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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 26 to 28

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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 29 to 31
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 23 to 25

Season 4 ( ????chapter 26????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


” I am not sure what you turned into but I am still human ” Danny replied her and gave his jacket to his guard. He walked up to the stage and bent down.. Miranda was shedding tears. He moved her hair and carried her up. He knew he was breaking celine’s heart. He walked down and carried her outside.

Miranda held him tight and he walked her into the big compound. Hes guards where walking behind him.

” danny” miranda said
” tell me ” he said calmly
” am sorry” she said
” i know, your eye told me that.” he replied
” can you tell lina too
” the woman i love is mad at me , i still pray she forgives me.

Ians car pulled over and he took mira from danny
They both left , danny rushed in , He saw Lola but he didn’t see Celine. He took Lola’s hand

” where is she ?
” sir I have never seen this angry, she even her phone at me.
” sorry, am really sorry. ” He moved her hair.
” she is mad at you too ” Lola said and Danny placed his finger across his face He tucked his hair into his ear
” where Is she?
” around the pool.

Danny rushed out to the pool ..it was so quiet and romantic . He saw Celine where she stood quietly…he walked towards her.

” celine
She ignored him
Danny Turned her over and she was streaming tears heavily.

” celine please, let me explain

???????????????? She took her lip into her mouth painfully and slapped Danny forgetting she wore a designers ring in that finger. She wounded his pretty face. The slap was resounding and so painful .. His hair fell free, he used a hand to move it up but tears welled up in his eye not because the slap was painful but because he never expected it from her.
Danny took a deep breath and ate into his lower lip. He looked to his side and then shot his tear filled blue eye at her

” did you also learn to hurt me?

Celine wiped her tears and continued crying.

” did you just slap me?

Celine wiped her tears and continued crying

” I warned you but you prefered to hurt me , you left me for Miranda, am done , Lets break up.” Celine said trying to control her tears as She removed his ring and gave it to him.

” fine” Danny took it from her and threw it into the pool. He walked away and His guard’s followed.

She screamed out of pain and picked both her phones, she threw them into the water..She removed all her accessories and threw them into the pool.

She sat across the pool pavement and cried her heart out. she felt like she was sent back in time.
she felt the pain of everything, every single thing Miranda did to her,she felt the pain so fresh as she remembered that Danny didn’t save her back then.

Miranda you hurt me so badly, u hurt me so much that i can never forgive you.

I hadn’t even done anything to you but Danny stood up for you. He saved you and left looking like a monster… why didn’t Danny save me?
Why didn’t any one save me?
You locked me up in a building no food no water but no one saved me.

You kept pushing me inside water , you used broken glasses to cut my face but no one saved me.

I cried, i bled, no one saved me .. where was Daniel when you where causing me so much pain. You pushed me …you forced out a monster in me.
Wait , what did I do? ” she moved her hair with her finger and toppled her cry”

I slapped…. I slapped Danny. Celine you slapped Danny.
“Aaaaaarrrgghhh!!” She screamed out again in so much pain and folded her hand on her legs. She cried heavily.

I slapped Daniel am so stupid.” She looked at her finger and saw his blood on her ring , her heart beat sank… the environment started shaking in her eye, her sight tripled. she remembered the kind of slap she gave Danny then She stood up and tried walking but she staggered out pain and fell into the grass.

Miranda what did you turn me into? See what u caused?
U made me slap Danny , what did I do, where did Danny go to.
I stupidly slapped danny..
She slapped herself heavily but she didnt feel the pain she wanted to feel she cried out
and turned that was when she noticed , the tree beside her was a throned tree. Every part of it was throned like needles . She started crying and looked at the hand She used to slap danny…. she rembered his words ” when did you learn to hurt me ” she cried heavily and brushed her Palm against the throned tree . she kept brushing it as she remembered herself slapping Danny.soon her Palm was bleeding heavily , she smiled .

Danny you won’t be hurting alone, am sorry for slapping you, don’t worry am hurting myself too, we are even now please dont leave me ” She cried and brushed the same bleeding hand to the tree again… her wounds got deeper , she used the hand to slap Herself again.

” Danny sorry, I didn’t want to slap you, I stupidly slapped you,
I stupidly hurt you too. Danny I hurt you too

She wiped her tears and stood up she strolled back home on foot . Lola and her guard’s followed her in a car.

Madam don’t let revenge do this to you.” Lola said mentally.

As she walked her hand dropped blood she moved her hair and walked crying.

Miranda you did so much to me , why didn’t Danny see that , why didn’t any one see that.

Soon she arrived home that was when she noticed Lola and the guard’s who followed her. She remembered Danny and held her gown with her bleeding hand she rushed into the house but he was nowhere to be found. She fell to the floor and started crying. She wiped her blood on her face and wrapped her arms around her body like she was cold.

Danny you promised not to run away when you get mad but you just did it again, you left. Where do I look for you? And its all because of Miranda. She stood up and strolled into the compound crying that was when she saw him sitting in the pavement facing the pool. He placed both hands on the pave like he awaited someone. His phone and water sat beside him, Celine smiled and walked towards him.

