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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 5

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????Kira POV????

I was walking down the crowded hallway when I heard a familiar voice scream my name “Kira!”
(Lana Barker is the daughter of Mr Axel and Mrs Mirabel. She ran over to me Lana is my best friend and She also has a twin brother named
Luis he is friends with Kyle and captain of the football team. My mom told me everything that happened during her high school days. There are other children at our school that are mom and dad classmates offsprings)
Lana:hey babe!
(She greeted me as cheerfully as ever)
Kira:how you doing Lana? Lana:am good
(We both walked to our lockers. Lana’s parents got married a year after my parents got married but she is still two months older than me)
Lana:so why didn’t you come over last night?
Kira:I slept off
Lana:is it your powers at work again?
Kira:yea I was just trying out a new spell I created
(That the advantage of being a red haired witch we can create our own spell and try it out to see if it works… Some other witches can do that too but powerful ones…. Red witches are extremely powerful but when they reach their peak in power they pass out)
Lana:tell me about it
(She whisper into my ears as we made our way to class)
Kira:it not a love spell Lana
(Her smile dropped Lana has always wanted me to help her cast a love spell on this weird guy she is crushing on in the higher class. We are seventeen so that placed us in Fountain Falls Class 301 while the guy Lana likes is in FFC302 because his eighteen. His name is Curtis Hardy he is the son of Mr Brian and Mrs Michele. Curtis has never noticed Lana even if his mom and her mom used to be best of friends but Curtis doesn’t like her. It is not that I don’t have a love spell I just don’t want to cast a love spell on any guy. If Curtis is to like her then he doesn’t have a choice when it comes to destiny)
Kira:I am sorry about that
Lana:it fine
Kira:don’t worry I will tell you as soon as I find one
(Lana face brightened)
Lana:I have a good plan to make Curtis love me
Kira:what is it?
(We both stopped walking and She gestured to move closer)
Lana:I –
(The bell rang and our eyes widened)
Kira:Moral class!
(We raced down to class. Mrs Beatrice the moral teacher is a very strict woman. A teacher with too many rules. She ask you question and you don’t know it then you are in trouble. Come late to class you clean her office for a week. You make a sound during lecture then you deliver magazines to her for five days. You get caught pressing phone during class then you do community service for two weeks. Ask her too many questions then be ready to clean the Tuck store for two days and you don’t ask any question or make contributions during lecture then be ready to go home without our shoes. The boys in our class are always the ones getting into trouble because they are fond of texting and making noise. Lana and I got to class and Mrs Beatrice wasn’t in class yet we both let out a sigh of relief)
Lana:oh thank goodness (She said as we settled down in our chairs)
“Hey babes!”
(Leslie said)
(Leslie Eumir is the daughter of Mr Khan and Mrs Vanessa. Leslie can become invisible and she also has the ability to obtain information about a person or object by touch. Leslie has two siblings
a younger one and an elder one who is in college)
Lana:why is Mrs Beatrice late to class today?
Leslie:maybe someone –
(The classroom door busted open Leslie moved to her chair quickly everyone hiding their phones and the class was silent thinking it was
Mrs Beatrice. Our homeroom teacher Miss Ophelia walked to the Rostrum. Our homeroom teacher is one of the most beautiful female
teachers at our school and the nicest of them all)
“Attention! Greet the teacher!”
(Elliott Cohen is the son of Mr Tyler and Mrs Chloe he is the class Captain)
All:Good morning Miss Ophelia!
Ophelia:morning to you all I hope you all enjoyed your holiday?
All:yes Miss Ophelia
“No mine was awful” (Someone said from another row in the back. I
turned back it was ivy Allen she has no connection with my parents high school or college friends. She is the same Ivy my twin
brother is crushing on well not only him some other boys too are in love with her but stupid Kyle wanna be winner of this Love Game that’s why he is spending all his money on her. Ivy is the prettiest girl in our class that why all the guys are dying to be her boyfriend. I don’t like her not that am jealous of her it just that I see something dark about her which other don’t see and have tried telling Kyle but each time i do he yelled at him and say am jealous of Ivy. Aside that dark part Ivy is a gold digger and an opportunist she is taking advantage of the fact that very guy likes her by extorting money from them)
Ophelia: so why was your holiday awful Ivy?
