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Heart Doctor. Episode 10 to 12

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Heart Doctor. Season 2 Episode 13 and 14
Heart Doctor. Episode 7 to 9

????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????


The alarm from Amanda’s phone woke her up from her dreamful sleep.
She opened her eyes, rubbed them and a smile appeared on her face as she recalled the dream she had about Desmond and her.

“Would something like that even happen?” she chuckled and hurried into the bathroom to brush up.

Soon, she was in the kitchen making breakfast and Odeya’s lunch.
As she did them, she wondered what Desmond’s reaction would be when he regains himself.

“I hope this doesn’t cause issues with him and his mom,” She said.

After being done in the kitchen, she went upstairs to prepare Odeya for school.


Desmond rubbed his eyes open and he felt really weak.
Instantly he recalled about the previous night. He had gotten drunk but how did he get to his room.
Okay, he recalled. Amanda had caught him while he was about falling.

“She brought me here?” he asked himself and raised his hand to check his finger. It’s been bandaged.

“She did it,” he said with a sigh..
He rolled the duvet off his body and struggled his still weak body out of the bed.

He glanced at his finger again before entering the bathroom to prepare for work.

(About an hour later????)

Amanda was feeding Odeya cos she told her to.
Desmond was seen soon coming downstairs in black suit and his briefcase.

He walked to the dinning table and of course, Amanda avoided to make eye contact with him while Desmond was surprisingly feeling a little uneasy as he settled on the seat facing his daughter.

“Good morning sir. How was your night?” Amanda gasped when she asked him that. What came into her?
The spoon she was about giving Odeya hung close to Odeya’s mouth and Odeya after waiting for few seconds collected the spoon.

While at the other hand, Desmond was scared he’d stutter so he cleared his throat before answering “It it was good”

Amanda sighed within.
She wondered what he’d say in his mind.

Maybe he’d say ‘is she trying to remind me that she helped me out last night?’

Oh my gawd! What have she done!

She tried to collect the spoon but Odeya shook her head. “I will feed myself.”

“O okay.” Amanda said and when she turned, her eyes of course fell on Desmond and she saw that he was looking at her.

She stood up and quickly hurried to the kitchen.

Desmond breathed out.

“Dad are you alright?” Deya asked him, noticing his uneasiness.

“Yes I’m fine dear, eat up” he said and carried his tea cup to drink.

What do he do?
He felt like he is supposed to thank her for helping him last night and treating his wound too but he wondered how he should do that.

“Dad why are you staring at the kitchen door?” Deya asked Desmond thus making him realize that he’s been actually staring at the kitchen doorway.
He quickly turned his eyes back to his cup of tea.
“No, it’s nothing.” he said and sipped from his tea.

“Dad. What happened to your finger?” Deya asked, just noticing the band on his index finger.

Desmond looked at the finger and wondered what lie he’s going to tell to his daughter.
If only he remembered and practiced what he’s going to say.

“I..it’s a little cut.” he said.

“How did you had it, did it hurt?” she asked.

“It’s.. It’s from the knife. I was trying to cut an apple last night. It doesn’t hurt.” he lied.

“Sorry dad,” she said.

“Thank you baby” Desmond said and exhaled.


“Oh gosh, I cant look at his eyes. It reminds me of the dream.” Amanda mumbled to herself in the kitchen.
She sat on the breakfast bar and placed her head on the table.

“What is going on” she asked herself.

Five minutes later, she walked back to the dinning with Deya’s lunch box.

The duo were both done with their breakfast.
Desmond on seeing Amanda, stood up immediately and pecked Deya.

“I’m leaving now baby. Take care of yourself.” he said.
“bye dad,” Deya said.

Desmond grabbed his briefcase and he wondered why he had to take a glance at Amanda and Amanda wondered why she had to look up at him at that moment thus their eyes met.

Desmond turned and walked away while Amanda picked up the dirty dishes and cup.

“Are you worried about my dad, nanny?” Deya asked.

“Huh?” Amanda looked at her.

Deya said nothing again and Amanda carried the dishes to the kitchen.

‘Yes Deya, I am. I’m worried that I’m in love with your dad. I’m worried about so many things.’

She dropped the dishes and walked back to the dinning. “Let’s go.” she said.


Amanda waved Odeya ‘bye’ as she walked to her seat.
Her classmates were all happy to see her. It felt like a celebrity and her fans.

Amanda waved a bye to her and finally left.