” Danny … ” she said crying.
” oh , you are here” he stood up and moved his hair quietly. Her eye was on the wound she gave him ,she shed more tears

” actually am leaving.. since you already dumped me. uhmm I couldn’t go without telling you since I promised not to that anymore. am returning home tommorow too I have to meet dad. Take care of yourself, I love you. ” he picked his phone and walked out ..he’s guards followed.

Celine ran after him she gently dragged him back.

She brushed both hands to his shirt and carefully fell to Her kneels. She brushed the fingers down to his diamond belt that was when danny noticed the blood on his white shirt.

He carefully knelt down and took both her hands. He saw multiple cuts and scrapes..he opened his mouth but he couldn’t talk.

” Danny don’t go , dont leave me please. am sorry for hurting you,i Wont do it again.” she brushed the bleeding hand to his face. Danny closed his eye to stop his tears. He took both hands again

” what happened to you , how DiD this happen.
” I made you feel pain so I had to feel pain too, because I love you so much.

Danny hugged her deeply and carried her up into his arms.

” Danny do you forgive me?
” I was never mad , because I love you so much.
Celine smiled and tears streamed
” Mira said she’s sorry Celine.
” Danny I can’t forgive Miranda, am trying but I can’t. Am scared I became a monster.
” you are not , i know you will as soon she apologizes.
” I don’t know ” she held him tight.
” are you still contesting tomorrow
” yes
” good luck
Both of them Chukled sweetly

He walked her inside

#miss world.
World wide contest.

#back stage.

Miranda was already dressed up and made up. She was looking for Celine from dressing room to dressing room but she couldn’t find her until she heard celines name on stage. She picked her phone hastily and watched celine Celine catwalk into the stage with her dinner gown. She knew she was next. Her manager came to her

” you are up next.

She walked close to the back stage and stood there. The model who would go out next already stood behind her.

???????? for the 5th contestant , m.m

She walked out , people weren’t laughing at her like she expected. She took a pose and stood beside Celine.
Soon the remaining 5 models came out completing the 7 runner ups. She kept staring into celines face but Celine wasn’t looking at her. Soon the judge wanted to give jewel the Mic for her question Miranda collected it.She just wanted to apologise to Celine as fast as she could.

???? Mira should we throw your question
????no.. I just want to say something

Miranda turned to Celine with the Mic
“Tell me
????for everything I ever …..

Just then Emma walked in smilng. Her and 6 officers walked into the stage. Miranda smiled tearfully and brought down the Mic.Emma took a Mic.

” sorry , sorry , sorry, but The law says a criminal should be arrested whenever , wherever.

Everybody raised their phone camera.
Cameras where shooting
Reporters where looking
Danny picked his phone and took a deep breathe
” air are you okay ?” Sandra asked
He nodded.

Emma faced Miranda.

???? miss millbert, you are under arrest for the attempted murder of Danny Hoffman as well as tampering with his injured body.
???? you are under arrest for the murder of Abigail Samuel
???? you are under arrest for the murder of Victor desai and attempted murder of Celine.
???? you are under arrest All evidence has been placed and you will prosecuted duely.
???? anything you say or do I will use against you in the law court.
Please arrest her.

Miranda stepped forward and she was arrested.


???????? congrats to d.d for Winning miss world
Top model Miranda Milbert was arrested on stage



The hearing was on and the court already sat. Emma sat with her crew of lawyers She wasn’t surprised to see Natasha, she knew mirandas dad will surely bring the best… but one thing she loved about Natasha,she doesn’t argue blindly and she knows when to give up.

Miranda sat facing a table she was already dressed like a criminal she looked indeed thin and helpless, prison was really a bad place for her…her eye welled up in tears.

Natasha sat beside her seriously looking through her files.her record as a great lawyer is all over the world . She never loses a case and she always presents strong arguments…but also she doesn’t argue stupidly as she had walked out of many courtrooms in the past saying her opponent was right.


Emma stood up and arranged her prosecutor garment. She looked around the court room she saw Celine and danny, Salvador and the rest of them. The hall was filled up.

“Your honour, Miranda millBert has been found guilty of a lot of murder cases from now to the past. She handed him a file and he nodded.
” basing on my power and authority as a prosecutor as well as multiple unquestionable and unfalsified evidence, I hereby condemn Miranda millbert to death by poisoning. ” Emma said and sat down with no remorse or pain in her eye.

Everybody turned in shock.

Danny looked at Emma but she was seriously avoiding his sight
Paula took Celine’s hand.
Tears welled up in Salvador’s eye , his favourite model.
Jennifer wiped her tears and hugged crisella.

Celine was thoughtless, her mind was blank. she took Danny’s hand and he smiled softly
” I love you ” she whispered.
Danny kissed her cheek.

Salvador sat well , he was hoping the defense can oppose Emma Cox Emma never loses a case.

But to him Emma’s Verdict was just too extreme . All eyes was on Natasha who smiled and stood up.

“Objection your honour ” Natasha said
” objection sustained ” ????????????

