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Heart Doctor. Episode 7 to 9

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Heart Doctor. Episode 10 to 12
Heart Doctor. Episode 4 to 6.

????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????


“I apologise about today,” he said.
“Sir?” Amanda said, pretending to be confused.
Desmond gulped down the remaining beer. He tried picking another one but found out there isn’t any more. He sighed rested his head on the couch.

“Get me more beer,” he said.
“Sir I think there’s none left,” Amanda said.
“Yes sir,” Amanda said.
“But I need more alcohol.” Desmond said.

Amanda stretched hers to him. “Then have this one left, I only drank a little from it,” she said.

Desmond collected it and gulped.
Amanda sighed.

“I apologize for today Amanda,” he repeated.
“Why why are you apologizing sir?” she asked.

He looked at her and Amanda’s hear raised when he placed his left hand on her shoulder.

‘Calm down Amanda, calm down… he’s just drunk.’ she tried calming herself.

“For not believing you. You are not leaving right?” he asked.

Amanda inhaled. “No, I’m not. I have to stay to take care of Odeya.” she said.

He smiled in the drunken way, “yea yeah that’s thoughtful of you. You have to stay to take care of Odeya. If you want, I will increase your salary.” he said.

Amanda exhaled.

He removed his hand from her shoulder and finished the remaining beer.

“Ah I will be going upstairs now.. I’m so sleepy.” he said and tried to get up but fell back.

“Sir, are you okay?” Amanda asked as she stood up.

“I don’t think I am.. Can you help me up?” he asked and stretched out his hand to her.
Amanda grabbed it and tried pulling him up but she couldn’t.

“Sir, I think you should give me your left hand too,” She said.

Desmond stretched his right hand to her and Amanda grabbed both hands and tried again, she succeeded in pulling him to his feet but being so drunk, he dropped himself on her and both of them landed on the floor.

“Ahh, that hurt,” Amanda said as she felt the pain on her head. She had hit her head on the tiled floor but fortunately, it wasn’t hard but there was something much worse than that; Desmond was on top her with his head resting on her chest.

Amanda gasped and her heart beat raised.
Many dirty thoughts ran through her mind but she immediately slapped them off.

“Sir,” she called, hitting him. “Sir, you are..you are lying on my body.” but she got no answer. Desmond was fast asleep.

Amanda sighed. “What do I do now.”
After staring at the situation for awhile, she gathered her strength and pushed him out of her body. She got up and exhaled.

“He can’t sleep on the floor…what do I do.” she sighed and looked around.

At the center of the sitting room where the table stood is a large-circle brown and white Rug. Amanda had no other choice, she walked to the table, pushed it off from the rug. She walked back to Desmond and dragged him to the rug which luckily contained him.

She rushed upstairs to his room, took a pillow and the bed duvet and walked back to the sitting room.

She knelt down, raised his head up and placed it on the pillow. Then covered him up with the duvet.

“I can’t believe I did this.. How’s he going to feel when he wakes up? Whatever, my heart is beating so fast. I need water,” she said and ran towards the kitchen.

Lady Monica smiled from where she hid. She had woken up minutes ago and when she had noises, she opened her door to see Amanda come out from her son’s room with a pillow and duvet.

“This is how it all start, just like in the movie..” she said with a smile and placing her hands on her chest, she giggled and tiptoed away, back into Odeya’s room.

Amanda drank a good quantity of water and dropped back the cup.

“What do I do now?” she asked herself. Oh, she have to take away those beer cans and then go to bed.

She took a trash nylon and walked out of the kitchen back to the sitting room.
She stared at Desmond for awhile then picked the cans into the nylon. She dropped them in the kitchen bin and when she came back, Desmond had kicked the duvet off his body.

“What? is he such a bad sleeper or is it cos he’s drunk? Tch..” She said, picked the duvet and covered it back on him.

“You better don’t kick it off again,” she said and walked away but not without looking back few times.

Immediately she entered her room, she fell on her bed and smiled but the smile vanished and she hit her cheek.

“What’s wrong with me? Why I’m I smiling? What’s there to smile about?” she asked herself then covered herself with the duvet.

“I can’t believe today, let’s see how tomorrow will be,” she breathed out and closed her eyes for sleep but that didn’t come quickly.

She was filled with thoughts. Thoughts about Desmond, Gold, Lady Monica’s plan and Odeya..

She fell asleep two hours later.

(Next Day)

Amanda woke up early even though she slept late. The time was 6:20am.
As she brushed her teeth, everything that happened yesterday ran through her mind.

She sighed.

She needed to call Chioma and ask about Gold and how it went.
She wondered how she’s going to face Desmond after what happened last night.

‘He might not even remember anything because he was drunk. Do I have to be the one to think a bout it. What’s there to think about anyways, it’s not like there was anything serious that happened.’

Amanda washed her mouth and her face.

When she walked out to the corridor, she checked Odeya’s room and saw that Odeya and Lady Monica are still asleep.