As they drove back home, Peter kicked up a conversation.

“Amanda, so how is the gold digger?”

“Don’t call her that please. I haven’t spoken with her friend today. I would do that once I get home to know the situation. For her to get freed, she needs Mr Desmond’s sincere forgiveness.” Amanda said.

“Nawa oh.. How can such a beautiful lady indulge herself in such thing! Wasn’t it the same day we heard the news about the woman who had been controlling her husband for ten years?” He asked.

“Yes it was. I feel sad for her. I hope he forgives her soon or she might not be able to regain herself” Amanda said.

“I hope so but it won’t be easy.” he said.

“Yeah it won’t.” Amanda said.

Getting home, Amanda walked into the house and straight upstairs. She always have this habit of forgetting her phone since there’s nothing really important that she does with it except receiving and making calls. Though she’s on Facebook and WhatsApp but she hardly log into them.

She grabbed the phone from the bed and made a call to Chioma.

It rang but wasn’t picked.
She called again and it was picked.

“Hello Amanda, sorry I was in the bathroom,” Chioma said.

“No, it’s no problem. How had it been? Was the money taken to him?” Amanda asked.

“Yes of course, it was. She won’t die like the native doctor said and that she will be cured which wont really cure her completely without Desmond’s forgiveness. After the sixty percent cure we can take her home and try to bring Desmond to her and make him forgive her.” Chioma said.

Amanda exhaled. “At least it’s nice to hear that she won’t die and also she’d be cured even if it isn’t completely. We are trying our best to make him change his mind. Once he do, he will forgive her.” she said.

“I’m counting on you Amanda. Please help my friend,” Chioma said.

“I will try my best.” Amanda said.

“Thank you” Chioma said.

After the call dropped, Amanda sat on the edge of her bed and sighed.

“How do I go about this.. This is pretty hard.” she said.


At Desmond’s office, Standing in front of Desmond was Henry who wore his neatly ironed black Suit but his face held sadness.

“I’m sorry Desmond. I had no idea what she truly was. I had always thought of her as a good girl. You can’t do this to me Desmond. It is me, Henry. I understand I’m connected to this but please pardon me.” Henry pleaded.

Desmond threw him the sack letter.

“There’s no point pleading. I can’t take back my words. Leave my office Henry.” Desmond said.


“Fine.. I will call the security” Desmond said and picked up the telephone, dialed and placed it at his ear.

“Yes, hurry over to my office. There’s someone you need to take out ” he said.

“Desmond, no I can’t leave this way. I still want to work for you please. Let’s talk things out. We are best friends,” Henry said.

“I think that was the mistake I made, making my best friend my secretary. I should have known that there were consequences like this. Work mode, friend mode. Tch! That was so dumb!” Desmond said.

“Desmond please listen to me.. I’m saying the truth. I was damn curious too on how she was able to win your heart in just two days. I wanted to find out, so also was my sister,” Henry said

The door opened and two securities walked in.

“Get him out of here,” Desmond said.

The securities grabbed Henry.

“No no, let me go. I have to talk to him.. Desmond please don’t do this to me.. Desmonddddd” Henry begged as they dragged him out of the office and closed the door.

Desmond felt tears in his eyes.

He felt like rushing out and bringing him back.
He love Henry since university.
There were course mates and Henry was a great help to him academically while he helped him financially.

They graduated and since he took over his father’s company, he made Henry his secretary and had made out plans of making him the manager in few months time only for this to happen.

He was in deep thoughts when his phone beeped of a message. He hesitantly picked it up and blinked when he saw it’s a message from his daughter’s nanny, Amanda.

His heart skipped instantly.


Amanda had gone to the kitchen to start preparing lunch when she tried making use of the sink but the faucet wasn’t working anymore.

She tried numerous times but no water dropped. She went to I.K who went and tried with his man power but it was the same answer.

“What do I do now, I need to start cooking,” Amanda said.

“I no know oh.. For three years wey I don live here, this kind thing never happen” I.K said.

“Really? Ah.. What will I do now.” Amanda lamented.

“I think you go call Oga tell am.. He go tell us wetin we go do,” I.K said.

‘Call Oga?’ Amanda doesn’t even want to think of that. She’d end of stammering with her heart beating so fast.

There’s another way. Text him.

She picked her phone and began texting him.

“Wetin you dey do?” I.K asked.
“I will explain it better on text message,” She said.
“Ehe? Okay.” I.K said.


