June 13, 2021

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire. Episode 7

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24 Hours With The Ruthless Billionaire

Episode 7


“You killed him?” The ruthless billionaire said.

“He killed himself sir ” I answered.

“Please….ge…get me that syringe ” The doctor struggle to say and pointed to a syringe in his box.

RB (Ruthless billionaire) hurriedly went to where the syringe is and gave it to the doctor.

The doctor tried all his best to bent his hand while still shaking and gasping on the floor for breath.

He injected himself with the syringe and slept off suddenly.

I knew he slept off cause he start to snore almost immediately. RB looked at me and I maintained eye contact with him too.

“Thank goodness he survived it. I can’t believe you almost killed my doctor ” He went to sit.

“Sir , I would have being dead by now ” I said.

“When he wakes ,I’m sure he will deal with you ” He said and began to watch the man till his snore began to reduce and then ,he finally opened his eye and stood up.

“Hope you are fine now ? RB asked.

” Almost ” He answered and find somewhere to sit on the bed.

He was exhaling faintly from his mouth.

“This girl is something else “He faced RB.

” I can’t believe she could do that to you”

The doctor shook his head. ” I need to leave , I need to really treat myself . The treatment I gave myself is temporary ” He said and tried to stand but fell back to the bed.

“Please help me sir ” He requested from RB and he stood and helped him up.

He helped the doctor outside while I watch till they faded out of my sight.

“Good for you wicked doctor. ” I mumbled and fell to the bed happily.

His scent are so beautiful that I feel like literally licking all his clothes.

Few minutes later ,I heard footsteps coming and I hurriedly thought of how I can escape the ongoing punishment that he was making me serve.

I threw myself under the bed.

“Where is this lady?”

“I’ve disappeared into the air , I’m a ghost. ”


“Yeah ,now do as I’ve said or I will end up eating your fine face” I said.

“Please don’t eat my face. What did you want me to do?”

“Good. I need you to kiss me ”

“Kiss! But I can’t even find you ”

“Simple thing. Go outside and come back and you will see me. Once you do ,kiss me with your so beautiful lips and walk out again else I will eat your face ,is that cleared?”

“Cleared. “

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