She closed back the door and got to Desmond’s room.

‘Should I check if he’s in?’ she thought. Before she could resist, her hand had grabbed the doorknob and the door had opened a little, she peeped in but there was no Desmond in the room.

“Does it mean he’s still asleep in the sitting room?” she wondered closing the door back and hurried downstairs.

Getting downstairs, there on the rug was Desmond with the duvet almost off his body.

Amanda breathed out.

What will she do now? Wake him up or leave him? What if Odeya and Lady Monica see him here, it won’t look good at all.

“I have to wake him up,” she said and walked to him and squatting down, she stared at him for a moment, admiring his handsomeness and the way he slept. She was about to call him when he turned and his leg hit her on the head and rested on her shoulder.

“Ahh!” she groaned and removed his leg from her shoulder.

“What’s wrong with him?” she sighed and rubbed her head.
He raised his leg again but Amanda was quick to grab it and she half yelled. “Sir!”
She held the leg. “Wake up sir, it’s morning.”

His mouth moved then his eyes slowly opened and landed on Amanda’s own then slowly went to his leg and Amanda’s grip on it.

Amanda quickly dropped it and stood up.

“Good morning sir. I think you should go upstairs and continue.” Amanda said and turned to leave.

“What were you doing with my leg?” he asked, halting her.

Amanda sighed.

“You hit me with it and was about hitting me again so I had no other choice than hold it, i’m sorry for that,” She said.

Desmond sat up. “I’m sorry I did but why i’m I here?” he asked, confused.

‘I said it that he won’t remember anything.’

“Sir, you drank a lot last night and couldn’t go upstairs.” Amanda answered and tried taking another step but he asked, “What about my pillow and duvet. How did he get here, you brought it?”

Amanda breathed out. “Yes sir.”

“How did you know I got drunk?” he asked.

‘He don’t remember a thing.’ she sighed.

“I was going to the kitchen and you called me to have a drink too.” Amanda answered.


“Excuse me sir,” Amanda said and hurried away to the kitchen. She was very hungry.

“How did that happen?” Desmond wondered.
He got up and picked the pillow and the duvet. He saw the table and slapped his forehead.

“Gosh this is crazy..” he said and hurried upstairs. Getting to the corridor, he saw his mom.
He jumped back with fright. She caught him.

“Son, how was your night?” she asked, filled with smiles.

“I don’t know, I guess yours was fine,” Desmond said and walked pass.

“You should be thankful to Amanda. You could have slept on the cold floor if she wasn’t there, I’m happy you are fine.” she said.

Desmond had no idea what to say.

“How’s Odeya?” he asked.
“She’s still asleep,” She said.

He opened his door, walked in and closed it back.

Lady Monica smiled and headed downstairs.

Desmond dropped the pillow and duvet. sitting down at the edge of the bed, he sighed.

“What if I said some things I shouldn’t last night and she heard them all? I feel like I said some things I shouldn’t. Gosh what do I do… I’m so messed up… I was so down. I feel disappointed with myself.”


“Hello this is Amanda,” Amanda said into the phone.

“Amanda, Odeya’s nanny?” Chioma asked.

“Yes. How did it go yesterday?” Amanda asked.

“We found the native doctor. He said we have to bring 2million naira for him to appeal to his god to give him solution. He said if the money isn’t brought by tomorrow, we will loose her,” Chioma said.


“Yes. He said his god give different solutions according to the person’s heart but for the solution to work, she will have to get Desmond’s sincere forgiveness.” Chioma said.

“That means there’s only today to get the money,” Amanda said.

“The money isn’t the problem. It’s Desmond. He might never forgive her. He sacked my brother, his secretary who connected him to Gold. He’s really hurt and might not have the heart to forgive my brother talk more of Gold. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to loose my friend. I’m sad for my brother too, I never knew that Gold could do such a thing,” Chioma said.

Amanda was speechless. She had no idea what to say. It was saddening.
She felt sad and worried for Gold and Chioma’s brother.

“Are you there?” Chioma asked.

Amanda exhaled. “Yes I am. It’s okay. We will talk to him. I believe he will change his mind. We have to save Gold and get your brother back to his position. I will try my best.” she said, not trusting her words.

“Really, thank you so much Amanda. I’m sure Gold will regret everything she did. Please help me, I don’t want to loose my friend.” Chioma begged.

“I will do my best. You won’t loose her. But where is she now?” Amanda said.

“She’s in my house. He told us to take her back and bring her tomorrow with the money.” Chioma said.

“It’s okay. I will call you back later okay,” Amanda said.

“Okay. Thank you Amanda,”

The call ended and Amanda sighed.

“I don’t even trust my words. How I’m I going to convince him to forgive Gold. He’s my boss. How I’m I going to do that?” she asked herself.

“You can do that by trying,” someone said at the door and Amanda quickly turned to see it’s Lady Monica.