Desmond read the message.

????Hello sir, there’s a problem with my cooking this afternoon. The sink faucet isn’t working. I and I.k have tried a thousand times, but there isn’t even a drop of water. What do I do sir?????

Desmond breathed out and placed his hand on his chest.

“Was that it? Why did my heart skip like that?” he asked himself.

He clicked on reply message.

????You don’t have to worry OK?…????
He paused.

OK? Is it necessary for him to put OK? He deleted it.

????…You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll call a plumper right away.????

he read it over and over again before sending it.

Seconds later, a new message came in. He opened it.

????Okay sir. I’m be waiting,????

He clicked on reply message then paused.

“Is there any need to reply her?” he asked himself then dropped the phone. “No, there isn’t

Oh the plumber. He picked the phone and called the man.

After speaking with the man who said he’d be on his way right away, Desmond stared at his phone for awhile before dropping it. Then immediately an idea came into his head.

“What if I use a text message to send my thank you to her? It will feel less awkward right?” he thought.


“He said he would call a plumper,” Amanda said to I.k who was sitting on the breakfast bar.

“Okay na,” I.K said.

“So now, I think you should go back to your post. Thank you,” Amanda said.

I.k sighed. “Ah ah, calm down na. Your blood too dey hot. No body dey come for gate for this time,” he said.

Amanda looked at him with a playful evil eyes.

“What about the plumber?” she asked.
He stood up. “Oh na true oh,”
He hurried out.

Amanda exhaled and clicked on her phone..
Her text message chat with Desmond came on.

She stared at if for a moment before taking off the Apron. She dropped it and walked out of the kitchen to the sitting room.

Is she expecting him to reply her?
What exactly would he reply?

She sat down and was about taking the remote from the table when a text message bumped in.
She rushed it and her heart skipped when she saw it’s from him.

????I just wanna inform you not to leave the man alone in the kitchen. Stay with him as he works.????

Amanda chuckled.
Is he scared or what?

“Should I reply?” she asked herself but before she could stop herself, she had typed already.
????I will sir.???? and sent.


Desmond clicked on the reply message.
He was about to say it..
He typed

????Thank you for treating my wound last night and sorry for giving you such a hard time helping me to my room because i was drunk????

He read it over and over again before sending it with shaking hand.

He stared at his phone screen, waiting for her reply.


The smile that appeared on Amanda’s lips as she read the message was wider than the river Nile.

“Oh my God.. What do I reply? Should I really reply?” she asked herself but she couldn’t help it.
She did.

????It’s okay sir but be careful not to drink more than one another time..????

“I hope it isn’t offensive,” She said before sending it.


Desmond chuckled when he read it.

“Okay, I’m a light head I know it.” he said and clicked on reply message.

????I know the message you are trying to pass already. Of course I only wanted one can but your call made me take three.???? he sent.


Amanda sighed when she read the message. She quickly clicked on reply.

????Please don’t be mad at your mom. I promise to leave after my first salary if you want me to.????

Even though she doesn’t even want to think of leaving here, she had to send it so she did.


Desmond exhaled when he read the message.

“It’s funny but I can’t think of sacking you. It doesn’t even play in my head,” he said.

He had no idea what to reply..

A door came on his office door and then opened. The manager walked in.

“Director, why are we having an urgent meeting?” The Manager asked.

“Cos I sacked my secretary. I’ll need a new secretary,” Desmond said.



Amanda waited for Desmond’s reply but none came.

“Why don’t he want to reply? Does it mean he’s really going to sack me?” she asked herself.
She felt kinda scared about it.

The plumber arrived and immediately got to work.

Amanda stayed with him and because the man was a really good gist man, Amanda felt less bothered about Desmond’s reply.


????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????


Hours Later, the man finally left and Amanda prepared the meal.
She felt like getting some sleep. She still had time left before going to bring Odeya back from school. So after having her bathe, she laid down to take a nap.


Around 12pm when Desmond returned from the meeting, he collapsed on his chair.

Every person in the company loves Henry. They were against Desmond firing him without any good reason cos he never said the real reason.

He had been in thoughts for hours and around 4pm, he picked his phone and called Henry.


Henry was in his room, consoling his bad luck with bottles of beers when his phone rang and he could hardly believe it was Desmond calling. He quickly picked it up with shaking hands.