“Your honour, prosecutor Emma does not have the legal right to sentence my client to death. according to section 58 of the criminal law code even if Miranda did kill a person ( which she didn’t) she can only be imprisoned for 25 years her crime has not reached the capacity of a death sentence I believe the prosecutor is using her power wrongly.

” objection your honour ” Emma shouted and stood up.
” objection sustained” ????????????

Emma walked to the middle of the court room smartly.

” your honour, according to section 23. 18 of the criminal law code under death penalty. Murder with the intent of preventing testimony by a witness, victim, or informant is punishable by death, So based on this grounds I stand firmly in relation to the murder of Victor desai to sentence Miranda millbert to death by poisoning or hanging . The defence Is free to chose one, that’s all your honour.

Emma sat down and natasha closed her file.

” Any objections!!!” ????????????????

” no objection your honour, the prosecutor is indeed right….” Natasha said

” Emma smiled and relaxed.

Season 4 ( ????chapter 27????)

(What happens in New york✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


But your honour, my client and I deserve few more hours so we can present our arguments. This court sitting was too early, miranda Milbert can’t be prosecuted like that, that’s all your honour.” Natasha said

” objection your honour, it is useless delaying her prosecution. The evidence has been prepared and there are a lot of evidence to back up her sentence…..
” ???????????????? objection overruled Emma.
” what?
” the court shall give the defense 24 hours to come up with their argument as the case has become a matter of live and death… the court is adjourned.

Emma stood up and rushed out. She ran into Danny first..she took his hand cos he looked weak but when she saw the scar on his face she brushed her finger to his face
“Danny did you get into a fight? why didn’t you file a complaint?
“No, it was Celine.
“Ok, sorry
Danny nodded
” but You look dull
“Am fine, are you okay?
“Yes totally, missed you .. you rarely visit ,too busy ?
Danny nodded and they walked down holding hands.
“Am traveling
“Yes ,dad ,company,you know better.
“Ok safe trip…Danny! Don’t eat plane servings
Danny hugged her and she rushed out. Celine walked out with Paula she hugged Danny from behind.
” my love”she said
Danny Turned her over and kissed her.
” I will miss you ” Celine said
“Don’t worry I won’t stay long, just few days
” ok..be safe.
” ok…

Both of them walked out and Danny’s car pulled over. Sandra ran out smiling and took his bottle water from him as well as his phone

” Sandra did you get all the files
“Yes sir
“Ok.. my love I will come back before you miss me
” I am already missing you
Danny smiled and kissed her they kissed for long minutes and Celine let him go. Sandra entered the car and the guard’s too , the driver drove off. Paula came to her

” is Danny sick?
Celine smiled
” why Is he so….
” Hes emotionally sick , its Miranda. Danny is too soft, I am scared of what Miranda’s death would do to him. He is pretending to be okay but he is not,this was someone he spent one year with as a couple.

” and everything miranda did she did because of Danny…he might end up feeling guilty like he killed miranda.
” that’s what am scared of Paula, he already has that kind of wound in his heart…am so confused cos I still hate Mira .

Paula hugged her.

Emma was about entering her car when Natasha stopped her

” prosecutor Emma
” defense lawyer , how may I help you
” Emma miranda has to go.
” you see why I wanted to become a prosecutor so badly..we fail in being lawyers. You know Miranda is wrong and yet you are defending her so firmly , what makes you a lawyer Natasha.
” Emma here’s the truth. 24 hours or no 24 hours I have no arguments because Miranda wants to confess , all I plead is that you reduce her sentence. I am not forcing you or pleading as a lawyer rather am begging you like a mother, … don’t kill someone’s only child…her mum is barren Emma.

” I am not the law , i thought you where a lawyer. Every one knows what section 23. 18 of the criminal law code under death penalty states , everyone knows the punishment for killing a witness who wants to testify. should I lie in court ? should I change the law?
I am an international prosecutor for crying out loud. My files are breathing in different prosecutions. People are watching me and what… I should come tommorw and tell the court THAT section 23. 18 actually states freedom right? No tell me, do you want to make me a laughing stock? Miranda broke the law and i just served her the law.I didn’t change anything I did what I am trained to do without bias and any mistake I make I will be stripped of my garment.. no one on earth can make me take that risk ,no one.
Emma walked into her car and drove away. Natasha entered her own car.


Danny sat quietly on the back sit.he suddenly remembered the very first he met Miranda, how sparkly she was, how kind she was , her jokes with Sandra, there indoor moment.

Miranda I swear if I knew I will cause you so much pain I wouldn’t have entered that hotel room with you… why didn’t I meet you when I stopped playing around. No matter how I try to twist it you are dying because of me…everything was because of Me. What will I do if you die… I don’t know if I would breath through it.

I don’t want to convince Emma myself , I can’t hurt Celine again by fighting for Miranda.

I can’t even call dad for help cos if he hears that Miranda stabbed me … he will bomb her.

How do I help you Mira.

Sandra tapped him

” sir am starving
” pull over at the fast food
She smiled and clapped her hand together.

Milbert family house.

Natasha walked in to a some men in the living room. She recognized Ian.Mr millbert was there as well Mrs millbert who was crying her heart out.

