July 26, 2021

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 30

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 29




Joy’s POV

Believe me when I tell you I was a little disappointed that I lost that kiss.

Big head….he could have forced my head back and give me the kiss.

I knocked myself on the head as William turned to look at me smiling.

Almost immediately,he glanced back on the road. “Hey. What are you doing?” He asked me, giving me a side way glance.

“Oh. Nothing. Just thinking.” I replied, smiling.

Oh wonderful to be in his car right now.

How glorious.

How unbelievable.

Months back,this wouldn’t have been possible. Days back when I was an ugly ducking.

O suddenly laughed out loud.

William joined in the laughter although he did not know the reason why I laughed.

“What’s funny?” He asked amidst laughter.

“And you? Why are you laughing?” I asked him back and together we burst into another round of laughter.

In no time, William pulled in front of my house and I got down.

To my surprise,he got down with me. I narrowed my eyes at him and folded my arms.

“Hey you guy,I’m in a deep trouble already. Will you get back into your car and fly off?” I said quietly, knowing fully well that mom was in the house.

Buy what next did I hear?

“Good day ma’am!” William said, waving at someone who was obviously, standing at my back.

My eyes widened as I swirled around, gasping.


William’s POV

This must be Joy’s mom. I said aloud in my heart. She looks so beautiful and they look so much alike. Now I know where Joy got her beauty from.

“Mom…I…..I…can explain this! It’s not what you think!” I heard Joy saying.

Joy’s mom smiled and spread her arms wide at her daughter. ” Come…come baby.” She said and slowly,joy moved closer to her and they hugged.

I stood there watching and wishing I had a mother so close to hug me too.

“And you must be William? Come in.” Joy’s mom said as we all went inside the house.

It was a beautiful place and I immediately felt at home.

Joy’s POV

The next day was Saturday and I was looking forward to a full day with William.

After seeing him off,I had hoped I would get that pending kiss but I did not.

Groaning like a spoilt brat,I forced myself to sleep but not after several dreams about William and I on the beach.


The next morning arrived bright and clear.

Today,I did not allow anyone wake me up. I rushed into the bathroom and had a cool bath,then brushed making sure all particles we’re cleaned away.

I cane back to my room and made my bed before rearranging my cloths.

I was brushing my hair when mom came inside my room.

“Shantel dear.. aren’t you gonna eat anything before you go?” She added me.

“No mom! I’m fine! I’m not hungry ” I replied without looking away from the mirror.

“Be careful and make sure you are home on time. And one more thing,I want you to visit Feathers and his mom. I know you missed them.” Mom told me and I looked away from the mirror to glare at her.

“Are you serious right now?” I asked her as tears welled up in my eyes.

Mom came closer and held my hands. ” I couldn’t possibly joke with that.” She said.

“Thank you Mom! I love you!” I told her as I hugged her tightly.

“Okay okay. Don’t be late in your date. Have a nice time.” Mom said as I blew her a kiss,took my bag and ran out of my room.

I drank a cup of coffee as I got downstairs and headed out.

To my utmost surprise, William was waiting for me outside with his newest sports car.

He flashed me an appreciative smile and blinked at me. I could tell he had quickly fallen in love with my dressing.

“William ….how long have you been standing?” I asked him as I walked to him. He took my hand and pressed a kiss to the back of my palm before gazing into my eyes with those sexy eyes.

“Not too look, cara Mia…shall we go?” He asked me.

Oh God…was I blushing so badly! I found it so hard to talk cos my voice was momentarily lost!
“Hummm….. Willam? Can we stop at my other house? I wanna say hi to Mom.” I told him.

Smiling,he shrugged.” Wish granted. He says as he opened the passanger’s door for me.

I slide in as he went round to enter the driver’s seat.

“Ready?” William said, taking the wheel as he zoomed off at a top speed.

Feather’s POV

I was having my breakfast when William’s car arrived. I stood up from the dinning chair and glanced outside the window to see them stepping out if the car.

I left the window side, smiling and losing my appetite Immediately.

They looked so perfect together and couldn’t imagine I once trued to separate this great couple.

“Feather? I heard a car horn. Who’s that?” Mom asked, coming out if the kitchen.

I needed not to answer because almost Immediately after the question,Joy bounced into the house, followed by William.

“Mom!” Joy cried.

“Oh my God! It’s my baby!!” Mom cried as they ran into each other’s arms .

I couldn’t help but became teary too. William and I stared at each other and looked away, smiling and understanding the words in each other’s eyes.

Joy’s POV

“Look at you! You are looking so sexy!” Mom told me and I laughed still holding her. I did not wanted to keep William waiting,so it’s better to we just get going else I was not gonna be able to leave again.

“I’m on a date mom. I promise im gonna come back and spend the weekend with you guys.” I said as my gaze landed on feathers. I went to him and hugged him as well.

Without looking back to look at mom, i quickly rushed outside, knowing fully well that she was crying now.

When I got outside,all he’ll let loose and I weep too. I’ve missed this home so much.

But a comforting hand came down on my shoulders and I turned and smiled at William as he brushed the tears away from my face.

“You are gonna mess up this pretty face. It’s okay.” He said and I nodded, smiling.

We got into the car and what I’ve been expecting…..came to reality.

William held my face in the car and without any warning,he brought his lips down on mine in a deep water kiss that left me breathless.

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him back, relaxing into the chair.

He broke the kiss and looked me in the eye, breathlessly.

“I love you,Joy.” He said.

“I love you too.” I told him in a whisper which he heard clearly.

“Where are we going?” I asked him dreamily as he started the engine.

He smiled happily and fulfilled at me.

“You shall find out soon ” he replied.

As he zoomed off and hit the traffic,I rested on his shoulder, closing my eyes in satisfaction and pleasure.

I felt so happy,so fulfilled that after everything…it became a case of all is well that ends well.

???????????? THE END ????????????

Written by Addy ????????

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Hidden Beauty. Episode 29

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