“Hello Desmond,” he poke first.
“Let’s meet at CorBar at 7pm today,” Desmond said.
“Really? Did did you have a change of mind?” Henry asked but the call dropped.

He covered his face with his hands.. “God.. Why me!” he lamented.


Amanda carried Odeya down from the car and they headed inside.

They got in and Amanda carried her upstairs to change.

“I want a touch of blue on my casual,” Odeya said.

“Why?” Amanda asked.

“Nothing really,” odeya said.

“Sure?” Amanda asked.
“Yes” Odeya smiled.

Amanda found a blue shirt and white bom short and wore it on her.

“Good, I love it,” Deya said.
“Really, but I’m curious,” Amanda said.
“Nanny, can we take a walk today?” Odeya asked.
“Take a walk? I’m sure you have home works. Let’s do that first,” Amanda said.
“Okay,” Deya said.

Amanda smiled. “You look really excited. Can’t you tell me a little?” she asked.

“Nope, it’s my little secret,” Deya said and rubbed her stomach. “I’m hungry.”

“Let’s go to the kitchen,” Amanda said and carried her.

“Don’t carry me, I’m not a baby,” Deya said.
“You are a baby,” Amanda said.
“I’m not.”
“You are.”


6 o’clock saw Odeya and Amanda walking down the streets. Amanda held Odeya closely as they walked slowly together.

“Wow, outside in the evening is really a sight to see, I love it,” Deya said.

Amanda smiled. “Yeah it is. Let’s get ice cream.”

They bought Vanilla ice creams and enjoyed it while they strolled the street. Then they got a gathering where a group of three boys and two girls were dancing.

“Do you want to watch them?” Amanda asked her.
“Of course,” Deya said.

They joined the few crowd and watched the teenagers dancing. They soon got overtaking by their beautiful show and began clapping with the rest.

Time passed and they didn’t notice.
The exciting thing was that, they were about six different groups. After the three boys and two girls performed, Four boys and a girl did.. It was pure fun for both Amanda and Odeya.

But then it stroke Amanda and she gasped when she checked the time, it was 7:20pm.

“Deya, let’s leave.” Amanda said. She grabbed Odeya’s hand and they left the place.

“We should have stayed a little bit longer,” Deya said.
“No we can’t, let’s go.. It’s not safe staying outside by this time and you might get a mosquito bite” Amanda said.
“There’s no mosquitoes there,” Deya said.

Amanda carried her.

“Argh! I hate being carried,” Deya said.
“We have to hurry,” Amanda said and fastened her pace.


Odeya and Amanda were having their dinner when Desmond returned.

Amanda’s heart skipped on seeing him.

He walked right to them and kissed Deya on the cheek.

“Welcome daddy,” Deya said.

With Amanda’s face down she said, “Welcome sir.”

Desmond turned to her. “Thanks Amanda.”

‘There is something with the way he said it’ Amanda thought. ‘It felt special in someway like ‘Thanks Amanda’

She had no idea when a smile appeared on her lips, which only Deya saw.

Desmond wanted to talk to Amanda but he knew it has to be private without Deya.

“Deya go to bed after your dinner okay?” he said.
“Alright dad,” Deya said.

Desmond turned and headed upstairs.

“Do I really need to go to bed immediately after eating?” Deya said before shrugging and going on with her meal.
But then she looked at Amanda who was picking on her own meal.

“You still like my daddy?” she asked Amanda.

Amanda was taken aback by that.

“Huh? Of course I don’t,” Amanda lied.
“That’s good,” Deya said with a smile.

Amanda sighed, grabbed her glass of water and gulped down.


Desmond returned from the bathroom and put on his night wear. Laying down with his hands behind his head and his face up towards the ceiling.

He recalled all the conversation with Henry at CorBar.

Henry had explained things in the way that made him wanna have a change of mind and just forgive Gold. Also, he told Henry to return the sack letter tomorrow and resume work immediately.

‘I can’t blame him. I can’t let that come in between our friendship besides he had no idea about it’ he had concluded.

But forgiving Gold is still the difficult one that he’s trying to accept.

Well he have no idea why he want to talk with Amanda about it Amanda!
He felt he should so he picked his phone and after staring at it for awhile, he scrolled to his message box and texted her.

????Let’s have just one beer tonight ???? he sent.

Amanda was telling Deya a folktale when her phone beeped of a message alert.

She opened it and felt butterflies when she read it.
She had no idea the smile on her face until Deya asked. “Why are you smiling like that?”

