June 17, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 7

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????Kira POV????

Kira:morning mom
(I said as I made my way to the door)
Amy:wait –
(I stopped on track without turning to face her. I don’t want my parents to see the eyes bags and dark circles beneath my eyes. I couldn’t sleep last night, all I did was toss on my bed till 5:30am when I decided to take a shower and head out of the house)
Amy:it is way too early to go to school
(She was walking closer to me – why on earth was she up so early today? I was thinking of sneaking out of the house and go for a walk and when it time I will disappear to school if I have to)
Amy:so tell me where you off to?
Amy:it too early
(She was behind me)
Kira:I…I have to do some things at the book House
(She appeared in front of me and her eyes widened while I fixed my gaze to the ground quickly)
Amy:are you okay Kira? (She tilted my chin so I could look straight into
her eyes)
Amy:did you cry all night?
Kira:uh? Cry??…why should I cry?
(I faked a smile and prayed she won’t try to read my thoughts)
Amy:you’ve never woke up with a puffy face or eye bags and dark circles
Kira:I was up late last night …studying for chemistry class today Amy:but Matteo said you were asleep when he came back downstairs
Kira: ahmm yes that’s true.. I..I woke up about an hour after to –
(She folded her arms Damn it! AM not good at telling lies)
Amy:stop making things Kira
Kira:I am not –
(She raised her hand up to silence me)
Amy:don’t forget who I am Kira, I am not just a mother I am a powerful witch and remember I can hear things Metres away if I want to
(Oh My God! Did she heard everything I discussed with Matteo last night? or even when I was crying?)
Kira:perhaps did you – (She nodded)
Amy:I heard everything..And your dad and I have always known about your feelings for Matteo we just decided not to ask you since you don’t want us to know about it
Kira:I..I am sorry about that mom
Amy:it is fine
(She wiped a tear from my right cheek)
“Don’t worry you will be fine okay?”
(I nodded slowly)
Kira:I actually…shouldn’t have had such feelings in the first place.. But I will be fine…I will get over it.
(She hugged me and stroke my hair)
“I want to join the hug party”
(Mom released me when we heard Kyle’s voice behind us and we both turned to face him)
Kyle:what the fuck!
(The water in his mouth sputtered out and thankfully he turned away from us when that happened and his eye widened slightly showing
his surprised look)
Kyle:you look like a Zombie Kira
(He busted out into laughter)
Kyle:are you going to school with the eyebags and silly dark circles? This is enough to scare all the students at school
(He laughed again)
Alec:will you ever stop mocking your twin sister?
(My dad slapped his head from behind)
(He said rubbing his head)
Alec:learn to appreciate the fact that you came into this world with a special twin sister
(He snorts)
Kira: Morning dad
Alec:how are you my princess?
(He kissed my forehead he wasn’t all that surprised to see eyebags and dark circles. They both know I was in love with Matteo and they
kept it to themselves because I didn’t want anyone to know)
Kyle:I see nothing special about my twin sister I only see a different hair colour… and guess what dad? Everyone at school finds it hard to believe she is actually my twin sister!
Alec:Kyle go inside your room
Kyle:isn’t there a way to change her hair colour at least so that a guy might show some interest
Kira:I’ll go ahead now mom
Alec:no no you can’t leave it to early
Kira:I don’t want to go with the bus, I –
Kyle:well I can give you a ride on my spiritual airplane to school
Kira:no thanks
Amy:eat something before you leave I prepared Waffle
Kira:I am fine mom
Kyle:I advise you eat or else I see you fainting at school if you don’t eat
Alec:stay quiet Kyle
Kyle:okay mouth shut but I have something to say about myself Alec:Honey is there a way we can cover the dark circles
Amy: sure there is..
Alec:please use it on her even if it a little make up
Kyle:will you at least listen to what I have to say?
(He clapped his hands)
“Attention! My family! I have to say I have decided to move to the Science department for this session or maybe still I finish high school or till God knows
Alec:did I just hear you say Science?
(He hummed a response and nodded his head)
Amy:but why?
(He shrugged)
Kyle:nothing…just that I suddenly started to pick interest in science, so mom call Mr Zayne and tell him that I am joining his class today
Alec:no you’re not….that class isn’t meant for student like you
Kyle:yeah I know I am actually too classy for that class but I don’t have any choice
Amy:no not that – science class is for more serious student like your sister
Kyle:I am serious mom
Amy:no you are not, you barely meet up with end of term percentage
Kyle:well I am willing and ready to get serious this term mom
Alec:that was what you said when you wanted to join the debate and literary club but you ended up punching a boy who smiled at a girl you
Amy:will you ever be serious with your studies Kyle?
Kyle:yes from now on
Alec:well I am sure you’re going to the science class because of a girl
Kyle:no dad
Alec:Kira is Ivy a Science student?
Kira:yes dad
Alec:good son (He placed his hands on Kyle’s shoulders)
“I have a offer for you son, join the science class and I stop your weekly and monthly allowances and not only that plus every allowance you get from me and your mom or stay in your business
class and get your allowances. Next time you call my princess any sort of name or make her feel different I won’t hesitate to stripe you off your inheritance.”
Kyle:what?! Dad you’re going to take my inheritance because of Kira?
Alec:yes I will, remember I don’t back down on my word. ” I DO AS I SAY”
(My dad is the only man that makes threats with a calm voice and am sure he meant everything he said. My dad carried me in bridal style)
Alec:and again for thinking she isn’t special no clothes allowance this month until you sincerely apologize to your sister.
Amy:and honestly
(My dad carried me back into my room with mom closely behind us)
Kyle:that so unfair!
????Kira POV????

