June 15, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 1

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The Ref Haired Witch. Episode 2

????EPISODE ~ ONE????
???? Amelia POV ????
Alec:hey honey can you get me Jam on your way out?
(I answered from the kitchen)
(I grabbed the jar of jam from the cupboard and walked to the sitting room)
(I gave it to him before settling down on the couch opposite him)
(I started fiddling with my fingers. He hummed a reply,eyes remaining on the TV until he realized I wasn’t speaking)
Amy:I’m – (I hesitated – He stared at me with concerned, waiting for me to say what I wanted to)
Amy:I’m pregnant
(I say out loud. The jam in his hands dropped to
the ground. The sudden thud scaring me. Alec came to me and panicked)
Alec:are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?
(He placed a hand on my arm. I shook my head)
Amy:I’m fine
(He let out a breath of relief, he sat next to me. There was a minute of silence,neither of us saying anything more like I was waiting for his
Alec:you’re pregnant?
(He asked all of a sudden and I nodded)
Alec:so I’m going to be a father?
(I hummed a response, staring into space instead of his face,afraid that I’ll see a look of devastation).
It been six months since we’ve been married and I have once heard that some men don’t like their women getting pregnant few months after they tied the knot they always like it after a year or two. Alec might be one of those men since he is a busy man,always coming home late sometimes he doesn’t due to tight schedules at work. So I feel he might not want a baby now to disturb his work and am afraid that I’ll see a look of not wanting this child what should I do if that’s the case? I fiddled with my fingers unconsciously, a sudden warmth wrapped itself around me,heat radiation from the source. I
was so busy distracting myself that I didn’t notice he had gone to the kitchen to get me water.
Alec:drink up to calm your nerves
(I collected the glass and drank that liquid. Aleccollected it and placed it on the table before wrapping his long arms around me tightly)
Alec:I’m glad (He whispers nuzzling his head between my
neck and shoulder)
Alec:I am happy that we’ll have a child my love
(My eyes widened in surprise,waves of relief going over me again and again)
Amy:you want the baby?
(He let me go and stared at me with a confused expression)
Amy:I…I..I actually thought you don’t like the idea of having a child just six –
(He placed a finger on my lips to silence me)
Alec:this what I’ve wanted – I am not one of those men that doesn’t want children until few years after. I don’t want you to think of me like that… (I nodded)
“How long have you known?”
Amy:two weeks
Alec:two weeks and you didn’t tell me.. (He frowned)
Amy:I wanted to but…but you were too busy with work… And you know I am always asleep most times before you come back from work and you are out of bed the next day even before I wake up
(He stared at me guiltily)
Alec:I am sorry for neglecting my duties as a husband
(He wiped the stray of tears i didn’t notice with his fingertips)
Alec:I will make things right now okay? And I will make sure to always come home early
(He said wrapping his arms around me again)

My eyes shot open, heading straight to the bathroom when I felt bile rise up from the back of my throat. The content from last yesterday’s
dinner pouring out of me into the toilet I was kneeling over. Tears sting as I stood up,splashing water over my face
“You’re terrible making mommy sick so early in the morning”
(It been a month since I told Alec I was pregnant. He’s been home more often. I flushed the toilet,reaching for the toothbrush to get rid
of the horrid taste in my mouth)
Alec:are you okay?
(He popped his head into the bathroom. I nodded weakly,brushing my teeth lazily. I was greeted with a morning session of vomiting into the toilet to start my day off. Alec stood behind me,snaking his arms around my waist. I looked in the mirror at our reflection,we were both
wearing the shirts from our honeymoon. I’m surprised I still fit in mine even though it was getting a little tight now because the bump was
more prominent now)
Alec:aren’t you being naughty, making your mom sick in the morning
(Alec talks to my belly)
(I pushed him away gently,giggling as I spat out the foam from the toothpaste in my mouth)
Amy:your mom sent us more health supplementsand herbs for the babies
(He cocked a brow and scratched the back of his neck)
Amy:yes babies
Alec:are we having two at a time?
(He asked a smile forming on his lips)
Amy:yes honey bunch
Alec:that’s good
Amy:I don’t know if I must finish all of them? I believe she brought enough til Zoe and Zachary’s due date
(I pouted walking out of the bathroom to the kitchen to grab a glass of milk)
Alec:Zoe and Zachary?
(I nodded)
Amy:Zoe and Zachary (I pointed to my belly and he chuckled)
Alec:you gave my babies fetus names without asking me first?
(I shrugged with a cheeky smile)
Amy:I didn’t because I know you would have called the babies something weird..
Alec:oh yes you right…I think Superman would’ve sounded nice for the boy and elastic girl for our baby girl
(I chuckled)
Amy:like I knew it
(He grabbed my waist and pulled me to his chest gently)
Alec:I am the happiest man on earth…I will be a father in couple of months time
(He kissed my forehead. I still find it hard to believe i am carrying a baby boy in my womb even though Malcolm had told me years back
that I was going to conceive a baby boy. And I never thought of carrying two babies at a time)
Alec:so what names do we give our babies?
(The clock beeped and I chuckled)
Amy:it’s late already,shouldn’t you get to work?
(I said looking at the time. He pouted and tightened his arms around me)
Alec:I don’t want to go
(I pinched his nose)
Amy:why not?
Alec:don’t feel like it – so what names do you have in mind?
(He started pressing soft kisses on my neck)
Amy:we can think of names some other time and –
(His lips on mine cuts me off as he swept me off my feet my legs wrapping around his waist carrying me back to the room)
Alec:I..can ..think.. Of work later (He said amidst kisses and I pinch his ear gently)
Amy:I’m pretty sure that’s not what a CEO should be saying
(I smirked and he huffs like a child)
(He dropped me on the bed gently before changing into his office clothes in the bathroom. I switched out into a dress and a Cardigan over it and went into the kitchen)
Alec:where are you going? (He asked when he saw me in the kitchen
referring to my dress up for today. I swallowed the piece of Bacon I was munching on)
Amy:I am going to go out for some fresh air at school I’ve been stuck at home for too long
(He cocked his brow)
Alec:I’ll go with you,you should stay at home until I’m back –
Amy:I’ll be late
Alec:it cold and dangerous outside and you should take a year worth of absence leave from the work at school because –
Amy:its not that serious
(I cut him off)
Alec:no I don’t want you to stress yourself
Amy:I can still work even if I’m pregnant
(I argued walking towards him to fix his tie)
Amy:a full grown man that can’t tie his tie properly
(He tried to kiss me but I avoided him. Alec stared at me in the eyes,placing a finger under my chin to make me look at him)
Alec:what’s wrong? Amy:nothing
Alec:well you know how much I hate outfits like this…I am good with just jeans
Amy:you –
(He packed my lips and kissed me quickly,letting
out a mischievous laugh before hurrying to take his briefcase)
Alec:sorry honey I needed to kiss you to have a good day! I won’t be home late today! See you later!
(He disappeared followed by the front door clicking shut. A smile hung off my Lips)
° °
Hello fans! This is the first episode of The Red
Haired witch!
I hope you all enjoy reading it!
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The Ref Haired Witch. Episode 2

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