August 6, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 98

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He And Her V.

Episode 98


I drove home angrily and stepped down and went straight to my room.

I sat down thinking of what I could do to Tucker that will pain him to the gut just like he’s making me be in pain.

I can’t imagine having a husband who doesn’t want to impregnate me for whatever reason best known to him.

Isn’t he suppose to sit me down and explain why he doesn’t want to impregnates me. And what reason could he possible have when he knows that his second wife will be intimidating me with her daughter.

Okay ,then. I will start by going to club at night and see how he would react.

At Night.

I dressed in a very short sexy gown and my heels shoe. I place my small handbag on my wrist and walked out of my room.

I was almost stepping out when I heard someone called me from the back.

I firstly wanted to ignore cause I know it’s Tucker but I know that will be rude so I just turned at him.

“It’s after 11PM. What’s wrong?”

“I do not get your question”I answered.

” Really? I’m asking where you are heading to?” He asked and walk closer to me.

“To club. ”

He chuckled and said ” Is this some kind of prank?”

“Do I look like I’m pranking. You can spend all the time with your wife that seduces you easily this night ”

“What are you talking about Camilla? You know I love you and wish she’s not here ”

“I’m now beginning to doubt your love for me. Especially now that you do not see any reason to impregnates me. ” I said.

“Common! This is not the fault of the both of us. You will get pregnant at the right time ”

“You think I did not know that you are hiding something from me and that you are using something before you lay with me ”


“I’m leaving. See you tomorrow ” I said and tried to walk out but he held my hand.

I flinched and walked out and drove straight to the club.

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