She quickly closed the message and chuckled. “It’s nothing. It’s my little secret.”

They both laughed.


Vanessa turned to Steve.
“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean what are you going to Nigeria to do?” Steve asked.

“For f**c sake, it should be none of your business. Damn! I ain’t telling you a damn thing,” she said before laying on the bed and covering herself with the duvet with her face at the other side.

“Vanessa I am your husband. You should tell me every fucking thing you do,” Steve said.

“Get the hell out of my room Steve, I got a long flight tomorrow so I need to sleep,” Vanessa said.

“I know what this is all about. You are going to see your daughter cos I don’t wanna believe it’s your ex that you wanna go see!” Steve said.

“Oh my God! What’s wrong with you Steve. You are disturbing me!” Vanessa said.

“Nessa, You are going nowhere,” Steve said.

Vanessa rolled her eyes.

“You know there’s nothing you can do Steve,” she said and sat up from the bed. “Come over here baby.”

Steve walked climbed on the bed
Vanessa placed her hands on his chest and cheek. “You don’t need to worry about me cheating on you.. You know how many times I’ve caught you huh? You should know I’m going to get my daughter. Now will you leave this room before I get infuriated?” she said and kissed him. “Go.”

Steve inhaled, came down from the bed and walked out.

“Damn, he’s such an annoying jerk,” she said.


Amanda and Desmond sat opposite each other at the breakfast bar with only one can of beer in front of each person.

Amanda held hers with two hands just like Desmond did.

The silence was killing and so Desmond decided to do say something.

“Aren’t you going to drink or you are scared oglf getting drunk?” he asked jokingly.

Amanda finding that funny, couldn’t control her laughter and let it out which lasted for three seconds then she cleared her throat. “But I..I should be the one telling you that sir.” she said.

Desmond chuckled. “Really? You are not a light head?” he asked.

“Not really. I Can take up to five of it,” Amanda said.

Desmond chuckled and took a little gulp then Amanda did.

Desmond stared at her for awhile before saying, “This is what I want to tell you Amanda,”

Amanda felt her heart beat at the sound of her name from his lips. The way he calls it.

“W-what is it sir?” she asked.

“I want to forgive Gold but I can’t just accept to. I need your help,” he said.

Amanda raised her brows. “Sir what?”

“Is there any way you can help me change my mind?” he asked.

“I..I don’t understand sir”

Desmond gulped down the rest of his beer, stood up and walked to her.
He placed his right hand on the table and the left at the back of the chair she sat.

Amanda drew back with both fear and imaginations. Her heart was beating loudly that she feared Desmond might hear it.

‘What is he doing. Why’s he this close?”

He bent down and Amanda blinked twice.

He leaned more closer to her and Amanda hiccupped.

“I want to forgive her but I can’t just accept it. What do I do?” he said.

‘Is that why he’s this close? Just to ask me that?’ Amanda sighed and she had no idea when she pushed him away. She gasped after doing that.

“I’m I’m really sorry sir,” she apologized.

Desmond was surprised with himself. Like why did he leave his seat to lean so close to her just to ask her that? What really got over him?

Have he been charmed again?
Of course if he should suspect any other person but not Amanda. She look just pure..

Did he just say ‘she’s pure’

Amanda was still apologizing when he cleared his throat. “It’s fine. I think I got too close.”

Amanda stood up.. “I think I should go now, goodnight sir,” she said and was hurrying out when Desmond grabbed her by the hand, turned her over to face him. Both stared at each other’s eyes.

“Do you want to marry me?” he asked.

Amanda widened his eyes at his question.
“S..si sir?” she stammered.

Desmond blinked his eyes and pressed his finger on a side of his head like someone suffering from a headache.

“Sorry, that wasn’t what I wanted to say.. I think I’m really drunk already. It’s okay. Goodnight,” he said, released her hand and was walking out when Amanda said.

“Yes, I want to marry you but I know it’s never going to be possible so I don’t believe your mom and my mom about you and…I, I’m just a nanny here to take care of your daughter. There shouldn’t be any other thing on my mind more than that.” she said.

Desmond turned, glanced at her then turned and walked away.

Amanda slapped her forehead.
“Oh God.. What’s going on! It feels like I’m in a dream,” she placed her hands on her fast beating chest.

Desmond entered his room and collapsed on his bed.

“What is wrong with me? Why would I ask her such a question? Oh God this is embarrassing! What suddenly came over me. This is really crazy… What do I do.”

