July 24, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 4

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????EPISODE ~ FOUR????
????Kira POV????

Kira!Kyle! Breakfast is ready!
(She called out to us from the kitchen)
“Shut the fuck up Kyle!”
(I screamed at him as i chase after him into the kitchen)
Alec:what the hell is going on?
Kyle:she is the one
Alec:Kyle what did you do again?
Kyle:nothing dad
Kira:look at him…it always nothing
Kyle:because it nothing
Kira:don’t mind him dad Kyle tried to –
(And then I couldn’t talk I tried to open my mouth to talk but my voice failed me. Kyle already used his powers to stop me from talking)
Kyle:why don’t you just learn to keep quiet? (I eyed him and he was almost sitting down when I used my eyes to remove his chair from
his butt. He hit the ground hard which caused him to groan in pain. I stick out my tongue and hide behind dad when he tried to beat me)
Amy:now Kyle make her talk (He rolled his eyes)
(My voice returned)
Kira:good for you that’s what you get for silencing me like that
(Kyle has the power to command and make things happen with just a word but I can used my mind and eyes to make things happen
though not only that there are several ways to use out powers)
Amy:now you both sit down and eat or else you will be late for school
Kira:dad Kyle tried to steal money from my save Box
Alec:is that true Kyle?
(He glare at me and I eyed him) Kyle:yes dad
Alec:and why is that?
(He didn’t reply)
Alec: can’t you just ask me for money instead?
Kira:he can’t because he spent the ones you gave him yesterday
Alec:oh that true I gave you money yesterday…. So you spent such amount of money?
Kira:yes dad he –
Kyle:can you just stay quiet for once Kira?
Kira:no I can’t
Alec:what did you do with your money?
Kyle:I…I…I actually –
Kira:took Ivy and three of her friends on a date yesterday (I completed his sentence before he could lie to dad)
Alec:is that true Kyle?!
Kyle:I am sorry dad
Amy:so you spent all your week allowance on a girl
Kira:Ivy is his crush so he wanted to impress her with his money Kyle:it none of your business!
Kira:of course it my business because you are my twin brother
Kyle:then I expect you keep my secrets safe
Kira:you know have always gat your back Kyle
Kyle:then why so different this time?
Kira:It because I don’t like Ivy
Kyle:you are just jealous
Kira:what? Jealous of Ivy?
Kyle:yes because she is prettier,every guy at school likes her unlike you who doesn’t have any guy to ask you out because of your stupid red hair
(He pushed his chair backward grabbed his back pack and varnished into the air. His words replaying in my head)
Alec:hey my princess
(My dad placed his hand on mine but I withdrew mine quickly and got out of my chair)
Kira: it fine dad and forget everything Kyle said….
(I was about walking out when I heard mom’s voice)
Amy:The Gonzales are coming over for dinner today (I heard the school bus horn)
Kira:I’ll go ahead
(I said before walking out of the house. Kyle was right no guy will love me not to talk of asking me out because of my red hair. I was born with red hair and green eyes. I was teased incessantly as a child. I was called every name you can think of, including “Carrot Top”. I had friends but never made friends because the teasing didn’t stop at school and at playground. I was teased by my own family members,as well. Kyle had once called me a Red Haired Witch when we were
young. I was always referred to as “Red” by Uncle Finn. He never called me by my name,he still doesn’t. I guess he thought it was a term of endearment,something to make me feel special, but all it ever did was remind me how different I was from everyone else. I often wondered if I had been adopted or if my dad was really my dad. The only indication that I really belonged in the family was the fact that I had green eyes like my dad and powers like mom and great great grandma. Television and books added it’s own cuts to my young ego. The redhead depicted on several TV platforms were often mean or just plain evil. I hated my red hair when I was little and often told my parents that once I was old enough,I was going to start
dying my hair. I wanted a long black hair like my Mom and Zanetta’s own. I don’t want to be teased anymore I don’t want to be different. I wanted to be like everyone else. In some cultures and throughout history,redheads have been seen as evil,witches,or in league with the devil. After doing some research I found out all of these are completely false. Redhead are not evil. Personally I guess everyone has some capacity for evil in them. No one is perfect we all make mistake sometime I have a fiery temper sometimes when something really offends me,or goes against something I truly believe in I tend
to take a stand and speak out against it. I have actually learnt to accept my red hair after what mom told me when I was seven years old. The teases never stopped but I have also learnt to close my ears to whatever they say at school. Now that I am seventeen years old I no longer care about what they say about my hair, I also have no intention of dying my hair or cutting it off but it only pains me when someone close and dear to me mock or teases me about my red
hair. It true that no guy at school wants to go out with someone like me – no guy want to go on a date or around with a redhead and I doubt it if the one I love will want to be with someone like me even though he has never teased me about my red hair and that was the main reason why I fell in love with him)


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