June 13, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 97

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He and her V.

Episode 97


I can’t believe that Tucker could be hiding something from me ,but why? Does this mean he he is taking drugs for real before he meets with me.

I couldn’t Change my position. I just sat still with sadness devouring me up.

Has he stopped loving me already cause I just didn’t understand what is happening here.

Few minutes later after I had buried my head in my palm dinning in sadness ,I heard footsteps approached me.

I raised my head only to see Tucker with boxer only. “I’m sorry for the way I behaved the other time ,I had to rethink my actions and come back ,I’m so sorry . ” He said and sat very close to me .

He hugged me with his right hand and his second hand was on his way to my chest , I stood up abruptly and maintained a distance from me.

“Oh! You are suddenly in the mood now right or you’ve gone to taken whatever it is you always take.” I said with tears streaming down my face.

“Camilla ,this is not the case ,I do not take anything. Even if I want to take a drug ,shouldn’t it be in my room ? I left the room and came back because I’ve change my decision not because I’d taken anything. ”

I turned from him and walked away with a bleeding heart.

Tucker is really hurting me and I can’t believe him right now. What is he hiding from me ?

My problem here has being Grace only for Tucker to be a reason for my sadness too.

I guess I will just leave the marriage for the two and go and live my life.

But Tucker loves me . I knew it. But….I’m just confused.

After a while ,I dressed my best and went to my car. I drove off to that marriage counsellor that counselled me the last time.

On arriving there , I saw many people with marital issues seated waiting for their turn to be called upon.

“I will kill him ,I swear ,I will kill him “I heard a woman lamented painfully as she came out of the woman’s office.

I entered cause it was my turn after that very woman.

” Good afternoon ma ”

“Welcome dear ,how is your marriage ?”

“Getting worst ma” I replied with a shaky voice.

Before she could say another word ,I had already start to cry.

She allows me cry and then waited till I cleaned my face.

“Tell me what’s going on in your marriage?”

“My husband seems to be hiding something from me ”

“How did you find out ?”

“The doctor suggested the reason why I may not be pregnant and I got home and tried to make love with him abruptly but he told me he wasn’t in the mood ,he then cane back few minutes later and said he’s ready. Isn’t that a confirmation?”

“The doctor said nothing is wrong with you right?”

“Yes and nothing is obviously wrong with him too.” I said.

“All these are assumptions, people assume that their husband is cheating and because of that start misbehaving to him at home till their marriage scatters. Don’t believe what you assume to be true cause you will only keep hurting yourself. Show him love and be cool with him” The marriage counsellor said.

“That means I’m not getting pregnant anytime soon” I said.

“Even if he is hiding something from you ,I believe he has his reasons. Come back after a year if you are still not pregnant ”

“Ma, are you telling me to be patient with him for a year?”

“Yes ” She replied and I just felt like slapping that woman with her foolish advise.

“This is very horrible. A whole solid year when the second wife already has a baby and has probably taken in again , this is unfair . I’m sorry ,I can’t take your advise. I will have to seek help somewhere else. “I said.

” Fine ” The woman said and I stood and walked away.

I will deal with Tucker till he confesses. He really wants to turn me into who I’m not . I’ll show him.

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