???????? Victoria Cartore!!!

Celine looked at Victoria as she clapped for herself.her models stormed the stage. Celine smiled her designs where wow.

Soon her four models walked in and her finale gown model strolled out. It was the finale gown that was used to grade the designers and Victoria’s finale gown was awesome.

The model stood by the stage.

???????? coming up next , didi.

Celine’s models walked out everybody was wowed.but when Miranda came out wearing that finale gown every body stood up including Victoria. She had to move out of her sit to get a clear sight. Miranda did a clean work modeling the gown little did she know she was working for Celine.

She turned and stood beside other models.


????????The award for best designer goes to no one else but didi. Miranda stepped out proudly and catwalked perfectly so the crowd can see the wining gown.
???????? Daniella daniel please come on stage.

Celine rushed up smiling. Designers hugged her. Miranda was speechless. She remembered Celine’s threat. She was scared of another embarrassment. Celine handed a flower and she tried to take it Celine dropped it on the floor. She smiled tearfully and bent to pick it.

Celine smiled and walked closer to the Mic and Miranda walked behind her holding the flower as her model.

Celine took the Mic

” thank you am very grateful, my models, tailors, everyone thank you.” She dropped the Mic and hugged miranda then she whispered
“You are a looser” she let her go.

Miranda smiled quietly and dried her tears. She tried walking out celine carefully stepped on her gown she fell down….

Celine shouted in pretence and dragged her up. She almost fell again. People started laughing and taking pictures

” keep falling Mira just the same way you kept pushing me inside water when you knew I was half blind. ” she whispered and let her go miranda almost fell again. Celine walked down from the stage and met danny right where she wanted him.

Miranda couldn’t stand the embarrassments again. She walked out of the slippery runway but she kept falling. Pain and shock kept her falling people laughed.

She tried holding herself but she tripped again this time her leg slipped out of her high heels sandals . She broke the leg. She wiped her tears.that was when danny removed his jacket and tried rushing up to the stage. Celine pulled him back with both hands on his Tummy

” Danny what are you doing?
“Cant you see ? She’s bleeding for crying out loud ” He said and tried walking Celine took his hand quietly.

” if you or your guards touch Miranda, its over.


Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 26 to 28
Celine And Hoffman. Season 4. Chapter 20 to 22

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