July 25, 2021

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The Ref Haired Witch. Episode 2

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 3
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???? EPISODE ~ TWO ????
???? Alec POV ????
The rush from the office to the hospital was
hectic. I pushed my way through the nurses
and patients who were in my way,running towards
the Labor room where my parents,Amy’s
parents,Mrs Gonzales, Ma’am Vivian and Granny and
Sarah had been waiting outside for a while now. My dad had contacted me to inform me that Amy fell into Labor at school
Alec:how is she now?
(I asked my dad who was leaning against the wall together with Amy’s dad)
Noah:we are not sure yet
Bella:don’t worry she will be fine
(She assured me. We all waited for about ten
minutes before a female doctor exist the labor
room all attention towards her. I rushed to her)
Alec:how is my wife?
(I heard a pleading look hoping Amy was fine)
Doctor: she is fine
(We all sighed with relieve)
“But – I’m afraid she can’t have the babies
Alec:what do you mean doctor?
(I frowned)
Doctor:she is too weak to have the babies. We
need the permission from the guardian to allow
the surgery to carry on
(She hands me a clipboard) “The guardian of the patient will need to sign
the consent form for us to begin the surgery
the sooner the better”
Alec:will both my wife and babies be okay?
Doctor:yes if we bring them out as soon as possible
(I reached for the pen and signed it)
Alec:please make sure they are fine
(That was all I could say. The doctor walked
into the room)
Eva:don’t worry Alec Amy is strong she will make it without the surgery.
(She reassured me)
????Amelia POV????
After several attempts of trying to push I
became very weak I subconsciously heard the doctor telling the nurses that I can’t have my babies myself. I knew all along that it won’t be easy giving birth to two powerful babies. Zoe has her inborn powers which she inherited from me and Zachary has powers passed down to him from Malcolm.

Malcolm:you are finally here to see me Amy
(He staggered as he walked closer to me from
his tomb. He was weak this was the 7th year he had predicted that he was going to die)
Amy:yes I am here to tell you that I will give you the chance to pass your powers to my boy Zachary (A smile formed on his pale lips)
Malcolm: oh thank you Amy now I can finally rest in peace
Amy:can we do it now?
Malcolm:yes but have you discussed it with
your husband?
Amy:yes… Alec said he is willing to give you a chance too since you saved my life when Marilyn abducted me
(He nodded)
Malcolm:how many months old?
Amy:eight months
Malcolm:it a baby now and I see that you will put to bed in a month time
(He placed his hands on my belly and closed his
eyes but they flare open almost immediately)
Amy:what’s wrong?
Malcolm:your female child –
(He paused)
Amy:is she okay?
(He nodded)
Malcolm:she is sent into this world for a special purpose. A great force will seek her help in the nearest future and other minor forces will come after her to destroy her…but…don’t be scared
that great force will protect her at all cost
(He placed his hands back on my protruded belly)
Amy:won’t she get hurt?
Malcolm:I can’t tell but I will give her the same
portion of powers I gave to Vivian so that she can protect herself from minor forces
Amy:will I put to bed without complications? Malcolm: your babies are magical creatures and will be born of magic it might be hard at first
but don’t worry everything will be fine in the end
(His hands moving around my belly in a circular
form) “Remember this too Amy magic can change
every features of any child. Don’t be alarmed if
you see a different feature in your baby girl”
(I nodded slowly and silently wished it would
be good features. Malcolm closed his eyes and chants)
“gods and goddesses,I invoke thee. Give these
babies powers,three times three. So they can
make whatever they think in a minute or just
one blink. Give me rest and bring my soul to
the spirit world. So MOTE it be!”
(He opened his eyes)
Malcolm: it is done
(He removed his hands and stepped backward)
” till we meet again”
(He bowed his head his eyes turned black body became translucent before he finally disappeared. Malcolm is gone forever!)