” honey finally I am barren, the world made me barren.” The wife said to her husband as the head maid consoled her

” Natasha you are big fool and a disappointment, best my foot you couldn’t even challenge Emma
” your daughter said she wants to confess , she is confessing to all her sin including the death of Victor and we all know the consequence of that. So what can I do ?
” mira wants to confess?
“Yes,she signed all the papers..she said no one can change her mind… even If She doesn’t confess Emma has evidence , lot of evidence. The fate of Miranda is out of our power ,even the president can’t save miranda. Everything depends on Emma and emma will have to risk her position as a prosecutor before she saves Mira.
the Emma I know Wont risk her position for any amount of money or for anybody.
” what Is the way forward?”Mr Milbert asked
” I am pleading with Emma to remove the death sentence but that means asking her to change the law because the court was crowded and Everyone took notes, Victor was a witness and Mira Killed him,the punishment is death and Every one has this code behind their head so sir I really don’t know the way forward.

Everyone took a deep breath

???????????????????????????? prison.

Miranda wiped her tears ????????

Yes I will confess , its what I want. I don’t want to stress Emma I deserve the death anyway.
I just regret not giving in to Ethan , i should have let him make love to me ,he deserved that much.after my night with Danny I had not been with another man, its been close to 2years. Yes after that first day I met him…I kept myself for someone who doesn’t care, am I not stupid? Now I can’t even have kid I will die by poison, all my dreams are lost and I deserve it.nothing can be done now it is too late .

Just then Celine walked in and sat down miranda was shocked.

” hy” Miranda said
Celine looked at her skin,hair,eye.she looked dead and she was in real prison. At least she (Celine) didn’t stay in prison because danny kept her at a hotel… suddenly she pitied Miranda. Just like that Mira will die , Miranda really deserved true love , she never experienced it owing to her carrier.
Miranda will die what about her dreams …she built an orphanage for thousand of kids in different cities but now she has been denied her own chance of having a kid.
Miranda you hurt me but you also pushed me to success.

Celine looked in her face

” I came because you didn’t finish what you wanted to say earlier.” Celine said dropping her phone.

Mira smiled

” it’s ok, i just wanted to say sorry , am really sorry for everything I did to you.I guess falling in love for the first time really controlled me.what I felt for Danny became an obsession and I just wanted him to myself. I made you cry Celine and I am sorry. It’s ok ,you see the law sentenced me to death by poisoning….” she wiped her tears and celine looked up to hold her own tears.” I will finally pay for everything I did to you , don’t worry in my next life I will be a better person.. after I die please do me favour of telling my mom that am very stupid but I love her… my mom might kill herself cos … she can’t give birth again. can you help me protect her , don’t let her commit suicide.

Celine stood up and tried walking out

” I knew u Wont forgive me Celine, its ok , it means I won’t even have peace in the other world.

Celine came back and sat down.

” Miranda I forgive you.
” what?
” I forgive you for every thing and i just pray the law forgives you too.
She brought out her hand and celine took her hand and held it tight for the first time. she shed tears deeply, Miranda removed her necklace and gave it to her

” what Is this?
“It was a gift from my kids in the orphanage, it was suppose to give me goodluck but you see a dead person can’t have good luck so please give it to your daughter for me ..on her birthday…so it can give her good luck and she won’t meet any miranda Milbert in her love life.

Celine took the necklace and wiped her tears with both hands she rushed away and entered her car

Too bad Danny left , Why didn’t she forgive Mira before Danny left .

She headed Emma’s house Emma was outside reading files and facing a glass of wine . She saw Celine and closed her file.

” why are you crying ?” Emma asked
” Emma help Mira please I beg you.
” its wrong to interfere with the law Celine
Celine knelt down and Emma stood up
” Emma think about her dreams please don’t end her life…think about what Mira is going through.

” what about me , what about what I went through. Mira killed Victor who was my witness,
i became the lawyer who couldn’t protect a witness.she ruined my carrier she made me a….
Emma pointed a finger at her
” don’t tell me what to do Celine , no one should tell me what to do , Miranda hurt people she should suffer too…
” Emma what about forgiveness.. this is not you.
” there is no forgiveness in the law , the punishment for Miranda’s crime is something that is memorized by every lawyer.. I can’t save Miranda i will risk my position as a prosecutor and Miranda millbert is not worth it.
no one In this world is worth it cos I know what I suffered to get here… I can’t be made a laughing stock because I want to please someone ,no one , not even you Celine , not even my parents, not even the president, No one.

Emma hastily picked her file and ran away

“emma what about Danny?”

Emma stopped.

” what about Danny?” She asked Celine
“I know I or Miranda are not important to you Emma , you said Miranda is not worth risking your position over but what about Danny ?Daniel, is he not worth compromising for ?
” I already told…..
” if you can’t think about me think about Danny. Danny is too soft and if you kill Miranda whom he spent the whole of last year with sleeping and eating together, Daniel will be more affected .
you know him more than I do. He wont move on , he might not forgive you. Dont forget what we went through with clara’s case..do u want danny to experience that guilt again?

