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Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 29 to 31

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Blue Maid. Season 2. Chapter 5
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 26 to 28

Season 4 ( ????chapter 29????)

(What happens in New York✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


Emma walked into the compound and before she could open her eye well a crowd kids hugged her from nowhere she started laughing as she carried one up she wondered where they came from. Just then she saw others with few nuns they waved at her. The little girl she was carrying tapped her
” yes cutie tell me
“Thank you for allowing her to keep visiting us, she said she will keep visiting everyday if we don’t see her we will surely fall sick.
Emma smiled
“Dont worry no one will arrest her again if she doesn’t visit you tell me so I can arrest her.
Emma smiled and Miranda walked towards her.
” Emma
“Hy,are you ok?
“Yes… am sorry for everything I did Emma ,i know you didn’t do this because of me but I am indebted to you forever
“Its ok, I hope you enjoy your new life. live a little!
“I will
“Come here
Emma hugged her tight and watched her leave with the sisters and the kids…

Thank you Danny for not letting me do this…is this the amount of kids that would have cried because of me or hated on me.
Everyone deserves a second chance… let’s believe Miranda millbert was fates way of making the love Danny and Celine share stronger.
Just then Celine hugged her from behind she turned over and hugged her smiling
“Emma sorry
“Sorru for what, don’t cry people are watching” Emma said
Celine held her tight.

Henry coming made Celine let her go… Celine left with Salvador. Emma looked at Henry for a while and ran away Henry ran after her.
“Emma wait
He dragged her back
” I just want to be alone.
“Emma I can’t get mad at you because you still love Danny, you dont need to run away.

Listen if you love Danny so much to risk your carrier for him .. i Henry, i love you so much that i will wait for you to get over Danny completely just like I have been doing.
Emma I am ready to wait 200 years… isn’t it clear ? we both are crazy lovers and I will do anything because I love you.

am happy you didn’t cause her pain cos I know you Wont bear the guilt, she’s is still your friend from high school.
so Emma you didn’t only do it for Danny you did it for yourself too.

Henry hugged her and held her tight.
“Lets go
Emma nodded.

The head prosecutor who just slapped Emma few minutes ago was busy nagging to himself in his office when his phone rang.

” Mr millbert
” chief prosecutor Jacob
” yes it is me
“Did you just demote the prosecutor that defended my daughter
“Your position , do you want to loose it?
“No I didn’t demote her I sent here on break
“I really thought as much.

The call was dropped before he could rest his phone rang again.

” Mr Jacob
“District head
“We got a call from the office of the president…did you know that Emmanuella jerkerns is a relation to Danny hoffman
” no
” well now you know. reinstate her and promote her.
” yes sir.

He dropped the call and called Emma.
” hello sir
“Emma report at work first thing tommorow morning…I need to see your full report on Kelvin Jayman.
” report to the senior district…… you are now a senior prosecutor. your new I.d is almost ready congrats.

” thank you so …….. ” emma screamed so loud the man lost his phone.

Henry sat up
“Tell me
” I was promoted
“Are you my senior now?
“Yes….so get me my files junior
Henry laughed.
” Henry
” whenever you are serious with the marriage and the whole baby stuff let me know
“But u said…….
” I want to take loving you serious,i need to get an A in it.maybe this sacrifice was what mother earth needed to help me let go of danny for good.
” Ok…thank you.
Emma hugged him tight
“But babe__ I swear , you need an award for defending criminals. I didn’t know you where a trained liar.
Emma laughed
“But it was the truth, she didn’t kill Abigail Victor did.
she tried calling him to stop him but there was no network.
She stabbed Danny because she didn’t want him to go to Celine,
i know I can’t harm the man I love but I have done some weird things too.
” really
” e.g
” like soaking all his dry clothes in the tub so he Wont go out with clara, sometimes I even fed him sleeping peels so he would lie at home and sleep with me.

“U were indeed crazy.
Emma laughed.
” we all do crazy things for love,I loved Danny more than my life but I handled that pain of not being loved too because I was always with. Even if he didn’t love me in a romantic way he sure did love me very much. We spent quality time together, eat, play, dance, sing
Etc. I couldn’t even miss him cos even if he spent the whole day with clara he must spend the whole night with me cos I was like the never leaving room mate. so I didn’t feel that ……
“Scorn of rejection” Henry said
” yes, that’s the worst pain ….
but Miranda, after sex Danny cut her off, no calls ,no letter,no meeting.
if Danny did that to me I swear i would have killed Clara Cox I won’t handle the pain.. so I completely understand Mira for wanting to kill Celine.

