July 28, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 6

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 7
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 5

????EPISODE ~ SIX????
????Kira POV????
“Kira!Kyle! Your godparents are here”
(I heard my mom’s voice. They are here! The Gonzales are here! My heart beat accelerated at the thought of Matteo in our home. It being six months since he came over to our house and I saw him last. Matteo is Mr Tom and Mrs Eva Gonzales first child he is 22years old and in his final year at Fountain Top University. Matteo is the Guardian assigned to me from the Zakaryan Family. Zanetta is Matteo’s younger sister she is 18years old and in Fountain falls Class 302. Zanetta is the Guardian assigned to Kyle. Kyle and Zanetta are always against each other when we were little while Matteo and I were very
close even if the age distance was quite much. Matteo is the only one aside my parents who hasn’t teased me about my red hair he was very
close to me when we were little. He would fight Kyle and Zanetta for teasing me. Matteo fought quite a number of children at the playgrounds whenever they tease and call me names. I remember Matteo had once beaten a boy of my age for calling me a “Ginger”. The boy had bled back then from receiving a punch from Matteo.
I liked him since I was little for defending and protecting me and I found out I was in love with him when I was 14years old but I kept that
fact to only myself. I heard a soft knock on my bedroom door)
“Kira are you in there?”
(It was my mom’s voice I hopped out of bed,combed my hair for the 7th time before heading out)
Amy:The Gonzales are here
(We both walked back to the sitting room. Kyle sat beside Zanetta while Matteo was busy with his phone. It so funny how things had turned out between the four of us. Zanetta and Kyle are now very close while Matteo and I aren’t even close anymore sometimes I do Wonder if it was the same Matteo who had defended me back then) Eva:Kira
(I smiled)
Kira:Good evening Mrs Gonzales
(I kissed her cheeks before exchanging pleasantries with Mr Gonzales)
Zanetta:Hi Kira
(She greeted with a brilliant smile plastered on her face)
Kira:how are you Zanetta?
Kyle:As you can see she is good
(That was meant to be to an insult but I am not ready for another fight tonight. I settled down beside my dad)
Kira:Hi Matteo
Matteo: hi
(He replied with his eyes still glued to his phone. My parents and the Gonzales started talking about the affairs of the school and university. Zanetta was showing Kyle some stuffs on her phone,Matteo was still busy on his phone and once again I was alone feeling like an outcast like I am different, like I wasn’t part of the
family. My eyes were on Matteo he was more handsome now. He was dressed in a skinny blue jeans with one rip at each knee,his brown hair laying right above his eyes. He was different now the Matteo I knew would have asked me to sit with him,he would have shared his tale of college with me well I noticed his change of attitude towards me when he resumed his 2nd year first semester he had distanced himself from home but I never stopped loving him and at
the same time I find it hard to pick up my phone to call him because I doubted if he would pick it. I watched Matteo smiling at his phone – what was making him smile this much? Perhaps is he
dating? Does he loves another girl? Wait what if he has a girlfriend then what would become of my love for him? I know there are so many girls at college that’s would be dying to be his girlfriend -even better girls than me. Even if he had protected me I doubt it if he would want to be with a redhead)
Amy:food is ready please let’s have dinner now
(My mom’s voice snapped me out of my thought. Mom served fried rice and chicken and some other side dishes on the dinning table. We all settled down in our various chairs to eat)
Tom:so Amy I hope Kira and Kyle have stopped fighting?
Alec:no the bad boy insulted my princess this morning
Amy:I am still gonna query you for walking out on us like that –
Kyle: I didn’t walk out on you guys….I disappeared but I really? Kira needs to learn how to keep her fucking damn mouth shut.
Alec:no such words in my house boy
Kyle:I am sorry dad…she is just so annoying
Amy:Kira is saying the right thing Kyle you shouldn’t spend your money on any girl – not all your money
Kyle:mom whose side are you on?
Alec: you shouldn’t talk back at your mom
Tom:Kyle you should know your parents don’t take sides they only stick to the right thing
Amy:Kyle spent his allowance on a girl – everything and tries to steal from Kira’s safe.
Kyle:well I apologized in her room
Zanetta:hold up Kyle you spent your money on Ivy?
Alec:yes Kira mentioned Ivy this morning
Zanetta: but you told me –
Kyle:we will talk later Zanetta
(He gave her a wink)
Alec:I don’t want you stealing because of a girl
Kyle:I am not stealing
Amy:your sister doesn’t like her then I think there is a reason to that
(I kept my eyes on my plates not wanting to join the conversation. I don’t want Kyle to insult me or else Zanetta with join in too)
Kyle:no specific reason she is just jealous of Ivy Allen who is the most beautiful girl in our class and in school
Zanetta:I disagree she isn’t as pretty as I am and note Kira doesn’t get jealous of anyone not for even Ivy of all girls
Kyle:why you do think she can’t?
Zanetta:that because a red –
(I heard someone clear his or her throat to silence Zanetta. This was where Matteo would have defended me but he didn’t)
Eva:watch your words Zanetta
(All my years growing up I have learnt to overlook what people do to me and close my ears to whatever they say about my hair. Silence
has been my watchword)
Amy:you’ve barely touched your food Matteo
Zanetta: He can’t – he barely have time for himself now that he is dating one of those college girls
(I looked up after hearing Zanetta’s words)
Alec:is that true Matteo? (He looked at me but I avoided his gaze)
Matteo:yes sir
Amy:so who is the lucky girl?
Zanetta:her name is Fiona and my brother here is deeply in love with her and hopes to have his children with her
(My eyes started getting blurry from the tears that sat in my eyes threatening to spill I should leave before they drop. I pushed back my
chair and stood up quickly was almost leaving when I heard my dad’s voice)
