June 13, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 28

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 28


I was almost tempted to drive the car to the office but I resisted myself from it. I took a cab to the office and stepped down happily.

I’m just so happy right now ,there is cash in my account and there is a new car. What other life do I want…ERM…a better house.

I will find a way of getting house from him also.

I was signing the time I arrived at the official company time book when the boss arrived.

The employees there greeted him and he answered them inaudibly and was about stepping upstairs when he suddenly stopped.

He turned and I could see fear written all over other employees that was present there.

“You! Did you greet me ?” He pointed at me.

“I was planning too when I get to the office sir ” I said.

“Did you see how silly you are ,you are postponing greetings, does it cost you anything to greet me now ?” He asked sternly.

“I’m sorry sir ” I apologized.

“Now greet” He commanded and I took two steps back and lowered my head.

“My king ,your royal majesty. May you live long. May your days be long on earth , may your rule extend to the north south , west and eastern side of the world. I salute you this day , for your glory has being a blessing to us here. I honor you this day with all my eyes ,legs and hands ,kindly accept my greeting ,my Lord ” I lowered my head and everywhere just went quiet.

I wasn’t hearing a word from him until after few seconds.

“Can you all see that I had mistakenly employed a psycho as my secretary. Just greet me in simple words and she start uttering all sort of ancient words like I’m a king , anyways meet me in the office “He said and walked away.

I raised my head and all eyes were set on me. I ignored and walked upstairs.

” What was the for ?” He yelled before I could even take my two legs inside the office.

“Sir ?”

“Is that how to greet. ” He paused and swallowed. “You know what? I’ve had enough of you and I’m firing you very soon ” He said and went to his sit.

‘But I’m diligent in this work sir ”

“Decent ? ” He chuckled ” I’ll be the one to tell you if you are doing well in your Job not you complimenting yourself. Get to work” He said and we began to work.

“My twin brother is arriving from Canada today ,I need you to meet him at the airport and welcome him,then drive him to my house. As soon as you get there ,put a call across to me ” He said.

“Is that one of my role as a secretary too? ” I asked but he didn’t reply.

So he’s a twin ,I can’t wait to see his twin though, to know what type of person the twin is.

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