When it comes to Victor, we both know she never wanted to kill him but he was going to expose her it was fear and guilt as well negative influence from Mr Jones that made her want Victor dead. but she gave a crazy amount of money to his family. Miranda was wrong but mostly she was helpless. No friend to talk to, you know she has no friends. she’s a Carrier oriented loner and loneliness doubled with depression was what killed Mira’s real self , her real self can’t even hurt a fly.
” I know …kids don’t just love anybody like that,it takes a pure heart.


Celine was rolling on her bed when she opened her eye and saw Emma she smiled

” Emma?
” senior prosecutor Emma
Celine shouted and hugged her

“So I did my part right
” yes
” it’s time you helped me arrest Kelvin
” sure but am scared…I didn’t tell Danny i don’t want any problems
“Danny hoffman is not an issue so has Kevin Ever called you
” no I keep getting this wrong number since miss world..I dont know who it us so I blocked it.
” unblock it
” Ok.
” call the line
She placed a call

” finally
” who am I unto
“is this daniella
” this is Jay
Celine dropped her phone Emma put it on speaker and gave it to her
” I don’t…..
“miss world…I was the judge that gave you the highest point
“Dont you want to say that up close
“I don’t…
“Go on a date with me ,tomorrow night
“Welll……..ok , why not.
“I look forward

Celine dropped the call

” Emma am I going on this date
“Emma I don’t know your plan but please it shouldn’t involve any kind of intimacy…I can’t help you arrest Kelvin at the cost of losing Danny
” do you kiss and tell ?
“Emma stop joking
” no intimacy, as long as you can control yourself cos Jay is even cuter than Daniel
” I was wondering why he is so handsome , everything about him is so perfect. His hair and eye colours match. Hes more than beautiful Emma why
” I will tell you when we meet my team .

Celine stood up and rushed into the shower.
Soon she walked out and hastily dressed up.
” I like that tstoo
” it’s Danny’s
“The other
” Salvador..when he signed me
” cute…you really changed
Celine smiled.

Soon they where done


Emma sat with Celine and her crew.

” ok Nora what do you have.
Nora brought out those pictures emma found in jays house.
” Emma this ugly man in this picture is Jay
“And this man is married to this lady” suzy said.
“So Jay is married?” Emma asked
“Well yes, because of money that was why she married him.” Nora said.
” but she ran away because of his ugly looks as you can see he looks like a chimpanzee….she just couldn’t love him” Henry said .
“she ran away with another man Emma this made Jay go for one of the most expensive and best plastic surgeries. But it seemed getting her back was still not possible so he killed her ” Nora added.
“Oh nice ….now I understand.

” he started his obssession for beauty or should i say quest for love , a woman never loved him before and he doesn’t know the approach too because a woman you kidnap can never love you.
I guess the rejection comes before the kidnap. Then strong rejection causes the murder” Lisa said.

” most of these models just slept with him for crowns and contracts. I guess with no strings attached. ” Henry said

” but maybe he wanted more and they rejected making him keep them by force” Celine added.

” maybe some wanted to cheat him and collect his money. love could be his weakness. Maybe he kidnaps them to see if he can start a love affair but if you make him feel rejection or lack of interest maybe that’s when he locks them up….just guessing.

“Ok celine ,its a very simple game..I need to make Kelvin trust you …so much..put your all and get him to love you and believe you love him too , I really think love might be his weakness. I Think he has a phobia for rejection.

” is that all” Celine asked

” yes but you must play safe…if you gain his trust then the case will solve itself.
” Ok… am in. Thats pretty easy..am going to act a movie with Kelvin’s life

Season 4 ( ????chapter 30????)

(What happens in New York✈)
Story by moreexperience ????
(6zney ).


<b> SEMI FINALE !!!!!!!

It was time for celines date with Jay , her driver took off and Soon he stopped at a five star restaurant.. Celine walked out the whole place was just beautiful but empty and creepy only jays guards made the Crowd.he sat there smoking Celine walked down to him he already used his eye to take off her cloths she sat down and moved her hair .

