June 17, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 3

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????Amelia POV????
(I heard Kyle’s scream as he raced down the stairs to the sitting room. It wasn’t the same Kyle…he was a half human half wolf standing in front of me. My mouth dropped at the new sight of him,his right leg was human while other leg had a paws with hairy furs his upper body was in a wolf form while his face was human but hairy
and his hands was hairy too. Kira must have made him like this. A day never goes by without them fighting or arguing
Alec:Kira did this to you right?
(Alec chuckled at the sound of Kyle’s cracky voice)
Amy:Kira! Kira! Kyle:she is not gonna answer
(He said examining his new transformation)
Alec:want me to get her down here?
(I nodded)
Amy:kyle what did you do to Kira this time
(He stamps his feet on the floor) Kyle:nothing mom
Alec:I know that not true Kyle… Where is she
hiding this time around honey?
Amy:check her wardrobe
Kyle:mom won’t you change me before
getting Kira?
Amy:no I have to know what you did to her before I change you back
(Alec came back with Kira in his hands. He dropped her but she hide herself behind him. Kyle is the outspoken on while Kira is very shy and she keeps to herself most times)
(I called her name and she popped her head out behind her dad)
Amy:Kira I want you out now (She stepped out her gaze fixed to the ground)
Amy:Now tell me what did Kyle did to you?
(A tear dropped down her cheeks)
Alec:oh come on my princess
(He crouched down in front of her) “You know I am always here to defend and protect you from this bad boy”
(Kira stare at Kyle who wasn’t moved by her
Kira:he called me a Red Haired Witch
(She said more tears dropping down her cheeks)
Kyle:aren’t you a red haired witch?
(He sticks his tongue out)
Amy:and where on earth did you get that from
(I went to him and pinched his animal alike ears. We haven’t told Kira about who she was and why she had a different hair colour)
Kyle:aushh…mooomm I heard….you talking about her… being a red haired witch…. with ….someone on phone…. yesterday
Amy:so you were eavesdropping on my calls right?
(I pinched his ears harder)
Kyle:no….mommy I wasn’t
(Alec was busy begging Kira so she would stop crying)
Amy:now what do you say to your sister?
Kyle:I am sorry Kira
(I released him Kyle rubs his ears)
Amy:apologize to her properly if you want to
be a human
(Kyle held her hands)
Kyle:I am sorry Kira
Amy:he is sorry my love please change him back
(Kira closed her eyes and whispered the reverse
spell while Kyle changed back to human)
Amy:now go to your room Kyle
Kyle:I wanna –
(He raced to his room quickly)
Kira:daddy am I really a red haired witch?
(Alec and I exchanged glances)
Kira:why is my hair colour different? I don’t like it, my friends at school called Mre Carrot Top and ginger (I went to her and hugged her tightly. It not the right time to tell her deep secrets about the Witch World even if she is smarter than a random a seven years old child)
Amy:you are not a ginger my love
Kira:but they call me ginger
Amy:you don’t have freckles my love so that doesn’t make you a ginger
Kira:so freckles and red hair makes someone a
Kira:I wanna dye my hair to your hair colour
Amy:no you can’t do it
Kira:then I can cut it
Amy:no you can’t do that either remember the last time you tried cutting it you were ill for months
Kira:I want that so that I will be able to go to school, my classmates won’t bully me and mock me if I am homesick
Amy:I don’t want you to fall sick…am sorry about that but you have to accept it
Kira:why mom?
Amy:no I will tell you when you are a bit older
Kira:I want to know mom
Amy:they are deep secrets about your powers and mystery behind your red hair
Kira:I won’t be able to live with it if you don’t tell me now. I want to be free, I don’t want feel like an outcast amymore
Amy:then I will tell you if you are ready to know
(Alec carried her and placed her in between us
on the couch)
Kira:just tell me everything
Amy:in the witch world there are two councils
Kira:The Evil witches Council and White Witches
Amy:who told you that?
Kira:Granny Vivian and Matteo
Amy:they are right then Bomer witches belong
to White Witches Council
Kira:Granny Joanna used to be the leader of
the white witch Council I read that in our Historical
Amy:in the Evil Council a witch with a red hair
and green eyes is considered a curse and abomination
Kira:so am a curse?
Alec:no you are not my princess just calm down and listen to your mom
Amy:there used to be many Red haired witches on earth most of them belonged to the white council. The last Red haired Witch existed in 1525 her name was Imani she almost destroyed the Supernatural community
Kira:why mom?
Amy: a black witch Killed her Lover so Imani killed many black witches to avenge his death
Kira:was that why red haired witches are considered a curse
Amy:no it mainly because Necromancy is
forbidden in the Witch World. Red hair Witches
practices that style that’s why the Evil Council
see them as an abomination
Kira:what is Necromancy?
Amy:it a “dark magic” a divination involving
the dead. It also a kind of “sorcery” involving
“raising or reanimating the dead”
Kira:so summoning a dead soul is forbidden?
Amy:yes especially when it involves using a human blood
Kira:so are there still many red witches?
Amy:no remember Imani was the last – goddess Zara changed the hair colour of every witch in the White Council to stop the black Witches from killing them though not every witch had a red hair back then
Kira:then why do I have a red hair?
Amy:that’s because you are the new Red Hair witch after Imani
Kira: why me?
Amy:you have a purpose my love and I assume maybe goddess Zara wants to reinstate Red Hair witches back in the Council. According to the Evil Council they believe Red Haired witches are bad and involve themselves in child Sacrifice
Kira:what child sacrifice?
Amy:kidnapping children to use for the blood moon
Kira:if that true…Am I going to be like Imani?
Amy:no my love
Kira:I don’t wanna kill anyone not even theblack Witches. I want to be a good Red Haired Witch
Alec:my princess I know you will be a good witch
Kira:but what if the Evil Council find out about me and they try to destroy me
Amy:we are not going to allow that your dad and I are here to protect you okay?
(She nodded)
Kira:thank you mom…thanks dad (She smiled and it was as if it was the first time I am seeing her smile this much)
Kira:I want to apologize to Kyle for turning him into a human wolf and from now on I won’t feel bad for having a red hair
Alec:that’s my princess
(He carried her to Kyle’s room before coming
back to place a kiss on my Lips quickly)
° °

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