Emma ran into her house and locked her door. She sat on the door quietly with both hands on her face.

Emma i still have to protect the man that i love ..Danny is too fragile

I still have to protect you,Miranda was your school friend if you kill her you will loose your night sleep, you will start nightmares,you will have regrets every minute, her barren mum will curse you , her dad will go after your life, thousands of orphans in the world will cry because of you and curse you if they do Emma I promise you ,you will be barren because kids hold a strong United spirit. I am not only fighting for Mira but for you too.
Miranda deserves another chance to be happy I really hope you do whats right…do. I don’t know who you will consider just rethink Emma.

She entered her car and headed home

Danny arrived home,his mother hastily rushed out.

” Danny ” ciara said opening the door.
Danny sighed and moved his hair back with his finger..he took two steps backward like he was scared of her.
” I actually forgot that you live here mum,i can’t live in the same house with you ever again.. tell dad……
His dad walked out
” dad I Will be in my suite,we will go on the meeting from there.
Ciara wiped her tears and walked towards Danny
” honey please”she tried touching him and Danny stepped back
“Don’t touch me … you won’t touch Me again..

Ciara cried out loud making Gretel to rush out ,she saw Danny and hugged him Danny held her tight.

” I am going dad?
” going to where ? But you just came back” Gretel said
” Danny am sorry ,sorry for hurting Celine and lying to you about Ethan ..so sorry for pushing miranda to you…Danny I did a lot of things to lina please forgive me
Gretel turned in shock
” mummy you say whaaaat?
“So the doctors report was fake,how could you be so wicked…did you really do all that to Celine … all the videos i saw , stoning her on the streets ? mum I hate you!” Gretel shouted and hastily wore her diamond slippers. She dragged Danny’s hand
“Danny lets go, she’s so mean.. I don’t want to see her ” Danny turned and her mum fell to the floor… Gretel dragged her dad too ” dad don’t tell me you are supporting evil too
” well……
” if you are not with us we will disown you too… quickly dad.” Gretel dragged her dad out of the house and 3 of them entered a car and took off… Mr Hoffman suddenly started laughing.

” guys I followed you to talk to you
“Save it
Danny and Gretel faced their phone

Season 4 ( ????chapter 28????)

(What happens in New York✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Mr Hoffman faced his own phone too..soon they arrived at the family suite i.e.
“not Danny’s suite”

All of them walked out Gretel was holding Danny tight
” Danny you look sick “Gretel said
“Am fine ” Danny replied
“Guys running away was a bad idea … there Is no food here
“We will rather starve than eat her food ” Gretel said
Danny nodded and held Gretel tight
Mr Hoffman smiled and ran into his room Danny and Gretel walked into Danny’s room. Danny removed his jacket and fell on the pillow Gretel hugged him tight

” I missed you… how did you get this wound
“Just…Simple…you know
” I don’t know
Danny laughed and held her tight.
“I thought my mom was kind and loving”Gretel said
“Me too” Danny replied.
Sleep took them away.


Celine was strolled into Salvadors house ,he dropped the cigarette on the table
“Whats wrong ,what are you thinking about ?”Celine asked
“Nothing but why are you crying , what happened , Did Danny get hurt
Celine sat facing him
“You see I forgive Miranda and if anything happens to her I might die of guilt even of I don’t die Danny might ,i don’t want him to feel guilty of anything again he suffered for the last one.
Salvador Mira has dreams I just want her to go home to her mum ,i want her to experience love and get her carrier back but prison will ruin alot of things for her. now Emma is too bent on the law

” that’s where you are wrong Celine Emma is a prosecutor and not a defendant lawyer. Her duty is to sentence,sentence..that’s What she is meant to do. Even if Emma was not chosen to prosecute Mira the next prosecutor will do the samething.Emma served her the law without any bias. Changing her statement or letting Mira go is gonna affect Emmanuella .
“And I don’t see any reason why she would risk all that for Mira or anybody,she wont.”Celine said
“She would Celine ,everyone has their weak spot ..that button that gets them helpless and choice less. If you want Emma to save Mira at any cost u need to send Danny to beg her
“What … why Danny
“just send Danny…. but I just hope the consequence on her will be as easy we hoped.
” Ok.
Celine started texting Danny.

Danny and Gretel woke up with such powerful hunger ..they both placed their hand on their tummy.

” Danny am starving and I have ulcer
“Me worse and I can’t order
“Me too.