” be careful Celine,” Emma said to her through the earbud she wore which her hair covered.

Emma sat with Henry and they looked at Jay from their laptop

” he is so attractive” Emma said
” its his money ” Henry said
” I hope he doesn’t find out your plan.
” he won’t.. most important thing is him taking her home.

Celine’s necklace had a small camera in it and that was where Henry and Emma Got feed back from

” daniella its a pleasure,” Jay said and helped her sit down ..then he pushed her chair closer Celine smiled
” thank you.. Celine dropped her pause and looked up at him

” you are beautiful…. just too pretty
” thank you.
” so how’s your boyfriend
” he traveled for the week but how did you know him
” well lets say I know quite alot about you Celine
Celine smiled
‘ I see you did quite a research.
” yes I did.
” nice.
He poured her a glass of wine and celine picked the cup
” he wants to get you weak” Emma said…Celine smiled
” Jay it’s too toxic i don’t drink much.
He smiled
” a little
She sipped the drink a little then dropped her cup

” so why DiD you want to meet so badly
” to be plain I really like you a lot..
Celine smiled
” nice…..I guess I like you too..I mean I couldn’t take my eye off u at the contests.
Kelvin smiled
” congrats on m.m.k
” thank you ” Celine said.
Jay looked around
” wow its getting dark even when our date just started.

” it’s really getting late , jay I need to go.
” when we haven’t discussed anything.
” next Time.

Celine stood up and his guards blocked her.
” I can’t let you go
Celine turned and smiled
” it’s late and I am gentle man, come i will take you home .
” my home?
” no , my home is closer.
” Celine go …. this is what we want ” Emma said
Celine nodded
” ok
Both of them walked into the car.

Celines eye was on the window till they arrived Jesus the mansion was awesome, Jay took her hands and walked her into the Manosion.the maids walked about their duties Calvin walked her to a room she looked around it was pretty .

” wow its beautiful
” all for you
Celine smiled and he walked out.Celine dropped her purse

” Emma what’s next.
” do u think he took you to his real house
” Yea I guess.
” anything suspicious
” just bath and try to be comfortable.
” ok.
Celine walked into her shower

Celine bathed she,She tied the jacket
” the most important thing is earning his trust if you don’t earn his trust this plan can’t work… you have to let him trust you ,let him get free with you in a way he can give you allowance to move about the house.
if you are tight with him he would start suspecting you and once he starts u won’t let leave that room and we cant investigate. He is psychotic celine You need to act a movie with him and wrap him round your fingers . it’s not only about the sex he has alot of women , he needs a girl who will be comfortable with him and love him truly.little by little you will uncover his secrets.

Celine dropped the call , I am doing this mostly for Salvador.

Just then jay walked into the room her heart heated.he looked at her on the white pillow where she lay on the red bed.he sat beside her Celine sat up

” are you comfy?” He asked ….well Mr psycho lets play this psycho game very well.

” jay being with you makes me happy, Celine replied.????????

he smiled and ran his fingers to her hair he leaned over and kissed her neck gently… his fragrance was not even wicked. He kissed her from her neck up to her cheek.

Henry and Emma faced the screen

” our investigation was correct .he doesn’t start with rape .. he actually becomes dangerous after rejection”Henry said

” the question is, what if they didn’t reject his love.
” maybe he wouldn’t have locked them up.
“I hope celine doesn’t show him signs of fear or disgust, it will anger him.
” No I trust Celine” Emma said.


Celine felt Kelvin brush one hand into her gown then he kissed her lips ….. she felt bad.

” Celine get calm and stop him , remember those days you didn’t want to have sex with Danny but he made advances almost regularly , you didnt freak out, still you didn’t hurt him when u disagreed so handle Jay like that.

Celine gently pulled him away softly.

” I can’t tonight” she said.
” why , do I disgust you too? do you hate me? am I not handsome enough? I thought you said you loved me????
Celine gently deeped her finger into his hair and kissed his cheek.

” I can never reject you ,i love u but u rushed into this so early it makes me feel like thats all you want”celine wiped her tears ” someone who loves me wouldn’t do that. you are everything I want in a man and I always liked you.
But seems you are like Danny ,all you want is sex,i thought I found love that would help me escape Danny but i was wrong,all men are the same.
Celine closed her eye on her pillow shedding tears.

