July 30, 2021

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Never Knew She’s beautiful. Episode 27

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 27


I was almost dossing off when my phone rang. I reluctantly checked the caller and was surprised to see that it was the boss that was calling the pretty me.

“Hi ”

“Hi” I answered bluntly trying to express my anger of him not sacking his ugly secretary.

“I’m so sorry that I do not do as you’ve said. But guess what? I had just sent you the money to buy the pill for my big head ” He said.

“So? ”

“Is the pill for me or what?” I added before he could answer.

“Erm…the car you requested for will be delivered to your doorstep tomorrow ” He said and I arched my brow right where I sat.

“Hum! Okay.” I said trying to hide my happiness.

“Erm…I’ll see what I can do about that girl if a secretary ,please give me time ” He said.

“Why exactly can’t you fire her ? Are you perhaps scared of her ? ”

“Oh no! She is just an ugly poor thing that will never fight me for whatever I chose to do to her. I can fire her in a second ” He said.

“So why haven’t you?”

“Just give me time ,please ” He pleaded

“If you thinking that I may be poor in working as a secretary and that I may not deliver well like she is doing. That is a big no. I know everything about the job and will deliver perfectly well than her ” I boasted.

“Alright ,kindly give me time . Please ”

“Agreed. ” I yawned.

“Seems you are feeling sleepy ,when the car arrived tomorrow ,kindly inform me.” he said and waited for me to hang up to which I did.

I jumped up from the bed and ran to meet my sister in her room

“What’s it ?” She asked.

“A new car is arriving here tomorrow morning and he had just forwarded an amount equivalent to my three months salary to me ” I said and my sister sat upright the bed.

She placed her teddy on a side and focused her whole attention on me.

“Seriously? ” she couldn’t believe what I just told her.


Following morning.

I can’t say if I slept at night or not. I was just thinking of the car and what to do with the money cause I know he will be asking for the pill.

I can just get him a pill and he will use and I’ll just tell him that his head is now normal.

He kind of believe almost everything I tell him.

We heard the visitors bell while sitting at the sitting room and my sister and I stood at the same time and walked swiftly to the door.

She opened it and we saw a man in a casual dress with a car key in his hand.

“He checked the picture in his hand and signaled for me to follow him to which I did while my sister followed.

“Your boyfriend had asked us to deliver this to you ” He said and handed over the key to me.

When did I tell him that we have being dating for him to be referring to himself as my boyfriend.

Anyways , when we see ,we will talk about that. This car is more important.

“Alright” I said and received the car key.

The man left while my sister and I began to jubilate round the car.

He called at the moment and I picked.

“Has it being delivered?” He asked.

“Yes ,good morning ” I greeted him for the first time.

“Do you like it ?”

“Oh yes! Thanks ” I said.

“When will I get the pill to the drug?” He asked.

“Tomorrow” I replied.

“Thanks too. I erm… I .. We will speak later ” He said and hung up.

What did he wants to say though?

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