June 18, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 29

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????Written by KAS ADMINS????

????Epidode 29????

Feather’s POV

He got up and try to hit me with the big iron again.

I rugged it again before he could turn the third time I punched him on the face.

He starggered and looked at me .

“I posioned him” I heard him say.


“Yes and he’s gonna die hahahaha”

I punched him again.

“Is that all you got ?” He asked laughing.

I rushed to him with anger and beat him angrily.

“Caused joy…( I punched his face) to cry”

I keep punching him.

“William was your best friend,but look at where greed and jealousy is gonna take you to ”

“I love…..( he spits blood from his mouth ) joy, and I will do anything to have her here by my side”.

“That’s not love that’s lust “.

“Co….come on..” He said laughing to get me annoyed.

I raised him up and tossed him in the stomach.

“Joy tears are very precious to me”.

I keep hitting him.

“You gonna be a murderer” he said coughing hard.

Yes that’s true, and I will be held 22 years in prison.

He got up and ran to take the iron , he raised it up to comment suicide but he was shot on the hand.

“Ouch……arrrrrrr ”

It was the cops , they came close to me and I explain to them.

“He attempted murder ”

“Oh , really ”

“Ya ” I hand him over to the cops .

When I got home I told joy and William everything.

“Wow who would believe prosper could be so wicked , to kill his best friend” joy said.

“He’s no longer my friend” Will it said.

“Thank God you are safe ” joy said talking to willily.

“you are supposed to care for me now not williy” feathers said laughing.

“hahaha…are you jealous ?”williy asked.

“of course , am the victim here ”

“Haha he’s jealous ” Joy laughed.

“Am out ” I laughed and went out.

Joy’s POV

I visited prosper in the cell.

When he came out , he smirked.

“Hi “he said.


“What are you doing here or did you miss me?”

“Am only here to check on you ”

“Oh here comes the good daughter , and adorable girlfriend”

“Prosper…you didnt regret anything”

“Why would I ? My only regret is that William didnt die ”

“You don’t mean it ”

” or maybe you ”

I didnt say anything I picked my bag and walk away.

He’s a lunatic , so prosper is this wicked.

I can’t believe it.

I called williy to come pick me up

Just after 3mins he drove here with his flashing red care.

He blinked at me.

Oh my God, he’s so sexy.

He stepped down from the car and walked close to me with his with sleeve.

He packed me by the check, I smiled and frown my face.

“Maladi “he said pointing to the door.

I laughed and entered.

He joined me in the car.

He stranch forward to do the sit belt for me .

His scent was over warming

He looked at me….moved his eyes to my lips.

I hold my hands together in my legs.

I closed my eyes as he placed his lips on mine.

Gochh that’s so sweet.

He moved his hands to the door close to me and pressed a button.

The glass of the car closed and the car became dark.

He moved his hands to my face as he plugged his lips on mine.

I couldn’t help it but to hold on to his waist.

it was like paradised as he was finding it hard to stop.

He managed to control himself and freed his lips from mine.

I didnt want it to stop , I pulled him back to my self as i plugged my lips on his.

He took full control over me as he pinned me to the chair.


It was his phone he stopped and picked it up.

After ending the call, he wanted to continue but I turned my face away from him.

He laughed and moved my hair from my face to the back.

He start the car and ride on.


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