Ivy:my grandad pleaded with me to go hunting with him and I was bitten by a snake
Lana:good for her
(I heard Lana say to herself)
“I know you can hear me Kira”
(She said and we exchanged glances)
Lana:I just wish that snake was a python so it would have swallowed her
Kira:don’t think like that Lana
(I jolted down in my notepad)
Lana:why not? Ivy is a bitch she deserves the worst
Kira:don’t wish anyone death
Lana:if I had your type of powers then I would have made her disappear a long time ago
(She said to herself)
Kira:glad you don’t have such powers
Ophelia: oh sorry Ivy Elliott: Miss Ophelia we are to have Morals this
morning but Mrs Beatrice hasn’t arrived yet.
Ophelia:she filled in sick this morning
(Virtually everyone screamed and jubilate because Mrs Beatrice is sick. I am not happy about them jubilating because she is sick) Elliott:silence!
(The class was silent again)
Ophelia:no Moral class today
(The door opened slightly Mr Jaden popped his head inside)
Jaden:Miss Ophelia you have a new student
(He opened the door wide and a guy stepped in, girls screamed and drooled over the new boy. Lana held on to my arm as she was busy day dreaming too. He wore a simple flannel and pair of good fitting black jeans. He looked like a model. His black hair was not gelled
back,instead it fell naturally on to his face and his eyes chocolate brown eyes shone brilliantly. He was muscularly built his face brightened with a beam in his face guess he is enjoying his effect on the girls)
Elliott: silence!
Ophelia:Thank you Mr Jaden
(He gave her a wink before closing the door)
Ophelia:I am Miss Ophelia your homeroom teacher
(She said and he nodded)
Ophelia:so please introduce yourself to the class
“Good morning to you all, my name is Jace Hernandez. I hope am welcomed in here?
All:welcome to Fountain Falls Jace Hernandez!
(We all said in unison it actually the way we greet new students)
Ophelia:welcome to Fountain Falls Class 301
(She said)
Jace:thank you Miss Ophelia Ophelia:so Jace go and sit over there
(She pointed. There is only one empty chair in class which was behind my own desk. The chair was beside Luis Lana’s twin brother)
Lana:oh my God Kira he is going to sit behind us
(She held onto me arm tightly and I can’t believe this silly girl is drooling over this guy when she thought of Curtis a while ago)
Lana:oh sorry Kira
Ophelia:now Elliott go and call in the next teacher
Elliott: okay ma
Lana:what the fuck it is Arithmetic class
(She said soberly)
(Mr Carl is the maths teacher and he is more or less like Mrs Beatrice always making us face the wall if we don’t get answers right. Lana isn’t friends with Mathematics but she is good in Literature and English. Immediately after Miss Ophelia left some girls rushed to Jace desk begging to have his number)
????Kira POV????
I bumped into someone as I was about stepping out of the Library, the books I had gathered fell to the ground.
“Oh sorry…I am so sorry”
(I apologized without looking up- I bent down to pick up my books) “Hi”
(I looked up and saw Jace picking up the books with a smile on his face)
(Jace picked up the books before I could pick three. I should probably stop packing too many books at a time if I want to stop bumping Into
Jace: I should be the one apologizing because I wasn’t concentrating
(He waved his phone in the air and I nodded)
“Where are you taking this books?”
Kira:to…to the Book House
(He raised his brow)
Jace:where is the Book house?
Kira: it is where old books are kept for new ones to come into the Library
Jace:I can help you take these ones there if you lead me there
Kira:no never mind I can carry them myself
Jace:they are quite heavy
Kira:no it what i….never mind (I snatched the books from him)
“Thanks for your help”
(I was almost leaving when his voice stopped me)
Jace:mind telling me your name?
(He nodded)
Jace:nice to meet you
Kira:same here
(He said before walking away)
(I managed to turn when I heard Lana’s voice behind me)
Kira:why scream that much?
Lana:well I was surprise to see you were talking to someone
(She looked ahead and her face widened)
(She held a surprised look and I eyed her what’s so special about talking to him)
(She screamed, Jace stopped and turned. Lana waved to him and he waved back before walking off….such a silly girl)
Kira:will you help me or not?
Lana:will you ever stop carrying books to the book House?
Kira:yes I can’t stop
Lana:Miss Kira kindly use your powers to help yourself sometimes
Kira:you know I don’t like showing my powers, am just being cautious you don’t know if there is someone who belong to the other Council
(Lana nodded in agreement)
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