“Am sorry,am not like him or them I swear “he hugged Celine and she brushed her fingers behind his hair smiling to herself.

Minutes later he walked back to his room.

I found love,she loves me, i knew I will find love one day as long as I kept searching. They all rejected my true self but she loves me. I won’t show her any scary part of me.He smiled and fell to his bed.

Early the next Morning Celine opened her eye to the food on the bed … wow what was this beautiful man doing. She looked around and he was not there.
Celine ate and bathed , she wondered if he would ever let her leave the room. just then a maid walked in
” madam here are your cloths
” ok
The girl walked further and came back
” madam leave this place already…dont allow greediness for material things ruin ur life.
just leave before you can’t
” oh thanks.
celine changed and the maid walked out. She wore a white gown looking like an angel.

She tried opening her door when blood streamed in from under the door. she placed her hand on her chest and opened her door, she saw that maid on the floor bleeding .she was stabbed just then Jay walked out with the knife he was Shocked when he saw Celine…. he was shocked that she cought him… his hand was filled with blood even the knife. Celine was shocked.

” celine remove your hands from the necklace so we can video clearly” Emma said
Celine moved her hands and Henry recorded the scene clearly ..even the murder weapon Jay was with.

Celine looked at him quietly while mentally telling herself to calm down.

” I am sorry I….. I didn’t … please don’t hate me… don’t get scared of me I am not a monster but ….but…” his tears streamed down.” She told you to leave me , she wanted to take my love away … please don’t be scared I can’t harm you am not a monster I am sorry.

Celine jumped over the dead girl and hugged him tightly ..the bleeding I knife stained her white gown.he wrapped his hand over her getting her stained.

” are you not scared,don’t you hate me
” I love u so much ,so much that i can’t be scared of you ,i accept you anyway you are…as long as you love me I will never leave you.” Celine said .

“Danny forgive me ” she said mentally as she kissed Jay ..she kissed him like a lover for long minutes..allowing their tongues to meet.she unlocked and smiled.
” I can never be scared of you ” she said and he hugged her.

Emma was wowed she almost fainted

” Henry Celine is awesome …she nailed it
“Yes ,she earned his trust…now we will find out what he does for a woman he loves
“Am eager.


Jay unlocked and took celines hand

” go home with me
Celine was shocked,no wonder Emma didn’t find anything when she searched this place… this is not his real house.
“I Will” Celine said as he held her hands tight.both of them where blood stained as they ran into his car outside smiling.His boy’s cleared out the body.

Emma sat down

” Henry its over ..he is taking her to his liar..the same place lia is ..once I get the location we will enter and attack.
“Lets pray he takes her there.

Both of them watched carefully..Celine wondered where Jay was taking her too until they arrived.

It was so big and beautiful. She smiled

” is this our home?
He nodded and kissed her hand she kissed his cheek.both if them walked out holding their bloody hands as one.

They walked in…it had more security..it was so quiet.

Kelvin dragged her in smiling.he opened a door and she walked in…it was so pretty

” your new room
“Even after Danny returns ,promise to never leave me
“I Wont ,i promise.
He smiled
“You can go anywhere you want In this house,the house is yours but avoid locked doors
” since we here alone … will you still deny me access…he said grabbing her waist and smiling seductively.

Celine smiled.

” why will I do that ,i too wanna make love to you.
Kelvin smiled and watched her send her fingers to her back she zipped down the blood stained gown.
” Am really all yours,” Celine said using a finger to pull down the gown kelvin held it.
“You really love me so much
“I do.
“Well…… i don’t want you to feel like I am Danny or I am rushing, I mean you just came yesterday so I can still wait as long as you are with me. I just wanted to confirm something.

Celine smiled and hugged him.

” I Will be going out
“Ok…I love you
“I will return soom

He walked out …Minutes later Celine knew he left the house so she strolled out.Thousands of guards where there.

“Celine find lia , am sure she is there.”Emma said

Celine strolled out and rembered when Kelvin told her to avoid locked doors.Few guards followed her she turned

“Please stay outside
“But madam
“You are scaring me ,am allergic to crowd
“But the boss…
” should I call Jay
“We won’t follow you anymore,stop following her guys the boss gave her permission to move about

Celine walked past them and strolled into the passage.