Minutes later, he concluded on what to say to her so he stood up, walked to the door and opening it, there stood Amanda on his door.

“Let’s not make this look awkward..” she said. “…you don’t have to think or worry about the reason why your mom employed me here. It’s even funny to think about. You should forgive Gold as well. I think you’d feel better after that and please bring back your best friend and secretary. I’m sure he wouldn’t have connected you to Gold if he knew her intentions,” she finished up, then turned, walked to her room and entered.

Desmond stood there as he stared at the closed door of her room.


????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????


Two days Later????

The previous day was really uneventful.
Nothing special happened.
Desmond left to work very early in the morning and returned late too after which he told Amanda that Henry is back to work but before that, Amanda have heard it already from Chioma who she spoke with.

Nothing again was said between them. Everyone retired to his and her room.


But as Amanda was preparing Odeya’s breakfast and school lunch, Desmond walked in and she was quick to notice due to the sound of his flipflops.

She turned and greeted him “Goodmorning sir,”

“Thanks Amanda. Please I want a plate of that too,” he said.

Amanda was surprised. “You mean this spaghetti?”

“Yes.” Desmond answered.

‘Okay what the heck? He has never taken anything part from tea in the morning, why is he wanting to eat spaghetti suddenly?’ Amanda wondered.

Yesterday, they really didn’t speak with each other like the last two nights.
It was stupid, but sincerely, she was hoping that he calls her out for another drink but last night, none of that happened.

“Okay sir,” she answered.

He walked to the refrigerator, opened it and took out a bottle of cold water and a drinking glass.

“For two months that I brought Odeya to Nigeria, none of her nannies were able to stay more than a week with her. She was sassy and a bunch of complainer and insulter. I’m surprised about you Amanda,” he said and drank the water which he had poured into the glass cup.

Amanda couldn’t understand why her heart skipped at that.
It felt like when your boyfriend is praising you for being the best girlfriend in the world.

Amanda felt really excited but she had no idea what to say.
Thank goodness he spoke again..

“You’d make a good mom to your kids, your man would be very lucky to have you as his woman,” he told her and, it felt like a torture to her.
Why’s he telling her that.

Is he trying to play with her heart, mind, body and soul?

But what Amanda didn’t notice was the smile on Desmond’s face as he left the kitchen.

She rushed to the door, peeped out to make sure he was really out. She walked back to the counter.

“Why is he telling me something like that?” she sighed.

Desmond walked back upstairs to prepare for work.
As he took his bathe, it was the best moment to think about his conversation with Henry yesterday.

“I can’t believe I’m back here. It’s like a dream. I can’t imagine myself with you Desmond and without this company,” Henry said.

They were in his office.

“That’s okay. I can’t loose you because of the stupid thing I did. Like I told you yesterday, Really, it was my fault. If only I haven’t eaten those meals she brought. I think it all began with them. But I’m grateful to God that it didn’t get to far to stop,” Desmond said.

“Desmond, I hope you find a place in your heart to sincerely forgive her soon. She’s being cured right now but they said she’d need your forgiveness to get fully okay,” Henry said.

“I pray that I do,” Desmond said and dropped a file in his hands.
“Here, help me to take the blue file to the manager and the green to the HR.”

“Alright sir,” Henry said then stood up to leave but got stopped by Desmond.

“I think I’m in love,” Desmond said.

Henry turned with wide eyes.
“Really? Who’s the lucky girl?” he asked.

Desmond chuckled. “I don’t really know why I suddenly fell for her. But I noticed how sweet and beautiful she is. She’s natural, nice, understanding and can change someone,” he said.

“Wow!” Henry exclaimed and walked back to the table. “Who’s she?”

“My daughter’s nanny, Amanda,” Desmond said.

Henry jaw dropped. “What? Tell me you are joking right now.”

Desmond exhaled. “I want to make her my wife. Such a person that was able to change my daughter in just a week. Such a person that was so damn bothered about Gold who wanted to make my house a living hell for her. I think she’s one of a kind. I’ve never met a lady like her,” he said.

Henry nodded. “Sincerely she is one of a kind. She calls my sister every day to ask about Gold and promised to do her best to make you change your mind. Sincerely, I think she deserves your love Desmond. She’s a good woman,” he said.

Desmond smiled. “But I think it’s too early to tell her about my feelings.”

