August 3, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 96

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He and her V.

Episode 96

^Camilla’s POV^

I drove back really disturbed. Is there something I do not know ? Could Tucker be hiding something from me for real?

No, I can’t actually have this in my belly. I must speak to him about it.

On getting home ,I went straight to his room ,as soon as he sighted me ,he stood up with an apologetic look and knelt.

“I know I kept hurting you, I do not know the in-resistable atmosphere that she carries around her that made me yield to her seduction ,please forgive me.” he pleaded and I sat on his bed without saying a word.

“I went to the hospital” I changed the topic. ” The doctor said I’ve got a womb” I said.

“What! Really?”

I nodded.

“Guess they just have given you another person’s result in my hospital ?” He said.

“That is so bad. It can actually make a weak somebody kill himself. i suggest you speak to those doctors. ”

“I’m will ensure that I sue the exact doctor that came out with a wrong result. So ,how about the pregnancy ,was that an error too?” He asked and I exhaled heavily.

“It’s not an error but according to the doctor ,nothing is wrong with me but nothing is wrong with you either cause you have impregnate a lady before ” I said.

“What do we do now ?”

“The doctor told me that in a situation like this ,it might be that my husband actually takes a drug before meeting with me ” I said and looked to his face for his reaction.

“Never ! Why should I take something before I lay with you?”

I looked away not knowing what answer to give him.

“Common! I love you so much than to hide anything from you” He said and an idea struck my heart immediately.

He never knew I’ll be coming to his room at a time like this ,if he doesn’t take anything before he meets with me ,then we can just meet now to confirm.

I pulled off my gown and went close to him. I planted a kiss on his lips and began to remove his clothes but he reluctantly stood.

“Let’s stop this baby , I’m sorry but I’m not really in the mood ” He said.

“Tucker ,are you saying this ?”

“I’m really sorry but we can’t meet now ?”


Friends ,do you think Tucker is hiding something from our dear Camilla?

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3 thoughts on “He And Her V. Episode 96

  1. Ehmmm, he may be… But y n what exactly his he rilli hiding.. O goodness hope it not what m thinking ???? ????????????
    97 plzzzzzzz

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