“Ma’am.. Good morning.. You you scared me.” Amanda said.

Lady Monica walked in. “I’m sorry. You sound like a brave woman but you seem to doubt your braveness. You want to help Gold but why?”

“She killed no one, so she don’t deserve death. She deserve to live and regret what she did and turn a new leaf.” Amanda said.

Lady Monica smiled. “You are right Amanda. I would help you talk to Desmond. There’s no time left.”

“Thank you ma. He sacked his secretary too.”

“He sacked and unfriended his secretary and best friend. This sound like too much. We should do something right?” Lady Monica asked.

“Yes ma.”

“I told you to call me mom,” she said.

“I’m sorry. I just forgets all the time.” Amanda said.

“It’s okay. Have you called your mother?”

“No, I will call her today. I don’t think she needs to know about yesterday,” Amanda said.

“Well she knows already, I told her everything last night.” Lady M said.


Desmond laid on the bed, in thoughts when the door opened and Odeya walked in.

“Dad, are you okay?” She asked.

Deya, come.. I’m fine. How are you too?” Desmond said and sat up.

Deya got to the bed and Desmond cuddled her.
“I’m fine dad. I had a dream,” She said.

“What dream?” Desmond asked.

“I saw mom. She came and took me,” Deya said.


“I miss mom,” Deya said.

Desmond sighed.

“It’s okay. I’m here for you baby,” he said and stroked her hair.


Breakfast was eaten in silence. Each person with his and her thoughts.

Amanda was in thoughts on how to talk to Desmond about Gold.

Lady Monica was in thoughts on how to help too and also her plan to take an offering to church and pray harder for her son and Amanda to fall in love and get married.

Desmond was in thoughts on how to get over the mess that happened to him and how to make Odeya stop talking about his mom.

Odeya had nothing much to think.
She was happy Gold is gone though she felt worried she was in a bad condition. She hopes she gets well.
Again, she felt her mom is going to come for her.

Well she didn’t want to leave without her dad. She want her dad to leave with them too. Let them be a happy nuclear family like they once were. She would take her nanny along too.


????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????

EPISODE 8 (unedited)

(About two hours later, in Desmond’s room)

“I can never do that mom, never!” Desmond said with his back at his mom.

“Look at me son.. Please. You can do it. Don’t say you can’t. You can do it. You can forgive her and let her have another chance to live and make up for the wrongs that she did,” Lady Monica said.

“Why mom? Why are you saying these? You hated her immediately you set your eyes on her. You wanted her out immediately. You should be happy that she’s getting her punishment for being evil.” Desmond said.

“Desmond I am a mother, I can’t sit back and watch a young and beautiful lady like that die because of her desperation. I heard from her friend that she is the only daughter of her parents. No parents would wish to loose their child. Yes she did very wrong but thank God it wasn’t too late. Please forgive her biko,” Lady Monica said.

“Mom, you can leave now.. If you are too tired to drive, I would call Peter to drive you home. Thanks for your help yesterday,” Desmond said, stood up and headed to the door.

“Desmond you can’t do this.. This isn’t you my son.. You have to forgive no matter what. You can’t let her die, her life depends on your forgiveness,” Lady Monica said.

“I am not God. If she wants another chance, let her ask it from God. I can’t forgive her so soon.” Desmond said and opened the door. Standing by the door was Amanda.

He walked out and turned to walk away but in front of him was Odeya.

“Dad,” Odeya called. Desmond walked to her squatted in front of her.
“Yes dear. You know we always go out on Sundays. Where do you wanna go today?” he asked.
“I have a place to go but dad can you listen to grandma and my nanny?” Odeya said.

Desmond sighed, stood up and walked back to Amanda.
Amanda could see how angered his face was. He got to her.

“Deya is still a little girl. Don’t let her talk about things like this. You are her nanny,” he said to her.

Amanda inhaled.

Desmond turned and walked back to Odeya. “Your nanny would get you ready. Where should we go today?” he asked.

“NewLife Hospital” Odeya said.

Desmond raised his brows, with thoughts that Gold is in the hospital.

“What are we going to a hospital to do?” he asked her.

“To Visit the sick.” Odeya said.
“And who is that?” Desmond said.
“My classmate,” Odeya said.
“He or She?” Desmond asked.
“He” Odeya said.

Desmond breathed out.

“Is that where you and your nanny had been going?” he asked.

“Yes. Go with us today dad,” Deya said.
“You and who?” he asked.
“My nanny,” Odeya said.


“I have to go now Amanda, please take care of him and Odeya. Help me talk to him about Gold. I’m sure he would change his mind,” Lady M said to Amanda.

“Ma, but he’s your son. He would listen to you and not me. I can’t even talk to him, I’m just a nanny,” Amanda said.

“Shh you aren’t. I’m leaving you with him Amanda. Please take care of him for me, I’m sure you can make him change his mind and forgive Gold but not to go back to her.” She said.

“He can’t go back to her,” Amanda snapped.

