July 28, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 99

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Venessar High School. Episode 100
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Venessar High School

Episode 99

Kimberly’s POV

We all walked inside victoriously.

“When I heard Stephen’s voice ,I was really surprised like; when did Stephen learn to shoot” I said and Kim chuckled.

“He only knows how to r0mance , he can’t kill a cockroach ” Autumn said and Stephen threw the pillow at her.

We all laughed.

“Guys , Professor Lucas is not ready to give up” Sean said.

“He will give up after he has being sent to a life time imprisonment ” Autumn said.

“That’s if the bullet you released into him had not made him pass out ” I said.

“I don’t kill, the bullet will sure make him loose many things , I shot him in his thighs actually ,I pray he ended up becoming paralysed ” Autumn said.

“Being paralysed won’t make that man stop coming after us ” Stephen said.

“The cops will serve justice but it will be slow ” Sean said and I nodded.

“Guys ,we have to be really careful ,this guy’s are watching us. Like I knew that they would track the fact that you guys are travelling” Autumn said.

“And too bad ,they didn’t tell us not knowing that we had find out ” Stephen said to Autumn.

“We are so sorry , we think that in the process of telling you ,it might get leaked. Plus we plan on telling you after we had got there ” I said.

“It’s alright” Stephen threw his hands up in the air.

“Hey Autumn ,when are you guys having a baby?” I asked and she chuckled alongside Stephen

“I should ask you that. Marriage isn’t all about given birth. Marriage is majorly about companionship. My husband makes me happy every single day. We have plans actually. At the a time that we had set to give birth ,we will. ” Autumn explained and I smiled.

“Same here ,many people think once they marry, the next thing is to give birth ,that’s just a tradition and a silly one at that, Imagine being pregnant at a time like this when Professor Lucas is after us. he will just kidnap our daughter.” I said and everyone nodded.

“So guys ,what’s the next line of action? ” I asked and peeked to the face of everyone.

“Well ,we have to lay low for a while then find a far away country to live at. I believe the cops will apprehend professor Lucas soon but till then we have to be safe. ”

“Brother ,you haven’t explained to me the mystery of the tattoo behind me ” I asked Stephen.

“Cause I know you are not matured enough to handle it ” He replied.

“It’s being five years now ? Am I still not mature? ” I asked.

“You want to hear it out ? ” He asked.

“Sure ” I answered.

“I found this out during my stay at the 6S band’s mansion. Professor Lucas had the same tattoo the both of us had at his feet. When I requested from Bobby how he ended up having it ,he told me his wife drew the tattoo on his leg. I didn’t stop there ,I search further and sneak into as many rooms as possible to find the mystery of the tattoo that connects Professor Lucas ,you and I together. Hum? Guess what I found out?”

“Tell me ” I anticipated his reply.

“You and I are biological children of professor Lucas “

Venessar High School. Episode 100
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