July 30, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 100

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Venessar High School.

Episode 100


I couldn’t believe what Stephen just said.

“Like…you and I are biological sons of the wicked professor Lucas ”

“Yes. I hope you can handle the secrete now. ”

“But , why have you being finding every means to date me ”

“It took me many years to confirm, all this while , I’d being wishing it’s not true but I confirmed it just three years ago and that was why I got really happy that we are never together cause that would be incest ” He said.

“Incredible !” Sean said while Autumn’s eyebrow remained furrowed.

“How do we let him know before he ends up hurting his own children ” Kimberly said.

“That should be the plan now. We have to let him know quickly ,and I think that will be the best way of letting him stop being our enemies ” Stephen said.

“Oh! So ,I almost killed your father ?” Autumn said.

“I will request a session to speak with him after he had recovered and explain everything to him ,and hopes hr believes ”

Three days later!

Stephen’s POV

I had booked a time to speak with professor Lucas ever since I heard that he’s now fine.

I walked into his office and he gestured for me to sit. His face was lean and soft unlike other times when his face are always strong and stern.

I started by explaining everything that I found out about the triplet that he gave birth too and played the tape of the young doctor who was present in the sale of Kim and I then, said about it.

“I have no reason to doubt that. I later on see a reason in what my wife said after I found out that Kimberly and you had the same tattoo she drew on Sophie. Though I couldn’t place it yet but everything you said just confirmed what I had always guessed.

I sighed happily that he believed at once.

” I’ve really wronged my daughter ; Kimberly. Has she found out that I’m her father ?”

“Yes dad” I replied and he start to cry.

“You call me dad !” He said and cried the more.

“It’s alright sir , I believe she will forgive you” I said and he nodded.

“I will like to see her tomorrow ,come along with her by 3PM tomorrow ” He said and I nodded.

I stood and walk away.

Even though , he’s now established as our dad ,I knew it will take so much time for that to take effect.

But the bigger question is if he won’t hurt Kimberly and I because we are Hus children ,is he ready to give up his hatred for Autumn and Sean?

Will he still insist that Sean comes back to 6S band?

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