Lia was in her room ,the maids combed her hair she gets more beautiful every day …her hair had already fallen below her butt. Staying indoors and looking beautiful for no one. Her skin alone was as transparent as diamonds.

They massaged her legs.

” madam ,a girl is here
” when will girls stop being so greedy,her quest for material things is about to ruin her life.
“That’s true madam.

Lia looked up and her tears streamed

” I regret the day I followed Kelvin home, all because of a contest…I was greedy ,this is my fault.

Celine strolled into the passage ,luckily no guard followed her..she got to a door which was heavily protected. She looked in through the hole and saw lia she was shocked.

“Emma I found lia
“In the room
“Can you open the door
” no. I need to leave, kElvin warned me to avoid locked doors,i shouldn’t have entered this passage.
” Ok ,leave quickly I will look into the password issues, return to your room

Celine tried turning when she heard a voice.

“I felt it,i always knew you where a spy ,the boss is so stupid.


Season 4 grand finale.
( ????chapter 31????)

(How celine died and they are blaming 6zney )
Story by moreexperience .????
(6zney ).



Celine turned and more guards arrived ..they dragged her to te living room just then Jay walked in he saw her crying on the floor.

” what’s going on?
” sir she…..
Jay gave them dirty slaps each till they fell on their kneels.
“How dare you touch her
“No we didn’t” he hit them all one bye one .
……. ……. ……. ………
” sir we found her looking into lias room, she’s a spy.

Jay dragged Celine into his room and Celine sat on the floor looking left.

” I told you to avoid locked doors didn’t I
“I want to go ,i don’t want to be with you anymore.
“But why?
“I thought you loved me but that’s a lie, so u have a mistress, a woman is living here.
how many are they? I said it, all men are the same and its true.. if you already have a woman why take me?
“That’s not true i love you ,she’s nothing.
“She’s nothing yet she has a special room , why are you breaking my heart ..i hate you.”

Celine started crying. Kelvin dragged her up and they both walked into the passage
” what are you doing
” you think i dont love you
” where are you taking me
” i told you she Is nothing!
” Jay!

He unlocked lias room door

” lia go …. get out.
“Go already …. leave!
Celine was shocked she wiped her tears . Lia stood up and walked out Celine watched her go outside the gate then out of the house. Kelvin turned to look at her.

” do you see anyone else ?
do I have another mistresses?
“But who is in here?” Celine pointed at another door he dragged her over and opened it 8 girls where there Celine was shocked. Pretty girl’s

” go ….all of you ..go now!!
Celine watched all the girls run away. She looked around no more doors Kelvin took her face into his hands

” you see, i want only you..i want only you celine..don’t you understand , i want to die with you.Celine hugged him tight and he carried her up into his arms.

Emma tapped Henry

” did you call Salvador
“What about our crew
” All the hostages are free..i suddenly pity Kelvin but he must face the law.
” we need to go in now
” no … what if there is more
“There isn’t.

Lia walked down the street bare footed she couldn’t even believe she ran cos her legs where really heavy.
She walked gently with both hands on her white gown streaming tears.. her white dress flew in the breeze as her long hair danced. People watched her like a movie

” mom, seems an angel fell from heaven ” a kid said to his mom while pointing at lia who was walking blindly.
“That’s true my son.

Lia took one more step when Salvadors car pulled over he rushed out. He stood at a little distance watching her wordlessly.
Lia stood still watching him too.

He looked at her from hair to toe she tried taking a step he signaled her to stop✋✋✋

Then he walked to her

” from now on , I will always come to you my love.
Lia hugged him tight and he brushed his hands on her hair.

” Salvador am really sorry
“Me too
They hugged for hours.

Celine cooked for Jay and sat facing him as he ate. Tears already welled up in her eye.

” why are u sad?
“Am sorry Jay
“For what
“Everything I did and what I am going to do.
“He smiled
“You love me that’s enough
Celine smiled and her tears streamed.

She carried the empty plate and walked out she met Emma at the door

” good work Celine.
Celine nodded and walked out.
She entered her car and left.