Lana:so Matteo has a girlfriend now?
Kira:yes (I explained everything to Lana in class this morning before the first teacher came in. My mom had done a little make up to cover up the dark circles but Lana had noticed it. We were both heading to our various classes set aside for departmental courses. I am having chemistry while she is having literature for second period)
Kira:I was totally mistaken Lana
Lana:don’t worry Kira
(She paused)
“But…why don’t you -”
Kira:no wrong suggestions
Lana:it not bad I am just trying to say if only you know of any love
spell then –
Kira:no Lana I won’t even try to use it on Matteo. He really loves Fiona and you know Matteo has done a lot of good for me so I want him to be happy.
Lana:well you’re right….and you are truly innocent Kira and I keep praying that you findyour love soon.
Kira:I hope so to but if I don’t then I will have to accept that fact too Lana:no I am not going to allow that to happen
Kira:really? So what are you going to do?
Lana:well I will hook you up with my male cousins one of them will surely fall in love with you
(I smiled)
Kira:what if as a red haired witch I am not destined to be with anyone?
Lana:then I will find a way to see goddess Zara and probably question her for making such decision
(I laughe, silly girl she always have a way of making me laugh whenever I am down)
Lana:I am serous Kira – i mean you are brilliant,intelligent,hardworking,honest,nice, and selfless in a way that you place others needs above yours.
Kira:really? Am I really what you just said?
Lana:yes Kira remember when we were little… that boy from the orphanage
(I tried to remember)
Lana:not really from Orphanage…that boy at the playground he was dressed in rags and was sitting alone watching the rest of us play
Kira:I don’t really remember
Lana:try to remember… I saw you gave that boy your lunch
Kira:oh yes, okay that day you and some other tried to stop me from giving a boy my food
Lana:no not that one…
Kira:then which one?
Lana:no one tried to stop you that day you were with the boy and I watched you from the playground. You gave him your lunch and the
money my dad gave you
Kira:oh that boy named… Uhmmm I don’t remember his name but I think it was…Derrick
Lana:well I don’t know his name.. but to be honest Kira I have learnt a lot from you.. Sometimes I always want to do something bad but your good spirit is always there to guide me and what you did back then really encouraged me to start giving to the poor. I have seen you doing that right since when you were young and that makes you are the nicest being on earth
Kira:well what do I give to you for your praises Lana?
Lana:nothing…and not only that you have these good qualities in you aside that you are beautiful too Kira even with your hair it actually
distinct you from the rest of us
Kira:well thanks for the epistle of praises my dear Lana I appreciate it but I disagree about the being beautiful aspect am nothing near
Lana:of course you are Kira I am your mirror I can see you but you can’t see how beautiful you are
Kira:Even with my red hair
Kira:I disagree
“Well I agree with Lana”
(Someone said behind us Lana and I stopped and turned to see Jace behind us)
Lana: Jace!
(She smiled…I actually never noticed someone walking this close behind us..no footsteps sound)
Jace:Hi Lana
(He waved slowly)
“Sorry for interfering in our discussion I shouldn’t have -”
Lana:no it fine (She cuts him off)
(He scratched the back of his neck)
Lana:yes it fine right Kira?
(She nudged my side and i nodded. How long had he been following? Perhaps did he hear everything we said?)
Lana:you said you agree to what I said right?
(He nodded and Lana moved to his side)
Lana:so if you agree to the motion that Kira is indeed beautiful hands up
(She and Jace raised there hands)
Lana:if you disagree raise your hands
(She and Jace dropped their hands and Lana clapped)
Elliott:still out here playful girl
(He said before passing by us with his textbooks in his hands)
Lana:oops i have to head to class now Jace you can go with Kira since she is having Chemistry too
Lana:see ya later Bes (She kissed my cheeks before running off to
catch up with Elliott)
Lana:Elliott wait for me!
(She screamed after Elliott who was in the
department with her)
Jace:Hi Kira
(I replied shyly)
Jace:uhmmm –
Kira:well the class is just few steps away the one over there
(I pointed to a class down the corridor)
(We resumed walking)
Jace:won’t you mind me sitting with you in chemistry class?
(I didn’t reply I was actually wondering if he heard it when I mentioned Red haired witch and when Lana talked about Goddess Zara…No one
here knows I’m the next red witch not even Kyle knows about that fact)
Jace:it fine if you already have a seat partner in –
Kira:no..no..I don’t have a seat partner in class, we actually sit wherever we want to
Jace:okay..but what were you thinking when I asked first?
Kira:ahmm….ahmm..I..was just surprised you asked if you could sit with me in class…it actually not…..
(I paused..there was no point in telling him that no one wants to sit beside a redhead)
Kira:never mind..
(I opened the chemistry class door and we both stepped in students were already in class)

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