Both of them rushed out and the father was eating happily
“Dad how did you ?….
They tried dipping their fingers
” it was my wife that cooked..I called her to cook for me ” Mr Hoffman said
Danny took his red lip into his mouth and looked at Gretel they both withdrew their hands and crossed it on their chest. Their mum walked out

” Danny ..Gretel
They didn’t talk so she knelt down

“Even if you can’t forgive me please eat I beg you ” she said and Gretel hastily grabbed a sit and joined her father the act made Danny laugh and he laughed out his anger for ciara…he knelt down and hugged her deeply.
“Mum i forgive you too I will hug you when am done eating.”Gretel said.
“But Gretel who invited you to my food ” Mr Hoffman asked
” Dad!
Danny stood up and faced his father’s plate
” Dad let me taste the rice” Danny said deeping his finger
Danny took one of the meat and Gretel laughed out. His father poured His cup of water at danny and Danny’s mum dragged him into the kitchen and he sat on the counter as she dished his meal.
” why did you steal your dad’s meat ..bad habit
Danny smiled and she took the meat from the plate and forced into his mouth she kissed him and hugged him tight.
” Danny am sorry.
“I know
“How is celine
” fine
“I love you” she placed kisses all over his face then carefully dished out his meal.
” should i serve you?
” Yes please
She smiled and kissed hmm again
“I can’t believe i hurt you so much my love, i was so stupid.
Danny hugged her and he leaned on her chewing sweetly
” Yes
“I love you.
Ciara smiled

Emma sat on her bed Henry had been calling but she didn’t pick. She sat quietly with her leg folded wen Danny called her she didn’t pick.
He sent a text message
✉emma me too?✉
Emma smiled and when he called again she picked.

” Danny uhmmm did you arrive
” Yes ,just recently
“Why do you sound happy
“Well I was eating
Emma smiled
Danny chuckled
“Why did you call,do you want something?
“If I want something,can you do it for me
“You know I would
“Truthfully am not sure of this one
“Tell me
“Let Mira go ,no prison ,no death just let her go emma
“Danny you just told me to ruin my carrier.
“Emma all I think about right now is miranda ..I won’t survive if she dies. Emma if you hurt Mira you will hurt me too, more deeply, please just let Mira go I beg you
” Danny I can’t ….
” u remember when that girl said I rapped her
Emma smiled
” Kylie
” Yes, you said you will surely become a prosecutor so I should bring all my offenders and you will Sentence them to death
Emma wiped her tears
” but you just sentenced me to death .. why me ,if you hurt mira Emma you are hurting me cos I am the cause of everything.. I was born stupid I don’t know why women won’t stop falling in love with me now my stupidity,my imperfection, its about to cost someone’s life. Even Victor,even ,Abigail..even Me I was stabbed because of me ,everything she did was because of me please just arrest me I will gladly follow you , Emma sentence me to death but please …I wish Mira will go free.
“Danny you don’t…
“Remember in 6th grade you told me to wish on you that you where my star
Emma wiped her tears.
” and any time I was in trouble u always showed up making me wonder how you always know. if I got into fight ,quarrel with my parents,exam problems ..once I shed a tear in my life I would see you beside me ,if I fall sick I will see you on my bed…it was after one month then i found out you bugged me ..you bugged my room,my uniform , my necklace you placed bugs around me so you can protect me.even after I found the bugs I intentionally left them there because I really needed an angel too , I needed a star to wish on.
” Danny please ….
” emma Are you still my star? i don’t know for sure but if you still are then I have one more wish ..just one last wish
” Tell me what you want “Emma said drying her tears
” let Mira go home” Emma wiped her tears and dropped the call..

she remembered exactly when she made that statement to Danny after he fell into the pool and almost drowned but finally the gateman saved him he was just 7


” Daniel why are you crying..you where saved right?
“I was saved very late..I was so scared .no one is home no one Is ever home ,mum and dad are so busy and when I get into trouble no one saves me.” Danny said and little Emma wiped his tears.then he opened His story book

“I wish I had a star I could wish on too just like the princess in the story” Danny said pointing to the picture of the star. Emma used her scissors to tear out the star then packed it into her hair
“What are you doing?
“I will be your star Danny ,i will protect if you need Me just call me
Danny smiled and hugged her.

Emma came out of memory lane she opened her case and collected the star diagram.all those years it already faded.

Danny if miranda going home is what I need to protect you then I have no choice am your star right.
from the moment I told you that it became a covenant,it become a vow I kept till I turned 17,always protecting and fighting for you but I was so stupid to start liking you.. we where so close yet you didn’t notice that i had romantic feelings for you, i didn’t tell you, I was there when clara came.

she remembered exactly when clara came into the picture

..???? ????????????????????

Danny fell to her on the bed closely after her 17 birthday he was 18 then.
“Emma you need to see this girl
“she’s pretty,who is she
“she’s my friend.. we just did a song together… I think I like her what do you think
“uhmm is that kind of woman you like
” I just I like her no particular reason
she nodded and Danny Lay beside her dragging her pillow to contain both of them
“when will you get a boyfriend emma?
“well soon..
“Michaels likes you
“I like someone else
“really who?
“you ” emma said mentally but in reality she replied” he is a bit far ”
Danny nodded..
“uhmm Clara are you meeting her again?
“yes she invited me for dinner Saturday will you come with ? you will like her .
“no… am fine I will stay with Gretel.


Emma dropped the star as she came back to reality.
why am I remembering all these ? She asked herself as she rembered one week after Danny’s date with Clara..she found him smiling to himself in his room.