Lady Monica smiled.

They looked at Desmond and Odeya talking.

“I will try my best,” Amanda said.
“Thank you,” Lady Monica said and walked to Desmond and Odeya.

“I’ll be leaving now..” Lady Monica said to Desmond.
“Deya, take good care of yourself OK. I’m going to visit soon. Your dad and your nanny is here for you okay?” she said to Deya who nodded.

“Alright grandma. Bye..” Deya said and hugged her.

The three family went downstairs and outside to Lady Monica’s car.

“Desmond..” she called turning to Desmond. “..please don’t forget make a change of mind and forgive her, I beg of you son.”

Desmond said nothing..

“Deya, I will visit again soon OK?” she said to Deya who smiled.
“Okay Grandma, you’ve said that already.” Deya said.

Lady Monica smiled and entered her car.

The gate was opened by I.K and lady Monica drove out.

I.K closed the gate and waved at Desmond.

“Oga, good morning o..”

“Good morning I.K,” Desmond responded and headed inside with Deya.

“Chaii… Person suppose go church go give thanksgiving today, I swear… I talk am say that girl na witch.. Make she mad enter market.. Haha” I.k laughed and entered his quarter.


“Dad aren’t you going to forgive her?” Odeya asked her dad as they headed upstairs.

“Come on, let’s not talk about her. Go get ready to go see your classmate. He must be expecting you,” Desmond said.

“Okay dad,” Odeya said.

(Fast forward: Two hours Later????)

They pulled into the premises of NewLife Hospital. Desmond stopped the car at the parking lot.

Amanda and Odeya who were at the backseat came down then Desmond did.

They walked into the hospital and headed to the room Jeremy is.
Getting there, Jeremy was sitting on the bed, eating with the help of his mom.

Odeya was happy to see him again likewise Jeremy.

“Hello Jeremy.. How are you doing?” Odeya said.
“I’m fine Odeya. Thanks for coming,” Jeremy said.

Odeya turned to his mom. “Hello ma.”

Jeremy’s mom smiled. “Welcome Odeya.”

“That’s my dad,” Odeya introduced.

Desmond did a little bow at Jeremy’s mom. “Hello ma.” he said.

“Oh my.. Your dad is really handsome.” J’s mom told Odeya and smiled at Desmond. “Thanks for coming sir. It’s a pleasure meeting you.”

“Thanks, And you too,” Desmond said.

“Hello ma’am,” Amanda said.
J’s mom smiled. “Amanda, how are you?”
“I’m fine ma’, and you?” Amanda said.
“I’m fine. Jimi would have loved to see you but he’s out right now. I hope he comes before you leave.” she said.

Desmond glanced at Amanda, wondering who Jimi is to her.

Wait, why was he wondering?

“How’s your wife doing? You both had a wonderful kid here,” J’s mom said to Desmond.

How’s his wife?
What’s he to answer. Of course as always, what he respond to others.

“We ain’t together,” he said.

J’s mom looked disappointed. “Ohh.. I’m sorry. I had no idea,” she said.

“It’s okay..” he said and turned to Odeya. “I will be at the hospital lounge waiting, Deya we won’t be able to stay long. We got somewhere else to go OK?” he said.

“Okay dad,” Deya said.

Desmond glanced at Amanda before walking out?

‘Who’s Jimi?’ he wondered. ‘What’s their relationship?’

Then he stopped for a moment.

‘Why I’m I wondering? It’s not like she’s not an adult. That’s none of my business’ he concluded and settled on a chaise.

Minutes later, A young guy of not up to twenty years old, who Desmond thought has the face of Jeremy’s mom walked in and headed towards the wards.

‘Could that be the Jimi?’ he asked himself and felt like going there.

He was about standing up when he got back to himself and said within, ‘Few minutes ago, I said it’s none of my business.’

He crossed his leg and sank more on the chaise.
As he did so, his thoughts went to Gold and how he has disappointed himself.

His phone began ringing. He took it out and it’s his mom. He breathed out and picked it up.

“Hello mom,” he spoke first.
“Yes son, how are you doing?”
“I’m fine.”
“Where are you? That place seem a little bit noisy,”
“I’m at a hospital. Deya said she want to see her sick classmate. We would soon be leaving tho.”
“Oh alright. How’s Amanda doing?”
“Why are you asking me about her when you just left my house few hours ago.”
“I see.. You can just say she’s fine rather than that. Anyways, I’ll speak with you later. Niko, don’t forget to have a rethink about that girl, Gold. My mind is not at rest because of that. I forgot to collect her friend’s phone number. Tell Amanda to send it to me via text message OK?”

Desmond inhaled. “Mom.”
“Okay son, bye for now. Take care of yourself and the ladies,” Lady Monica said and dropped the call.

‘Take care of the ladies?’ Desmond chuckled.


“…I’m filled up.” Jeremy said.
“Have a mother spoon, will you?” his mom said to him.
“No, I’m okay.” he said.