Emma arrested Jay and his boy’s

“Jay its alarming..i have been outside arresting your boys for a while so they didn’t text or inform you.
” they did” he showed Emma a text Emma was shocked
“Why didn’t you grab Daniella as hostage and run away with her as protection or better off fight .
“Because I deserve punishment. I knew she was your spy but I thought that if I let all the girls go she would maybe forgive me.
Am happy at least I experienced love even if it was a lie.

Emma arrested him and Henry dragged him out.


Celine arrived home , she walked out and saw Gretel she shouted and Gretel hugged her.

Mr Hoffman as well as Mrs Hoffman walked out Celine hugged mr Hoffman but she couldn’t hold ciara until ciara tried kneeling down she hastily dragged her up and hugged her tight.

They all walked into the house.
Celine tapped Gretel
“Where is Danny
“Sleeping,seems he’s sick.

Celine ran inside and hastily removed her slipper. Danny used the bed cover to cover both his face Celine climbed into the bed and opened his face he opened His eye
“Danny are you sick?
He dragged her down into his arms and hugged her
“No ,Gretel was pranking you.
Celine smiled
” I missed you
“Me too.
She removed the blanket from his body
“But am cold
“And you are topless
He smiled and she used the cover to cover them both she kissed his lips then his chest he held her tight
” where were you?
Celine started stammering
was..i mean..i..came…i was with Emma.
“Where you cheating on Me?
“Why stammer so much?
Celine laughed and kissed his neck she rose fully on him
” Danny
” no
” hearts choice
” no
“Uhmmmm cow girl
Celine laughed
“Gosh you are too spoilt
Danny smiled and kissed her
“Our wedding is coming up…my parents are preparing everything.
“Am glad
Celine smiled and held him tight

” Danny my dream come true..my Dream ..my Dream..you are ” Celine sang and Danny laughed.
Until Gretel jumped in on them
Danny laughed

” Gretel have I ever disturbed your romance with your boyfriend”Danny asked.
“Danny she is here to romance with me.” Celine said
Gretel kissed Celine
” hey don’t kiss my wifey ” Danny said ..
Celine laughed and hugged her tight.


” Mrs Celine
“Yes father
“Do you accept Danny Hoffman to be your lawfully wedded husband?
“I do.
” Danny
“Do you accept her to be your lawfully wedded wife
” I do
” then I pronounce you husband and wife.
Wedding night.

” Danny I need to tell you somethings before we have sex
“Am pregnant
” really
” Yes
Danny carried her up and rotated round the room
” it’s a girl and her name will be Jessica short for Jessie” Danny said Celine smiled
“Ok… dnt keep me waiting this is our wedding night
” no ..no ,i don’t want to shift your womb so am going to sleep with Emma or my mum.
Celine tried catching him he ran away.
She started crying
” danny am not pregnant , come here!!!” She shouted.


???? in honour of “Jessie gabby”????
My Danny baby, the name jessy originated. ????????????????????

Keep moving down (I ???? u)
I wanna do something fun, My epilogue will have 2 to 3 chapters.

it will be the authors pov coming up from 19 years later.
Let’s see how these crazy models are managing their homes and their teenagers.

A little synopsis from Paula’s house.

” Liam where is your baby Michelle
” she should be in her room ,preparing for exams.

” I will check on her

” waiting.

Paula rushed into the room to find Michelle kissing a guy on her bed ……

“Michelle!!, must you be like your mother? Celine was carrying you every day why didn’t you get her character?!!!
” mum its nothing ,he’s my boyfriend and I am 19 now its not like I am a baby
” whaaaaaat!!! hey cute boy , are you not miranda’s son?
” no __ well… yes, i can explain.
“We are going to meet your mum , you got my baby pregnant.

“No mom we use protection”Michelle said

” what!!!! you even had sex?
” Liam !! Liam !! Liam!!! Come quickly , infact go next door and call danny his daughter spoilt my baby

” no mum , Jessie is still a virgin.. she’s my bestie so I know

” what!!, liam dont call only danny call the whole neighbourhood.

Call Miranda and her husband Ian
Call Danny and Celine with their daughter Jessica And son dylan

???? Call Salvador and lia with their baby girl dalia .
Call gretel and simeon with her daughter “most beautful”(what a name)
Call crisella and her children especially Michelle’s friend Brianna

Blue Maid. Season 2. Chapter 5
Celine And Hoffman. Chapter 26 to 28

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