Alec:are you OK?
(Without turning to face them I replied)
Kira:I..I (I blink back my tears) “I need to use the toilet”
(I rushed out my words before walking out at a close run. I raced up to my room into my bathroom a sob wailed through my mouth the
tears that sat in my eyes streamed down my cheeks freely. Matteo was really dating, he loves another girl and hopes to married to the girl. I was a fool to think he was going to love me – foolish me for thinking like that, Matteo can never love me probably because of my red hair and I knew this all along but didn’t want to accept it. Maybe I should have told him how I felt…. but I thought it wasn’t right to confess to a guy. I poured the content from dinner into the
(I said loudly more tears dropping down my cheeks as I kneel over. since Matteo who has never teased me doesn’t love me then no guy
will ever love me for my red hair. The bathroom door busted open and I saw Matteo from my blurred vision I was still throwing up into toilet)
Matteo:hey Zoe are you okay?
(He is also the only one who still calls me by my fetus name. Matteo knees beside me and pat my back)
Matteo:are you okay Zoe?
(I buried my face in the toilet trying to hide my tears. I don’t want anyone to know my reason for crying not even him it better I keep my secret to myself)
Matteo:can you hear me Zoe?
(He flicked my hair behind my ear and why is he suddenly caring about me me now?)
Matteo:were you crying Zoe?
(I slapped his hand away from my shoulder washed my face and flushed the toilet before heading out of the bathroom to my room)
Matte:tell me what is wrong Zoe? (He said behind me)
(I managed to say while avoiding his gaze)
Matteo:I know something is wrong and i know it because of what – Kira:you love her don’t you?
(I sat on my bed and pulled the blanket to my leg)
(He sat on my bed with a bright smile on his face)
Matteo:yes I do
(I nodded slowly)
Matteo: Fiona is a nice girl.. and I told her about you
Kira:am I that ugly?
Kira:never mind
(I fiddled with my fingers under the blanket and at the same time trying to control my tears but I failed cause they dropped down)
Matteo:hey Zoe
(He moved closer)
Kira:please don’t touch me Matteo
(I placed my palms on my face)
“Don’t try to feel concern for me…beause it of no use anymore..it will only….”
Matteo:what are you talking about? I don’t understand why you are like this…
Kira:I am glad you don’t Matteo please just leave and don’t show yourself to me again or else I will be tempted to do the wrong thing
which I don’t want to do anytime soon or ever.
Matteo:at least tell me..Zoe remember you used to share everything with me.
Kira: “used to” Matteo but not anymore…you changed everything
Matteo: Zoe look at me
(He tried to force my hands from my face but failed)
“I know how much things has changed between us and I am sorry about that. I admit am at fault but it just that I have been busy with school projects”
Kira:school projects since two years now?
(I dropped my palms and stared at him)
“It wasn’t school projects but…that girl you fell in love with and all this while I have been thinking otherwise – I actually thought you felt
something for me that was why you were always there to defend me even from my own twin brother. The care and love you showed me I
thought it was because you feel the same way i do Matteo – tell me you couldn’t love me right? You can’t love me because you definitely don’t want to go around with a redhead”
Matteo: no no no Zoe don’t get me wrong am deeply sorry if everything I showed you and did to you seems like I was in love with you. No I wasn’t in love with you I was only trying to stop anyone from teasing you cause I don’t like what they call you. You are like a sister to me Zoe so I felt it my responsibility to care for you… and am sorry if that had given you the wrong idea. Don’t think I couldn’t love you because of your hair, you know I have always loved it – it makes you
bright and special among other girls.
(He wiped the tears on my cheeks) “I am sorry for doing this to you Zoe I really don’t mean to tell you about Fiona like this. I was hoping to set up a meeting so you would meet her…but Zanetta was such a loose mouth. Please don’t cry Zoe. I also want you to know that you
are not ugly and remember I have once admitted to you that you are the prettiest girl in the world and still standing on that and not
even Fiona can changed my mind on that.
Kira:but… at least be my first date
Matte:no I can’t Kira – your first date should be someone you love and with someone who loves you deeply
Kira:but…no one will ever –
Matteo: no don’t say that Kira, get rid of the low self esteem and start having a positive view about yourself. I know there is this guy – your
Knight in shining armour will come soon. The one who will love you not just you but most especially your red hair
(I had totally mistaken his care for love Matteo only did those things because he only felt it was his duty as an older brother. He has never seen me as a woman but a kid sister and I really wish I was Fiona. Will I ever get to be in any relationship or even love another boy the way
I loved Matteo?… I should probably let go of whatever I feel for him there Is no point in keeping feelings when the one I love belongs to
someone else. It so painful and I know it won’t be easy to get rid of those feelings)
Matteo:everyone is waiting
Kira: you can go ahead tell my parents am asleep (I lay down on my bed and pulled the cover over my body)
“Please don’t tell anyone about what I said today”
Matteo:okay and once again I’m sorry
Kira:it okay – I have been through the worse so I will get over it
(I said a tear rolling down my cheek but Matteo can’t see it since I was facing the other side)
Matteo:okay bye
(He said before walking out the door clicking shut and I let my tears drop freely. I promise not to think of him again – I will do everything I
can to make sure I get rid of those feelings I have for him. I will never allow myself to get tempted to use my powers to harm Fiona and make Matteo mine. He deserves to be happy with the one he loves and so be it!)

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 7
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 5

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