“Can you hear me Mrs Hunter?”
(I nodded slowly my vision was blur and I knew
I was loosing consciousness. No I have to be
strong for my babies! I can’t die!)
“We have to operate you to bring out your babies”
(No I don’t want that! I can’t be operated on! My
babies are to be born of magic)
“Please prepare the operation room Surgeon Cole will be there soon”
(I saw a white light appear in the room and an
old woman with red hair appeared from a thing I assumed was a portal. It is only witches and
fairies that can create a portal to be able to appear anywhere)
“Slowly slowly”
(She said as she placed her hand on my belly)
“Why stress yourself when you were told that they are to be born of magic great one”
(She caressed my belly and I calmed my body
returned back to normal temperature)
“You will give birth without what they planned
but always remember that your female child is
a special child…she is here for a purpose”
Amy:who are you?
“I am Imani the red haired witch”
Amy:Imani the red haired witch?
(My eyes widened Imani was the one sent to
help me)
Imani:I am sure you know me by my name
and the history I made in the witch world
(Of course! She was the witch that nearly destroyed the supernatural community 500years ago just because a black witch had killed her
only love. Imani went berserk and slaughtered many black witches. So ever since Red haired had been considered an abomination. Zara the goddess of White Witches Council had changes everything about the Council. No more witches with red hair but other hair colours to stop the black witches from killing white witches to avenge the souls Imani had destroyed)
Imani: do make sure you protect your children (I was about talking when she disappeared and I was transported back to the Labor room when I screamed out loud and I was sure it alarmed the nurses)
“The baby is out”
(A female voice said)
???? Alec’s POV ????
I stood up quickly when I heard a loud scream
from the Labor ward. I recognized it to be Amy’s
– is she okay? A nurse ran out of the room and came back seconds later with the doctor. I wanted to stop them to ask what was going on
but Amy’s dad stopped me.
Brian:relax Doctor Alice is one of the best doctor around
(I leaned against the wall and prayed that everything was fine. Five minutes passed and nothing came from the Labor room everywhere
was silent. My heart beats accelerated as the air around changed. I looked around and saw the surprised expressions on their faces they had also sensed the change of air. The labor room door
busted open the doctor approaching us with a tired look as we all rushed to her asking the same question)
All:how are they doing?
(The doctor smile brilliantly)
Doctor:congratulations she put to bed without
the surgery
(I threw my arms around my dad as we all congratulated each other)
Doctor:Mr Hunter your wife and children are all fine
Alec:can we see them now?
Doctor: you will see them when the nurses are
done cleaning them up.
????Amelia’s POV????
Zoe and Zachary came out few minutes after I
screamed. Zoe came out first while Zachary came out a minute after. They all filed into the ward Alec came to me and kissed my lips. Mouths dropped when they got to Zoe’s cot which made tears dropping down my cheek at the sight of mybaby girl. Zoe had a red hair and a crystal clear green eyes while Zachary had the colour of my
hair and eyes and looks like his dad..Zoe looks like me but she was having a wavy red hair. Malcolm had said she was special but he never told me that she will be next Red Haired Witch.
Alec:you don’t have to cry my love because she is different doesn’t mean she isn’t our child
(He said wiping my tears)
Eva:remember what Malcolm told you Magic can change the features of any child
Amy:she is the new Red Haired Witch
Bella: it doesn’t matter honey and remember
she has a purpose Amy:what if she turns out to be another Imani?
Alec:hey my love we won’t allow that to
happenwe will both raise her well. And you know that
she has a different identity she has the good BOMER blood in her veins. Please don’t feel bad about her…
(He placed a kiss on my forehead)
Brian:my second princess is pretty with her Red
hair and green eyes
Nora: And she has a striking resemblance with her mom
(Alec mom said and They laughed)
Sarah:so what names are you giving them?
Alec:we both planned to name them Kira and Kyle
Vivian: it nice
Nora:what about Zoe and Zachary? Amy:they are just Fetus names
Brian:we can still call them Zoe and Zachary
Noah: and Kira and Kyle
(He kissed Kira on her cheeks and she let out a
small giggle shooting her tight fist out of the shawl)
Noah:so cute
Sarah:I am so glad I get to see great grand children
Bella: and we both get to see our cute grand children
(She said facing Alec’s mom)
Vivian:well what do I say then?
Alec:they are your great grandchildren Ma’am Vivi

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 3
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 1

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