July 25, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 29

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 29


I was driven in the company’s car to the airport, on arriving there, A man approached me and take a look at the car.

“Please follow me ” The man who I assumed to be a worker there said and I obliged.

He took me to a very handsome man seated gently.

“Welcome sir. I’m Rachael, the boss had sent me to pick you up” I said and he nodded.

He stood and pulled his luggage with him.

He entered the car while I drove him straight to the address of the boss house.

While we were inside the car , he never spoke a word. He didn’t even start up a conversation with me.

I finally packed the car at the garage of the boss’s house and we both stepped down.

“Welcome once again sir ” I said and he nodded still.

Is he dump? He hasn’t even spoken a word since we’ve being together.

I put a call across to the boss and he picked. “Boss , job done”

I’m coming right away ” He hung up while I fin somewhere in the compound to sit.

He just remained standing with ear pad on his ear and lowering his head to whatever he was pressing on his phone.

The boss car moved inside the compound and he stepped down.

He walk gently to his twin brother and hugged him. They both looked alike that even I can not clearly identify who is who, I immediately start to look for what can make me identify then but there putting on the same outfit. ,same hairstyle and seen ear pad as if it was an agreement.

Anyways , I’m not living with them, It’s not my problem is they are identical or not.

“Why didn’t you tell him to sit?” The boss asked me.

“We aren’t inside yet, there is no sit around ” I replied.

“And you can not create one” He said.

“Who is this very pretty damsel?” The twin finally spoke for the first time and my mouth dropped t his so sweet voice.

“You mean this ugly thing standing before us right here!” He corrected his brother.

“Well, she’s my secretary , though I’m firing her soon. But for now ,she’s my secretary” He added.

“I will like to you better ” The twin faced me and I closed my mouth that has being dripped open for few seconds.

“What did you want to know about me sir? ”

“Your relationship status? Are you single , engaged or married?”

“Oh! Married with six children” I replied

“What! ” He shouted and looked to the boss’s face.

“But she looked really young , how has she being able to give birth to fifteen children? ” He questioned.

“What’s your age?” He asked me.

“I’m just young in face. I’m 55 actually. ” I replied and he pressed his face at me.

“So this girl right here is an old woman!” He mumbled.

“Please call me grandmother cause I have grandchildren” I lied to him.

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