” hey bes, why are you so happy” she asked sitting down
“didn’t you see my facebook status”in a relationship.” Danny said sitting up and moving his hair
“I thought it was a prank
“no Clara said she likes me too and she most sweetly asked me out.
“and you are just telling me now?” Emma asked
“sorry.” Danny replied and fell to the bed.
Emma nodded drying her tears.
“come closer so I can tell a secret “danny said
“just say it” Emma said
“Gretel will hear” Danny added
she bent down and he pulled her into a deep hug and then whispered.
“we had sex”…
“what? but that’s wrong, Danny how could you both do something like that its not been long you guys met and I have been….
“Emma you are shedding tears ” Danny said in surprise
” it’s the weather ” she said.
Emma wore her slipper and ran away down to her car where she drove home crying.
Emma closed the pictures and sat on her bed.Danny I don’t think any woman can ever love you the way I did. i wanted to be your first and only but I watched you do it all with her and I still couldn’t talk.
I was in pain watching her sneak into your room at night when I am there. watching you kiss and romance I kept pretending.. I cried so much that i had to run away ..I had to leave you..so maybe I would stop loving you.
now am back and I am grown but you still have this strong hold over my life and my will, I don’t know if it was because I subjected myself to live for you right from a very little age. I can’t stop loving you and now my love for you is finally going to ruin me. she held the star tight and slipped it into her file.

She called her crew on phone

” how is the sitting tomorrow
“There won’t be a hearing only prosecution..and Mira has been added to the list of those to be prosecuted without defense
“Natasha signed the no argument file so Miranda will now be prosecuted duely.
Emma dropped her phone and wiped her tears.


Everyone was sitted… criminals where lined up.

” Salvador whats wrong ,5 criminals in a day
“Celine this is not a court hearing it is a prosecution
“These are people caught in the act so the don’t have the right to defense they will just be prosecuted
“I hope Mira is not….
Just then Mira was dragged out Celine wiped her tears
“Salvador what’s going
“Its either Miranda confessed,her lawyer gave up or Emma has too much evidence.
” what do we do now?
“It depends on Emma.

???????????????? proceed.
Emma stood up and faced the first criminal.
” your honour Mrs Maria killed her husband and she was caught in the act,here is the file..

Emma handed him the file

???????? proceed
” she was denied the right to a lawyer because she was caught in the act and too much evidence was collected..so I here by sentence her to 5 years in prisonmebt with hard Labour.

???????????? granted.

Emma opened the next file and Mrs Maria was dragged out.

” Penelope Samuel, murder of boyfriend because of cheating.are you guilty or not guilty?” Emma asked facing her
” I hereby sentence her to 6 years in prisonment without Labour.

Emma dropped her file the next prosecutor stood up

” your honour 17 years old junior raped a school girl ” He handed the file

???????? proceed

” he is to be duely prosecuted but he is young so I plead that he should be sent to juvenile for 5 years just until he learns his lesson.
???????? granted Samuel will be sent over for juvenile detention.
” thank you your honour

???????? next.

Both Emma and James grabbed miranda’s file at the same time Emma didn’t even know it was Mira James left it for her she opened it.

” your honour this criminal has been denied her right to a lawyer and a lot of evidence has been collected to prosecute her duely.

“Miss are you guilty or not guilty?”Emma asked without even looking at her rather at her file

“I am guilty” Mira said

” I hereby repeat the same sentence you where given in your last hearing….you are..

Emma saw her name and lifted her face up she was surprised to see Miranda

???????????? May the prosecutor please proceed

” just as it was confirmed in the last hearing and as the criminal accepts her crime I hereby sentence her to death by poisoning or hanging.

???????? granted

Emma dropped the file and Mira was dragged out the next lawyer came out
” your honour Miss masterson

” your honour please wait !!” Emma shouted and hastily stood up the other prosecutor sat down and Miranda was brought back to her chair

???????????? prosecutor Emma what are you doing .

I don’t know ..Emma said to herself as she quickly wiped her tears.

Emma remembered Danny’s word..if you kill Mira you killed me. Danny who sent you to come beg me,who found out that i still love you so much.

emma Faced the judge

” wait, objection your honour,
i object to everything she is sentenced for” Emma said moving her hair

???????????? what!

” your honour miranda is innocent.” Emma said hastily dropping her file on the table.The judge removed his glases as this never happened before.

???????? Emma did you forget what happens when a prosecutor defends a person In court. This is a prosecution not a hearing and no defence is welcome , what are you doing ?

Emma hastily dried her tears
” your honour Miranda didn’t commit any crime the prosecutor was wrong please pardon my mistake and let her go…I would be more wise in the future.” Emma said

Henry sighed

Emma what are you doing? Mira will be set free but you will demoted to a defence lawyer for 10 years you are going to start afresh who is making you do this?

???????????????? prosecutor Emma you are breaking the law.

Emma removed her garment and dropped it

” your honour this garment shouldn’t make me lie or fail in my duty of protecting the innocent.

???????????? present your arguments.

Emma looked up and dried her tears as she handed a file to him

” this Is the file concerning full information of the death of Victor desai


” just as it is stated in the file there was no link leading to Miranda in victors life.not his work ,school,or even his friend.


” miranda is not his phone contact neither is she a friend so what is her motive to kill Victor when her doctors report states that she is not psychotic.