Odeya collected the plate of noodles.
“Noodles and pancake are my favorite. I’ll finish the remain,” she said and stretched out her hand to J’s mom for the spoon.

J’s mom smiled and handed it to her. “You are such a sweet girl Odeya. Now I wish to have a daughter soon, so I can name her Odeya..” J’s mom said to Odeya who smiled widely.

“Then I’m gonna be her godmother. Would you let me?” she asked.

J’s mom laughed while Amanda was in smiles. “Of course I will let you be her godmother,” J’s mom said.

Both laughed out.

J’s mom looked at her son and Odeya and letting out a dreamy smile, she said. “I’m picturing how beautiful my grandchildren would be.”

Amanda raised her brows. ‘What?’

“Are you expecting grandchildren soon ma?” Odeya asked.

J’s mom smiled. “Not yet my dear but soon. The years comes so fast.” she said.

Amanda could see that Odeya was quite confused.
After all, she’s still a child.

Odeya just shrugged and started eating the noodles.

The door opened and Jimi walked in.
He felt happy seeing Amanda and Odeya.

“Hello aunty Amanda and beautiful Deya. I’m so happy to see you. I waited a lot yesterday,” he said and hugged Odeya from behind then walked to Amanda. He was just smiling as he stood in front of her.

‘He’s such a cute guy.. I’m sure a lot of girls would be dying to be his girlfriend.’ Amanda said within.

“My bad! I should have bought something’s on the way.” he said.

“It’s okay. Odeya is having noodles. Besides this is hospital and not an eatery or party. We are here to see Jeremy and not you, right Deya?” Amanda asked.

“Yes nanny,” Odeya answered with mouth full of noodles.

“Oh that’s unfair. Anyways Aunty Amanda, can I take a selfie with you?” Jimi asked.

“Jimi!” his mom called.

“Please?” he pleaded, joining his hands together in plea and ignoring his mom.

Amanda chuckled. “It’s Okay.”

“Thank youuu.” Jimi said and took out his iPhone from his trouser pocket. Putting the camera, he came closer to Amanda.
Amanda put on a bright smile and he took twice shots.

“Wow.. I love this pictures. It’s so beautiful”

“Take a picture of I, Jeremy and your mom too, will you?” Odeya said.

Jimi smiled. “Of course.” he said and walked over to them.. He positioned his phone to take the picture but another phone was presented to him by Odeya.

“Use this one..” she said.
“Is it yours?” he asked.
“Yes, it’s mine.” Odeya said.
“Wow, I love the fancy pack, it’s so pretty.” he said.
“Thanks” odeya said.

Jimi took the pictures with Odeya’s phone. Odeya and Jeremy were taking alone when the door opened and Desmond walked in.

“Hey dad, come take a picture,” odeya shouted.
“Huh?” Desmond said.

He had come to confirm if he is really the Jimi. Well he is. There’s no way a relationship can be between him and Amanda. He’s a teen.

He wondered why he felt bit relieved by that.

“Come on dad. Let’s all take pictures together. Five of us.” Odeya said.

“Hello sir. You are Odeya’s dad?” Jimi asked.
“Yes I am.” Desmond said.
Jimi bowed his head. “Thanks for coming with Odeya and aunty Amanda.” he said.

‘Oh he even calls her aunty. Of course he should.’ Desmond said within.
“It’s okay. Let’s take one shot then.” he said and walked over but he was standing right beside Amanda. Their hands brushed each other and both glanced at themselves then tried adjusting but there was no space for that.

Amanda why standing close to him make her heart beat faster. People stand close to people all the time.. why’s hers different?
There was no need of her questioning herself when she knows the answer but she is scared that he won’t ever be able to feel sake way for her.
What’s the point of being in love with him?
Even if his mom made plan for them to be together at the end, Amanda do not believe such end.

“Okay, the capture is on 10 seconds delay.. Let’s go now.” Jimi said, dropped the phone on a good capturing side of the bed and rushed to the crew but the only space was beside Desmond so in his rush, he collided with Desmond and Desmond who didn’t see that coming, lost his stand and was pushed thereby pushing him to Amanda. Amanda lost her stand too and was going to collide with the drip stand but was caught by Desmond’s left arm around her. The phone captured just then and both looked at each other.

Amanda heart beat raised that she could even hear her heart beating.

Desmond being that close to her noticed the tiny scar on the left side of her forehead for the first time but that wasn’t the only thing he noticed, he noticed how beautiful her eyes are and her big her hips are.

He immediately removed his hand.

“Let’s take one more..” Jimi said and re put the camera.
He rushed back again but this time, there was no colliding.

Amanda swallowed and faced the phone.
Desmond silently cleared his throat and faced the phone.

The phone captured and that was the end.

“Wow, the pictures are so cute.. but on the first picture, aunty Amanda you look like someone in shock. Like someone who got a surprise gift. Your facial expression on the picture. You look so beautiful.” Jimi said.