“I don’t think she will refuse a man like you Desmond unless she has a fiancé,” Henry said.

“She has no fiancé and she won’t say ‘yes’ to my proposal,”

“Why?” Henry asked.

“Cos she won’t believe it’s possible. And again, she made a promise to my daughter to bring me and Vanessa back together. Funny right?” Desmond said.

“Really. Vanessa is married. I think it’s time you tell that to your daughter,” Henry said.

“I think so..”

“And tell Amanda about your feelings too. I believe she is a different woman, beautiful and endowed.”

Desmond smiled. “You can go now. We will talk after work,” he said.

“Alright,” Henry said and walked out.

“Argh I can’t believe it..” Henry muttered with an amazed smile.


After preparing and dressing up for work, Desmond went downstairs and as usual, met Odeya having her breakfast with Amanda next to her.

They both shared quick glance and Desmond settled down opposite Odeya.
Amanda prayed not to make eye contact with him.
She stood up “A minute sir,” she said and left.

Desmond inhaled

“Deya, how was your night?” he asked.
“It was fine, dad, and yours?”
“Fine as well.”

Amanda soon returned with Desmond’s meal in a tray. She carefully dropped it in front of him but as she was doing so, her arm brushed on his.
It was electrifying for the both.

Amanda quickly jumped back and both stared at each other in the eyes for few seconds then Amanda was the first to look away.

She left to the kitchen and rested her b*tt on the counter. She sighed and slapped her forehead.
“What’s this!?”


“She doesn’t look okay right, dad?” Odeya asked after Amanda hurried to the kitchen.


“Dad she likes you,” Odeya said causing Desmond to pause the meal he was chewing.
“But I told her you and mom is gonna be back soon,” she said.

Desmond sighed.

Amanda only returned when she heard Desmond leaving.
He was already at the exit door when she returned back to the dinning with Deya’s lunch box.

Desmond noticed it, turned and glanced at her before walking out.

“I thought maybe you slept off in the kitchen,” Odeya said.

Amanda chuckled awkwardly, “of course not.”

“Okay, because of my daddy?” Deya asked.

“Huh?” Amanda raised her brows.

“I told him that you like him but he said nothing. It means that he doesn’t like you too,” Deya said.

Amanda felt hurt by that.
It’s just a talk from a little girl but she felt hurt by that.
That Desmond doesn’t like her.

Not wanting to think much about it, she quickly wore Deya her bag.

“Let’s go,” she said.


When Amanda returned from Odeya’s school. She got reckless.
She walked to and fro her room in thoughts.

“Is it really through that he doesn’t like me? If he doesn’t then why did he ask me if I want to marry him two nights ago?”

“Does he still love his ex wife and want her back?”

“What do I do, I’m going crazy?”

“I fell in love with him, I’m so stupid!”

“If only I never helped his mom, I wouldn’t be here now! No no, I can’t regret helping her, no!”

“What do I do about this!”

“He doesn’t like me.”


The time was exactly 3:30pm when Odeya saw her dad walk into their class.

“Hello Mr Okoye, are you here to pick Odeya?” Mrs Tonia, their form teacher asked him.

“Yes I am,” he said.

“But I thought it’s her nannies that pick her up now,” Mrs Tonia said.

“I’m going home so I decided to pick her up. I’ve called her nanny she won’t be coming, come dear, let’s go,” he said.

Odeya stood up from her seat and walked to him.
“Dad, but what’s wrong with your voice and why ain’t you at work?” she asked.

“Oh, I had cough, let’s go,” he said and grabbed her hand.

“Bye Deya,” her classmates said ad they left the class.

A taxi was waiting for them.

“Dad, why a taxi and not your car?” Deya asked.

“My car suddenly got faulty. I will take you home and pick another one. Let’s go baby,” he said and Carrie her in. The door closed and the taxi man zoo me off.

Just as they were passing the school gate, Peter and Amanda drove in and Odeya saw the car.

“Dad, but that’s my nanny. I thought you said you informed her not to come?” she asked.

He gave her a grinning smile that scared her.

“Do I really look like your dad?” he asked.

“You are not my dad? But you have his face, his body and also wearing the suit he wore today,” she said.

“Kid, I’m not your dad. Now sleep awhile. You are going to meet your mother.” he said.

“My mother?” Odeya asked.

He didn’t answer but took out a handkerchief, pressed it on her nose and she fell asleep.

“Step on the gas Don,” he said to the driver.


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