???????? noted

No print from miranda was found on victors body your honour and this is the period of estimated death by the doctor

She handed him a file

” as you can see the doctor said what killed Victor entered his system 15 minutes before he came to testify…


” now your honour take a look at this video ..this is miranda sitting in court exactly the time of victors poisoning. Her phone is not with her neither did she make any calls…this means that Mira has no relation to victors death she was caught in the web.

???????? noted , what killed victor?

Emma took a deep Breath

” it was a medical mistake your honour , here is victors doctors report..and autopsy. As well c.c.tv preview.


” as you saw victors doctor confirms that he had a heart condition which made him allergic to some drugs.

“15 minutes before the court hearing as you can see in the video Victor was receiving treatment and he received injection

???? ????noted

“Your honour if you open the autopsy report you will note that, Victor died because he is allergic to the drug he was injected with .thank you.

???????? ok but who is to blame for victors death

” your honour victors death is a medical mistake or someone who knows Victor too well and knows his allergy decided to kill him and that is obviously not Miranda because it has been proved that they are not in any way related.

???????????? ok objection accepted and sustained.
Emma smiled
???????? next argument.

” miranda didn’t stab Danny my Lord” Emma said

????????her prints are on the crime scene …according to this file

“Yes but my prints are there , clara davids prints are there , daniella Daniels prints are there it doesn’t make them his killer.
Miranda walked into the crime scene exactly the same way we walked in and she was shocked to find her boyfriend on the floor.

???????? noted

” here is the Murder weapon and the forensic report.no print was found on the knife so it is wrong to arrest her baselessly..

???????? what about testimony from the abused.

” the abused is strong, healthy and in full memory. If Mira was his killer he should be in the witness box testifying against her but rather he said this.” She handed the judge her phone and played a recording

???? Emma if miranda dies I will die too. miranda can not go to jail.. I beg you Emma don’t hurt Mira.

???????? noted.

” your honour this is not the voice of an angry man who was stabbed rather that of a friend and a lover ..so it is clear that Mira never stabbed Danny it was just the prosecutors mistake.that’s all.

????????????????objection accepted and sustained next… murder of Abigail samuel

” If I may your honour” emma said and Emma brought out a picture off all the maids in the Hoffman’s house.she gave it to Miranda
” Mira who is Abigail here?
Miranda pointed at Emily emma smiled and gave the picture to the judge.

” Point to note your honour miranda never met Abigail all her life and as proof she couldn’t identify her in the pics rather she choose Emily. So who would kill someone they don’t know?

???????????? according to what you gave here Mira met her for the first time when she gave her cloths for ciara .c. Hoffman

” Yes your honors, 2 mins interval of giving a cloth, i really wonder, is that enough time to develop so Much hatred and reason for an instant murder?

Let’s say yes, Mira saw her and hated her in 2mins and decided to kill her but I am sure she must have called her goons and told then to kill Abigail who was coming out so I will like to call her assistant who is with her every minute to the box.


Kira walked up and took the oat.

” tell us the truth kira , did Mira make any call when Abigail left with the cloth.
” she couldn’t because network was bad.
” thank you.

” point to note your honour , 25 of march there was a heavy and unusual network break down which affected everyone please inform me if it affected you

???????? it did.

” so let’s belive mira wanted to call her killer but her phone has no network so she couldnt make the call.

But shooting from behind means shooting with information like
” kill the woman in red car just shoot her.” so if Mira didn’t inform them to kill who did it?

So your honor I believe Miranda didn’t kill anybody ,she is innocent of all crimes and I cannot prosecute the innocent.

Emma sat down with her face on table.

???????? if a prosecutor defends criminal in court The court stands to belive that the alleged criminal is innocent. prosecutor Emma presented more than enough evidence so all charges against Miranda had been Dropped. We are sorry for the inconvenience Miss Milbert the incompetent prosecutor will punished duely for making a mistake.Court is adjourned.

Mira was set free and Emma was summoned by the district head who was her teacher as well as mentor in the field.he locked the door and gave her dirty a slap. Emma took a deep breath

” is this what I taught you?
” i told you prosecutors are always right , we make no mistAke,even if she is innocent you must prosecute her that is your job . What did you do emma?

” am sorry
” You turned our prosecution into a laughing stock and this never happened before… after so many years of training you forgot the law that guides you.

” sorry sir.

” we must follow the law , if a prosecutor defends a criminal in court he or she will be stripped of the garment and the person must serve as a defense lawyer for 14 years.
” defense lawyer again ? Please sir
” you are no longer a prosecutor Emma you are a lawyer and must be for 14years.
“Its ten years say
“You are stupid so I added four years ,this case was not assigned to you it was your own case ,you where the one that arrested her…why did you make yourself a fool in court Emma!!! ..you called yourself an incompetent prosecutor are you drunk?
” sorry sir
” your files have been transfered to the other agency for lawyers, leave and start work.I can’t believe you shattered your dreams yourself what made you do this Emma
“Get out
“Ok sir
Emma rushed out and wiped her tears.

Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 29 to 31
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