Amanda inhaled.. ” R Really?”
“Yes..well, Odeya can I share the photos into my phone?” Jimi asked.
“You can.” Odeya said.

Jimi smiled and went to an empty seat to do just that.

“We should leave when he is done sharing the pictures into his phone. I have somewhere to take you Daya,” Desmond said.

“Of course not only me but my nanny too,” Deya said. Desmond and Amanda’s eyes met and they looked away instantly.

“Yes yes with her,” Desmond said.


“Jeremy, get up quickly and come to school okay?” Deya said to Jeremy as they were ready to leave.

Jeremy nodded. “I will.”

“I will be waiting for you in school Jeremy, make sure you come tomorrow or next. You heard me?” Deya said

“I will Deya,” Jeremy said.

“I will be going now. Take care of yourself.” she said.

“I will. Thank you for coming. Today was fun.” Jeremy said.

“Thanks for making today fun for our Jeremy. We appreciate your visit. Thank you.” J’s mom said.

“Thank you for visiting today Aunty Amanda. It’s no nice to meet someone like you and Deya. Thank you.” Jimi said.

Jimi walked them to the car and they got in.

“Bye byee” he said, waving.

Amanda and Odeya waved back and soon, they were on the main road.

“Where are we going dad?” Odeya asked.

“Let’s go shopping.” Desmond said.

“Really? That sound great,” Deya said…

As Desmond drove, he could see Amanda’s face on the rear view mirror.

He couldn’t stop glancing at those eyes.


????????HEART DOCTOR II????

@Author RiRi Library ????


At the mall, they shopped a lot of clothes, shoes and bags for Odeya. Then Desmond told Amanda to pick anything she likes as well but Amanda wasn’t confident to do so.

“No sir, I’m fine. Thank you,” she said.

Desmond went off and soon came out with a really beautiful light purple dress and on his other hand is a silver shoes which would fit perfectly with the dress.

He raised them at Amanda’s face.

“I think this would look good on you,” he said and of course he had no idea how Amanda’s heart sank at that. She quickly turned her back on him and placed her hand on her heart and of course Odeya saw that but she was too busy with something else.

‘What I’m I seeing? He picked it out and said it’d look good on me? Has he been checking me out? Oh my God. What do I do, what do I say?’

She breathed in then out and turned back to Desmond who still held the things.

“Ah.. I’m I..” Her words were failing her.

“Check it out, you can.” Desmond said.

Amanda collected them.

“Wow.. Beautiful couple,” One of the attendant said.

Both Desmond and Amanda looked at the lady “We are not couple.” they both said at the sane time.

The lady made an awkward smile. “Oh sorry, I really thought so. Come with me ma’am.”

Amanda followed her.

“Dad this is cute right?” Odeya asked her dad, showing him a matched Shirt and cap with the same design.

“Yeah it is but that’s a boy’s thing,” Desmond said.

“Yeah I know. I’m giving it to Jeremy.” she said.

Desmond couldn’t believe it. “You are giving it to Jeremy?”

“Yes dad. It look pretty right?”

“Yeah of course it does.” Desmond said and chuckled.


At the dressing room, Amanda wore the dress and shoes and the attendant’s jaw dropped.

“Oh my goodness.. This is so beautiful and perfect! I’m so jealous ma’am. You look like a total celebrity queen. Come on ma’am, he need to see you dressed in this.” she said.

“No no, I don’t want to. He’s my boss and don’t need to see me. I will take them off now,” Amanda said and went in to take them off.

“Her boss? Wow! I wish I had such a boss!” The lady said.

As Amanda walked back to Desmond and Odeya, Desmond was disappointed to see her not in the dress.

He was surprised at himself with the way he suddenly felt.

‘Was I expecting her to show me the dress on her? Was I?’ he questioned himself and it was obvious that he was.
He was expecting her to show him the dress on her. Like it’s a normal thing Ladies always do that.

‘Silly, she’s my daughter’s nanny, but…’

“Dad you’ve been staring at my nanny for too long.” Odeya said. Amanda who had no idea raised her face and looked at Desmond. Their eyes met.

Desmond immediately removed his eyes and turned to Odeya..

“Really.. It’s because there was something on her face,” Desmond lied.

“What was that?”

“I think a cloth thread but it’s out now.” Desmond said.

“But there wasn’t any cloth thread on her face,” Odeya said.

Desmond sighed. “Come on baby, let’s go to the counter and pay up.” he said and grabbed her hand.

The attendant carried their purchase.


Vanessa picked her phone and called Rock. He picked up after three rings.

“Hello madam..” Rock spoke first.

“Rock, I still need you in this. You and the person will get a $17,000 dollars.” Venessa said.

“Oh my godd!” Rock exclaimed “What do you want me to do and why did you mention me and the person? Who?”

“I need you to find me a guy with the exact body of Desmond. Both tallness, skin color and shape. Someone similar but you don’t need to worry about the face.” Vanessa said.

“Really? Is that all you want?” Rock asked.

“That’s first. I’m making a Desmond’s face mask. The guy would wear it to appear as Desmond and bring Odeya to me,” Vanessa said.

“That’s more like kidnap.. When are you arriving the country?” Rock asked.

“Shut the fuck, It’s not a kidnap. I’m taking my daughter. Just find a guy.” Vanessa said.

“Well, that’s not a prob. I got so many nigga’s like that. I’ll get one.” Rock said.

“If it’s that easy then I’m arriving Tuesday. The job would be on Wednesday. It must be a clean job.” She said.

“Of course. Rock can never make mistakes.” he said.

“Then bye. I would call back tomorrow morning.” she said.

“No prob.” Rock said.

The call ended and Rocks smiled. “Here comes another millions.”


(Later, at night????)

After Amanda had put Odeya to sleep.
She went downstairs to wash the dishes in the sink.

While she was doing so, her phone rang and it’s her mother.

She picked it up and knew her mom is going to scold her for not calling or picking her calls all this while.

“Hello mama,” she spoke first.
“Amanda Thank God you picked my call today. I heard everything that happened.” Her mother said.

Just like lady Monica, her mom felt sorry for Gold and said she’d keep praying for God’s mercy upon her and also for Desmond’s heart to soften so he can forgive her too.

“Amanda I think Desmond is truly your husband. ” her mother said.

“What do you mean by he’s truly my husband?” Amanda asked.

“Can’t you see for yourself? That lady wasn’t meant for him.. She used charm on him”

“But that doesn’t mean I’m meant for him or whichever way you want to put it. He has a daughter who only wants her mom and her dad back together.”

“But you love him, don’t you?”

“It’s too early. I’m sure it’s not what it appears to be. I’ve only spent a week here. It’s not possible to fall in love with him that fast.” Amanda said.

“It is very possible. You don’t need to spend years to fall in love with the person whom deserve you.”

“Mom.. You see why I don’t like calling you all the time. You always talk about things like this. Lady Monica told me everything. That this was all a plan for me to win his heart. What do you want me to do now. If he finds out, how do you think he would feel?”

“Then if you don’t want this, you should pack your things and come back. You can do that now before it gets too late, okay?”

“Mama.. How can you tell me to do that? I can’t leave Odeya. I just started working and haven’t even reached to be given half of my salary.” Amanda said.

“Is that the reason why you don’t want to leave or him?”

“Mama! Stop.. I told you I only like him as my boss. There’s no possibility that he would even look at me and right now, he’s not really himself. He might not even want to have anything to do with ladies again.” Amanda said.

“Amanda, if you know you can’t stay, you should come back. He will get another nanny for his daughter.”

“I will be fine. Lady Monica told me to take care of him and Odeya. I want to leave but then I don’t want to. I have no idea how I should take care of him but I want to.”

“You love him Amanda.”

“Yes I do. I love him but I cant have him. We are two different worlds. The plan of me being a nanny to win his heart wasn’t a good idea from you and Lady Monica. If I knew about it, I wouldn’t be here.” Amanda said.

“Yes I know.. I’m sorry daughter.”

“I will call you tomorrow. I’m quite busy and need to go to bed,” Amanda said.

“Okay my daughter. Goodnight.”

The call dropped and Amanda inhaled.

“I will leave once I get my salary. I can hold on until then.” she said.

“Where are you leaving to?” Desmond’s voice startled Amanda and she turned to see him at the kitchen door.

She was shocked and frightened.
Has he been standing there?

“S s sir…..” she stammered.

Desmond slide his hands in his pants pockets and walked into the kitchen.

“Oh my… I must have heard wrong..right?” he asked as he headed to the fridge.

‘Oh my God.. He heard it all. He’s been standing there all this while. Oh my god.. What do I do now..’

Amanda was shaking with fright and her heart was beating fast.

He opened the fridge and took out two cans of Star Alcohol.

Amanda dropped her phone on the counter to avoid it dropping off her shaking hands.

Desmond turned and walked to her.
Amanda noticed that he wasn’t looking annoyed at all.
He stopped in front of her and raised his right brow. “Yes?”

Amanda swallowed hard.. “A actually s sir…my my.. I mean I.. Had no.. Idea.. I wouldn’t be here if..if I did..” she said with her face down.

Desmond chuckled. “Really. Yes I heard it all. Argh my mom is something else. I can’t believe it.” he said and laughed.

Amanda looked at him.

He’s laughing?

He stretched one of the alcohol to her. “Let’s drink tonight too.”

“S sir?” Amanda mumbled, confused.

“Don’t you feel like drinking?” he asked her.

Amanda shook her head.. “N no sir. I don’t feel like.”

Desmond shrugged and let go of the can..Amanda was fast enough to catch it.

“Come to the table” Desmond said then turned and walked to the breakfast bar, sat down, opened his and began drinking.

Amanda looked at the alcohol can in her hand and exhaled.

‘I’m more scared with his act. Is must have questions for me. He must have heard me confess to my mom that I love him. Oh my god.. What have I gotten myself into.’

She hesitantly walked to the breakfast and sat on two stool away from him.

“Open it and drink” he said to her.

She slowly opened the can and drank a little from it.

“Do you too plan on using charm on me?” he asked and Amanda’s eyes widened.
“Sir? How can.. I mean why would I do such barbaric thing?” she said.

“I don’t trust women anymore.” he said and gulped down from the alcohol.

‘What do I do..’

“But you said you love me.. Didn’t you?” he asked.

Amanda felt like she was on a hot seat and the questions are too tough to answer.

She gulped down all of the alcohol.
Desmond did same.

“Argh alcohols do taste more good when you are in a really bad mood.” he said then stood up and walked to the fridge. He opened it and took out four more cans of alcohol.

Amanda was shaking both inside and outside. She could hear her heart beat pounding.
She was afraid she’d have a heart attack.

He came back and dropped two for himself and two for her. Sitting down back, he opened one and gulped down.

“Continue. It seems you really want to drink tonight.” he said to Amanda.
Amanda took one, opened and drank.

‘Oh my goodness.. I can’t breathe. What do I answer him. Please this should be a dream.’

“You said you love me but you can’t have me. Who told you that?” he said.

Amanda swallowed. “I…I ”
He cut her short. “Of course you can have me by..using charm. Are you so lame to know that?”

Amanda choked and began coughing..
She hit her chest to stop it.

Desmond chuckled.. It seem he was already getting drunk.
“You must be surprised. I’m just trying to help you..” he said.

Amanda’s choking stopped and she cleaned her mouth and her teary eyes.
She looked at Desmond and saw he was getting drunk. He had finished the secobd and was on his third can.

‘He must be a light head’ she thought.

She knew that her limit is five cans of that but he has only taken two and got drunk already.

“Sir I think you should go to bed.. You are getting drunk,” she said.

He chuckled. “Me? No way.. I can never get drunk. I’m just in a bad mood. You can go. I will be fine.” he said and gulped down the third. He stretched his hand and collected Amanda’s.

“Sir.. You can’t continue drinking,” Amanda said.
“Why shouldn’t I? It taste good.” he said and while opening the can, he got a cut.

“Ah, this damn thing!” he cursed and Amanda flinched when he threw the can on the wall. The sound was loud that Amanda feared Odeya might wake up by it.

She stood up immediately and rushed to him.
He was about throwing an empty can when Amanda caught his hand.

“Sir.. Please don’t do this…” she said and collected the can from him. She shifted the cans away from him.

“Your finger is bleeding.” she said. “Please stay still sir while I get water.”

She left his hand and rushed to the sink, grabbed a bowl, added water into it. Fortunately, there was s tissue roll beside the dish drainer, she grabbed it and hurried back to him.

His head was on the table but Amanda was glad enough that he haven’t slept.

“Sir.. Please don’t sleep off here.” she said as she took his hand and dipped it into the cold water. She washed off the blood.

‘Geez.. He has so much blood. Only a little cut and there’s this much blood.’

When she took out his hand from the water, the blood was still coming out.. She cut out a tissue and wrapped it around the finger.

“I’ll help you upstairs sir,” She said.

“No, You can’t do that..” Desmond said and stood up from the stool but as he took a step, he staggered back and Amanda quickly caught him.

The image appeared like she was back hugging him.
She released her left hand and held him around the waist with her right hand.

“I will help you sir,” she said.

“Why? Because you love me?” he asked causing Amanda to halt.

She searched for seconds on what to say then got one.
“Because you were about to fall. As my boss, I Can’t let you sleep on the floor of the kitchen.”

He chuckled.
“Oh…oh.. I can’t feel my legs.” he said.

Amanda exhaled.

They finally made it to his room and Amanda dropped him on his bed.

‘Ahh that was a lot of work,’ she breathed out. His eyes were closed and Amanda smiled wondering why she felt butterflies in her stomach.

She looked at his finger and it was still bleeding a little.

“I’m sure Odeya have a first aid.” she said and went out to Odeya’s room.
She found the first aid at the bottom of her closet.
She went back to Desmond’s room and gave the finger a first aid treat which stopped the bleeding after which she bandaged it. Then covered him with the duvet.. Switched off the lights and walked out.

When she returned back to the kitchen to clean up the mess.
She felt really excited.
She kept smiling even though she doesn’t want to.

She was supposed to be in fear of being sacked because he won’t find what his mom and hers did funny but here she was, smiling and recalling the moments when she washed his finger in the water and when she caught him from the back. When she helped him to him room and when she treated his wound.

“Argh he’s such a light head” She said with s wide smile.


Heart Doctor. Episode 10 to 12
Heart Doctor. Episode 4 to 6.

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